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!Quick!news!from!Around!the!School! ' “Quick!'We'are'running'away'from'some'people'who'are'also' running'–'it’s'lunchtime'and'we’re'playing!”'Brooke,!Grade!4'' '“I’m'playing'footy'with'friends!”!Cooper,!Grade!3! '“I’m'trading'footy'cards!”!Ollie,!Grade!2!! '“I’m'playing'basketball'with'my'friends!”'Louis,!Grade!1! '“I’m'playing'with'my'friends.'We’re'throwing'paper'planes!”'' Jia,!Prep!! '“I’m'just'hanging'around.'I’m'lucky'I’ll'be'in'the'school'newspaper!”' Max,!Grade!5! '“I’m'puffed'–'I’ve'been'doing'a'lot'of'running!”'' Fraser,!Grade!5!! '

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On'Friday'24th'April,'the'Enviro'Team'planted'a' Gallipoli'Oak'tree'near'the'Grade'2'classrooms' on'the'block.'The'sapling'was'from'an'acorn' that'was'sent'back'to'Australia'by'a'soldier' who'was'at'Gallipoli'100'years'ago.'Derinya'is' extremely'lucky'to'have'a'Gallipoli'Oak' growing'on'the'block!' !




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Did'you'kno w'that'nam es'used'to'c When'we'm ome'from'w eet'som eon ords'that'h e'and'learn ad'meaning that'name'm 't heir'name,' s?'' eans'(or'use w e 'd o n ’t d'to'mean)' 'think'abou help'you'ge b t' u w t' in hat' 't t'to'know't he'olden'da he'School'Z ys'people'd their'name o n id e .' 's 'To' taff'better, s:''Amelie'– 'here'are'th 'hardworkin e'm eanings' (Greek),'Ha g'(French),'D nnah'–'graci of' anae'–'moth ous'(Hebre er'of'Perseu stone'(Fren w),'Mia'–'m s' ch),'Tilly'–'p in e'(Italian),'R owerful'batt uby'–'preci (Hebrew),'T ler'(German ous' ully'–'at'pe ), 'James'–'su a ce 'w it p h planter' 'God'(Irish), Tatiana'–'fa 'Tayla/Taylo iry'queen'(S lavic),'Nath r'–'tailor'(E (Irish),'Elea nglish),' an'–'gift'of' nor'–'light'(G G o d '( H ebrew),'Da reek),'Jai'–'h (French)'OR rc y '–'dark' e a rt '(Thai),'Frase 'curly'haire r'–'strawbe d'(English), –'park'keep rr 'J ackson'–'so y' er'(English), n'of'Jack'! 'Hamish'–'v '(English),'P shortened'f a ri a ti arker' on'of'Jame orm'of'Tob s'(Scottish), ias'(Greek ). Are!you!wo 'Toby'–' ' ndering!wh at!your!nam I'hope'you'e e!means?!! njoy'all'the 'hard'work'o ur'staff'hav e'put'into't his'issue!''


If'you'were'ever'to'come'to'Frankston,'or'Derinya,'it' would'be'obvious'that'we’re'quite'involved'with'the' Japanese.'With'the'Japanese'festival'each'May'and'our' second'language'at'Derinya'being'Japanese,'it'would' seem'fit'for'Derinya'to'have'a'Japanese'Learning'Centre,' but'for'a'while'we'didn’t'have'one.' ' Happily,'with'the'money'raised'from'the'Twilight'Fair' (discussed'in'the'last'issue'of'School!Zone)'Derinya'now' has'its'own'Japanese'Learning'Centre!' With'traditional'gardens'surrounding'the'new'Centre'and' traditional'bridges,'it’s'very'beautiful.'' ' The'new'Centre'will'be'open'for'the'arrival'of'our'guests,' the'Musashino'Japanese'students,'on'June'9th'but'the' official'opening'will'be'on'June'19th'with'a'special' ceremony.'' ' The'garden'may'take'some'time'to'grow,'but'I'predict' that'by'the'time'the'2015'Preps'are'in'Grade'6,'the' Japanese'Learning'Centre'will'have'a'fullyigrown' traditional'garden.'' ' The'whole'Newspaper'Team'and'the'whole'school'are' excited'about'the'new'Japanese'Learning'Centre'and'I’m' sure'that'Mrs.'Sakamoto'is'grateful'for'everyone'who' helped'raise'the'money,'built'the'Centre'and'make'the' garden.'By'James'W' '

