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4 May 2012

Issue 6

From the Principal

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e have enjoyed a strong start to Term 2 at St Stephen’s School. Our staff have returned from our professional development conferences with energy and enthusiasm. This year, St Stephen’s School held LeaderCon towards the end of the Easter break for 70 of our leaders followed by StaffCon leading up to Anzac Day for our 380 staff members. The focus of both conferences was improving teaching and learning in the classroom. This emphasis of improving teaching and learning in the classroom lies at the heart of our strategic plan for 2012-14. While St Stephen’s School continues to enjoy very strong educational outcomes across all our campuses, we should always seek to improve. Dr Ben Jensen of the Grattan Institute has highlighted the importance of teacher quality in improving educational outcomes. While Australian governments have been focused on improving curriculum and reducing class sizes, neither of these factors has been demonstrated to significantly improve educational outcomes. The most significant factor is teacher quality. St Stephen’s School has renewed its emphasis on improving teacher quality in a number of ways this year. Besides the introduction of LeaderCon and StaffCon, we have announced the appointment of Mrs Donella Beare from Term 3 this year as Director of our centre for innovation in Christian education to be launched in 2013. We have also increased our efforts in marketing the School when advertising for new staff. Consequently, we welcome Mr Richard Davies and his family from Scotland as our new Head of Learning for Mathematics Duncraig, and we welcome Mrs Nicola Resta and her family from Ireland as our new Head of Learning for LOTE Carramar. Teacher quality at St Stephen’s School extends well beyond the mastery of curriculum. Our teachers are also competent in pedagogy and committed to the Christian culture of our School. The excellent reputation of St Stephen’s School is testimony to the quality of our staff and has brought many visitors to our School, including members of parliament and government ministers. This year, we have profiled some of our teachers with video vignettes that will be available on the School website shortly for our community to view. Visitors to St Stephen’s School consistently comment on the nature of the relationships they observe among our staff and students. The relationship between teacher and student is extremely important for not only achieving educational outcomes, but also in growing the kinds of people characteristic of a Christian community. The Apostle Paul encourages Timothy to hold fast to the things he has learned because of those from whom he learned them (2 Tim 3:14 15). I am sure that most of us will remember the influence of our own teachers in encouraging us in our choice of subjects and career opportunities. It is the staff of St Stephen’s School that live out our distinctive as a Christian community every day in every relationship, influencing every one of our students as they grow as people. Let us continue to strive to be excellent for the sake of our students, as we encourage them to be excellent for the sake of others. Tony George Principal DUNCRAIG

Issue 6, 4 May 2012

100 Doveridge Drive Duncraig WA 6023 PO Box 68, Greenwood, WA 6924 Ph: +61 8 9243 2100 Fax: +61 8 9243 2490


50 St Stephens Crescent Tapping WA 6065 PO Box 246, Joondalup, WA 6919 Ph: +61 8 9306 7100 Fax: +61 8 9306 7101


Whole School Information Back to Menu Parent Prayer Group Please feel welcome to join a prayer and care group at St Stephen’s School Duncraig Day Monday

Time 8.30 - 9.00 am

Place Contact Primary School (check in at Narelle Soet: 0421 326 990 or the Primary Office)

Thursday 8.20 - 8.45 am

Science Centre room S1 Marilette Louw at (check in at Student Services)


8.45 - 9.05 am

ELC, Interview room near Lisa Dallin: 0414 821 352 Main Administration


2.00 - 2.30 pm

Primary School (check in at Jill Carter: 0407 423 007 the Primary Office)

These groups are open to everyone in the School community. We are happy to support members of the School community with care, individual prayer and meal support, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Employment Opportunities ICT Support Officer Our expanding Technology department has a vacancy for a part-time ICT Support Officer working 0.6 FTE. The position requires the person to work across both Duncraig and Carramar campuses providing user and desktop support to staff and students using the School’s information systems technology. The successful applicant will be able to commence as soon as possible. Closing date: Wednesday 9 May 2012 at 1.00 pm. More details are available under Employment Opportunities on the School website.

