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“Form is an excellent, tried and tested way of deepening discipleship and getting equipped in Christian ministry and service. I commend it wholeheartedly.� The Rt. Revd. Dr. Steven Croft, Bishop of Sheffield.

WHAT IS FORM+? Form+ is a discipleship year packaged to fit around your work and family. Do you want to go deeper in your faith? Do you want to get serious about living the God life 24/7? Do you want your faith to impact the world around you more? Maybe you have seen people taking a year out and really moving on in their relationship with God and would love to do the same, but commitments mean that it has not been possible for you. Maybe you have lost some of your passion for God and want to reignite your faith. Maybe you have recently become a Christian and want to discover more of what it means to be a disciple, or maybe you have a vision for making a difference and would like some help getting things started. Form+ aims to combine practical teaching with life changing experiences; practical projects with nurturing relationships to get you moving in the right direction. It’s a year about equipping and enabling you to live it, breathe it and to make a difference, both now and on into the future.

“I am convinced that Form is a much needed pathway for laying courageous foundations for growth and service in the Kingdom of God. It is a no brainer to take a year so you can sort out your stuff and in order to live the rest of your years well. Giving attention now to the formation of your character, identity and gifting will enable you to serve God, others and yourself better. I recommend this training as one of life’s great investments.” Rich Wilson - National Team Leader for Fusion, Leadership Team at Open Heaven Church, Loughborough [fusion] - passionate about student mission


FORM+ WORKS Jesus lived his life spending time with God, with a close community of friends and ministering to others. This 3 dimensional lifestyle can be expressed as: UP




Time spent with God, His Father.


Time spent with his disciples, his close community and his friends.

OUT Time spent with those in need in the world, showing them in word and action the better life he came to bring.

Form+ is structured in such a way as to reflect and encourage this balanced lifestyle. Each dimension of the training combines teaching with practical application and calls for personal commitment to get the most from the year.

MEET GOD (Formed by God) Connecting with God - How to hear God, to talk with Him, worship Him and connect with Him through the Spiritual Disciplines.

BE CHALLENGED (Formed in community) Living the Life - What it means to live the life of a disciple in the 21st Century, including money, sex, power, faith, love, forgiveness, selflessness, healing and wholeness, identity and the LifeShapes discipleship tools.

SEE CHANGE (Forming Others) Evangelism & Mission - We are all called to play our part in God’s redemptive plan. Learn the theory, study the history and be equipped to be effective in reconnecting a broken world with the heart of God the Father. To reinforce this practical learning, trainees complete a variety of projects throughout the year. These projects give trainees the chance to think, study and discuss topics together, then write, present and lead others, thereby creating a vibrant, interactive

“FORM is an excellent discipleship and equipping programme which offers students amazing opportunities for growth within the context of a vibrant, city changing church. It is Word and Spirit based and mission focused. I unreservedly recommend it.” Revd. Dr. Mark Stibbe - Father’s Heart Trust

A FORM YEAR Form+ will kick off with a weekend retreat for you to get to know the rest of the team, to meet with God and set the scene for what’s to come. You will gather with the team once a month to eat together, worship, share life and learn more about God’s plan and purpose for your life. To help you to meet God, be challenged and see change between each session there will be monthly assignments. No, not 3000 word essays but practical projects, journals, questionnaires and presentations to stimulate your relationship with God, challenge your thinking and encourage you to play your part in God’s mission. Then once a term we will put aside a Friday evening and Saturday to dig that little bit deeper. At the heart of discipleship is relationship; at the heart of Form+ will be the growing relationships between those training. These relationships will nurture, encourage, challenge and provide a framework of accountability to see you step out into all that God has planned for your life. As well as all of this there will be an online forum for wider group discussions and to provide you direct access to the Form+ Team. • 1 weekend away • 10 evenings - 1 per month • 3 Friday evenings & Saturdays - 1 per term • Practical Projects - to help you engage and get the most out of the year • Accountability Groups - to help you stay on course and see change • Online Forum - to connect and communicate during the month

“I’ve found form+ an amazing experience. During this year I’ve been really challenged in the way that I live my life, the way that I follow Jesus and I’ve been really encouraged in that.” Richie - Form+ 10/11 “I’ve got a better understanding of God’s love and how I can share that with other people” Kath - Form+ 10/11

MISSION Love Sheffield Love Sheffield mission days involve serving our local community to show God's love to the people of Sheffield in practical and personal ways. Different projects and activities happen all day throughout the city including... Giving away quality chocolates, drinks, flowers etc Litter picking and street cleaning Besom projects

City Mission Experiences St Thomas Crookes is involved in mission across the city. During the year you will get the opportunity to experience some of the exciting projects we are already involved with. Get ready, get inspired and go!

Personal Mission We believe that mission is a lifestyle. Through Form+, you will discover that God wants to use you right where you are, that God is already at work in the lives of the people that you meet, and that you can play a part in seeing the lives of your friends, family and colleagues changed. By the end of the year you will have been involved with planning and implementing your own strategic mission project.

“My faith journey in this year has been truly significant. Like what everyone says, if you choose to give out a year to God, He will never fail to amaze you with what He can do.” Eden - Form 10/11

“I want to emphasise how amazing this year as a whole on Form has been. Hard; yes, and very annoying at times, but deciding to Form has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Any expectation I had has been surpassed in terms of the journey I've been on with God this year.” Rosie - Form 10/11


This September will be our pilot year so the cost to you will cover the cost to us. Form+ will cost in the region of £295, or £29.50 per month. This will include: • • • • •

The start and end of year retreat All teaching resources and notes Food at the monthly training evenings and weekends Expenses for local mission / day mission Enrolment on our School of Theology.


Form+ leader: Alan Ward

Alan studied theology at St John’s Nottingham and is training part time for Baptist ministry. He has been part of the church for many years and has worked in many areas of ministry including pastoral, youth and children’s ministry, international students, young families and clusters.

For more details about Form+ and/or to acquire an application form please contact: Alan Ward - Tel. (0114) 267 1090

St Thomas Crookes Nairn Street Sheffield S10 1UL Tel. 0114 267 1090 Web.

Form+ 2011  

Information about Form+ - a training year at St Thomas Crookes packaged to fit around your work or family.

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