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Hi my names Alannah Blackwell I'm seventeen years old and live on the outskirts of London. I am currently studying at the Fashion Retail Academy I love all things recycled when it comes to fashion and am passionate about the idea of turning something old into something new. Most young people seemed to have already made their mind up about recycled clothing but I want to change that. I agree it is too easy to just go down to your local high street store whether it is Topshop or Primark and pick up a seemed to be great bargain but this quickly turns into disappointment after you learn that the eight pound black jeans that were on sale have turned grey in the matter of a few months time to throw them away I guess, this is what I want to change. Young people need to use fashion more as a way of expressing there own style not every other persons on the high street, Recycling old pieces of clothing that you see as drab or un cool is a perfect way of 1. benefiting the environment but also its a great oppotunity to start taking more risks with fashion and pushing boundaries because thats what fashion is all about. Throughout this blog I will be exploring sustinable fashion and looking into the devesating effects of what happens when we forget about who makes our clothes a long with sharing tips on how to recycle you're old clothes.


Are they 

really as


sustainable as

we think?

Stella McCartney It's safe to say not all of us are big fans of Stella McCartney 'sustainable fashion' or so she calls it this. As stated by Truth about fur the blog 'The list of Stella McCartney’s hypocritical actions is long. Let’s not start on the fact that her company is owned by the same company that owns Gucci, best known for its leather goods'. Ironic I know Stellas brand is all about anti fur and doing all she can to protect the animals she so call loves but the brand behind hers was all about using fur in there designs, surely this isn't very morally right. The blog Truth about Fur also adds to the fact Stella travels around the world for her so called 'sustainable brand' surely this isn't having much of a postie impact on the environment around us. Stella is all about usng no fur in the designs which she has made very clear however she has subsituted using fur in her deigns by creating her own fake fur which yes I guess does'nt involve animals however it seems to not fit in with her Stella's line Fur-Free-Fur in seen to be very controversial as yes it involves no animals in the process but it looks so realistic that surely it is still advertising that wearing fur in glamorous especially when theirs a high price tag,

whole buy quality material which lasts long as some of her designs seem to look very cheap and wouldnt last very long meaning people are going to have to throw it out.

Do we really know whether our fashion is sustianable?

S/S 18 Stella McCartney

Retail buyer Retail buyers are responsible fo deciding the products that are going to be sold in stores. as well as reviewing the products they have currently and making sure they are still selling. This isn't an easy job by no means retail buyers have to look at factors including customer demand, price quality and availability to maximize sales as much as possible.

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Its safe to say being a buyer in the fashion industry in one of the job that everyone seems to want. Traveeling the world going to elite fashion shows what more can you want? well his some descriptions of jobss in the buying industry. if your intrested.

Being an assistant buyer doesn't mean you don't get to experience what a buyer does. As an assistant buyer your main responsibility is to assist to the brand making sure the products they are selling are actually selling well by looking at budget and margin targets. Another role of an assistant buyer is managing the buyers admin assistant by making sure they are on the right track, it;s also very important as an Assistant buyer that you have a good relationship with suppliers and the brand you are working with Merchandisers and designers.

Assistant buyer


This is the perfect job for someone who loves to be creative but it's clear that it is a very competitive industry to get in to. As a fashion designer you will have a a main focus whether it's sportswear, high end fashion or high street fashion. The roles of a designer change depending on who they work for as you may work on your own brief or work to someone else where you will have to focus on factors like color, texture and also budget. All types of designers whether its if street or high fashion have to keep up with emerging trends as well as current trends. Having regular contact with sales buying and production teams making sure that the products are suited to the customer,, market and price points.

This is one off not the most important job in the supply chain industry as they are in charge of all of the stages that make up supply chain. This key skill requires as a supply chain manager is time management as in the production of clothes time is crucial. Other responsibilities that come with being a supply chain manager are cost reduction, and will source workers and factories from across the world. Sourcing materials and services is another key responsibility of a supple chain manager is sourcing materials and services to make sure that the products are cost effective and they are gong to be distributed sussfully to retailers.

Fabric cutter


Fashion designer

Supply chain manager,

I first heard about Sass Brown after browsing through my college library and coming across her book 'Refashioned'. I was obviously dwawn to the quriki ecterior of the book i was then fasinated to then read through a number of designers who speciliase in only using recycled materials to make cutting-edge fashion pieces.

As well as being a designer Sass travels the world speaking about sustainable fashion and publishing papers on this topic.

I've loved reading Sass Browns book 'Refashioned'because it really does give a clear insight in how fashion is evolving and people are becoming a lot more aware on how our choices especially with clothing is having a negative effect on our planet .

We forget that Sass Brown is actaully a very talanted fashion designer herself with a backround in sustainable fashion.Sass is an advisor for Sustainia100, the annual Danish sustainable solutions guide that honours developments in sustainability across a number of industries.

Along with having released two books about sustianable fashion the first being 'Eco fashion' in 2010 along with the book I was talking about at the start "Refashioned' in 2013 Sass started her blog EcoFashionTalk back in 2010 as she felt she need to 'fill a void in the market'. Just from reading the introduction to her blog- which I do recomment you reading by the way you can see just how passionate she is about showcaseing 'the best of the best of ethical fashion'.

Sass Brown 


Scarf into a top

back then...