Withdrawal from the School

Important Dates Weekend 5 May and 6 May Relay for Life (details in Issue 5) Tuesday 8 May Year 8 Lightning Carnival Homeroom Assembly Monday 14 May Year 11 Parent/Teacher Interviews Tuesday 15 May P&F Meeting 15 to 17 May Years 3, 5, 7 & 9 NAPLAN Friday 18 May 2A/2B Geography Field Trip Year 11 Drama Caberet

Below: Katy Hutchison Restorative Practice


Parents are reminded that we require one terms notice in writing addressed to the Principal if a student is withdrawing from our School. Mrs Michelle Titlestad Registrar

EntertainmentTM Books Books will be available early May with money raised going towards our fundraising. The new book is $65 and is packed with hundreds of up to 50% off and 2-for-1 offers. Be one of the first to order and pay for your new 2012/2013 EntertainmentTM Book and you will receive over $150 worth of Bonus Offers you can use straight away. Bonus offers are in limited supply so purchase your book now by filling in the order form (on the Dove Tales page on the web, or from Student Services) and return to Mrs Dianne Loan. Or simply order and pay on the internet on the EntertainmentTM Book webpage - click here to go to the St Stephen’s School online order form.

Traffic Speed reminder Please adhere to the 10 km/h speed limit whilst on the School grounds. Some parents/visitors have been noted speeding in these areas. For you and your child’s safety, including other children’s safety, please follow the speed limit in these areas. Parents and relevant stakeholders who visit the school, particularly between 10.30 am and 11.00 am, or 12.50 pm and 1.30 pm are reminded to drive very carefully, as students cross the driveways (between the Primary School and main football oval, and the Secondary School and hockey oval) to access the playing fields. Please continue to be roadwise and look out for children when driving on campus. Please follow the above to make the traffic flow smoother and, most importantly, to make the traffic safer for all stakeholders in our School Community.

Dove Tales

Issue 6, 4 May 2012


Whole School Information Back to Menu Uniform Changeover


Please note the following information concerning this changeover period from Summer to Winter:

How do you Back Up an iPad?

From the beginning of Week 3, Term 2 (7 May) until the end of Week 8, Term 3 (14 September), Winter uniform (including the blazer) must be worn. School blazer: Students will be required to wear their blazer to school in the morning and up to and including Homeroom. After Homeroom, if a student does not require his/her blazer for warmth, it may be placed in the locker until wearing the blazer home at the end of the school day, i.e. when leaving school at the end of the day. Students must wear their blazer after collecting their school bag. Important addendum for Year 8 parents/students: Due to the late arrival of the Year 8 blazers from our uniform supplier, an extension will be given to Year 8 students on the changeover date, i.e. blazers to be worn at the start of Week 5 (21 May). Students who ride bikes to school: When arriving at the bike racks in the morning, students are to put their blazer on then proceed to their respective House. When leaving in the afternoon, students can place their blazer in their school bag after arriving at the bike racks.

Please see below some recommendations and common solutions to back up an iPad. 1. iTunes can be used to back up most of your iPad data and essentials if you ever need to recover your device. We recommend that after the iPad syncs in iTunes on a computer, you right click on the iPad and select “Back Up” 2. iCloud stores your music, photos, documents and wirelessly pushes them to all your devices. iCloud can be accessed on the iPad in settings and integrated with iTunes software. It works well with Pages, Keynote and Numbers and is excellent with Apple devices and software. You receive 5 GB of free data then the cost is $42 per year for an extra 20 GB. 3. Dropbox is a popular cloud based back up and synchronisation tool. Many Apps support Dropbox and it will work on Apple, Windows, Android and Blackberry devices.You receive up to 18 GB of free data (2 GB + 500 MB per referral) and then the cost is $99 per year for an extra 50 GB. 4. More and more Apps are now providing back up or sharing links with iCloud, Dropbox, their own services and others.

