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6 July 2012

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From the Principal

From the Principal


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Dove DoveTales Tales

Issue 10

usic is all about emotion. It is a unique opportunity to share how you feel with somebody else in a way that words alone cannot convey. Words are often about what we think, about ideas and thoughts. When we put them in the format of poetry or lyrics, words can convey some sense of feeling. However, when words are put together with music, we connect our thoughts with our feelings in a most uniquely human way – we sing what we feel and we feel what we sing. People who listen to the same music often feel the same emotions. Whether it is a love song, a national anthem, or a sports song, the emotions felt are common to those who experience them. When people listen to a major key they feel happier, yet when they listen to a minor key they feel sadder. There is something genetic, something wired into our DNA, that makes us feel the same things when we listen to the same music. Music is a uniquely human experience that communicates uniquely human emotions. Emotions are essential to being human. Those without emotion may be described as psychopathic. We need to love, cry, care, feel. Yet, emotion and passion when unfettered and unrestrained can lead to devastating effects – anger, violence, and sometimes bloodshed. Singing, however, offers a unique opportunity to inform our emotions. When we put words or lyrics to music we combine ideas with passion, thoughts with emotions. In doing so we can align particular ideas and thoughts with particular passions and emotions. We learn how to feel. Songs give voice to our hearts. Music stirs the soul and the spirit, while words give our minds ideas and thoughts. When music is combined with the right lyrics, songs can invoke nationalistic pride, Christian praise, joyous celebration, and the melancholic loss of loved ones. Singing connects our rational centre of the brain (the prefrontal cortex) with our emotional centre of the brain (the limbic system). The more we connect and lay down neuronal pathways between our prefrontal cortex and our limbic system the more we are capable of pro-social behaviours, self-restraint, and human maturity, of thoughtful and considerate passion. St Stephen’s School is blessed to have an amazing Music program, especially singing. I delight in the wonderful talents of our singers and musicians, and in our teachers who grow and nurture their talents. To further develop and encourage singing and music at St Stephen’s School (as well as dance and drama – I will need to write of our amazing dramatists in another article!) we are currently looking to appoint a Director of Performing Arts to lead the Performing Arts from Years K to 12 across all Carramar and Duncraig campuses. Let us pray that God will continue to bless our School’s Performing Arts and provide us with a Director of Performing Arts who will lead our growing of people in music, singing, drama and dance. We can all think, we can all feel, we can all sing. Tony George Principal



100 Doveridge Drive, Duncraig WA 6023 (Year 3 -12) 50 St Stephens Crescent, Tapping WA 6065 9 Brookmount Ramble, Padbury WA 6025 (ELC) (K-12) PO Box 68, Greenwood, WA 6924 PO Box 246, Joondalup, WA 6919 Ph: +61 8 9243 2100 Fax: +61 8 9243 2490 Ph: +61 8 9306 7100 Fax: +61 8 9306 7101

Issue 10, 6 July 2012


Whole School Information Back to Menu Important Dates St Stephen’s School on Facebook St Stephen’s School has its own Facebook site. Visit and ‘Like” our page! You can also follow us on Twitter

Friday 6 July End of Term 2 Monday 23 July Pupil Free Day Academic Staff return Tuesday 24 July Pupil Free Day Wednesday 25 July Students return

iPad Case Protection It is difficult to recommend iPad cases as there are so many, and personal preference or style plays an important role. From an educational perspective within a school, it is essential that the iPad is protected from physical damage. The glass touch screen can be easily broken if the iPad is dropped, knocked or crushed. If the iPad is under warranty, Apple will replace a broken or cracked screen for $279 by replacing the whole iPad. Students treasure their iPads and generally take good care of them but accidents do happen. Visit and then ipads/protect/ to see our suggested models to protect an iPad at school. Stephen Corcoran

Friday 3 August Year 3 - 6 Interschool Cross Country Thu 9 to Sat 11 August Year 7 - 12 Musical Production Back to the 80s Friday 10 August Primary Athletics Carnival Wednesday 15 August Cybersafety Seminar 7.00 pm Friday 17 August 40 Hour Famine

Director of iEducation

St Stephen’s School Carramar Presents...

