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23 March 2012

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Issue 4

ecently I have had conversations with some members of our community. These have not been conversations punctuated with aggression, blame, criticism, anger or anything that could be taken as negative, however, underlying them has been a sense of what I call ‘misalignment’. When we join a social club, sporting group, art appreciation society, a new workplace or any organisation that asks us to adopt a particular view of the world, we know that despite some possible differences of opinion on fine detail we support or are in alignment with the mission or view that is presented. We work with those in the organisation to ensure that everyone is pulling in the same direction. Schools are no different. At St Stephen’s School we work in community to support each other in all our endeavours. This applies to staff, students and their families. In a world that promotes instant gratification and where results and a sense of immediacy are privileged, this sense of community and the core of who we are can be lost or at least obscured, hence a feeling of ‘misalignment’. St Stephen’s School is based on the values of faith, learning, care, service and community. Each of these require every member of the School to work in partnership and mutual respect, allowing differences of opinion but adhering to the over-arching idea that we are created in the image of God and that Christ dwells in each of us. Sometimes this can be a difficult thing to remember especially if something has occurred which you might not agree with, something that sees your worldview questioned. I would argue that it is these moments when we can truly reflect what it is to presume the best in others. I raise this topic now, as we come close to the end of Term 1 in the season of Lent, to think about how each of us will approach the next three terms at school. As staff, our students and the teaching and learning that takes place in every class is our core business. As a school we work at ensuring that every member of our community is valued and upheld for whom they are and as parents we ask for you to walk in community with us.

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Donella Beare Head of Secondary

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Issue 4, 23 March 2012


Whole School Information Back to Menu Expressions of Interest - Year 11 and 12 Semester 1 Exam Supervision

Important Dates

We require about 30 parents to assist us with the invigilation of the Year 11 and 12 Semester 1 Examinations next term.

Friday 23 March St Stephen’s School Day Service

The Year 12 Semester 1 Examinations will be conducted from Monday 14 to Friday 25 May (Term 2, Weeks 4 - 5). The Year 11 Semester 1 Examinations will be conducted from Tuesday 5 to Thursday 8 June* (Term 2 Week 7. *Please note the number of days allocated for Year 11 Exams have been be reduced).Year 11 Semester 2 course work will commence on Thursday 7 June with a normal timetable day.

Wednesday 28 March Primary Interschool Swimming Carnival Year 7 Camp

If you have half or full days available during this period, and would like to utilise your 2012 Family Commitment Hours, please contact Miss Simone Robinson as soon as possible via email at Please include your preferred phone contact details, whether you can help supervise the Year 11 and/or Year 12 Exams, your availability, and your child’s name and year group. Morning sessions are from 8.30 am - 12.45 pm and afternoon sessions are from 12.30 pm finishing at different times between 3.45 - 4.45 pm.

Tuesday 3 April Stress and Depression Forum House Cross Country

St Stephen’s School Day Service - Friday 23 March A reminder that the celebration concert commences at 6.45 pm sharp, not 7.00 pm as indicated on the tickets.

Guest Speaker Julie Eady Cancellation Due to unforeseen circumstances, guest speaker Julie Eady has postponed her presentation Additive Alert on Wednesday 28 March. The rescheduled date will be in May with further details advertised in Dove Tales.

Thursday 29 March Year 12 Drama Production

Thursday 5 April Last day of Term 1 House Easter Assemblies Primary Easter Assembly 30 September - 6 October Year 9 Canberra Tour Friday 30 November Secondary Presentation Evening Below: Primary Swimming Carnival

Parents Contact List A reminder that the parent email list is made available to parents to communicate with one another regarding school based activities. To promote or advertise individual business interests is inappropriate misuse of the facility.

Employment Opportunity Accounts Officer - Full time position with the Accounts Team, maintaining family accounts, producing family debtor statements and other accounting functions. The successful applicant will be a practicing Christian and have Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable experience. More details available under Employment Opportunities on our website. Closing date is Wednesday 28 March 2012 at 1.00 pm.

Visitors To ensure a safe, caring learning environment for our students, all members of our community are reminded that when visiting our School, they must please ensure that they sign in and collect a visitors badge at Reception. Anybody seen without a badge will be approached and asked to return to Primary or Secondary Reception to collect a badge. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

IGA Schools’ Wish List IGA and The West Australian are giving all WA Schools a chance to win a share in $20,000. Please support our School by collecting as many coupons as you can, which can be found in The West Australian on Saturday 17, 24 and 31 March. Coupons can be dropped off at Primary or Secondary Administration.

