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Nourison Hospitality Carpets and Rugs can be the most eye catching element of home interior. If chosen wisely they can leave a good impression on friends and guests. While choosing carpets you have to remember some basic points which are :•Usage •Pets and kids •Fabric •Technology used in weaving •Cleaning

Usage Before buying a carpet, always decide where you want to put it. If that particular area receives high traffic, you will be needing a highly durable carpet.

Pets and Kids If you have small kids and pets at your home, consider buying a stain resistant carpets.

Fabric Carpets and Rugs are made from variety of fabrics which include Wool , Nylon, Silk, Jute etc.

Technique used in weaving Carpets are being crafted for over centuries. Traditionally carpets were made entirely from hand. But with the advancement in technology the technique has changed and now most of the carpets are made by machines.

Cleaning Carpets are to be cleaned from time to time. They attract dust and can retain it if not cleaned regularly.

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If you are planning to buy a carpet then you must first read this document. This will surely help you in selecting the perfect carpet. http:...

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