Below: Primary Captains’ Lunch Arts & Smarts - Music (pic 2 & 3)

Thursday 9 - Saturday 11 August 2012 7.00 pm start (11 August, 1.00 pm matinee) Sports and Learning Centre (Gymnasium) St Stephen’s School Carramar 50 St Stephens Crescent, Tapping Contact: 9306 7100

‘Back to the 80s’ Musical - 9 to 11 August Tickets now available from Main Administration.

Memorabilia Request Do you have any old 80s memorabilia? Records? Cassettes? Posters? Knick-knacks? Leg warmers? Puffy sleeved taffeta ball gowns? If you’ve any 80s relics - from clothing, to props, posters & LPs - that you’d be happy to donate or loan to the Drama department for our upcoming musical, we would be most appreciative. Many thanks! Alison Hignett

Canteen News High School House Athletic Carnival – 3 August 2012. Please note the canteen will be open this day for students to order lunch. Parents are also able to purchase lunch, snacks and hot and cold drinks on the day. A big thanks to all our lovely volunteers for your help this term, well look forward to seeing you next term.

Dove Tales

Issue 10, 6 July 2012


Whole School Back St Stephen’s School Introduces


Online Reporting

Introduction to the Dangerous, Sleazy and Unsafe Life of Social Networking - What parents can do Just when you think it couldn’t become more complicated, the social networking scene has! The newest craze is called Tumblr and is described as a Web Blog. As of 8 June 2012, Tumblr has over 58.9 million blogs and more than 24.7 billion total posts.Tumblr posts can be anonymous which means if the privacy settings are not chosen, anyone can write and say whatever they like. Additionally, the site has become one of protest, unhappiness, bad language, disrespect and unhealthy venting. Sadly, it also provides a cauldron of hate mail which cooks away in your homes. Tumblr is popular among the counter–culture, that is, those who self harm, have eating disorders and are prone to substance abuse. Even those not involved in these activities will be familiar with the sites of which we write.

Track your child’s academic progress at any time via the School’s online reporting service known as ‘EdInfo’. All published academic reports, including selected subject grades and marks for the current academic year, will be offered online for your child attending Secondary School. You will soon receive a letter describing this service, along with a secure username and password. When you have this information visit and login with your username and password to access your children’s results.

The site is causing unrest and trouble in our community and parents really need to make informed decisions about whether or not it is in the best interests of their children to be using Tumblr. St Stephen’s School will take action against those in our community who intimidate, threaten and belittle others wherever it happens.


Technology Hub St Stephen’s School Carramar - 50 St Stephens Crescent, Tapping


Wednesday 15 August 2012 Presentation 7.00 – 8.30 pm


Please RSVP by Monday 6 August at

If you experience any difficulty please contact the School by phone or email providing full details of the issue: Carramar: 9306 7100 or email Duncraig: 9243 2100 or email

Inspired learning that transforms and empowers lives

Dove Tales

Issue 10, 6 July 2012


Primary Back to Menu Coffee Connect

Holiday Fun at the RSPCA WA

Please note that as from Term 3, Coffee Connect will take place every Tuesday in the Primary Forum from 8.45 am to 10.00 am.

RSPCA WA has a huge range of holiday boredom busters that kick off this July. There are old favourites - Be a Volunteer, Talk to the Animals, Doggie Delights & Radical Reptiles.

All parents and younger siblings welcome!

Congratulations Flynn O’Neill (6C) recently achieved the following results in Karate competitions: 2012 State Karate Championships Boys Kata 10/11 years - Bronze Medal 2012 Margaret River Tournament of Champions Boys Kata 10/11 years - First Place 2012 Karate Weset Shobukan Open Championships Boys Kata 10/11 years - First Place Boys Kumite 10/11 years - Second Place

We have many new exciting sessions: Birds of Prey for all ages, Be an Inspector, Be a Volunteer Junior and Intermediate and joint sessions with the Perth Zoo “Wild about Animals” and a new session with Landsdale Animal Farm. There’s something for all kids aged 4-17 years. All sessions involve animal interaction, a shelter tour and are reasonably priced. Visit to find out more and call 9209 9325 for bookings.