Welcome to the new Japanese Learning Centre




By'Hannah'C' On'Saturday'the'31st'of'May'around'40'Year'6'girls'went'to' Yarra'Valley'Grammar'School'to'compete'in'the'Dance'Star'&' Glee'Competition.' '' The!competition!was!tough!and!the!theatre!was!packed,!but! this!only!pressured!us!to!try!even!harder.!Every!graceful!leap! and!sharp!movement!made!stomachs!flip!and!hearts!beat!like! a!drum,!the!applause!at!the!end!made!all!the!long!hours!and! tiring!practises!worth!it.! !! Congratulations'to'all'the'teams'who'competed,'you'did'an' amazing'job!'All'of'the'theatrical'teams'and'both' Contemporary'and'Glee'made'it'through'to'the'next'stage,' unfortunately'the'Hipihop'team'did'not'make'it'through'"'' Thanks'so'much'Mrs'Morrison'and'Mrs'Carlyle'for' spending'your'lunch'times'helping'us'perfect'our' dances'and'all'of'the'other'teachers'who' choreographed'some'of'the'dances'or'were'there'to' supervise.'We'could'not'have'done'it'without'you!'' !




By'Amelie'H' Ever'since'I'was'a'little'girl'I'have'loved'helping'my'mum'bake.'I'used'to'help'her'when'I'was'just'a'2iyeariold'by' tipping'in'the'ingredients'and'stirring'them,'then'I'learnt'to'measure'them'myself.'When'I'was'a'bit'older'I'was' taught'how'to'turn'on'the'oven'and'use'it'safely,'and'now'I'bake'everything'by'myself'from'scratch.'Here'are'two' very'simple'but'superidelicious'recipes'that'anyone'can'make.'Why'don’t'you'give'it'a'try'on'a'rainy'weekend?' '


125g'unsalted'butter'–'soft' 1'egg' 125g'caster'sugar'' ' ½'tsp.'salt' ½'cup'brown'sugar' ' 1'tsp.'vanilla'extract' 1½'cups'plain'flour' ' ½'tsp.'bicarb'soda'' 1. Preheat'the'oven'to'190°C.' 2. Cream'the'butter'and'both'' types'of'sugar'until'light'in'colour.' 3. Beat'in'the'eggs'and'vanilla'' essence'until'fluffy'and'combined.' 4. Sift'the'flour'with'the'salt'and'' bicarb'soda,'then'stir'' into'the'mix'until'combined.'' Stir'in'the'chocolate'chunks.' 5.''Drop'teaspoonfulisized'' Top'secret'tip!'' balls'onto'a'baking'tray'lined'' Take'the'biscuits'out' 'with'baking'paper'and'bake' of'the'oven'before' for'10'minutes'or'until'really'' you'think'they'are' quite'done.' lightly'browned.'




125g'unsalted'butter'–'soft' ' 2'eggs' 125g'cater'sugar' ' ' 125g'selfiraising'flour' 1'tsp.'vanilla'extract' 1. Line'a'12ihole'cupcake'tin'with'patty'pans.'Turn'the' oven'on'to'180°C.'' 2. In'a'mixing'bowl,'add'the'butter'and'sugar'and'mix' together'until'the'mix'is'paler'in'colour.' Fraser'–'strawberry'(French)'OR'curly'haired' 3. Crack'both'eggs'into'the'bowl'and'beat'for'1'minute.' (English)' Add'all'of'the'flour'and'‘fold’'the'flour'into'the'mixture' 4. Divide'the'mixture'evenly'between'the'patty'pans,' Jackson'–'son'of'Jack'(!)'(English)' using'a'spoon.'The'patty'pans'should'be'about'¼'full.' Parker'–'park'keeper'(English)' 5. Ask'an'adult'to'help'you'put'the'cupcakes'in'the'oven.' Hamish'(form'of'Jacob'or'James)'(English)' Bake'the'cupcakes'for'approximately'15'minutes'or' Toby'–'twelfth'night'(American)' until'golden.' Are!you!wondering!what!your!name! 6. Take'the'cupcakes'out'of'the'oven'and'put'them'on'a' tray'to'cool'for'about'10'minutes.'You'can'now' means?!! decorate'and'frost'the'cupcakes'if'you'wish. ' !





