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Chapter Product Catalog 2017






Fundraising & Gift Items

Print-On-Demand Items

Administration & Operations Items

Awards & Recognition Items

Clearance Items

The Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) provides chapter leaders with products and services that ensure chapters’ success in the areas of fundraising and gift giving, publicity and recruitment, administration and operation, and awards and recognition.

A. Member Nameplate

An 8-inch by 2-inch nameplate perfect for adhering to an office door or placing on a desk. US $45 for 10 Brushed Brass; Item 2681

B. Past President’s Pin

Features STTI crest encircled by a laurel wreath with polished highlights. • 10K Gold: US $150; Item 5607 • Sterling Silver: US $55; Item 5608 • Gold Plated: US $60; Item 5609

C. Static Sticker

Imprinted in white with STTI’s name and crest. Perfect for your car or any window. US $5 for 25; Item 2684

D. STTI Badge Reels

White reels printed with STTI name and crest in purple. An alligator swivel clip allows easy attachment. US $38 for 20; Item 2689

Fundraising & Gift Items Chapter Product Catalog 2017

E. Honor Cord

Orchid-and-white cord with tassel to be worn during commencement. Protocol for wearing varies; check with your local college or university. Non-returnable. US $18 each or US $16 each (orders over 25); Item 2600

G. STTI Purple Foil Notecards

High-quality 6.625-inch by 5-inch folded white linen card stock with “Sigma Theta Tau” imprinted in a royal purple hot foil. The Greek letters appear vertically up the right side in a lilac color. Fifteen notecards and envelopes are presented in a clear-top box, wrapped with a lilac ribbon and purple foil crest seal. US $17 per package; Item 7456


Sigma Theta Tau International

H. Business Card Holder

Show your STTI pride with this classic business card holder that features the Greek letters on the outside and the logo engraved on the inside. US $22.95 each; Item 7464

I. Post-it® Notes

Fifty-count, white with STTI name and crest in burgundy. US $0.85 each, minimum 36; Item 7310

J. Purple Ribbon Magnets

A thick, flexible magnet in the shape of a ribbon is purple with “Support Nurses” in white letters. Magnet is 3.5 inches by 7.5 inches and is perfect for displaying on your car or in your workplace or home. US $4.95 each or US $3.95 each (orders over 25); Item 7741

K. Past-President Guard

Fundraising & Gift Items Chapter Product Catalog 2017

This guard is imprinted in gold or silver with “Past President.” Serves as an accessory to your key pin. • 10K Gold: US $80 each; Item 5514 • Sterling Silver: US $50 each; Item 5517

L. Honor Stole – NEW

The STTI honor stole can be worn at an induction ceremony, or draped over a commencement gown to signify academic achievement. The stole is embroidered with the honor society’s crest on the right side. US $35 each; Item 5641


Sigma Theta Tau International

A. Plastic Nail File – NEW

This 6-inch plastic nail file with clear storage sleeve is great for a low-cost promotional item. File is available in red and white with two lines of text for the chapter name and university, along with a third line for a web address. US $170 for 150.

B. Pens

Chapters can choose from three pen styles in varying colors: • Katana Click Action Plastic Pen The Katana pen features a black barrel with a large no-slip matching rubber grip and white imprinted text. US $115 for 250. Item 2783

• Levanta Stylus Pen – NEW Multi-function pen has handy notched cap that serves as a cell phone holder. Rubber stylus designed for increased conductivity. Purple pen with black writing ink. US $175 for 125; Item 2808

Print-On-Demand Items Chapter Product Catalog 2017

C. STTI Hand Sanitizer Gel – NEW

Hand sanitizer gel in plastic bottle. 62% Alcohol kills 99.9% of germs. Moisturizes with aloe and vitamin E. Perfect for hospitals, child care, schools and nursing homes. US $145 for 100; Item 2805


Sigma Theta Tau International

A. Flags and Flag Sets

Visit the All Chapter Officers workgroup to see an image of each country’s flag.

Administration & Operations Items Chapter Product Catalog 2017

Small flags represent the countries in which STTI has chapters. Set includes corresponding number of flag bases. Please ensure that your chapter has the current number of flags in its flag set. Individual Flags: US $2.50 each Flag Set: US $50 each set Full set with bases Item 2640 Flag base Item 2651 Armenia Item 2697 Australia Item 2648 Botswana Item 2654 Brazil Item 2643 Canada Item 2642 Colombia Item 2691 England Item 2693 Ghana Item 2659 Hong Kong Item 2644 Japan Item 2657 Jordan Item 2804 Kenya Item 2686 Lebanon Item 2698 Malawi Item 2687 Mexico Item 2656 Netherlands Item 2649 Nigeria Item 2699 Pakistan Item 2650 Philippines Item 2801 Portugal Item 2694 Puerto Rico Item 2695 Singapore Item 2664 South Africa Item 2652 South Korea Item 2646 Swaziland Item 2653 Sweden Item 2658 Taiwan Item 2647 Tanzania Item 2655 Thailand Item 2696 United States Item 2641 Wales Item 2692

B. Podium Drape

Purple podium drape with STTI name and crest. Size is 14 inches by 20 inches. US $22 each; Item 2680


Sigma Theta Tau International

C. Signature Book

Collect your members’ messages and signatures for a historic account of your membership. The purple signature book is inscribed with “Honor Roll of Members” in gold writing. US $20 each; Item 2688

D. Signature Book Refill

Keep your signature book stocked as your chapter’s membership expands. US $15 each; Item 2683

Administration & Operations Items Chapter Product Catalog 2017


Sigma Theta Tau International

A. Recognition Award Certificate

This 8.5-inch by 11-inch vertical certificate has the STTI crest in gold foil and preprinted recognition information. Place to include recipient’s name, date, and honor. US $15 for five; Item 3000

Awards & Recognition Items Chapter Product Catalog 2017

B. Presentation Folder

Handsomely designed presentation folders in purple with gold embossed crest. Fits 8.5-inch by 11-inch certificates. • Vertical: US $8 each or US $7 (orders over five); Item 3025 *Currently out of stock. • Horizontal: US $8 each or US $7 (orders over five); Item 3030

C. Friend of Nursing Award Certificate and Presentation Folder

An 8.5-inch by-11 inch vertical certificate features STTI crest and seal and customized recipient name. The award is placed in a purple presentation folder with gold embossed crest. US $12.50 each; Item 2673


Sigma Theta Tau International

A. “Pocket� Plaque

Walnut-finish plaque measures 10.5 inches by 13 inches with an 8.5-inch by 11-inch Plexiglas protector. Use to display membership or recognition certificate. US $9.99 each; Item 3045

Clearance Items Chapter Product Catalog 2017


Sigma Theta Tau International

Chapter Product Catalog 2017 Pricing subject to change. Print-on-Demand items can be ordered from the Management System at http://management. Sign in and click “Print-on-Demand System� from the Important Links box, on the left. All other items can be ordered by telephone or fax: By Telephone: 888.634.7575 (US/Canada toll-free) +1.317.634.8171 (International) By Fax: +1.317.634.8188 Shipping rates vary based on location and delivery speed. Chapter products cannot be shipped to a P.O. Box. If you have questions, please email, or contact Chapter Services via telephone.

Chapter Product Catalog 2017  

The Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) provides chapter leaders with products and services that ensure chapters’...