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Comparison of Similarities and Differences between The Omega Man & I am Legend The scene by scene comparison follows the narrative of The Omega Man and the column on the right compares a scene from I am Legend. This is my comparison but you may have found other similarities or more differences etc The Omega Man See ‘Opening Sequence Analysis’ 5.53

Neville goes to the cinema to watch Woodstock. This film marked a change in social attitudes and new equalities. He’s seen this before many times as he repeats the lines from the movie. They mention what’s important, being able to walk down the street freely saying hello to other people.


Telephones ring. This scene denotes Neville’s loneliness can possibly cause madness. The sun goes down. Talks to a bust of Julius Ceaser

13.05 9.34 10.46

Neville returns home where there’s an ambush waiting for him by ‘The Family’. He kills three. Is this a revenge attack? Scene ends, Neville puts the generator on and has shown us round his fortified house. A crucifix styled catapult throws fire-balls at Neville’s house, he scares them off with a scoped rifle

I Am Legend News item, revolving graphic strap mentions a boy found alive after 6 days (hope) and a stock market high (aspirations) things are good –promising etc We see the fire lane overgrown, no more emergencies. 1.07.00 Neville returns from cooling off after reacting aggressively to the news he’s not alone. Anna and Ethan are there as he repeats a passage from Shrek. He probably knows the words having seen the film with Marley, his daugher. Here they talk about freedoms, Donkey has no friends and the ogre, Shrek (Neville?) offers his friendship (1.02.00) 8.32 Neville talks to Sam whilst feeding him.

1.17.30 attack on the house

11.24 11.30

He pushes a button in the lift and this cues a flashback. We see the exposition sequence, this fills us in on back-story so the ‘present’ day is put in context. We see Russia and China going to war and atomic explosions, see separate handout. This is the Third World War and it’s on a global scale. Omega Man is set in a post apocalyptic time. 12.50 ends.



The Family burn books. An allusion to the Nazis in the 2nd World War.


Talks to Fred, a mannequin amongst others he’s positioned at the video store. A homage to the scene where Neville meets Lisa (Rosalind Cash) Smith’s Neville is only attacked at home after the Dark Seekers have followed him home with Anna (after his suicide mission and when he attacked them luring them to the end of the pier). Previously Neville had disguised his scent spraying his doorstep, and his jacket. We see Smith’s house and security as he locks up Same time in! we have the flashback providing the 1st part of the exposition. Neville in high-ranking uniform picks up his wife and daughter under army guard. He’s in a hurry, police sirens and lights suggest panic. The sound of the Dark Seekers can be heard outside, enough to drive you insane each night and the dog looks scared too. Each night Neville also dreams or rather has nightmares of the death of his family. FLASHBACK. In BCUs we see Neville and family. Copter crash, inferred due to proximity and speed.



18.32 21.16


We meet ‘The Family’ and ‘The Father’, Mathias (the Leader of the Family). His right hand man, the director, Sagal, embracing changing cultural attitudes, cast him as black says, “Bring him down from his honkey paradise.” Mathias refers to Neville as –“That creature of the wheel” (ref: Science) “Lord of the infernal engines, the machines”. (ref: Technology). “One creature with nothing to live for but his memories, nothing to live with but his gadgets, guns and gimmicks”. (alliteration coming from his news reading past). He says no to his henchman when he suggests getting a cannon to blow Neville up. Flashback to Mathias as newsman. We see vertiginous shots of people gasping and clutching their throats, all dyimng where they stand, couples dead watching the TV for news “We were warned of judgment, well here it is” Mathias orders “Bring me that thing” and a catapult with a crucifix is drawn into the long shot. Here is “the punishment for your blasphemies – here is the instrument of cleansing and nothing cleanses like fire” Hunting scene. Neville combines fitness training (jogging) whilst seeking out The Family’s hiding place, nest, hive.




Flashback to docks and evacuation. Retinal scans are used to detect ‘the pure’ and some people are rejected and left to die, Neville’s wife proves mistakes can be made as she is rejected on the first go.


The Neville Family say a prayer at the helicopter denoting they are religious and believe in God but he doesn’t save them.


Neville goes scavenging rather than hunting. Notice he goes in well lit areas and looks at CDs etc. He sees a newly decorated nursery ready for a new baby. Voice Over Narration is used. Neville is the narrative agent leading us. Smith uses a web-cam and records a vlog (video log; see Blogging)

23.03 VO

29.47 34.05

43.00 53.30 54.00

He uses a Dictaphone device to record where he’s searched and where’s been ‘cleared’ Intro shop scene. He seen Lisa – a lovely scene of ‘spot the human’ Neville finds a member of the Family and shoots him dead (note he doesn’t try to discuss anything or ‘save’ him, he shoots to kill. He updates his record. He is captured, they don’t attack him they talk to him The Crucifixion scene and daring rescue, he’s taken to the colony and meets Dutch Revelation Neville is immune Flashback to trying treatment but the ‘family member’ resists and it ends in violence. Neville (as the audience will also) see this as trying to save him but it also shows Neville forcing his will on

Blood trap – reference Vampires -


Trials with vaccines continue on rats. He tries again and again to find a new derivative of his blood to find a cure. Science is referenced but the language used is understandable to the average audience.


