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Understanding the difference between expository and descriptive essays: Students have to write a large number of essays every week. Writing is like a last resort for them as they cannot avoid writing essays. If they do so, they have to face the consequences in the form of low grades. Well, essay writing is not only about scoring grades, but its primary purpose is also way more than that. There are different types of essays and each type has a unique significance. Moreover, teachers give high importance to essay writing as it is one of the best tools for teachers to evaluate the competency level of essay writing of their students. There are different types of essays and each type has a unique significance. Sometimes, students get nervous while explicating a particular type of cause and effect essay topics. They become confused while illustrating a particular type of essay. They mix the concept of one essay type with another one.

Instead of understanding the main concept and purpose of writing, some students look forward to an essay writing service so that they can get good grades by completing the writing task. Well, asking others to write an essay for me when a student is asked to submit an assignment before the deadline may be a reasonable approach but this facility may not be available all the time

If a student is sitting in an examination hall and he has to write a comprehensive expository or a descriptive essay then he will not have any other option except writing it by himself. There is a very thin line in some types of essays that differentiate them from one another. Students when asked to write a comprehensive essay of expository or a descriptive type respectively, often mix the details of one with another. As both types are essays are of high importance and their teachers often assign them to write a detailed essay of both types, students must know the difference between them. An expository essay is a particular type of essay writing in which a student has to bear the subtle characteristics of a subject. It encourages a writer to make deep research so that a writer can examine even the minor details which may seem vague at first but have great significance. Understanding the basic definition and motif of an expository essay is simple and easy. But, a large number of students struggle while illustrating this simple type of essay. Students or neophyte writers make a common mistake while writing an expository essay that they highlight only the obvious factors or characteristics of a subject instead of examining and calling attention to minor and minute details of an object which are not visible easily. In addition, it is expedient to mention here that in this particular genre of essay writing, students have to avoid mentioning their personal essay topics, suggestion, or recommendations. An expository essay demands a writer to write a thesis statement and the concluding remarks which must base on actual and proven facts. On the other hand, when it comes to writing a handy descriptive essay, students love to write it. It's easy and simple to write. In this specific type of essay writing, a writer has to focus on describing an assigned topic in detail. Although drafting this genre of writing is simple, yet it demands a writer to have in-depth and profound knowledge about the topic. It is a type of essay in which a writer has to define, describe, and explicate the topic in detail. A topic could be about a place, thing, or person. However, a writer must explicate the topic in such a way as a reader must feel, taste, or imagine that particular object before him. In short, it requires a writer to be able to involve the sensory details in the writing content. Moreover, a writer has the liberty to draw an impressive and convincing conclusion which may consist of the writer's personal opinion or suggestion. For writing a top-tier essay, it is important for students to clearly understand the primary purpose of essay writing.

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Understanding the difference between expository and descriptive essays  

Understanding the difference between expository and descriptive essays