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Types of vehicles for man and van

When a person has to shift his home, he needs a man and van company to move his belongings from one place to another. Man and van companies provide sufficient number of expert workers for loading and unloading and vehicle appropriate for the client according to the size of stuffs. There are so many types of vehicles available for the moving of home, one of the best man and van Removals Company from London discuss some of the factors, related to vehicles which can be very essential for you Here are some moving vehicles provided by man and van moving companies:

Tractor-Trailer: It is mostly used for long distance moving. It is made up in two parts the driving part and the carrier part. It is ideal of moving large size things and best option for warehouse relocation. Panel van: It is the smallest moving vehicle used by man and vans. It is mostly used for moving of small size houses from one place to another. Actually it does not come in category of commercial carrier vehicle and can be driven with a general driving license. It is the best option for moving students from one place to another.

Parcel van: It is larger than panel van. It is the best option for moving of medium size house or office belongings. Parcel vans have capacity to carry up to 3000 pound of weight. It is a single van divided in to two parts and there is a door between drivers cabin and storage area. City van: It is especially designed for driving in heavy traffic and narrow lanes of city. Its windshield is very wide which helps to see inside heavy traffic of city roads, IT is mostly used by man and van London companies and found to be most suitable for moving service and removals

Straight truck: It is general professional truck used for transport. It is used for carrying large size stuffs. It can carry up to 10000 pound of weight and ideal for moving of all belongings of a 2000 square feet house or office.

3.5 Ton Luton type removal van: It is a very heavy van itself and its own weight is about 1 ton. It can carry a weight of 2.5 tons. The size of storage area of van is about 500 cubic feet. It is the best option for move of large size of house or office. It can also drive with general driving license. 7.5 Ton moving truck: It is heavier than first one. Its own weight is 2.5 ton and it can carry up to 5 ton of weight. It is the best option for move of a large 2 bedroom house. It can be driven with a registered driving license, most of the London based people uses these vehicles and useful during the man and van work if you want some more information you can talk to experts like I hope it will be good information on man and van .

Types of vehicles for man and van  

Man and van uses different types of vehicle , here an expert from london suggest you some of them , hope you will find right one for you.

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