Traffic Plan All parents are reminded to follow the School Traffic Plan and safe driving rules: •

Make a left turn onto Doveridge Drive when exiting the main entrance or the student/parent car park from 3.05 pm to 3.40 pm;

Only buses are allowed in the Kiss and Drive area off Hepburn Avenue between 3.10 pm and 3.40 pm;

It is not permissable to stop and pick up/drop off your child when driving up to the main entrance to the school – this is a very unsafe driving practice; and

Making U-turns at the bottom of the driveway after being turned away from picking your child at the top of the driveway at the turning circle not only impedes the traffic flow, but more importantly, it is also very dangerous driving and not permitted.

Primary parents who park on the verge on the east side of the main entrance: when reversing onto Doveridge Drive, please ensure you drive in an easterly direction as making a right turn towards Glengarry Drive impedes the traffic flow. Primary parents using the Kiss and Drive must note the No Standing area just before entering the Primary School entrance from the main driveway. This No Standing area is indicated by the gold lines marked on both edges of the driveway. This traffic ruling is in place for safety reasons.

iMessage: Things to Watch iMessage is a popular App for our students using iPads, iPhones or iPods. iMessage allows people to quickly message each other in a free and simple way. You can send unlimited free text messages from any iPad, iPod or iPhone to any another iPad, iPod or iPhone over WiFi or 3G. You can also send pictures and movies along with group messaging in one threaded conversation. To activate iMessage, students login to this App with their Apple ID details. An individual can login to iMessage with somebody else’s Apple account login details if they know this. It will give a person the ability to masquerade as somebody else within iMessage and therefore participate in private conversations. Similarly if a student decides to use their School email address as their Apple ID along with their birthday as their password, somebody else can work out their login details.

Dr Glenn Chinen

Please check with your child that they are not using their default school computer account password, which is their birthday, as their Apple ID or iTunes password. If they are, please ensure they change it to something more secure. Secondly please remind your son or daughter to be vigilant when conversing online and if anything seems awry, encourage them to speak directly to you.

Deputy Head of Secondary for Care

Stephen Corcoran Director of iEducation

Dove Tales

Issue 6, 4 May 2012


Whole School information Back to Menu Premier’s Summer Reading Challenge The Premier’s Summer Reading Challenge (in support of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Western Australia) 2011-2012 was a great success with thousands of students participating across Western Australia. The challenge reinforces the efforts of teachers to develop students’ reading and literacy skills which are so important in life. Well done to the students who completed the Premier’s Summer Reading Challenge for 2011/2012: Michelle McCallum-Hee

Nikita Smout

Aaron Dungey

Alice Ward

Keegan Schrick

William Ward

Kyna Schrick

Daniel Wright

Abbey Daly

Aaron Cox

Tessa Daly

Charlotte Bolt

Jayne Kay

Madeleine Hays

Bianca Smout

Freya Murphy

Additive Alert Form - 16 May Food for a Calm and Happy Household Can the food in your child’s lunchbox affect their behaviour and health? Packing a healthy lunchbox today is not as straight forward as it used to be. Over the past 20 years the use of food additives in our diets has increased dramatically. Unfortunately though, not all food additives are good for our health. Recent studies have confirmed that some of the chemicals put into our foods can cause temper tantrums, sleeping disturbances and disruptive behaviour. Asthma, eczema, migraines and other common health problems are also often linked to food additives and diet. ADDITIVE ALERT: How much do you really know about what is in the foods you eat?

Join Consumer Advocate and author of Additive Alert, Julie Eady, for an educational evening as she shines the spotlight on popular food choices to reveal some alarming surprises in our everyday healthy food choices. During the session you will learn: • • •

In addition to the Reading Challenge, the following students also raised funds for the MS Society of WA: Keegan Schrick Kyna Schrick

Which food additives are linked to health and behaviour problems How easy it is to shop smarter, avoid additives and still stay sane! How to read food labels so you know you are buying the best products for your family.