By Toby F


This'year'Grade'3'went'to'Merricks'Camp!'Everyone'enjoyed'it'so'much.' On'Monday'we'arrived'at'Merricks'and'we'were'split'into'4'groups'–'two'of'the'groups' set'off'for'the'beach'straight'away.'At'the'beach'we'did'some'awesome'activities'like' Flag'Racing'and'Boogie'Boarding.' After'the'beach'we'did'one'more'activity.'Then'we'went'to'the'dining'area'and'listened' to'the'lady'from'‘I'Sea'I'Care’.'After'that'we'had'a'really'tasty'dinner:'tomato'soup,' roast'beef'and'chocolate'mousse.'Yum!' After'dinner'there'was'time'for'a'talent'show'and'a'disco.'There'was'so'much'talent'in' the'talent'show!'Then'we'went'to'sleep,'some'people'slept'soundly'but'others'had' trouble'getting'to'sleep.' In'the'morning'we'had'cereal'and'juice'for'breakfast'and'we'did'more'activities'like' orienteering'and'canoeing.'Then'it'was'time'to'go'back'to'school'and'some'people' went'straight'home,'we'were'exhausted!'Merricks'was'the'most'fun'and'active'camp' in'the'world!'

The'Grade'4'camp'was'amazing.'We'went'to'the'Briars'Camp.'It'was'the' funniest'place'I’ve'ever'been'to.' As'soon'as'we'got'to'camp'we'were'told'which'cabin'we'were'in.'I'was'in'a' cabin'with'Jack'and'two'other'people.'Then'after'we’d'done'that'we'went' straight'onto'the'Flying'Fox.'The'people'on'the'ground'could'try'to'run'to' beat'the'person'whizzing'along'on'the'fox.'It'was'fun'until'it'was'my'turn…' and'then'it'was'AWESOME!'It'was'nerveiracking'and'it'was'scary'all'at'the' By Matt D same'time.' On'the'way'to'camp'I'felt'extremely'excited.'At'the'same'time'I'felt'upset'that'I' was'leaving'my'family.'I'made'a'new'friend,'Ruby,'while'I'was'at'camp.'She'is' By Tayla C very'nice'and'funny.'I'really'think'Ruby'and'I'will'be'best'friends.' Camp'was'pretty'challenging.'We'did'activities'and'I'felt'stressed'on'the'low' ropes'course'because'it'was'really'hard'to'concentrate'and'you'had'to'do'a'lot' of'balancing.'' This'experience'highlighted'how'important'it'is'to'listen'to'others.'I'also' learned'how'different'country'life'is'compared'to'city'life.'I'am'now'more' confident'in'myself.'' I'helped'a'lot'of'people'do'their'sleeping'bags'before'we'were'coming'home.'It' was'a'long'trip'home'but'I'was'looking'forward'to'seeing'my'family'again!''I' really'loved'Camp'Kangaroobie!'




On'the'11th'May,'Grade'6'headed'off'on'a'big' adventure'to'Coonawarra;'we'were'all'jumping' with'excitement!'We'had'heard'so'many'good' things'about'this'camp.'The'activities'were:'the' awesome'Giant'Swing;'adventurous'orienteering;' an'amazing'Flying'Fox'over'a'lake;'target'archery;' cold,'wet,'awesome'canoeing;'coioperative'raft' making;'difficult'team'rescue;'challenging' interactive'games;'creative'craft;'the'high'ropes' course'and'a'drenching'session'of'hut'building.' Overall,'this'camp'was'the'most'adventurous,' challenging'and'awesome'camp'EVER!'