Dove Tales

Issue 4, 7, 23 13 March May 2011 2012


Whole School Information Back to Menu


CIRCLE OF SECURITY The Circle of Security is a theoretically grounded, relationship-based, attachment intervention designed to assist parents in raising children with love, respect, kindness and emotional intelligence (Dolby, 2007). The Circle of Security provides a mode of thinking about children that allows parents to observe beyond children’s immediate behavior and consider how to appropriately respond to their genuine relationship needs. The underlying message is always be Bigger, Stronger, Wiser and Kind. Whenever Possible Follow The Child’s Need. Wherever Necessary Take Charge (Dolby, 2007).

  

 

 

• • • •

   

 

 

• • • •

   

 

The intervention can also be utilised successfully with early childhood practitioners and educators where the quality of relationships built with children, the support given to the relationships they establish with peers and the collaborative partnerships developed with their families are crucial to the child’s overall sense of security and well-being (Dolby, 2007). An integral component of the Circle of Security intervention is the Circle of Security Map, which assists parents to understand children’s emotional and relationship needs and observe the different ways children will approach them to seek support. Parents and caregivers can then learn how to become more emotionally available and provide increased comfort, support, nurturance and protection. The map draws a clear link between attachment and learning and can be applied to children of all ages (Dolby, 2007) The Circle of Security Map The Circle of Security diagram shows a circle held between two hands. One hand supports the top half of the circle, showing the secure base of support children need for play and learning. Children’s underlying needs for exploration are summarised in the box in the top half: • • • •

‘Watch over me’ (to see that I am safe). ‘Delight in me’ (so I can look into your face and see what I look like to you, and find you are happy to be with me). ‘Help me’ (just enough so I can do it by myself). ‘Enjoy with me’ (join my interest)

The hand supporting the bottom half of the circle represents the safe haven children need when they have had enough of exploring. Their underlying needs in relation to attachment are shown in the box in the bottom half: • • • •

‘Protect me’ (because I am feeling scared). ‘Comfort me’ (when I am upset). ‘Delight in me’ (found on both sides of the circle because it is so important for children). (Help me to) ‘organise my feelings’.

(Almost) Everything I Need to Know About Being a Parent in 25 Words or Less • • •

Always: be BIGGER, STRONGER, WISER and KIND. Whenever possible: follow your child’s need. Whenever necessary: take charge.

Claire Handley School Psychologist Adapted from Dolby, 2007 References: Dolby, R. (2007). The Circle of Security: Roadmap to building supportive relationships. Research in Practice Series volume 14 (4) Zeanah, C. (No date). Circle of Security: An Attachment based Intervention.

Dove Tales

Issue 4, 23 March 2012


Whole School Information Back to Menu Canteen News If you would like to utilise your 2012 Family Commitment Hours, please come and assist us in the Canteen. We are always really busy during lunchtime on Fridays, and would love volunteers to come and assist from 12.00 - 2.00 pm. If you are available to help please call Heather on 9306 7132. As we approach the end of Term1 and we begin to run down our stock, it would be helpful if you could select a second food choice in case we cannot provide your first choice. New items for sale are Preshafruit Juice - 100% fruit juice (250ml). Available in Valencia Orange, Apple Blackcurrant and Pink Lady Apple at a cost of $3. Primary school students are reminded that the Canteen sells reusable lunch bags at a cost of $9. The bags are ready for collection for those parents who have ordered them.

2012 National Band Championship Repertoire If you are free on Sunday 1st April, please come along to a performance of our repertoire before we go off to Melbourne for the Nationals. WA’s leading two brass bands combine to showcase their 2012 National repertoire leading up to Melbourne. Sunday 1st April, 4.00pm at UWA’s Callaway Auditorium, gold coin donation. Contact the band secretaries for more information at secretary@ and

Medications Given or Supervised by Staff at School

Documentation is made in the student’s diary or an appropriate first aid room’s record sheet when the medication has been given. Long term/regular medication requires a parent to complete a Student Medication Request/Record form AND the prescribing doctor is to complete a Medication Instructions from Prescribing Doctor form. The medication is to be given to staff in its original packaging with the prescription label intact. Documentation is made in the student’s diary or an appropriate first aid room’s record sheet when the medication has been given. It is preferred that a daily dose is sent to school but if this is not practicable then no more than one week’s supply should be sent to school. On camps, any medication sent with a student should be in its original packaging and within its expiry date usage. Prescription medication must be in its original packaging with the original prescription label intact. Clear written instructions from a parent should accompany the medications. There are statutory requirements for the storage of medications. Non-emergency medications at school will be kept locked away unless the medication requires refrigeration in which case it will be kept in the appropriate staff fridge. To safeguard the wellbeing of both students and staff we request that all parents and staff adhere to the guidelines outlined above. If you have any queries please contact the School Nurse. The forms mentioned above are available under Health Forms in the Parent Handbook via the School Portal. Angela Gordon and Bev Brown, School Nurses 9306 7147

