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Burberry is renowned for its British identity and famous for their classic trench coat. The trench coat was designed to serve a purpose, they were worn by the military. The hardwearing material was perfect for the troops in the hostile environment. Pilots in the military wore the Burberry aviator suits and time after became very popular. Soon the Burberry check became a trademark in fashion and the trench coat continued to grow. British fashion has developed through the decades from influencers such as celebrities with iconic styles. The likes of Louise Brooks who was a silent movie star, had a unique style which grew over the decades as new trends came into light, her style developed. This is what happened with Burberry, the British brand has its own style which is recognized highly in the fashion world. The iconic check can be brought into many trends. This is what evolves a brand and brings it to life. I have always been interested in Burberry and its heritage. I love the unique, traditional styles and patterns Burberry continues to use and create in all their collections. The iconic Burberry print is known worldwide which takes British style across the globe.


Burberry was founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry. The legacy of Burberry came from the First World War when the military needed garments with good wear. The designer created a coat known as Tielocken which was equipped with belt rings to hang grenades, maps and flasks. It was designed to be durable and multi-functional. It also was designed to have straps on the shoulders to secure other important necessities such as gas masks and satchels. The trench coat was designed for the trenches. Later on, in the 1990s the brand saw a downgrade and had to go into a different direction in the industry. Burberry had to rejuvenate the brand’s image. Since then Burberry has started to reach into other departments such as fragrance, children’s wear and designing other garments and leather goods. This has enabled the brand to widen their audiences.

Together we will continue to push the boundaries of design, technology and communication while never forgetting out heritage, our Britishness and our values

Christopher Bailey


The Burberry Trench Coat will always be an iconic piece to have in your wardrobe. It's the coat which is always on trend. We can see this by looking back though the 1900s and foreseeing how it has been evolved through the eras. We can also see how the trench coat itself has adapted to time, with creating new patterns and styles.

The Evolution of the Trench Coat The Burberry Trench Coat has evolved through time, the classic beige coat has been adapted and innovated into new trends. Bright vibrant colours, simple classic colours, patterns and others. Once made to protect the troops in the army is now a huge staple piece to have in your wardrobe.  Burberry have never lost touch of their heritage and where the brand came from and how it begun, I think this is really important within a luxury brand. 



BURBERRY CAMPAIGNS This a an example of a Burberry Campaign in the 1970s. Burberry have always kept the iconic British look consistent throughout their branding. This Campaign has a classic style approach to represent the brand. The elegance of the women modelling Burberry demonstrates the elegance of the brand. We can see the consistency when looking at current campaigns and editors Burberry have produced.



- Very Exclusive due to high prices - Slow on upcoming trends - Often copied by high street brands at a very cheap price

- Collaborating with other brands to create more affordable products - More advertising to increase brands awareness - Reach out to customers with the use of e-commerce

- intense competition - New luxury brands are developing quickly in the market



- Strong social media  platforms - Strong awareness of brands culture and values - Desirable brand - Strong celebrity endorsements - Recognisable 


Burberry SWOT Analysis

Since day one Burberry have maintained the quality of all their products. The garments first made for the army troops was made to be durable and long lasting. Burberry is now recognised as being classy, chic and high end. The brands image was slightly different during the 70s due to footballs giving Burberry a bad name. Soon after the new chief executive re-vamped the brand and use celebrity links to spread awareness of how the brand had taken a turn for the good in the fashion industry, this meant Burberry was back.

Brand Values Main Values: - High Quality - Desirability - Heritage - Class - Exclusivity - Devotion - Success - Innovation - History - British - Creativity - High - End

Burberry Customer Profile Burberry targets both female and male aged between 20 and 60 this large age gap is because Burberry aims to target men and women of all ages. This shows us that nowadays age should not matter and you should feel comfortable wearing Burberry. General consumers are upper middle class due to high price points and have the access to disposable income. However Burberrys beauty range is accessible to lower income as products start from ÂŁ20. For Burberry to widen their audience, they need to expand into the entry level line with lower price points.

