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action genre

Visual codes

Dress codes/costume

Beige safari jacket: a referential code, possibly eluding to Neville (Heston) as a hunter, a possible reference to The Great White Hunter (see previous handout) YOUR EXAMPLE:

Action codes

Action codes depict action, or infer action will occur: In the opening few shots of ‘I Am Legend’, whilst driving at speed Neville (Smith) places his hand to reset on an automatic weapon (Props). This suggests the weapon may be used against some foe perhaps. Close ups show us important narrative information. What does Heston’s Neville do:

(See Barthes’ 5 Narrative Codes handout)

What do we see Neville do in either Medium Shots or MLS shots?

or Extreme/Very Long Shots?


The Catapult used by The Family to attack Neville’s (Heston’s) house at night: a symbolic code, it’s a shun to technology – this with science they blame for ‘the end of the old ways’. Props: YOUR EXAMPLE:


Comment on weeds, dust and cobwebs:

Plan sequences (action sequences)

Comment on The Family’s costume, make-up and weapons they used in ‘The Omega Man’. Mention denotation and connotation

And C.G.I. (Computer Generated Images) in ‘I Am Legend’, mention mise-en-scène. What can it do now?

Vampire Genre

Referenced in Blood

What’s its significance in • The Omega Man:

• I Am Legend:

When is it seen and used in ‘I Am Legend’ first?

Habitat and mise en scène

Neville (Smith) follows Sam after she chases a deer into an empty building: Thinking deeper. Try to reference isolated, excluded, shunned, banished, and can you link this to prejudice in society?

What does the scene in the cinema reflect…

and then the phones?

What does the chess game represent… and Julius Ceaser bust?

Where do they bite on the body in ‘I Am Legend’?

What’s it like in there?

What happens when you are bitten?

Is this the case in The Omega Man? Science Fiction

Usually set in past some where else in the universe or the future, here or else where

When was ‘The Omega Man’ made and when was it set?

It was produced in? But is set or takes place in : It replaced the vampire as the plague wiping out mankind with what reason and cause?

When was ‘I Am Legend’ ’ made and when was it set?

It was produced in? But is set or takes place in :

What message is in a cure for cancer that mutates and goes wrong?

2011 Revising Genre  

Dress codes/costume (See Barthes’ 5 Narrative Codes handout) Action codes Visual codes or Extreme/Very Long Shots? What do we see Neville do...

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