Parents and staff are reminded that the school has a strict policy for the administration of medications at school and at school camps (Guidelines for Administration of Medication to Students). Short term medication requires a parent to complete a Student Medication Request/Record form. The medication is to be given to staff in its original packaging with the prescription label intact.

Primary Back to Menu Upcoming Class Assemblies

Primary Interschool Swimming Carnival

Wednesday 28 March: Year 1 – Mrs Holland

Wednesday 4 April: No Assembly due to Easter Services on Thursday 5 April

Thursday 5 April: Easter Services

Swimming Lessons Date Change Years 1 and 3 Due to the refurbishment of the pool area at the Arena Joondalup, swimming lessons for Year 1 and Year 3 will now be taking place from Monday 11 June to Friday 22 June 2012. There will be no Year 1 and Year 3 swimming lessons in Term 3 this year. Dove Tales

On Wednesday 28 March, St Stephen’s School Carramar will be hosting the NIPSSA Swimming Carnival at Arena Joondalup. We are looking for parent helpers. If you are available to help for part or all of the day, please contact the Primary Office on 9306 7111. Thank you Tanya Mullaley

Sonshine FM Easter Program Our School has been approached to be a part of the Sonshine FM Easter segments from schools. Students from each year level

Issue 4, 23 March 2012


Primary Back to Menu will be selected to give their thoughts on Easter. Possible questions they could be asked by the interviewer, reporter Nadia King, are: •

Why is Easter special?

Why do you think Jesus Christ died on the cross?

What will you do on Easter Sunday?

Tell me about Easter egg hunts…

What happened on Good Friday?

What happened on Easter Sunday?

Tell me the Easter story….

Students will be recorded, however they will not be identified onair by name. Instead they will be introduced, for example, as “Year 2s from St Stephen’s School”. The recording will take place on Monday 2 April and will be broadcast over the Easter weekend. Please return the permission slip that has been sent home by Monday 26 March.

Congratulations Stephen Jaques (Year 6) was chosen to compete in the Under 11 Mullalloo Team at the Junior State Championships on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 March. The Competition took place at the Life Saving Club in Fremantle. The two competition days consisted of both beach and water events. Mullalloo Club managed to secure top position over the two days. Well done to all the participants who took part over the weekend and gave their best efforts in all areas of life saving. It is encouraging to see the energy and determination of our future life savers in Western Australia. Anees Sharafizad (Year 4P) and Jordane Sharafizad (PPDR) completed the 10 km freeway ride between Stirling and Langley Park, held on Sunday 18 March as part of the Freeway Bike Hike for Asthma. Well done!

Secondary Back to Menu

Stress, Depression and the link to self-harm what parents Need to Know A panel of clinical experts and counsellors will answer questions from the audience and give advice regarding stress, depression and self-harm.


tuesDay 3 april, 2012


7.00 - 8.30 pm

Venue: primary Forum st stephen’s school, carramar 50 st stephens crescent, tapping strictly no chilDren RSVP to Pam Doust by Friday 30 March on 9306 7100 Dove Tales

Issue 4, 23 March 2012


Secondary Back to Menu STOP THE TRAFFIK

Sea Sculptures

Tickets are now available from Carramar Administration ($5 each) for the 2012 Year 12 Drama Production One million to STOP THE TRAFFIK. STOP THE TRAFFIK is a global movement of ordinary activists from around the world who believe that people should not be bought and sold.

On Monday 12 March the Year 10 Art Major students were given the opportunity to visit Cottesloe’s Sculpture by the Sea Exhibition.

“...a play with a message which it manages to convey with stunning impact. Tough, heart rending material tackled with sensitivity but without pulling any punches. A tremendous piece of Theatre” (Karen Robson, Daily Echo “Curtain Call Awards” reviewer) Venue: St Stephen’s School Carramar, Technology Hub

This annual exhibition attracts over 70 local, interstate and international artists. The exhibition is featured from the sea wall all the way along the sand and on the surrounding grassed areas creating a beautiful sculpture park. The Year 10s where able to interact with the artworks in a specific location and see how setting can influence the meaning and purpose of a work.