GRADE By Tilly S



'and' agination m 'i ir e h ! to't y’re' !WW der'off'in But'if'the y!Parker n .' B a d !! a w e P t' e 'i s r ir u g .'These' ey'j 'the ely!a n’'to'use ames'on 'bored'th o g I!absolut 'g ti n a m li o e in e g fr 'f a t' e m e' s'are on’'they'g ve'none'of'that'‘i Pads'whenever'w When'kid maginati a 'i ‘i h e l' t' s ’l a 'u y th o e f' 't 'th some'o ld'be'able eir'iPads ed'on'th 'we'shou e w v e y' o e ll li a e t' o 'b n ework,'th ongly m tr o 's 'h 'I ir s e n h o e't are'reas ir'iPad' work,'lik 'from 'the 'part'is' g'urgent' d e in ' n o n t. 'd a n s a 'i 'b e d w 'someon if'they'are ork'done!'The'sa ted,'but' rtantly,'if w p o e p 'in' ru d r m il im o te h t' 'h n c s Mo et'the to'be'i t'your' 'g t' o o g o 't t' 'n s r le u b fe 'j e'a ’ve ant.' would'pre going'to'b n'up'parents,'you 'whenever'we'w t' o 'n re 'a y ds gs'in'a' then'the le!'So'liste e'able'to'use'iPa 'in'troub rtant'thin 'you' 'b o ts p e ld u 'g im o id t' h s 'k 's g o the hy'we om ethin 'of'the'm This'is'w m'is'one nt'to'do's o a u'are' d o e 'w trouble!' e 'y u n o fr ,' e 'y ut'wh ething 'when 'B e m s t. o o n 's o a u h o 'w 'c efinitely' ll'y 'to you Let'me'te ving'the'freedom henever' 'why'we'd s 'i 'w d is a h P T 'i .' e ha ing'on'th s'freedom kid’s'life,' 'iPad,'les cludes'be o n n 'i :' o ls 'd a u to want' 'it,'it'eq 'the' ed'to'use ling'then ib 's ' 'a h not'allow it ' d.' heir'iPad ng'w e'allowe ’re'fighti o'go'on't y 't e d ' e th le f' w p should'b 'i o ll e'a e'sim on'– ’s'just'on e'relaxati 'to'0.'But'if'they’r e ik r ow ' 'l e h 'h ld u 'T w o o t! ow n ll'tha ou'kn 'a 'd A'kid'w 'Y s id t! e o n o v a g l' 'a 'w e s'why' hey y'can n'lev es!'This'i enever't then'the h 'Y relaxatio t' ? n 'w e a d m a 'w a P y 'i r'the 'their ikes'the's wheneve t,'let'your'kid'on k'a'child'l in h 't nt!' n u e o 'y m r'they'wa on,'do e ti arrange v a e x n la e e h 'r ds'w er'they' u'like 'whenev ed'on'iPa s much'yo d w a o P ll 'i 'a n e o'o ''Now'' 'to'b wed'to'g 'highest! o s ll kids'need it 'a t' e 'a 'b n o ld ti orld'shou ir'child’s'imagina ' 'whole'w e e h 'play…' h 't o 't p 't n e 'i d e e a 'an'iP lly'to'k e ia v Everyon c a e h p I' s ,' e e 'want' xcuse'm if'you’ll'e '













!disagree !!By!Jack son!L! Your'bra in'is'awa ke'all'nig and'you'a ht,'your'b re'l ack'is'hu strongly'b onely.'These'are nched,'y 't elieve'th ou'are'fre at'kids'sh he'results'from't shiair oo'much ould'not' If'you'us 'technolo 'deprived' e'an'iPad have'too gy'for'kid 't 'm oo'close keep'you uch'time s.'I' 'to'bedti 'on'iPads r'brain'a m w e .' 'the'scre ake.'iPad hour'befo en'has'a s'should re'bed…'t 'light'tha 'be'turne rue'story t'wil d'off'and Too'muc ,'look'it'u 'p ut'away'a l'actually' h'tim e'o p !' n'electro t'least'on even'tho nic'devic e' ugh'they es'can'le 'may'bot' and'back ad'to'chil be'aware 'pain…'th dren 'that'it’s at'would 'happenin 'having'a'bad'po 'be'a'rea Kids'who sture' g,'which l' pain'in'th 'spe 'can'caus e'neck!' time'outd nd'a'lot'of'time e 'n eck' 'o oors'in't he'fresh'a n'electronic'devic outdoors e ir,'enoug s'are'no 'with'frie h'time'e nds…'ma xercising t'spending'enoug ybe'Clive Being'on 'and'eno h' 'Palm er's 'your'iPa ugh'time pends'to d'whene and'frien 'p la o v ying' er'you'w 'much'tim ds…'a'leg ant'mea e'on'iPad endary's wanted'f ns'less'tim s word'fro !' or'Moth e'socialis m'Terrar er’s'Day!' ing'with'f ia'is'not' More'tim r a eally'wh e'on'iPad at'your'm mily' s'means'l can'actu u m' ess'time ally'get's 'reading'y ome'rea favourite lly'cool'b our'favo 'smelly'o urite'boo o o ks'on'iBo ld'book'o ks.'I'mea ok,'but'n ff'your'b If'you'are n'you' othing'b ookshelf 'on'your e ats'your' !' 'iPad'all't get'wors he'time'y e'quickly our'eyes …'eye'tra after'you ight'will' nsplants r'eyes'pe not'be'g 'aren’t'a ople!' ood'and ll'that'co So'in'con 'it'will' m mon'the clusion,' se'days's iPads'are o'look' n’t'bad,' they’re'j ust'bad'i f'you'use 'them'all 'the'tim e !' !

