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Example questions are: (and you only answer one form a choice of two) 1. Discuss some of the similarities and differences between the two films you have studied for this topic with particular reference to narrative and genre features. 2. How far do the two films you have studied for this topic present similar messages and values? Less likely (but possible) 3. How important is place in contributing to key themes in the American films you have studied for this topic? 4. Discuss similarities and differences in the representation of masculinity in your chosen American films 5.

Q3. Place – The Omega Man 1971 Los Angeles California, Hollywood and the studios are based here. Making it cheaper for Warner Bros to shoot the exterior shots? How did they make the place look deserted? Exterior shots, people held back in street scenes, in foreground the bodies are seen on balconies. Interior, cobwebs cover interiors and dust has settled on the cars in the showroom. DYSTOPIA Neville’s apartment was in the affluent suburbs. What did he wear or do that showed his class, culture? Velvet smoking jacket, played chess (in the centre of the room) drank fine wine and listened to mellifluous jazz What was special about the house he lived in? Lots of CCTV, armoury, generator, fortified, well stocked and defended A City allowed for more cultural diversity, Cash is at home here, as is Neville. The key thing is tie it in with some of the themes the film tries to convey. Loneliness – seen where/shown how? (Cinema) Solitude - (playing chess) Isolation – seen where/shown how? (Long shots, over head shots) Alienation – seen where/shown how? (street/public/phone) When does the flashback occur (giving information of the cause of this disaster) ? Where is Neville? In a place of safety (IAL – dreams haunt RN) The stadium – where Neville is cleansed with fire (and rescued) – A place normally populated, a place of spectacle and feats. A place where floodlights could have a good effect in distracting the others in the rescue. Neville is rescued by a hipy and a black woman – I’d imagine in normal civilian life he would have disdain for these ‘types’ – ironic How is USR/China represented ? Falling apart, civil unrest – unhappy populations rioting, war mongering, attacking, killing destroying.

Q3 Place – I am Legend 2007 DYSTOPIA CGI – used to remove any stray pedestrian Used to generate the flora and overgrown forna Animals – escaped form zoo – boundaries and borders collapsed? (the destroying of the bridge didn’t work) Neville- affluent apartment lower east side Post 9/11 2001 (the date Neville gives cure to all ills) Wide shots – absence of twin-towers of the World Trade Centre – a visual reminder of present day threats and fears. Entering the ‘nest’ or lair of the ‘Darkseekers’ – a possible reference to terrorist cells operating in our communities Bridge The bridge (seen on the posters destroyed) a link to other places severed This was the area where black film prevailed in the early 70s (Balxploitation) Utopia at end, gated community (let the right one in!) Church at centre of village (and their lives?) A woman of child bearing age arrives with a young boy – ideal for propagating the human species

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3. How important is place in contributing to key themes in the American films you have studied for this topic? 1. Discuss some of the simila...

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