Well done Flynn!

Active After School Communities Program - Term 3 We will commence the AASC program for Term 3 in Week 3, on Wednesday 8 August 2012. This will run for a 7 week period, finishing in Week 9, Thursday 20 September. Your child or children, from Pre-Primary to Year 6, are welcome to come along and participate on a Wednesday or Thursday afternoon, (or both if they’d like). The afternoon will run from 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm. AASC’s aim is to encourage children to actively engage in sporting activities rather than sitting in front of the computer or TV screen all afternoon. The sessions are free, but please note that it is not a childcare service! All are required to become actively engaged in the sessions and the use of computer games etc. is not accepted. At each AASC session there is a fruit break where we provide assorted seasonal fruit and vegetables such as apples, oranges, pears, carrots and cheese etc. for your child. If they are unable to eat these fruits and vegetables or require a bit more sustenance for the afternoon, please ensure that they have another healthy snack to eat. Attached is a form to complete for Term 3. This form needs to be returned to the Primary School Office before your child can participate in the program for Term 3. Mrs Sharon Burnett and Mrs Lorna Crabb are the AASC Coordinators. If you have any queries they can be contacted on 0432 921 627 or chat to them on the green the days of the sessions. If the weather is not cooperating, the session is then moved to the Primary Forum. Tracey and Tina are also available to assist in the Primary School Office, or you can call them on 9306 7111 during the school hours. Thank you for your support.

Dove Tales

Issue 10, 6 July 2012


Secondary Back to Menu Reporting Day

Indonesian Visitors

Parents are advised that the Year 7 to 9 Student / Parent / Teacher Reporting Day will be held on Tuesday, 24 July. Interview schedules, details and reports will be sent home with the student via homeroom shortly to make booking times. Reports will be printed the last week of term.

Year 12 Parents Year 12 students are encouraged to check their personal details and enrolments with the School Curriculum and Standards Authority online at If any of the details are incorrect, please inform Student Services and they will make the changes with the Authority. A link to this facility has been posted on the Authority’s Facebook page at Students may find this a convenient way to access the site.

International Success

Each day our visitors toured the School and observed how the Hearing Impaired students were supported in their mainstream classes. They saw the note taking and tuition support given to the Secondary students, classroom support given in the Primary setting, as well as a one on one session given in the Hearing Impaired Room.

Phoebe Moses, Year 8 represented Australia this month at the Indiana University, USA. As the National Junior Scenario Writing Champion in 2011, she was invited to compete in the futuristic short story writing section of the Future Problem Solving Program International Conference.

Their response to what they saw and their excitement after speaking with our students was a reminder that the TSH School Support Programs are highly successful in helping our students reach their full potential in mainstream schools.

At the conference, under exam conditions, Phoebe wrote a story based on ethical practice in the pharmaceutical industry of the future. Her international team with representatives from Australia, Florida, California and Alabama was awarded third place in the competition. Phoebe’s insightful individual story was awarded fourth place out of the twenty seven countries and USA states represented in her division. At the colourful Opening Ceremony, Phoebe processed with all the international flagbearers in costumes representing their nation. She proudly carried the Western Australian flag and was dressed in a surf-life saving costume. Other students in the Western Australian affiliate were from Wesley College and Kensington Primary School. All the Australian competitors sat together at the opening ceremony and there was a great feeling of comraderie. Prior to the Opening Ceremony, over a thousand international students chatted outside the auditorium and exchanged stick pins from their country. Phoebe’s black swans, kangaroos and Australian accent proved to be very popular. The students and teachers attending enjoyed sharing ideas at the beautiful university campus with its impressive limestone architecture, maple and sycamore trees and wild squirrels and rabbits. Throughout the week there was a wonderful atmosphere of intercultural exchange. The Conference itself was evidence of the role international collaborative thinking and co-operation plays in creating a positive future.

Dove Tales

Last month, a group of teachers, hospital staff and government officials from East Java visited the St Stephen’s Carramar Outpost. They were in Perth to study the current training and program facilities for Hearing Impaired children in W.A. as Indonesia is moving towards the inclusive education of children with disabilities.