By Tatiana K


What causes an earthquake?

Believe!it!or!not,!these! photos!are!the!same! view.!The!one!on!the!left! was!taken!before!the! earthquake.!!The!one! below!was!taken!after.!! You!can!see!how!terrible! the!earthquake!was.!

Our!help!really!can!make! a!difference!to!other! people’s!lives.!

An'earthquake'is'when'the'surface'of'the' earth'starts'to'shake.'Earthquakes' release'waves'of'energy'called'seismic' waves.'The'Richter'Scale'is'a'scale'to' measure'the'strength'of'the'earthquake' –'1'is'the'lowest'and'10'is'the'highest.'10' means'extreme'devastation'but'there' have'never'been'any'recorded'at'that' level.' !

What happened in Nepal?

! In'Nepal'there'was'a'recent'earthquake' on'25th'April.'The'magnitude'was'7.8,' which'is'quite'high.'Nearly'9,000'people' were'killed'and'injured'in'the'main' earthquake,'and'also'in'the'120' aftershocks,'the'main'ones'being'on'26th' April'and'12th'May.' ' The'earthquake'also'triggered'an' avalanche'on'Mount'Everest,'killing'at' least'19'people,'making'it'the'deadliest' day'on'the'mountain'in'history.' !

Can we do anything to help?

The'Derinya'SRC'(Student'Representative' Council)'are'raising'money'for'the'people' who'survived'the'earthquake.'They’re' asking'people'to'bring'in'any'spare' change,'even'5icent'coins'add'up' quickly!'The'people'in'Nepal'really'need' the'money'to'rebuild'their'cities.' ' Please'readers,'if'you'have'some'spare' change'at'home,'think'about'donating'it' to'the'SRC'so'they'can'help'' children'in'Nepal.'