Date: Wednesday 16 May 2012 Time: 7.00 - 8.30 pm Venue: Primary Forum, St Stephen’s School Carramar Bookings are essential. Please RSVP to Pam Doust by Sunday 13 May on 9306 7100

Abbey Daly

Parent Connect Do you have a flair for catering? Enjoy music concerts? Well now you have the opportunity to be exposed to both! Our Parent Connect group would love to hear from parents/grandparents who can assist with the catering for our Middle/Secondary School Music concerts. There are four concerts this year and the dates are on the school calendar. These are enjoyable events and a great chance to be involved and still have a good time! For more information, please call Lisa Galatis on 0404 684 150 or email P&

35th anniversary of the Uniting Church Uniting Church Celebration - 24 June Please join us to celebrate this special event Sunday 24 June 2012, at 9.30 am St Stephen’s School Carramar, Sports and Learning Centre 50 St Stephens Crescent, Tapping

Woolworths Earn and Learn Program This program is back for 2012 and this year it is easier than ever to participate and receive valuable resources for our School. From 9 May, when you shop at Woolworths, collect stickers from the checkout operator and place them on a sticker card which you can receive from the Primary and Secondary School Office. There’ll be one sticker for every $10 spent* in store. Once completed, place your sticker card in the collection box in the Primary and Secondary School Office.

Parking available on the school oval via Maryland Drive Ladies, due to the flooring in the Sports Centre, please avoid wearing stiletto shoes. Please join us in the Technology Hub for morning tea, following the service.


anging the w or ld on



d at


*No need for docket entries. The program closes 1 July 2012.

im e

Mothers’ Day - Sunday 13 May Wishing mothers and carers, in the community of St Stephens’ School and beyond, a peaceful and joy-filled Mothers’ Day.

Inspired learning that transforms and empowers lives

Dove Tales

Issue 6, 4 May 2012


Primary Back to Menu Disco Tonight

Congratulations! Friday 4 May

During the April holidays, Jack (Year 6) and Matthew (Year 4) Hanrahan took part in the State Mudlark Sailing Championships. Jack achieved a 3rd place in the Silver Fleet and Matthew a 4th place. Congratulations to you both!

Years 3 & 4 - 5.00 pm to 6.30 pm Years 5 & 6 - 6.45 pm to 8.15 pm $5 admission $1 drinks


$1 chips

The Primary Library really appreciates the terrific job parents do with assisting us to cover our library books and reading books and we thank all our Term 1 parents.

ELC Wet Carnival This event was held on Friday 27 April at Aquamotion, Wanneroo. Despite a few shivers and blue lips, the pool was filled with laughter and smiles. We would like to thank all of our parents who were fantastic both in the water and on the pool deck.Their enthusiasm was much appreciated by the children and the staff.

French News In our French class we are using a program called AIM which has a series of DVDs. These DVDs contain the gestured words, the plays and songs used in class. The DVD cost is $27. If your child would like to order one of the DVDs for practice at home, please contact Madame Lloyd by phone at school on 9243 2187, through a note in the student diary or by email address:

Primary French Championship From 21 to 31 May, St Stephen’s Primary French students will have the opportunity to compete in the Language Perfect World Championships. The warm-up training for the Language Perfect World Championships starts on 3 May. The 100 top scoring students in the training period (3 to 21May) will win a place in the Championship competition. Students not classifying in the Top 100 can still enter by paying a $5 fee.

