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what we do When we say we are experts in what we do we really mean it. Our structure is entirely sector specific. We are a media & communications and science & technology law firm. Whilst our expertise and strategic focus crosses over the traditional legal practice areas, our specialist approach, coupled with our passion for and definitive understanding of these sectors, ensures that our clients are provided with best in class legal advice.

PRACTICE AREAS CORPORATE & commercial intellectual property industry sectors media & communications science & technology t: + 44 (0)1865 601 240 • f: + 44 (0)1865 601 241 • e:

m practice overview We like to challenge the obvious Inviting us to work on complex issues brings out the best in us and keeps us on our toes. Issues that force us to think creatively and to take a critical look at generally accepted procedures. Our ability to think strategically enables us to develop creative solutions even when faced with considerable obstacles. We gain a thorough understanding of our clients’ economic, structural and transactional objectives, help to prioritise them, identify and overcome any stumbling blocks and assure that clients’ goals are achieved. We like to get things done. Our aim is to offer consistently exceptional service and maximize our clients’ competitive advantages while minimizing their risks. We build our reputation for excellence through our consistent delivery of a first class service. Through our alliance with other specialist law firms, our clients have access to high quality legal advice (both nationally and internationally) in those areas in which we do not practice. In particular, we have formed collaborative relationships with colleagues in other centres of enterprise, innovation and creative discipline, throughout the United Kingdom and worldwide.

corporate & commercial We are recognised for having a first-rate understanding of the technology and communications sectors We specialise in and have an impressive legacy of advising on deals which have a particular focus on technology, media and communications. We commonly act for investors, companies and stakeholders involved in these sectors and the industries that technology and communications transform. Our sector expertise enables us to efficiently assess risk and ensure the particular transaction is properly managed. Our advice covers all stages of a particular transaction including deal evaluation, structuring, execution (including negotiation) and post closing integration and compliance. On the regulatory side, we advise on all aspects of company law and corporate governance including directors’ duties, shareholders’ rights and company reporting and disclosure requirements. We also specialise in advising clients on all aspects of commercial arrangements, whether this be clients whose core business is the creation and exploitation of intellectual and creative assets or whose business may be dependent upon these. Agreements are structured to achieve clients’ individual goals whether they involve access to cutting-edge technologies, growth of market share, product development, or expanding routes to market.

intellectual property The protection and exploitation of intellectual property is at the core of our practice We provide comprehensive intellectual property advice, combining legal skills, deep knowledge of engineering industry sectors and excellent business judgment to every matter. t: + 44 (0)1865 601 240 • f: + 44 (0)1865 601 241 • e:

m Our practice covers the acquisition, maintenance, protection, enforcement, licensing and other exploitation and optimisation of business-critical intellectual property assets. We likewise understand how creators, developers, licensors and licensees of such assets work with these rights. We help clients enlarge their portfolios through strategic and tactical acquisitions and licensing to meet future business needs, and we provide brand management services to help develop and preserve businesses’ reputations and goodwill in the marketplace. We advise not just on the traditional areas of intellectual property, but also the new emerging areas (such as privacy, security, document retention and new media issues). We understand the impact of convergence, the internet and new technologies on business patterns and how intellectual property rights flow in the publishing, media and entertainment, software and other copyright industries.

sectors overview Our focus is the quaternary sector of the economy – we are a media & communications and science & technology law firm Our entire business model consciously crosses over the traditional legal practices areas to provide a practice that is entirely sector specific. We are experts in, and passionate about, the media & communications and science & technology sectors. Our specialist nature and sector-focussed expertise gives us a profound understanding of the commercial and legal issues that our clients face in the knowledge economy and creative industries and in the exploitation of intellectual and creative assets. This includes information generation, information sharing and the most effective use and exploitation of all types of knowledge in all areas of economic and exploitation activity. Our aim is to assist clients in promoting and accelerating their unique set of educational, research, business and intellectual assets and activities, which characterise the United Kingdom’s quaternary economy.

media & communications We understand the communications industry – both where it is today and where future opportunities lie Media & communications is evolving rapidly and dynamically in response to regulatory changes, increased competition, shifts in consumer demand and the convergence of information technology, communications and various media streams. This produces exciting and sophisticated legal and business challenges. Assisting our creative clients exploit intellectual property and creative talent throughout the publishing, media and communications sectors or assisting in the provision of business-to-business creative services (including advertising, public relations and direct marketing) is at the heart of what we do. We also provide comprehensive advice on contract negotiations for industry-specific matters, including content development, talent representation, media production and distribution, financings and corporate transactions. t: + 44 (0)1865 601 240 • f: + 44 (0)1865 601 241 • e:

m science & technology We pride ourselves on combining business, legal and technology knowledge and experience Our sector expertise means we are ideally placed to assist clients in promoting and accelerating their unique set of educational, research, intellectual and business assets and opportunities which characterise the knowledge economy. We advise clients concerning a broad range of issues involving a wide variety of engineering disciplines, technologies and scientific developments. We commonly assist clients with commercialisation aspects including technology transfers and spin-outs, licences, research and development arrangements, collaborations, strategic alliances and routes to market acceleration programmes. We are proud to represent clients from right across the science-to-innovation community ranging from academic institutions and spin-out enterprises to private equity providers and entrepreneurial acquirers. Our client portfolio includes core technology clients, whose business is the acquisition, commercialisation and exploitation of proprietary technology. It also covers those technology-dependent clients who are heavily reliant upon such technology, and where scientific and technological progress is continually, dynamically and fundamentally transforming.


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