From the Classroom df ie ld s B a ll ar at G ol

R ow 9 p lo t 5 th er 1 8 5 4 1 1 N o v em b

ro u n d is li tt er s th e g ld o g t a th th by . The my su a ll y ro b b ed k e I ex p ec te d u li g re a in th ch o ri n it d s a re a t st ri k e T h e G ol d fi el lu ck y fe w th se o h T e. u tr er th a n n i g h t. a n y th in g o th t d u ri n g th e n a g te n se . p m ra n a t ru g s a re g et ti n th in es th v d ie n a th s e er th th e d ig g e b ee n . P eo p le h a v li on a m on g st es el b im re et a m f so o l ee n ta lk B a k er y H il o th er T h er e h a s b m ee ti n g s a t to o g s. T h er e' s a n er e) p m oo g tr n i e d th lu c s (i n te to w a rd T h e d ig g er s a sh o w o f h a n i e h a p p en . er th s se li ce n h in g m ig h t r et ei m th so g g in n i rn el bu e g o t a fe u h a v e to t a s w el l. I 'v h ig n to o n th a n d y o n o m g er p d n m ee ti n u o ts on e p in his b le m a s it c os d h is li ce n se a ro h p , in m a a m te e y ’ is th n g es t on m T h e ‘l ic en se ca m e to m y , th e st ro im J . es th e tr oo p er s m ti en h ll w a t t u a b u , o m in es h a ft sh m en ts h a v e it o n y e to p of ou r p ri so n . P u n i th to t a ff o it d ft le le u and st i ll g ot h a sh ir t p oc k et p to a tr ee ta l w a y , h e ru b r ei b ei n g ti ed u e th lv o in v s n i se en ey c h li ce n se . T ade up in sp ec t ou r a v i n g y o u r li ft er a ti m e m h a t y o a n p r t o fo n h n a d h a rs , i f y ou c a re cr u el a n ld fi el d s o u n d s. T h en p e v fi y a ou t o f th e g o p ed to k g ic k in v et a g h p ri so n or o r p os t, th en et th ro w n i n g er th ei ou er s, y b y th e tr o op t se ll si v e a n d m os en p ex re a . s ly en ti re or e a s sh op p i ck s, 2 rd to b u y m a h ’s it d n m en t li k e 2 a p i s u in eq l ru a it in v re b u y th e es . M y cl ot h es a ot h er su p p li st tr y i n g to ju w e fe k a ro d b n t a en ea rl y w ir o f cl o th es tt er ed . ri p -o ff s. I n n t, a n ew p a te a , n p ic k h a s s h a a e p n a o , of et p ck u to b e , 1 a n d th sh ov el s, fo o d of f on e sh ov el en k n d w il l ro b y d s a lr ea re co rr u p t a a a h st le o d M n a t. h a e Th of ca ll it th e li v e in fe a r y ou c a n ev en W if s. , d w n la ou e p th e y th e fi v s en fo rc e T h e tr o op er m a k e y ou p a d n a se en c li w re ck y ou r ta k e b ri b es or ks w it h th e le a p ee sl s th em . u g in ot to en t a t h el p e g ro u n d . N a re ly su ff i ci b th re on a e g v in a p h e l b e sl ee T h e te n ts w h t. e m a y a s w el W . in g th e fi rs t n ig in ep in se l rs a il te st e v ld a n d th e co a b ly g ot fi p , m in e p ro b ri ey th sy ea li v e in o rs e, I st il l m en ti on h o w w g n ti et g re a in a n d a n d it io n s re m co e es th h g A lt h ou in g g ol d . h op e o f fi n d r so n v e fr om y ou W it h g re a t lo , D ea r fa m i ly




Classroom'writing'by'Jackson'P' !

Books to Read The Gruffalo

Spirit Animals

Written by Julia Donaldson Illustrated by Axel Scheffler “A mouse took a stroll Through the deep dark wood. A fox saw the mouse And the mouse looked good.” Julia Donaldson’s bestselling children’s book The Gruffalo is a modern rhyming take on a classic fairytale. Take a journey into the deep dark woods as a little brown mouse outsmarts an owl, a fox, a snake and a gruffalo! An easy-to-read book filled with rhymes and colourful illustrations by Axel Scheffler, The Gruffalo is particularly suited to younger readers. The Gruffalo is a charming book with one very original character in the gruffalo: “He has knobbly knees and turned-out toes And a poisonous wart at the end of his nose.” For the most part, Donaldson’s plot will be familiar to fairy-tale lovers. However, the twist towards the end of the book is a fun surprise. The school library has new copies of The Gruffalo so make sure to pay a visit to the library soon!

Book 1: Wild Born

Julia Donaldson. (1999) The Gruffalo MacMillan: London.

Written by Brandon Mull Wild Born is Brandon Mulls’ chart-topping first instalment in a series of fantasy stories of magic, monsters and heroes. In the mythical world of Erdas, a land that is at war with a dark force called the Devourers, four children Conor, Abeke, Meilin and Rollan, drink a magical substance on their 11th birthdays in the hope that it will summon their spirit animals. They summon the Four Fallen, a powerful group of animals with elite skills. As the war rages and grows stronger, the four children along with their spirit animals must master their new powers and battle the evil Devourers. Each chapter focuses on only one of the four children. For example, Chapter One focuses on Conor and his wolf, Briggan, and Chapter Two focuses on Abeke and her leopard, Uraza, and so on. This literary device means that the reader gains a real depth of knowledge of each individual child’s development. Wild Born is not suited to very young readers because of the mild fight scenes. For older readers, eight and above, the fight scenes will add an element of excitement. Excluding the front and back covers, Wild Born has no illustrations, however the text is often very descriptive. Curious readers looking for more imagery can visit the Spirit Animals website at to see more images of the characters. Mull’s Wild Born is an exciting ride but ends abruptly. Readers should be prepared to continue with the Spirit Animals series to find out what the future holds for Conor, Abeke, Meilin and Rollan. Brandon Mull. (2013).Wild Born. Scholastic: Gosford, N.S.W.