Another busy term has started in the Primary Library. Children are to bring their library books every week on their library day in a waterproof library bag. They may be renewed for another week if they haven’t finished reading them. The library is open to students before school, lunchtimes and after school until 3.30 pm. There are range of activities they can do including the puppets, a wide range of games, jigsaws, using the Macbooks and of course reading. There is a parent roster for each class to assist with shelving books. We hope that each class has more helpers this term. Parents are welcome to choose the time of the day that is most suitable for them e.g. after the morning drop-off. The library also has a roster in the workroom for additional help with a range a tasks around the library and with processing new materials for the Primary School. Offers of help with covering are always appreciated. We would like you to encourage your child to be responsible with their library books. Overdue books take considerable time to follow up and damaged books take considerable time and money to replace. Waterproof library bags are available for $7 from the library. And please remember... May is National Reading Month 2012 is the International Year of Reading

All Year 5 and Year 6 students are automatically registered for the training period. If your child in Year 3 or 4 would like to take part in this exciting event, please contact Madame Carniello by email:

Mes meilleurs salutations / best regards

Madame Simona Carniello

See you soon in the Primary Library

The Children’s Book Council 2012 short list of outstanding books:

UnitingCare West Quilt Donation During Semester 2 of last year, a group of Year 5 students worked together to design and sew a quilt for a young child. They decided to make the quilt for a girl and donate it to the UnitingCare West foster program. This morning at the Primary Assembly, the girls presented the quilt to UnitingCare West’s School Liaison Officer, Leone Cottam-Williams. Congratulations, girls! I am very proud of the time and effort you put into this project AND your much improved sewing skills! Well done.

NAPLAN Information for Parents All students in Years 3 and 5 have received an information brochure about this year’s NAPLAN Literacy and Numeracy Assessments. Please read the brochure carefully. Testing is on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of Week 4 this term, Tuesday 15 May to Thursday 17 May. If you have any queries about the process or testing week, you can contact your classroom teacher or Sue Stopher in the Primary Library.

Mrs Liz Jackaman

Dove Tales

Issue 6, 4 May 2012


Secondary Back to Menu Year 11 Interview Night Parent Teacher Interviews for Year 11 will be held on Monday 14 May in the School Foyer commencing at 4.00 pm. Students have been issued with Teacher Interview sheets to make prior appointments with teachers. Please bring your child’s Interim Report with you to the Interview. Mrs Sheevaun Darby Deputy Curriculum and Learning

History Excursion

Outstanding Oracy Assessment Results! Years 8 & 9 English students have, once again, enjoyed their Oracy Assessment where they presented an interactive speech, a prepared dramatic reading and a memorisation of a poem. The assessors were glowing in their praise of the efforts of the cohorts as a whole – the breadth of their interests, the depth of their preparation, the confidence with which they presented and the courtesy with which they listened to each other. We are very proud of the following students who achieved the highest level of Outstanding for their performances: Year 8 Michael Batty

Xavier Barton

Abbey Bradstreet

Matthew Morrish

Erin Chipps

Amy Reid

Olivia Mariano

Year 9

Brett Hanrahan

Stevan Amidzic

Simon Groves

Jayden Black

Sophie Marcoux

Zachariah Bowles

Joshua Kildahl

Caitlin Murray

Susan Carrick English Teacher During the school holidays, I had the pleasure of attending a Holocaust Remembrance evening with a group of my Year 11 History students. This solemn event was an opportunity for our students to experience the stories first hand from the survivors. This event created a more realistic view for the students on a subject which is the embodiment of evil. By exposing our students to this subject matter, we hope that they will no longer be dispassionate about government policies, which like those of Nazi Germany, that perpetrated industrialised mass murder of six million Jews including one and a half million children under the age of fifteen. We heard the personal account of one man and the death of his father under the totalitarian regime and it brought grief to our hearts. It also brought joy when we realised Australia accepted him as a war refugee, he married a wonderful woman and raised three children in a safe country. Personally, the highlight of the evening was being told how welcome we were and that our students were a credit to our School. Our students showed their respect of such an important event and their interest when spoken to by members of the crowd. The night achieved its goal of ‘never forget’ for all present. Ms Leanne Shank

