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Cleveland Running Company is a new specialty running store located in historic Shaker Heights, Ohio. Offering

outstanding customer services and product education, Cleveland Running Company sets itself apart from other running stores in the greater Cleveland area, and provides an ideal distribution channel for athletic brands interested in penetrating this underserved market.

Contrary to popular perception, Greater Cleveland is a

thriving area with extensive suburban networks. Its “Emerald Necklace� offers hundreds of miles of trails in over 20,000 acres of parkland surrounding the city. Shaker Heights residents can find great runs right outside their front doors.

The eastern suburbs of Cleveland are

demographically robust, and local businesses thrive here. Within a ten-mile radius of Cleveland Running Company, there are 742,000 suburban and urban residents. Shaker Heights is an upper middle class community, home to over 26,000 people with an average annual household income of $75,000, and almost two-thirds of residents are college-educated. Many of them are employed at the nearby Cleveland State University, Case Western Reserve University, the internationally renowned Cleveland Clinic, and other large and small companies, universities and colleges, and medical service providers.

We Local

Within this same 10-mile radius of the eastern suburbs, there are three specialty running stores, including Cleveland Running Co. These stores are distributed among three different market areas in the eastern suburbs. Within 5 miles of Cleveland Running Company, there are 295,000 people. While there is overlap between and among service areas,

there are significant shopping opportunities and other

unique attributes in each community which create separate identifiable markets. Its location in the Heights area is complimentary to other stores on the East Side.

Cleveland Running Company already has a

devoted customer base in a community dedicated to supporting local businesses. Specialty brands and products are ill-served by the lack of customer service experienced by consumers who shop online or in big-box sporting goods or department stores - those who have the opportunity to interact with trained sales staff are more likely to obtain products appropriate to their needs and develop unshakable brand loyalty.

Cleveland Running Company is

uniquely positioned to serve customers who have previously opted for online or big box shopping over the quality of the specialty store experience. Its location in Shaker Plaza provides access to products and services in a highly walkable business. Directly across the street from the store is the Van Aken Rapid Transit station, which transports commuters from Shaker Heights and other Heights area neighborhoods to work and recreation downtown and throughout Cleveland.

As the only

locally owned


store in the area, we are focused exclusively on local interests, we have the potential to connect with our market area in unique ways. Cleveland Running Company was established to contribute to the health and wellness of the Heights area. We strive to be a part of the lifestyle of the community, providing quality products and

enthusiastic, knowledgeable staff who can represent those products appropriately.

Jeff Fisher Maureen Leanne

Shaker resident and marathoner

running enthusiast, nutrition expert

Andre 15 years coaching in local schools

has been a running specialty retail professional on the east side of Cleveland for nearly 25 years, including two eye-opening years in big box stores. His first-hand experiences in big retail led him to realize the outdated nature of the “10 mile rule of thumb� for running specialty store locations.

In today’s world of online shopping and other readily available retail outlets, geographic areas measured by points on a map are an unreliable indicator of how well a product is represented to consumers. For vendors who wish to put the needs of the consumer first,

is an ideal partner.


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