The visit from our Indonesian colleagues was a wonderful experience for all involved. Once again our students did us proud as they responded to the many questions of our visitors. Also to be commended is the staff and students of St. Stephen’s Carramar, who were most gracious in participating in the hosting of our guests. Josie Hawkins, Teacher of the Deaf, St Stephen’s Carramar Outpost.

Congratulations Karan Sandhoo was recently selected for Regionals in the U13 Boys North Metro Regional Hockey Team. Well done Karan. Sam Jones, Jordan Visser and Matthew De Beer from the Carramar campus, and Damien Cilliers from Duncraig campus, on their selection in the Under 14 North Regional Squad for the upcoming Rugby Union State Championships. Well done gentlemen!

Pupil Free Days A reminder that Monday 23 July and Tuesday 24 July are Pupil Free Days. We look forward to seeing all students return Wednesday 25 July.

Year 12s 2013 This is a reminder that the 2013 Year 12 students will commence their Academic year on Monday 29 October (Week 3, Term 4). This gives them a week to rest after their exams before having to attend school.

Issue 10, 6 July 2012


Secondary Back to Menu Maths XTC Badge Winners Congratulations to the following students who were awarded XTC badges for outstanding performance in their mathematics classes in Term 1: Year 7: Kieran Fitzgerald, Charli Morrison, Harrison Hyde, Andrea Lwin, Khushi Kamani Year 8: Dennis Mader, Rachel Wordsworth, Elle Warren, Phoebe Moses, Megan Gray, Tegan Simonsen Year 9: Michael Wells, Stuart Purdie, Aimee D'Cruz, James Rimmer, Brodie Knox, Nathan Thompson Year 10: Daniella Radaelli, Samuel Brown, Scott Sinnott,William Stock, Kelsey Dootson Year 11: Lauren Smith, Ryan Carter, Jye Welch, Jessica Saunders Year 12: Kooper Delacy, Alex Wilson, Sri Unnikrishnan, Nicholas Roland, Max Dickson, Aaron Dickson, Chris Moore, Troy Campbell (pictured bottom right) XTC Extreme (4th year): Nirali Parikh (Year 10), Nick Blanchard (Year 11) - pictured right. XTC Extreme squared (5th year): Jessica Bartels (Year 12) - pictured top right Students were entered into the Australian Informatics Competition and we would like to congratulate these 6 students who achieved a distinction, placing them in the top 10 % of Australia: Nick Blanchard, Nisarg Thakrar, Lauren Smith, Stuart Purdie, Jason Smith, Kooper Delacy

Homeroom Connect: Forgiveness in Charis This term Charis house has been looking at the meaning of forgiveness in Homeroom connect. Homeroom Connect is a new initiative aimed at bringing students closer together to form a greater understanding of the messaging in the bible. Students have been exploring their understanding of forgiveness. How easy is it to forgive? Why does God forgive our sins? Why should we forgive? Students answered these questions and other like them, together led by a Year 10, 11 or 12 student leader. Students were then asked to work together as a group to create a visual representation of forgiveness and also a short poem or story. Some of these will be framed and put on display in the Charis house forum. For if you forgive others their trespasses your heavenly Father will also forgive you - Matthew 6:14

Burundi Fundraising St Stephen’s Secondary School is fundraising to help build a school in Burundi. Burundi is a country in the Great Lakes region of Eastern Africa. The future of Burundi is somewhat bleak as less than 50% of children attend school and HIV/AIDS is almost out of control. In addition, basic foods and medicines are in short supply and St Stephen’s School is aiming to raise $10,000 to build a school for the children. On Thursday 21 June, Makaria House Council held a sausage sizzle for staff and students. It was an extremely successful outcome, raising $524.50! We apologise to those who missed out on receiving a sausage sizzle are running another one today, 6 July!