MY CONCEPT The Iconic Burberry Trench Coat. I will be showcasing an event and catwalk on Burberrys take on British Fashion with the famous trench coat. The inspiration comes from the new chief creative officer of Burberry. He wants to embrace Burberry's most iconic designs. This event however will specialise in the Trench coat which is truly loved. I will be creating a campaign which builds up the excitement for the event. The event will be found on a website I will create, it will give basic information and details for buying tickets. The Iconic Burberry Trench Coat. I will be showcasing an event and catwalk on Burberrys take on British Fashion with the famous trench coat.

The inspiration comes from the new chief creative officer of Burberry. He wants to embrace Burberry's most iconic designs. This event however will specialise in the Trench coat which is truly loved. I will be creating a campaign which builds up the excitement for the event. The event will be found on a website I will create, it will give basic information and details for buying tickets.Â

Competitors Marketing

GUCCI The Gucci 2018 Cruise campaign was shown in Florence, the city in which it was founded. The campaign demonstrated European history continued through time. The collection was displayed at the Palazzo Pitti. Gucci have always focused on targeting their demographics within the market. They work on the different segmentation variables and therefore create products which are way ahead of its time in the fashion industry. Being innovative plays a big part in Gucci, this demonstrates how Gucci is unique and different to other luxury brands in the market.

LOUIS VUITTON Emma Stone was announced as Louis Vuitton's ambassador in 2017. Emma finally did her first campaign for the brand in 2018 'Spirit of Travel'. The campaign shows simplicity and beauty for the brand. This displays what Louis Vuitton wants to represent. The elegance Nicolas Ghesquière has demonstrated expresses the creation of the campaign which has had good feedback since. The marketing of the Louis Vuitton's products has been helped with the faces of celebrity endorsements. Not only Emma Stone but the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Kate Moss, Scarlett Johansson and Uma Thurman have all been ambassadors for the brand. With the in keeping illusion of exclusivity, Louis Vuitton has used talented creators to to make campaigns which show the individuality and fashionable style of the company.

ONLINE MARKETING For Online marketing I will be using social media platforms like snapchat, instagram and twitter. I will also use the likes of social media influencers and celebrities to spread awareness of the event on their platforms.

Offline Marketing

I have decided to create bus ads, tube ads and use guerrilla marketing. These marketing techniques are going to assist in advertising and spreading awareness of the event and the brand.



Burberry Trench will be an event based on the Burberry Trench Coat. I want to celebrate the many years of the iconic coat. Iris Law will be the face of the campaign. The event will bring back British Heritage Fashion to the surface. The campaign will demonstrate how people of all demographics are excepted in fashion.



MARKETING EVENT PLAN & STRATEGY Setting goals for the event. We aim to have maximum 300 people of which will be invited as special guests, head buyers of companies etc. It will be held over the two days to attend the event and catwalk show. Our event will take place at Cliveden House. We will be able to host a lot of people at the event and maximize the space we have available. We have a budget of £10m. With the Cliveden House being part of the National Trust some money will be going towards this. On arrival, everyone will receive a magazine specialized to the event. The magazine will contain information on the event, heritage fashion, Riccardo Tisci and exclusive interviews etc.… Event details will be going public one month before the event takes place. This keeps it very exclusive. We will be using social media to advertise the event. Snapchat, Instagram and twitter will spread awareness of the event and what the brand is doing. The event is inspired by Riccardo Tisci, the new chief creative officer of Burberry. His idea was to embrace Burberry’s beauty and heritage, this will be our main focus on the outcome we have in mind. The event will be created to look very British and elegant. Horses will be walked down the catwalk with the models, to represent Burberry. Time and money will be spent on the flowers and gardens for them to have a unique, elegant look. We want the event to wow people. Promotion. The brand is promoted to all demographics. Our campaign will aim from children to adults of all ages. We would like this to be demonstrated in our campaign that anyone can wear it. As the world is changing and evolving we must show that we are ahead of the game to other luxury brands. We aim to demonstrate this through advertising and marketing. 