Neville plays a video tape whilst eating breakfast, here he is mentioned in the news as someone high up leading the team trying to find a cure (notice both films have an American as the saviour of

another. They’re both equal at this point each trying to survive.

Flash Back


A kid asks, “are you God?” – no, but he is Moses.



Neville’s attacked again and at 1hr 02:36 it’s revealed the henchmen has a gun (remember they agreed to leave the old ways behind, looks like the problems are going to reoccur, history destined to repeat itself) the henchmen is overtly black under the white face make-up. He’s the traitor to the cause too. Rather taking away what Rosalind Cash did to in some way go to redress stereotypes of black people.



Neville goes on a suicide/revenge attack 1.00.00

1.02.00 1.12.55 Black Pride 1.06

Rosalind Cash and Charlton Heston consummate, a groundbreaking scene of inter-racial love-making. Again, as in Blaxploitation movies (which were popular with black audiences) nudity was expected and it’s the black women that were nude.


Neville does a blood transfusion on Richie. 15.26 The virus is taking hold and he began to change. Why didn’t Neville try to save others and not just shoot to kill? Reference to Neville as Scientist. Richie declares, “I’m beginning to see the 1.15.30


the planet, again). Independence Day, Men in black, I, Robot Smiths other sci-fi hero roles. The nation were looking to him but he couldn’t help them – he continues though, but why? Smith states to Anna, ’There is no God’, and “This is my site, my grond-zero”. He wants to put right what went wrong, 9/11 was a reaction against American Capitalism and their foreign policy being led by a need for profit, would Neville want to begin again from scratch, more like ‘The Family’ in The Omega Man. It at least references Nevilles’ promise this family and that others looked to him for help too. Neville, as humanely as possible puts Sam down. In BCUs we see his face go through some terrible emotions, like when he was in the lair trying to rescue Sam we identify with the hero’s emotional response through BCUs, in the later case utter fear.


Neville is RESCUED by Anna, who appears out of the light, we clearly see her crucifix swing from the rear-view mirror. Anna is an angel figure Shrek. Friends forgive message Bob Marley reference to ‘light up the darkness” message of spread love and also references Black Pride. 1.14.00 they discuss the colony Comparison of newcomers and Neville’s family. We see, for a brief moment, Neville’s wife and daughter in the kitchen in a recognisable family setting. As Neville blinks (as he’s woken from unconsciousness) and Anna and Ethan appear in the positions his family were often in. Just in case you didn’t get the ‘hey this could be a new family and the start of a new beginning for the human race’ link. Neville trains, pull ups, jogging with Sam etc. and goes to his Lab, Neville is seen as a man of science, a medical man. Anna says god sent her, he told her if we

light” looking at the ‘white’ Neville. 1.12.55 Black Pride 1.13.12

Lisa goes shopping before they all head off to a new place in the hills, Neville unscientifically says “if you see anything, shoot”. Richie seeks out the Family and tells Mathias Neville can save him – Mathias says “save us from what?”


It’s Neville who is their threat. The Family infiltrate Neville’s home


Mathias spears Neville


Neville dies after passing on his blood line, Dutch takes it. He falls forming the shape of a man on a cross, crucified. A man dying to save mankind. Was Neville a representation of Christ returned? It’s very Christian

37.33 They get things wrong 1.22.00


listen we will hear god’s plan. Bob Marley reference to ‘light up the darkness” message of spread love and also references Black Pride. 1.14.00 they discuss the colony Although stating in his log that social devolution seemed complete, i.e. the dark-seekers are now pure savage, we see the Alpha-Male risk himself to save his female partner. Neville, faced with the Alpha Male trying to break into the lab to rescue his partner, shouts “I can save you!” Endscene. Anna and Ethan. Two characters who weren’t given much background or characterisation (Ethan didn’t even speak) these aren’t individuals these are characters simply with functions (Propp - with spheres of action) They enter Utopia. A place of American Dreams, a gated and walled community which surrounds the white church and steeple. Protecting their religious ideologies.

Comparison of Similarities and Differences Section C Films  

The Omega Man I Am Legend 25.00 FLASHBACK. In BCUs we see Neville and family. Copter crash, inferred due to proximity and speed. The scene b...

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