Reviews by Danae F


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What'is'your'drawing?'' A'person'at'a'birthday'party.' Why'do'you'like'your'picture?'Because'the'girl' has'a'big'smile'and'there'is'a'pretty' background.'' What'is'your'drawing?'It'is'a'picture'of'me.'Why' do'you'like'it?'I'like'it'because'I'have'a'nice'top!' '

By'Nina'K.' When'I’m'sitting'in'my'car,' It’s'even'louder'than'a'bar' My'sister'is'always'one'of'the'loudest' And'so'is'my'brother,'he'is'the' shoutiest!' Sometimes'my'ears'are'so'sore,' I'can’t'really'take'any'more,' On'the'bumpy'road'to'Deloraine,' We'wish'it'was'a'smooth'country'lane.' Getting'hungry'in'the'car' It’s'so'dark'that'I'see'a'star,' Tired'and'weary,'how'can'we'sleep?' At'least'there'are'no'fluffy'sheep.' Listening'to'music'as'we'go' ‘! Now'we'can’t'hear'the'farmers'mow.' Stopping'to'look'at'a'dusky'lake,' Made'me'want'to'stay'awake' But'I'hope'we'get'there'really'soon' Before'we'see'the'gleaming'moon.''


Get'ready'to'see'better'photos'in'the'school'newspaper,'because'all'the'photographers'in'the'team'got' the'chance'to'learn'from'a'very'special'lady,'professional'photographer'Angela'Curtis!'She'taught'us' about'photo'skills'including'filters'(the'colour'of'the'photo),'the'right'way'to'position'the'subject'of'' your'photo'(the'‘rule'of'thirds’),'how'to'focus'the'picture'(depth'and'perspective),'and' how'to'capture'movement'in'the'photo.'We'loved'being'able'to'learn'these'new' techniques'that'we'can'use'in'future'editions'of'School!Zone.'Thanks'so'much'Ange'–'we' will'make'you'proud!'By'Amelie'H'







Our'firstiever'winner'of'Portrait'Place'is' Kayla'A'from'Grade'1G.'Could'she'be'any' cuter?'' !!!We!don’t!think!so!' Next'term'our'resident'artist' Ruby'will'be'pulling'another' name'out'of'the'‘Portrait' Place'Hat’.''Will'you'get'the' chance'to'have'your'portrait' drawn?' '


' By'Darcy'H' Hello'and'welcome'back'to'Hot'or'Not!'In'this'issue'we'are'looking'at'Footy'Cards'and' asking'the'question'‘Are'footy'cards'hot'or'not?’'' Footy'cards'can'be'collected'or'traded.'There'are'lots'of'different'types'of'footy'cards' such'as'Stars'and'Magics.'Having'different'types'of'cards'means'you'can'get'an' advantage'in'trading.'Now,'I'know'a'lot'of'kids'who'like'footy'cards'and'a'lot'of'kids' who'don’t.'Here'is'what'Parker'from'5M'said,'“I'think'footy'cards'are'bad'because'all' you'can'do'is'trade'with'them'and'collect'them.”'You'can'buy'a'pack'of'cards'for'$3' and'you'don’t'know'which'ones'you'are'going'to'get.'There'are'a'lot'of'people'at' school'who'are'trading'them.'They'can'be'a'lot'of'fun'and'a'great'way'to'make'new' friends.' Once'you'have'all'the'cards'you'want,'you'are'going'to'want'to'start'trading.'However,' you'will'probably'be'trading'with'the'same'people'over'and'over.'There'are'over'100' cards,'so'getting'bored'won’t'be'a'problem'since'it'might'take'you'a'while'to'get'them' all.'What'do'you'think?''Are!you!going!to!collect!footy!cards?' '

By'Hamish'F' By'Toby'F'


I'got'them'all'right!''What' about'you,'dude?'