Dates / Times: • • •

Wednesday 28 March 2012 - 7.00 pm Thursday 29 March 2012 - 7.00 pm Friday 30 March 2012 - 7.00 pm

Assured Pathway Update Further to the article in Dove Tales Issue 3 and the UMAT date that it is required for the Assured Pathway for medicine and dentistry - rather than students contacting the Prospective Student Office at UWA, it would be better if they contact the Faculty Admissions office at or on 6488 4646.

Online Reporting Further to our letter of advice distributed through Homerooms on Monday 19 March, we wish to inform the St Stephen’s School community that will be implementing an online reporting system to allow parents the opportunity to have a ‘snap-shot’ of their child’s results at regular intervals. Parents will be able to log on at various nominated times throughout each term and see how their child has performed in each of their assessments in all of their courses. We believe this will enable you to gain a more timely understanding of your child’s progress. Online reporting will also create the opportunity for more dialogue between you and your child’s teachers and will not replace the more formal report produced at the end of each semester which is also currently in the process of refinement. In a few weeks we will contact you regarding how to log on and how to create a password. Other details about this new initiative will follow later.

Year 7 Camp The camp to Woodman Point is fast approaching. An information letter was given to Year 7 students on Tuesday 20 March detailing what to bring, cost and transport information. There is also an internet link to a 10 minute summary video of the Year 7 Sundowner/Camp Information Evening. Jethro Sobejko Year 7 Coordinator

Brett Roberts Deputy for Learning and Curriculum

Uniform Shop News The Winter Uniform is now available, except blazers which are due in at the end of March. Secondary School Sport Shorts in sizes 12, XS and S are not available until May. Secondary School Sports polo shirts in size 12 are not available until May. Kerry Rao and Deanna Beets, Uniform Shop Staff

Dove Tales

Issue 4, 23 March 2012


Careers Back to Menu Term 1 is drawing to a close but there is a lot of exciting events coming the students way. I have listed the latest in upcoming events for you to diarise.

University of Western Australia Parent/student information nights 28 and 29 March. Please register online for this event.

University of Notre Dame Australia The Fremantle campus will be offering April holiday revision courses for Year 11 and 12 students. The courses are inexpensive, with small class sizes. Full details and enrolment forms can be downloaded from This April, there will be courses for English 2AB and English 3AB, Mathematics 2CD, Human Biology 3AB and our popular Grammar and Punctuation course, which is suitable for students from Years 10 - 12. Numbers are limited, and places will fill quickly.

For Academic Associates Year 11 and 12 students Saturday WACE classes call 9293 7484. For TEE Consultants July holidays program at UWA call 9387 2106. Students can also see Ms Lund in the Careers Office for the brochures.

UMAT Preparation Course Delivered by NIE at Royal Perth Hospital on Sunday 8 July. Please see Ms Lund for further information.

Tax File Numbers If your child would like to apply for their Tax File number, the forms are available from the Careers Office. It is a relevantly simple procedure while the student is at school compared to applying for it once they are in the work force full time.

Year 12s

Murdoch University Open Nights

All Year 12 students that have not made an appointment with Ms Lund to date regarding their pathway for next year, need to do so. Please encourage your child to make an appointment

Wednesday 28 March and Wednesday 23 May 6.00pm - 8.00pm Kim Beazley Lecture Theatre

Overseas Exchange Opportunities If any Year 12s are interested in studying or participating in an overseas exchange program, please see Ms Lund for further details and brochures.

Murdoch Mondays The Student Centre 4.30pm - 7.30pm

Donna Lund Careers Development Practitioner - 9306 7164

First Monday of every month starting on 2 April Description “Come along and experience Murdoch’s Open Night. Speak to academics, explore our facilities, take part in tours and have all your questions answered about studying at Murdoch. Refreshments provided at this FREE event. There’s no better feeling than knowing you’ve done something great; especially if it involves getting clarity on your future.This year, we’re opening our doors for two big Open Nights on March 28 and May 23 from 6.00 pm - 8.00 pm. All of our courses will be on show, and our academic staff will be available to answer any queries you may have about how, what and why you should study at Murdoch. Also, on the first Monday of every month commencing on 2 April, our Student Centre will be open until 7.00 pm. This means that you can come along on “Murdoch Mondays” and talk to a member of our recruitment team about courses, careers and studying at Murdoch.”