Communication. After registering for a ticket on the website, emails and updates on the event will be sent through to keep people interested and excited for the event. Once tickets are paid for, invitations for the event will be sent to everyone attending. Communication will play a large part of the event. It will spread awareness and attract viewers to engage with what is going to take place. Online and offline marking will be used. Social media influencers, celebrities, ads, posters and bus ads to name a few. The idea of communication is to be different. With Burberry bringing in a new chief creative officer will attract a different audience, people who already follow him on social media will be frequently informed about the event and what is going on in the world of Burberry. His followers may become interested and spread awareness of Riccardo. Location. The event will be located at Cliveden House in Berkshire, it will be held over 2 days 14th and 16th of July. Christopher Bailey and Riccardo Tisci will be speaking before and after the show. There will be a champagne reception on entrance. A band will be playing instrumental music throughout the entire event to create an atmosphere. We will be using various ways of advertising. Online marketing; social media – snapchat, twitter and Instagram. Offline marketing – bus ads, tube ads, guerilla marking and posts. A website will be set up in order for people to enquire for a ticket. Payments will be done once you get an email back confirming there are tickets available. Therefore, payment will be done directly through to the events planning department. This way our customers will know it’s secure. Extras. With the large budget we have, we will have access to all rooms at the hotel. This allows people to have the option to stay at the stunning Berkshire house. There will be a day between each event day. This will allow time for things to be set up again properly before the next big day. It also gives people the opportunity to take in the wonders of the house.

Iris Law

The face of Burberry Trench

Iris will not only be the face of Burberry Beauty but she will now be representing Trench Coats and the Heritage of Burberry.

Iris Law will be the face of Burberry Trench. We love Iris and her look. She is fun, unique, young and works well as a part of Burberry.Â


1. Have you ever been to a fashion event before? What did you like the

- yes - music, nice atmosphere, nice toilets, not crowded, seating - yes - didn't like it - yes - good atmosphere, relaxed

2. What would be your preferred dress code to attend a fashion event? - dress up! smart and over the top - formal - formal, dressy


most about your experience?

3. Did you receive a goody bag? If so,


what did you get? - yes - makeup, brushes, drinks - no - no

4. What would you like to see if you were invited to this event? - good goody bag including, card holder, cufflinks, glass water bottle. - different perspective on Burberry - British building, traditional and British

5. What was the best event you've been to? why was it good? - Beauty Bay event - cool pan and ice booth, get makeup done, DJ - N/A

The Event The event will be located at Cliveden House in Berkshire, the home county of Burberry. On arrival of the event every guest will receive a complementary glass of champagne or sparkling lime water, canapés will also be served around. Guests will also be given a goody bag containing an exclusive  magazine specialised to the event as well as other goodies. The event will open to guests at 11:30am in preparation for the event which will start at 14:00pm. This gives time to arrive and time to walk around the venue and experience its beauty as well as socialise with other guests. At 13:30pm guests will be directed to their seats. Christopher Bailey and Riccardo Tisci  will talk to all the guests about the idea behind the show and British Heritage Fashion. The show will be an hour long, this is because the catwalk will not only be representing clothes, but it will be showcasing British heritage. The show will be very interactive with the crowd which will make the experience exciting. Singers, dancers and musicians will be performing during the hour. The show will begin with models walking in the traditional camel trench coat and followed by younger children in the trench coats. Horses will be walked down the runway with the models to create a British atmosphere. A classical dance will begin down the catwalk which will be accompanied by classical music and musicians. The original coloured trench coats will be showcased following on with the new styles Burberry have created. Models of all ages will be walking in the show. Following on from the show, a dinner will be held in a dining hall for all VIP guests, this includes head buyers and designers as well as exclusive guests. The dinner will be held in The Boudoir dining hall at Cliveden House. All will be paid for. including accommodation. The event will give an insight into what Burberry has coming up. With new trench styles launching guests will be able to buy a coat in and receive it before they go in store. This idea is to creates exclusivity. A maximum of 300 tickets will be available. Fashion influencers, celebrities and fashion icons will be on the invitation list so front row tickets will be very limited. 




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Research presentation part 1 **  
Research presentation part 1 **