School Ball Photos All Year 12 students and parents who would like to order School Ball photos need to bring in their completed order form to Student Services as soon as possible. You are able to access the photos and order on line by visiting the website and typing in the access code: BGV5858

Dove Tales

History’s Twisted Door - a Cabaret Performance The Year 11 Performing Arts students have been working hard since the beginning of the year to create their own cabaret show titled History’s Twisted Door. Students from Years 7 to 12 will perform a selection of sketches, monologues, songs and dances reflecting a slightly warped take on events throughout history that is guaranteed to uplift you and leave you dancing all the way back to your car at the end of the evening. Performances will be held on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 May from 7.00 to 9.30 pm in the Theatre.Tickets are still available from St Stephen’s School Administration, Duncraig for $10 each. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Music Notes Performances in Term Two Saturday 12 May – Western Region Barbershop Contest – Male Ensemble Friday 25 May - Senior Music Concert. This will be held in the School Theatre and will involve the senior groups – Concert Band, Girls Chorale, High School Orchestra, Male Ensemble, St Stephen’s Singers, Swing Band and other smaller groups. Tickets will be available on 14 May. Sunday 24 June – 35th Anniversary of the Uniting Church – St Stephen’s Singers and Male Ensemble Friday 29 June – Junior and Middle School Concert. This concert showcases High School Choir and all of our younger ensembles not involved in the May performance.

Issue 6, 4 May 2012


Secondary Back to Menu High School Choir High School Choir has now begun rehearsals, which take place in the Music demountable building next to the tennis courts. Rehearsal starts at 7.30 am on Mondays. Any student from Year 7 to Year 12 is welcome to join this choir – there are no auditions. Year 7 and 8 Music Extension students are required to attend High School Choir. The choir will be working towards its first performance of the year which will be held on Friday 29 June in the School Theatre. Students in Years 10 to Year 12 who will be involved in exams in Week 2 are asked to come to choir from Week 3 onwards. Changes to Rehearsals at the beginning of Term 2

four gold medals, Damian managed to break 11 State records in these events and broke the Australian 100m butterfly record for his age group. He was the only West Australian to break a national record and win four gold medals. Congratulations Damian! Congratulations also to Ashlee Lewis (Year 12 Carramar campus). Lily Diamantis (Year 8 Carramar campus) and Chelsea Lamb (Year 11 Duncraig campus) who represented the School at the Interschool Equestrian state championships over the school holidays. Pictured below is Ashlee Lewis (Year 12) riding Harashee.

Concert Band, Wind Ensemble and Swing Band did not rehearse in Weeks 1 and 2 of Term 2. Rehearsals start in Week 3. High School Orchestra will continue rehearsing each week but students in Years 11 and 12 who had exams were not expected to attend in weeks 1 and 2. All other ensembles (including Male Ensemble) will rehearse as usual.

Technology & Enterprise Year 12 Stage 2 Food Science students were concentrating hard, putting their learning of crystallisation and caramelisation into practice by creating toffee decorations for their sponge cakes; another piece of beautiful chemistry in the Technology and Enterprise learning area. Pictured are (left to right) Holly Uglow and Lauren Woodall

CAS Sport Winter CAS will commence in Week 4 of this term and trials will be held over the next two weeks. Students need to read the bulletin or contact their coach directly to find out details. Or stay in touch with facebook, details overleaf. Below is a list of the sports and coaches involved in Sport this term. Team Year 8/9 Football Year 7 Netball

Congratulations A big congratulations to Damian Fyfe who competed in the Australian National Age Swimming Championships in Brisbane from 9 to 14 April. Damian competed in the Under 14 age group and swam in a total of seven events over six days. All the early mornings and evening training, sacrificing his holidays and weekends in the dedication to his sport paid off as he won gold medals in the 100m and 200m butterfly as well as the 200m and 400m freestyle. He also won a bronze medal in the 200m backstroke and came 4th in the 100m freestyle. In winning these Dove Tales