Back in 2008 Primark were in the spotlight but for not the best reason. The bbc released a documentary showing the atroicious conditions Primarks workers in Primark have always been known for there amazingly cheap prices ten years ago and still India had to go through. Pretty shocking if you ask me from one of the largest retailers. today but hopefully there relationship with there workers have improved since back then. Primarks hidden secrets started to come out when a bbc presenter traveled to one of Primarks

factories in India and was utterly shocked by was going on behind t.he scenes it was found that children as eleven were making some of primarks cheapest clothing. This shocking discovery put Primark in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. Soon after the documentary was aired Primark did shut down three of its warehouses in India but was this enough of a change to really make a big enough impact on the people who were treated so poorly by such a huge retailer like Primark, did they just make this step to improve how they are seen to there customers? The visit to these factories found that in Southern India children had been working ridiculous long hours in disgusting conditions just to sew primarks best sellers, is it really worth it? Even though primark is way up there as one of the largest retailers with primark selling one piece of every ten bits of clothing cold in the UK, Primark may have great understanding of what there shoppers are looking for, maybe they should be focusing on how the real stars of the show are being treated.

Stop child labour.

Fast forward ten years to 2018 and it seems Primark has been making some positive steps to improve there relationship with sustainable fashion especially with there workers. After the desesating events of the Rhana Plaza didaster that happened in Bangladesh on the 24th April 2013 where a shocking number 1,138 to be exact lost there lives due to poor managment of the factory. Having been in the spotlight before when it came to how there workers were being treated Primark felt like this was the right opportunity to really show they care about there own workers, but why did it take a devestating disaster like this to happen for Primark to finally see that they need to be focusuing more on there workers. Soon after this devestating event Primark got in contact with New Waves bottoms (a supplier in (Rhana Plaza) to take a closer llook into how there workers are being treated and whether the confitions fit with what Primark expects along


with identifying whether any changes need to be made. After the Rhana Plaza disaster as Accord was set up regarding the fire and building safety in Bangladesh where Primark was one of the first brands to have signed this document along with being one of the first brands to ensure that all vitims of the disaster would be granted the help they need by supplying finalcial support along with food aid if needed. So its clear that Primark are finally making the steps they need to be making but we need to remeber that it had to take a devestating incident like the Rhana Plaza disaster to happen for primark to make these changes/



ith over five hundred stores worldwide and three hundred of them being in the U.K it's safe to say us brits love Topshops .when they decided to launch there first sustinabale line back in 2013 this was kind of a big deal as it brought sustinabale fashion more in the spotlight where i persoanlly belive it belongs. There line consisted of a mixture of pieces from Jeans to jackets all made from left over pieces of fabric from previous collections. As well as it being a new exciting challenge for the deighners of topshop to see what intreating pieces they can create from just using material they already have it's also minimizing waste which is obviously going to have a positive impact on the environment aroud us. Topshop is showing that they are all for reducing waste in the fashion industry as Arcadia (owners of Topshop) have made it clear that they are dedicated on on keeping to the Sustinable clothing action plan also known as SCAP along with its 2020 targets that have set. with Topshops sustianable line they collaborated with three cotton suppliers as well as a denim supplier in

Topshops sustianable line

order to prpudce the best most ehically made pieces as possible. Topshops main aim for this collestion was to show as much awareness as possibe to there customers on how sustinabale fashion needs more attention.

How can some of our favourite brands become more sustainable?

Using Reuseable bags having a charge on carrier bags have meant there has been s draamatic fall in plastic use as people are now more likely to bring there own bags. If highstreet brands produce better quality thicker bags that can be used then customers would more likely want to keep the bags and re use them again.

Keeping it in the Uk... When it comes to highstreet brands relationshop with sustainable fashion the biggest problem is the fact that most of there factories are abroas which firstly means a lot of pollution cause from the trasport used. Another big problem with having factories in a different country is the fact it's a lot harder for the brand to keep an eye on how the factories are being managed, Primark is an obvious example of the disadvatges of not keeping it in the UK.

Recling old stock Many brands including Tophsop have created lines using old bits of stock that would have just gone in the bin but has actually turned into something great people are loving the idea of owning items that are a bit different and more risk taking plus knowing it has virtually no negative impact on the environemnt aroud us is a pretty great feeling to.

In 2013 a tragic event hit the people of Dhaka in Bangladesh. Approx 1021 people lost there lives in what could have been easily avoided. on the day of the collapse on the 24th April The number of workers inside were unknown which made the situation even worse. A total of 38 people were charged with murder due to the fact it was made clear that the conditions of the factory were not safe to work in and they even built an eighth floor even though they were told it would not have been able to hold it which ultimately left the building to collapse.. Although this was a shock to everyone people weren't as shocked as you may think because the workers had made there thoughts on there worries of the safety of the factory very voval before the event happened which caused a lot of anger amongst the families who were effected. Five years on and I'm wondering if enough has been done. Just after the event happened many retailers including Primark did sign up to two initiatives fousing on the treatment of there workers.

The Rhana Plaza disaster five years on.

How do retailers keep an eye on there workers? Us as shoppers think it's easy for our favorite brands to just sign up to some initiatives that says they support there workers which automatically makes them a sustinable brand which also makes us as customers feel good in oirselves the fact were buying into a brand that cllaims they are doing all of these postive things when actually it really isn't as it seems. I

I decided to look further into H&M's relationship with their workers as they are such a well known brand. After looking on there website H&M seem to be very aware of exactly who is working for them along with wear.

Reclaim to   wear