Extra academic assistance For Academic Task Force Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 students Saturday classes, and Years 11 and 12 students weekend classes, please call 9317 4421. Dove Tales

Issue 4, 23 March 2012


Community News Back to Menu Bush Fire Brigade Open Day

Live The Dream

This year the Wanneroo Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade will celebrate fifty years of service to the Wanneroo and surrounding communities.

Live the Dream is a once in a lifetime opportunity for 16 young Australians to become immersed in the culture of the Fremantle Dockers Football Club and “live the life� of an AFL player for five days.

To mark the occasion, the Brigade will be holding an open day on Saturday 21 April from 11.00 am - 3.00 pm at their headquaters situated at the Wanneroo Council Depot on Wanneroo road Ashby. Entrance to the area is left/right turn at the lights on Wanneroo road opposite Yellagonga forest. The event will feature historical displays, past and present fire fighting appliances operated by the brigade, practical demonstrations of fire fighting techniques, childrens activities (face painting, a bouncy castle and the opportunity for them to try out a fire hose), information on bush fire preparedness and prevention, a sausage sizzle with soft drinks and much more.

Applicants are required to complete the nomination form and return it to the club no later than Friday 4 May 2012. A selection panel from the Fremantle Dockers and Decmil Australia will decide the successful participants to Live the Dream. If you have any queries about your eligibility or the details required when applying for this program, please contact David Crute on 08 9433 7125 or email Visit for more information.

For more information visit

Academic Task Force - WACE Revision Courses - April Holiday Program Study Skills, Essay Writing and subject courses are being offered for students in Years 11 and 12. For the first time we will also be running a Skills Development Program for students in Years 6 to 10. Venues are located North and South of the river with small groups of students, expert teachers and individual help. For more information please contact Academic Task Force on 9314 9500.

Dove Tales

Issue 4, 23 March 2012


Community News Back to Menu

Telethon Speech & Hearing School Support Program at Your School You may have noticed a Teacher of the Deaf (TOD) or an Education Assistant working in some classrooms, supporting some of the students at your school. This is part of the School Support Program run by Telethon Speech & Hearing Centre for Children (TSH).

TODs in the School Support Program support children who have a hearing impairment by providing specialist one on one and group support in the areas of listening, speech, literacy and in a variety of other ways determined by individual need. TODs also help these children to manage their audiological equipment and specialist Education Assistants provide support for these children in the classroom.

If you have any questions about the School Support Program or hearing impairment in children, please don’t hesitate to approach the Teacher of the Deaf at your school. The School Support team also have access to a great range of additional resources and advice from the team of specialists at our Centre in Wembley. The School Support team thank everyone in the school team for their assistance in supporting them to help children with hearing impairments reach their full potential.

Fashion Fights Past student, Kate Lambe, has organised the Fashion Fights event on Saturday 7 April 2012. Please see below for details.Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased from Each ticket sold is a step closer to their fundraising goal of $10,000 in 2012, which is all going to The Butterfly Foundation.

Dove Tales

Issue 4, 23 March 2012


School Information Back to Menu Term Dates 2012

Act Belong Commit

Term 1

Teachers return

Monday 30 January

Students return

Friday 3 February

Term ends

Thursday 5 April

Term Dates 2013 Term 1

Term 2 Teachers return

Monday 23 April (Staff Retreat 23 and 24 April)

Students return

Thursday 26 April

Term ends

Friday 6 July

Teachers return Tuesday 29 January Commissioning Service Students return

Friday 1 February

Term ends

Friday 19 April

Term 2

Term 3 Teachers return Monday 23 July (Reporting Day Tuesday 24 July)

Staff Conference

Monday/Tuesday 6/7 May

Students return

Wednesday 8 May Friday 5 July

Students return

Wednesday 25 July

Term ends

Term ends

Friday 28 September

Term 3

Term 4

Teachers return

Monday 22 July

Staff return

Monday 15 October

Reporting Day

Tuesday 23 July

Students return

Tuesday 16 October

Students return

Wednesday 24 July

Students leave

Friday 7 December

Term ends

Friday 27 September

Teaching staff leave

Thursday 13 December

Term 4

Office Hours / Contact Numbers

Teachers return

Monday 14 October

Students return

Tuesday 15 October

Secondary Office:

9306 7100

Students leave

Friday 6 December

Primary Office:

9306 7111

Teachers leave

Thursday 12 December


8.00 am – 4.00 pm

Uniform Shop Normal Trading Hours Carramar Tuesdays

12.30 pm - 4.00 pm


8.00 am - 11.00 am

Dove Tales

Canteen News The Summer menu is available to download from the School website, or copies are available to collect from the Canteen.

Issue 4, 23 March 2012


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