Year 7 Girls Soccer Year 7 Boys Soccer Year 7 Boys Basketball Year 8 Netball Year 9 Netball Year 8/9 Girls Soccer Year 8/9 Boys Soccer Year 11/12 Netball Year 10 Netball Senior Girls Soccer Senior Boys Soccer Senior Boys Football

Staff Mr Phil Timms Mrs Louise Loxton / Miss Rebecca Tampion Mrs Anneline Neethling Mr Peter Quayle Mr Jeffrey Korber Ms Debbie Davies Miss Natalie Everett Mrs Sandra Keetch Mr Julian Boland Mr Boyd Herewini Mrs Bronwyn Schultz Mrs Dee Cunninghame Miss Jaime Blake Mr Andrew Jenkin

If you would like to be involved in coaching or umpiring any sport please contact me by email: Sue Libbis Director of Sport

Issue 6, 4 May 2012


Secondary - “Sports Shorts” Back to Menu Year 8 Lightning Carnival

PE Uniform Expectations

The ACC Association aims to provide sporting events that give students of all abilities an opportunity to participate in their chosen sport and represent their school. Year 8 students will compete in a Lightning Carnival organised to meet this aim on Tuesday 8 May. Participation is the emphasis and as such no scores or awards are given for winning players or teams. Fair play and appropriate behaviour is encouraged at all times. ALL students are required to participate on the day.

A reminder!

Students have selected their sport during Physical Education classes. Students playing rugby union MUST wear a mouth guard. Mouth guards are also strongly recommended for AFL and hockey. Proposed venues are listed in the table below. Parent help is required on the day and can be counted towards parent assistance hours. The role is one of supervision - no umpiring or scoring is required. If you are able to assist please contact the school: 9243 2121 or email Nerina.Cordner@

Netball Soccer Touch Football Football Socer Rugby Union

Girls Matthews Netball Centre Brittania Reserve Alderbury Reserve Boys McGillivray Oval Alderbury Reserve Brittania Reserve

Some key factors relating to uniform expectations are listed below. Parents, we appreciate your support in maintaining high standards of dress and hope these factors provide clarity for what is permitted. If students do not have totally correct PE uniform for a particular reason they should wear correct winter/summer uniform (dependent on the term) and change into attire suitable for PE for the lesson. Students will need to change also at end of lesson. PE uniform must not be worn because students are disorganised with respect to their winter uniform. Students who wear PE uniform on non-PE days or, in the case of Senior Students not involved in PE, will be dealt with firmly. Uniform expectations are clearly explained to Year 11 & 12 students and they are expected to be positive role models within the school. 1. PE uniform may be worn to and from school on any day that students have PE classes. 2. Students must wear St Stephen’s School PE shorts, shirt, hat and socks. A school tracksuit jacket and/or pants may be worn in the cooler weather. 3. Shoes MUST be well supporting and appropriate for school. Skate shoes, Dunlop volleys or ‘fashion type’ shoes are not permitted. *Sport specialist shoes are not suitable for general Physical Education. A cross trainer is strongly recommended. 4. Skins are not part of the PE uniform and hence should not be worn. *These items are unnecessary for general, school Physical Education and an unwarranted, extra cost. Don’t be pressured into buying for school! 5. Students are expected to bring a filled water bottle to each lesson.

Parents, please note there is NO lightning carnival for Year 9 students on Monday 7 May.

6. Sunscreen is provided during lessons and students are expected to apply during outdoor lessons.

St Stephen’s School Facebook Page

7. Students not participating in PE lessons are required to wear normal school uniform.

Sport at St Stephen’s School has entered the world of social networking and we have commenced with our own facebook page where parents and students can receive updates, fixtures and results of what is going on each week. Just go to: On your first visit to the page, you have to select “Like”. Then when new items are posted, you will be notified through facebook.