Dove Tales

In other news, Makaria is holding their yearly ‘Walkathon’ on 17 August, in which we ask families and friends to sponsor students giving generously to reach our Secondary School goal of $10,000! Thank you for your on going support in helping us to achieve our goal. Emily Parfitt Year 12 Makaria House Council Captain

Issue 10, 6 July 2012


Secondary Back to Menu Upper School Physical Recreation

Year 11 & 12 Exams

We all know the benefits of exercise to an overall healthy lifestyle – we feel better about ourselves, we reduce our risk of heart disease, and there is strong evidence that suggests our thinking and cognitive processes actually work better as well when we exercise regularly. This is one of the main reasons we value continued physical activity throughout high school years and encourage an active healthy lifestyle beyond. Not only are we more likely to live a longer and healthier life, we are more productive as well. To this end we are in the process of making some changes to our Year 11 and 12 Physical Recreation program.

Expressions of Interest are requested for 30 parents to assist us with the invigilation of the Year 11 & 12 Semester 2 Examinations. Held in October, the Examinations will be conducted from Monday 8 to Friday 19 October (second week of the October school holidays and Term 4 Week 1). If you have half or full days available during this period, and would like to work off some 2012 Family Commitment hours, then please contact Miss Simone Robinson as soon as possible:

As of Term 3 2012, we will be moving the program to school based activities. There will still be offered a range of activities for the students to choose from, everything from Zumba and yoga through to more traditional sports such as Basketball, Netball and Volleyball,and as the program expands we are looking at other possibilities. We feel bringing this program back to this base is the perfect way to continue to model and encourage a healthy, active lifestyle, and focus on those positive social aspects that sport can provide. As the students come to the end of their schooling and they leave us as young men and women, we feel it’s important to reinforce the safe health message we deliver in the lower school health program. The final term of the year in this course we will be looking at health and safety issues relevant to our young people as they prepare for the next stage of their lives. This will be class room based and will involve a variety of approaches, including guest speakers.

Please include your preferred phone contact details, your availability, and your child’s name & year group. Please note the times: morning sessions 8.30 am – 12.45 pm and afternoon sessions from 12.30 pm (with differing finish times - between 3.45 and 4.45 pm).

Semester 2 Exam Schedule As previously advised, students on the Year 11 French Tour will have a discreet examination timetable that continues into Week 2, Term 4. Year 10 Exams will be held Monday 17 September – Friday 21 September (Week 9, Term 3)

Music Notices

We are excited about the direction this program is heading and look forward to working with the students in its continued development.

Shine Program for Girls The popular ShineGirl program returns and begins on Friday, 10 August. ShineGirl equips Year 7 - 10 girls to: • • • •

Identify themselves as valuable with much to contribute Build confidence, self esteem and self worth Develop decision making skills Understand they can have a positive influence in the world

The program is run on Fridays by outside facilitators. The girls will miss the last 30 minutes of Period 3 and lunch each Friday for Term 3, therefore any work missed will be the girls’ responsibility to catch up. There is no cost to families. Parents are asked to nominate their daughters through Ms Louise Desimone on 9306 7177 as soon as possible. Limited to 20 places.

LevelUp Program for Boys Relationships Australia returns to offer this program of Dealing With the Hassles of Life for Year 7 to 10 boys. This program will run through Term 3 after school on Wednesdays in the Library. Limited to 15 boys and led by two trained, experienced counsellors, the boys will be taught: • Self discipline • Dealing with anger • Developing self confidence • Building negotiation, cooperation and communication skills. Parents are asked to nominate their sons through Ms Louise Desimone on 9306 7177. Dove Tales

Thank you to all the students who participated in our annual Interhouse Music Festival and congratulations to the winning House Parresia who were glad to receive the 2012 Music Shield. Parresia 119 Points, Makaria 84 points and Charis 63 points. Our annual Battle of the Bands will be held in Week 6, 28 - 31 August. Student bands will fiercely battle out for the title of Winning Band 2012, this year will also feature the 2011 winning band Revelry and Requiem. Parents and friends are welcome to attend the event which will be held in the Tech Hub lunch times (1.25 – 1.50 pm). Instrumental/Vocal lessons and rehearsals for Term 3 will recommence Week 1 unless otherwise advised by your Music teacher. Academic copies of Sibelius 7, Pro-Tools 10 and Auralia 4 are available for students to purchase. This includes four years of free Sibelius upgrades all for $324. We also have brand new guitar packages for students; this includes a classical guitar with soft case, cleaning cloth, learner CD and tuning pitch pipe. Guitar sizes for all ages PP – 12, prices range from $85 to $106 per guitar package. Contact Mr de Bie to secure your order for these amazing student deals: shannon. Applications for instrumental and vocal lessons are open all year round. Please collect these from either front admin or our Music administrator Mr James Kros (

