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Drake International required a reception display to show case their involvement in the Hamilton 400 street race The solution was a semi removable, replacable display system. The system was designed this way to allow the Drake team the ability to move panels and even replace images with relative ease and at minimal cost to them. Project included initial concepts through to printing and installation.


clothingdesign 02

Quietchaos Clothing Illustrations Quietchaos is a Hamilton Based street wear label providing a range of jeans, shorts, T-shirts, and tops for guys and girls. The target demographic is people with in the age of 17-35 with an interest in extreme sports and fashion. I was invited by Lester Perry (company director) to do a series of illustrations for the purpose of use as T-shirt prints. Check out Quietchaos latest designs


websitedesign 03 Open Space Planners NZ in a nutshell is a environmental planning and consulting company. They needed a website to say who they were and what they do. I created Multiple page website for them. The website contained animated ash componants to visually add information and understanding to what OSPNZ do.





My combination of work experience and my ability as a graphic artist along with my enthusiasm to learn new skills and my work ethic would make me an asset to your company. I would thrive in any position that you offered. My ability to relate to people and keep a cool head under pressure would make me a perfect addition to your company. I have a conďŹ dent, cooperative and out going personality, this compliments my supportive nature towards other people, both professionally and personally. I enjoy a team culture and thrive on using initiative and ďŹ nding new solutions. I take great pride in quality work and doing that extra something to give a satisfying result. I am always reaching higher, and to do better. I’m not afraid of hard work! I would like to further my experience by learning from other professionals and would contribute my skills and enthusiasm to the best of my ability.


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Creation of promotional material and print management The purpose of the outcomes was to inform the public of services the library provided, to inform of up coming events, provide graphics for internal communication, providing childrens graphics for educational purposes, as well as graphics and content for web and newspaper/ magazine ads. I also looked after the external print needs of the Library.


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Traditionally the libraries promotional material had always been very mundane and somewhat limited to 3 colour vector/clipart type design. I guess my contribution has changed that, the material that I have created have been somewhat different and innovative within the Library and the general consensus is the material is a lot more exciting.


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publicationdesign 06

Interpretive Conservation designs I’ve been involved in producing various publications for the Department of Conservation and other conservation organisations. Pictured here is the programme for Conservation Week and also a brochure informing people of the environmental impact of koi carp. Other outcomes of these two projects were newspaper ads, fridge magnets and display banners.


signdesign 07

A series of informative nformative signs for Okaraka Mistletoe Track D.O.C required some informative interpretive signs for a new walk in Okaraka (Rotorua region) The signs included maps of the trails as well as information on New Zealand native birds and native mistletoes in the area. Sign dimensions were roughly 600mm by 1200mm.


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