Full details concerning the wearing of school uniform is outlined in the Student Work Record.

Important Dates for Term 2 Tuesday 8 May

Year 8 Lightning Carnival

Friday 25 May

WA School Sport Cross Country

Thursday 31 May ACC Cross Country Nerina Cordner Head of Health and Physical Education

Dove Tales

Issue 6, 4 May 2012


Community News Back to Menu Question Evolution - 6 May

Murdoch Open Day - 19 August


Board Members with UnitingCare West

Put your passion into action... Are you seeking opportunities for a more personal connection to the mission of the Uniting Church? UnitingCare West is seeking Expressions of Interest for new Board Members who will help guide the strategic vision and direction of our organisation and will support the delivery of innovative and creative programs and services across Western Australia.

YMCA Encore The YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association) is a not for profit organisation offering scholarships to young women entering Year 12 but who also run a program called YWCA Encore. YWCA Encore is a free gentle exercise program for women who have experienced Breast Cancer at any time in their lives. Breast Cancer affects 1 in 8 women and has a huge impact of families. Our program helps to restore mobility, flexibility and self-confidence…a stepping stone, if you like, from the aftermath of surgery & treatment – assisting them with getting back out into their community, work and exercise. They are paid positions - visit for further information on Encore. For an application package or further queries on becoming a Trainer please contact Janine Parker encore@westnet. or 9440 3501.

You will need to have: A passion for social justice Governance experience A financial background A knowledge of the not for profit sector

Join our Board, serve on its sub-committees, and use your skills to help us support, serve and empower those most in need.

Dove Tales

To express your interest (include relevant information/ background) or for further information, contact CEO Sue

Issue 6, 4 May 2012


School Information Back to Menu Term Dates 2012

Term Dates 2013

Term 2

Term 1

Teachers return

Monday 23 April (Staff Retreat 23 and 24 April)

Teachers return Tuesday 29 January Commissioning Service

Students return

Thursday 26 April

Students return

Friday 1 February

Term ends

Friday 6 July

Term ends

Friday 19 April

Term 3 Teachers return Monday 23 July (Reporting Day Tuesday 24 July)

Term 2 Staff Conference

Monday/Tuesday 6/7 May

Students return

Wednesday 25 July

Students return

Wednesday 8 May

Term ends

Friday 28 September

Term ends

Friday 5 July

Term 3

Term 4 Staff return

Monday 15 October

Teachers return

Monday 22 July

Students return

Tuesday 16 October

Reporting Day

Tuesday 23 July

Students leave

Friday 7 December

Students return

Wednesday 24 July

Teaching staff leave

Thursday 13 December

Term ends

Friday 27 September

Term 4

Office Hours / Contact Numbers

Teachers return

Monday 14 October

Students return

Tuesday 15 October

9243 2102

Students leave

Friday 6 December

Student Services:

9243 2101

Teachers leave

Thursday 12 December


9243 2100

Uniform Shop


8.00 am - 4.00 pm

Early Learning Centre:

9243 2480

Primary Office:

Normal Trading Hours

(Please report absences and make enquiries via these numbers)

Canteen Roster

Date 4-May-12 5-May-12 6-May-12 9-May-12 10-May-12 11-May-12

Dove Tales

8.30 - 11.30 M Major N Stewart A Peacock V Dearle M Bodenstaff J Corry J Massong K Galyer C Jacobs


8.00 - 11.20 am


1.00 - 4.00 pm


9243 2133

11.00 - 2.00 M Gilpin


Yan Jun Wong E Faroang

(Please do not use this email to place lunch orders)

K Galyer

Phone: 9243 2434 Email:

Volunteers are still required for 2012. Please contact the Canteen on 9243 2434 if you are available. Sheryn Aubrey, Canteen Manager

L Dalton L Mateljan

Issue 6, 4 May 2012


Dove Tales Issue 6  

Dove Tales Issue 6