Issue 10, 6 July 2012


Community News Back to Menu Holiday Programs Click on the following headings for more information on the flyers below: * ECU Kids Holiday Program * Bouncers * Fremantle Football Club * Fun4Kids - C3 Church *

Free School Holiday Body Image Art Workshop WOMEN’s Healthworks is running art workshops focused on improving body image over the school holidays at the Blender Gallery, Central Walk, Joondalup; the dates are 12 July and 19 July between 10.30 am and 1.30 pm, light refreshments will be provided. There are 10 places per group - please contact Project Officer Jemma Caswell at WOMEN’S Healthworks on 9300 1566 or email the LYT program email: You can also visit Facebook

Parenting Program Tuning in to Kids - Emotionally Intelligent Parenting. Also suitable for teachers, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, paediatricians, occupational therapists, speech language therapists, guidance officers, child care workers and others working with children and families. The course is being held on two full days,Thursday 18 & Friday 19 October at Curtin University. For further information, including costing, visit:

5th Annual Kids Mega Market Sale

Dove Tales Dove Tales

Issue 10, 6 July 2012


Community Back to Menu

Keep physically active for health and happiness Remember the last time you took a brisk walk in the park, kicked the footy with mates or took a dive into the cool water of the Indian Ocean? What about the relaxation that came from tending to your garden? Didn’t you feel great? With such a diverse environment and climate in Western Australia, we have plenty of options for finding an enjoyable physical activity that suits our lifestyle. And the good news is being active helps us keep mentally healthy too.

How does being physically active keep us mentally healthy? Even a small amount of physical activity alters the levels of mood chemicals in our brain. This reduces anxiety, gives us a feeling of calmness and increases our general wellbeing. [1, 2] We don’t need to run a marathon or climb Mt Kosciuszko to get the mental health benefits of keeping active. Simply setting small, achievable physical activity goals and challenges for ourselves can increase our confidence and self esteem.[3] When we achieve these goals we gain a sense of accomplishment which helps keep us mentally healthy. Being physically active can also take our mind off daily problems and unpleasant thoughts. We relax and unwind which puts us in a more positive frame of mind to deal with any challenges in our everyday lives. Our concentration and memory also improve which helps our performance at work and the quality of our social relationships. [3]

To achieve the benefits of being active, the National Physical Activity Guidelines for Australian Adults recommends we: • think of movement as an opportunity not an inconvenience • be active every day in as many ways as we can • put together at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity on most, preferably all, days of the week • if we can, also enjoy some regular vigorous activity for extra health benefits. [4]

Be active with others Being active is great but being active with others has extra benefits. Physical activity in groups keeps us motivated, allows us to catch up with friends and widens our social networks. This creates a sense of togetherness that makes communities safer and more enjoyable places in which to live, work and play. [5]

Dove Tales

Issue 10, 6 July 2012


Community Back to Menu

How can I fit more physical activity into my day? We can all find ways to fit a little more physical activity into our lives and enjoy the physical and mental health benefits. Try to think of easy ways that you can incorporate physical activity into your daily routine. Here are some ideas… • Leave the car keys on the hook and walk or cycle to the shops. • Get outside and play a game of hopscotch or kick a ball in the park with your kids (or someone else’s kids). • Turn up the music, sing along and dance while you vacuum. • Hop off the bus, train or tram one stop early and walk the rest of the way. • Swap your office chair for a fit ball to tone your core muscles. • Plan active outings for the family such as swimming or bush walking. • Invite your work mates for a stroll outside on your lunch break. • Join a walking group. • Wherever you can, challenge yourself to take the stairs instead of a lift or escalator. • If you work in an office, take a break from your desk and walk over to speak to your colleague instead of emailing them.