NAPLAN! Finished!

Ok'class,'you’ll'get' your'test'scores'in' September.'

At'the'Airport.''Mr'Plum'was'waiting'at' the'airport'ready'to'leave'for'Paris.'He' stumbles'across'his'old'enemy'Chef'Plum!'


Restaurant.''''''''''At'the'restaurant,' Chef'Plum'ordered'some'wine'but'did' not'ask'Mr'Plum'what'he'wanted.''

Dude,'did'you'fall' asleep?!!'


Mr'Plum'did'not'have'a'good'flight!'Chef'Plum' was'telling'everybody'about'the'plum'pie' incident.'Not'only'that,'Mr'Plum'threw'up'three' times.'

Chef'Plum'gave'Mr'Plum'' his'glass'of'wine.'

By'Darcy'H' '



Basketball'at'Derinya'is'full'of' great'talent.'Over'half'the' school'plays'for'Derinya' Basketball'Club.'Trainings'are' held'in'the'hall'during'the'week' and'games'are'played'on' Saturdays.'



The'age'groups'go'from'Grade' 1'all'the'way'through'to'adults.' Grade'2'and'up'play'finals.' Derinya'is'very'successful'in'the' finals!'


The'Frankston'Dolphins'are'probably'your'local'club,'but'there' are'lots'of'other'clubs'in'the'area'too.'It’s'heaps'of'fun'and'we' train'at'Overport'Park'and'play'matches'on'Sunday'mornings.' There'are'many'people'from'Derinya'and'there'are'some'kids' from'Overport'Primary'and'other'local'schools'too,'which'is'a' great'way'to'make'new'friends.'Why'don’t'you'join?'


At'the'moment'teams'are' playing'grading'games.'Grading' games'are'when'teams'play' games'to'see'what'level'they' are:'A,'B,'C'or'D'Grade.'


It’s'for'all'ages'from'7iyeariolds'to'16iyeariolds.''After'that'you' can'join'a'senior'club'or'you'might'even'get'drafted'into'the' AFL'or'VFL.'The'under'9s'to'10s'don’t'tackle,'you'just'bump,' but'when'you'get'to'the'under'11s'you'can'tackle!'It’s'a'great' way'to'keep'fit.'




Our'school'has'a'HUGE'number' of'basketballers.'We'registered' 400'kids'in'2015.'There'is'still' room'for'more'people'to'join.'' If'you’d'like'to'play'then'come' and'watch'a'game'on'a' Saturday.'Registrations'will'be' open'for'the'Summer'Season'in' a'couple'of'months.''Visit'' ' ' '

Most'people'join'at'the'start'of'the'year'at'Registration'Day' but'you'can'also'join'while'the'season'is'going,'by'contacting'a' club.'The'under'11’s'need'some'more'players,'boys'or'girls,'it' doesn’t'matter.'Actually'did'you'know'that'Aussie'Rules'footy' is'the'fastest'growing'sport'for'girls?' '

If'you'want'to'play,'join'the'Frankston'Dolphins'by'contacting' them.'If'you’re'in'Grade'1'or'up'we'train'at'Overport'Park'and' you'might'even'want'to'watch'some'games'on'Sunday' mornings.'The'fixtures'and'scores'are'on'Fox'Sports'Plus'in'the' app'store.'' '

To'find'our'more'information'you'can'go'to'' '

Are'you'going'to'be'playing'footy'this'season?' '


A'HUGE'congratluations'to'both'the'Derinya' Aerobics'teams!'They'recently'competed'in''the' Schoolaerobics'Competition'in'Geelong'and'did'an' amazing'job,'both'placing'5th'in'their'respective' competitions.''Miss'Frost'was'blown'away'by'their' hard'work'and'achievements'–'well'done'girls'we' (almost!)'can’t'believe'how'awesome'you'are!' ! We'are'off'to'the'Melbourne'Writers'Festival'at'Federation'Square'to'do'some'cartooning' workshops'(amongst'other'things!)'Read'about'it'in'the'next'issue,'Term'3,'2015!'

Derinya Student Magazine EDITION 2, 2015  
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