Physical activity makes us feel happier, energised and more confident. So go on, stay active and keep mentally healthy! It’s as easy as A-B-C: Act-Belong-Commit. Can assist with…

Contact details


Check out the Find Thirty every day campaign website. The campaign aims to increase the number of West Australian adults who are sufficiently active for good health. The site includes information on the campaign and how to Find Thirty® every day, as well as information for professionals working in physical activity.

The Physical Activity Taskforce’s be active wa site offers information for Western Australians on how to be active, as well as information for government and community agencies on how to promote and support physical activity.


Find a local sport and recreation club using the Department of Sport and Recreation online directory! Search by location or activity to find something that suits you in just a few clicks.

(08) 9492 9700

1. Paluska SA, Schwenk TL. Physical activity and mental health. Sports Medicine, 2000. 29(3): p.14. 2. Australian Bureau of Statistics. Participation in sports and physical recreation 2005-06. [Internet] 2005 [cited 2009 May 6]; (ABS cat. no. 4177.0). Available from: 3. Department of Sport and Recreation (WA). Benefits of physical activity [Internet]. Perth: Government of Western Australia; 2008 [updated 2008 Sept 18; cited 2009 May 6]. Available from: 4. Department of Health and Ageing (AU). Physical activity guidelines. [Internet]. Canberra: Australian Government; 2009 [updated 2009 March 23; cited 2009 May 23]. Available from: 5. Better Health Channel (AU). Physical activity - choosing the one for you. The State of Victoria (Australia); 2008 [updated 2008 March; cited 2009 May 28]; Available from: pages/Physical_activity_what’s_right_for_you?OpenDocument

Dove Tales

Issue 10, 6 July 2012


School Information Back to Menu Term Dates 2012 Term 2 Teachers return Students return Term ends

Term Dates 2013 Monday 23 April (Staff Retreat 23 and 24 April) Thursday 26 April Friday 6 July

Term 1 Teachers return Tuesday 29 January Commissioning Service Students return Friday 1 February Term ends Friday 19 April

Term 3 Teachers return Monday 23 July (Reporting Day Tuesday 24 July) Students return Wednesday 25 July Friday 28 September Term ends

Term 2

Term 4 Staff return Students return Students leave Teaching staff leave

Term ends Monday 15 October Tuesday 16 October Friday 7 December Thursday 13 December

Staff Conference

Thursday & Friday 30 - 31 May Reporting Day (Yrs 7-9) Tuesday 7 May*2 Students return (Primary) Tuesday 7 May*3 Students return (Secondary) Wednesday 8 May Friday 5 July

Term 3 Teachers return

Monday 22 July

Reporting Day (Primary) Tuesday 23 July

Students return (Secondary) Tuesday 23 July*4

Office Hours / Contact Numbers

Students return (Primary) Wednesday 24 July

Secondary Office:

9306 7100

Term ends

Primary Office:

9306 7111

Term 4


8.00 am – 4.00 pm

Teachers return

Monday 14 October

Students return

Tuesday 15 October

Students leave

Friday 6 December

Teachers leave

Thursday 12 December

Uniform Shop Normal Trading Hours Carramar Tuesdays:

12.30 pm - 4.00 pm


8.00 am - 11.00 am


Friday 27 September

*1 changed from 6-7 May *2 was Term 3 *3 was Wed 8 May *4 was Wed 24 July

Canteen Act Belong Commit

Phone: 9306 7132


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Parent Connect

Parent Connect is a school-based network of parents, teachers and friends of the St Stephen’s School community. Parent Connect aims to: • Encourage parent and community participation through social activities and school events • Promote the recreation and welfare of students and families • Assist in providing facilities and equipment for the School through fundraising activities • Organise events for year groups and wider community based events such as school discos, school fetes, busy bees and guest speakers Please visit the Parent Connect page of the school website to find out latest news and more information about coming events.

Dove Tales

Issue 10, 6 July 2012


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