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ANNUAL REPORT 2013 – 2014


ANNUAL REPORT FOR THE YEAR 2013 / 2014 PRESENTED AT THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Saturday 9th August 2014 OFFICE BEARERS 2013/2014 President Greg Nolan

Vice President Alex Nolan

Honorary Secretary Pat Robinson

Minute Secretary Alex MacCallum

Honorary Treasurer Michael Goerke

Editor Stuart Cooper

Cross Country Captain Greg Schofield

Track and Field Team Manager (Wal Robinson) No Appointment

Coach Wal Robinson

Track and Field Captain (Men) Lachlan Aspinall

Registrar Pat Robinson

Track and Field Captain (Women) Alex Nolan

Social Secretary Andrew Nagle

Committee Brian Carter, Geoff Warner Peter Westwood, Jamie Wagstaff

Honorary Auditor Michael Geraghty

Honorary Club Historian Wal Robinson

Honorary Life Members *G.E.Langford, *M.W.McMillan, *F.W.Page, *R.G.Riches, *E.G.Leete, *W.D.Brown, *M.V.Boyd, *R.W.Osborne, *T.N.Vines, *A.H. Lonnquist, *J. Biggins, *O.E.Davies, R.D.Young, *J.Draper, *R.W. Field, B.K. Tregenza, N.R. Osborne, *R.A. Turner, D.W. McNair, *F.Coldrey, *H. Stanton, M.Goerke, A.Franzke, B.R. Mee, P.J. Robinson, L. Jachno, P Westwood, S.Young, A.W. Robinson * Deceased S.S.H. OLYMPIANS 1924 1928 1936 1948 1952 1956 1964 1968 1972 1976 1980 1984 1988

H.A.Austin, M.V.Boyd, D.V.Duigan, J.C.Lane, J.H.Newman T.H.Morris G.Backhouse R.Weinberg, C.Green R.Weinberg R.Blackney I.Tomlinsom D.J.Clayton, R.Weinberg (official) D.J.Clayton, B.W.Field, R. Finlay D.Hanly, R.Mitchell R.Mitchell M.Hillardt, R.Mitchell M.Hillardt (selected, but withdrew due to injury)

PRESIDENT’S REPORT Over the past 3 or 4 years SSH has come from a club that was struggling to field a team in cross country events to now being embarrassed with riches! While all would agree this is an exaggeration, the current standard of athlete now running in the red, white and blue far surpasses those of a few years ago. And what is a great achievement for all involved is that we are now getting some consistency in the teams entered. Consequently, as I write this article, the men’s open team heads the table in Div 2. And this is despite the fact that we have a few top athletes who are injured! While this success is rewarding for coaches and athletes, and satisfying for those you can only look on in expectation that one day they may be able to emulate these outstanding performances, there remains a hidden challenge that the club must face if it is to survive and prosper. That is the task of all the work that must be done off the track. This column has spoken of this challenge before, but unfortunately your committee is still struggling to enlist the additional support required to ensure the club performs as well off the track as on. I believe we are approaching a critical point at which, if we cannot enlist support, we are at risk of losing our position as one of the oldest and most respected clubs with AV. In the January 2013 edition of The Journal the lead article asked the question "Why join an Athletic Club?" The answer is not a simple one, but multifaceted. Two reasons offered were to be part of a club and its achievements, and a desire to contribute to a common cause. Both honourable and totally recognizable. But what do they really mean? I guess they mean different things to different people, but to truly "buy in" to the club spirit, the individual must contribute to each and every aspect of the club. It is easy to be a highwayman (or woman) and go where the first call comes from. But at some time each individual has to make a choice. Am I there for the club, or is the club there for me. History is littered with individuals who believe the latter, and they always fail to be remembered over the long term. It is the truly dedicated club man (or woman) who understands that it is physically impossible for a few to carry the load of many for an indefinite period. Remember Winston Churchill who said of the famed Fighter Command of World War II! "never has so much been done for so many by so few". They could do it for a short time – they did and they were successful. But only over a short time. Eventually numbers and time would have got the better of those courageous young men had they not been successful in the short term. And so we come to our club, that’s right, our club, your club, my club. We are in the same position this year as last, and the year before....and the year before that, and the year before that!! We have too few doing too much for too many! The club needs your help! I urge everyone to give some thought to volunteering to do one small task over the next twelve months that will make a difference and add another element to the "on track" success the club is experiencing. Take a leaf out of the books of the elite clubs. It is only those with strong administrators and culture that succeed consistently and over the long term. To maintain and build on our "on field" success we MUST broaden our "off field" talent and expertise.

Our coaches Wal Robinson, Nick Bowden and Jake Pedley deserve all the accolades we can give. Why do they coach? Because they live it and they love the satisfaction of seeing one of their charges achieving a PB and gaining the confidence and understanding that they CAN do something which they thought may be unattainable twelve months prior. It must give them all such great satisfaction to see the results their charges are now delivering. In fact I know it does. Long may it continue. Thanks to Pat Robinson who once again has worked tirelessly to ensure the club is on track to fulfill its administrative obligations and provide a safe and friendly environment for all members. Also thanks to Michael Georke, Greg Schofield, Alex McCullum, Brian Carter and Alex Nolan for their contributions at committee meetings. Finally thanks to Andrew Nagle for his contribution to the social side of the club's activities as well as Stu Cooper who remains a real stalwart in producing the SSH Journal every quarter.

Greg Nolan President

Greg doing his club duties at the Tan Relays with Cameron Gatt and Ben Buckingham

SECRETARY’S REPORT I have pleasure in presenting my Report for the year ended 31 March 2014. Membership The number of registered competing members in 2013-2014 was fifty-five (42 male and 13 female) compared to 53 (31 male and 22 female) in 2012-2013, an increase in membership of two. Of the fifty-five members 39 were open age and 16 under age. Winter Competition The Club appreciates the efforts of our Cross Country Captain, Greg Schofield, who carried out his duties with enthusiasm, as well as the support given to Greg from Coach Wal Robinson. It was a very successful winter season with some notable individual performances and the Men’s Division 3 team comfortably winning the Premiership, promoting them to Division 2 in 2014. Congratulations to Kevin Craigie for his win in the club 8km Cross Country Championship and to Charlotte Anderson for her fourth successive win in the women’s Club Championship. Summer Competition Changes were made by Athletics Victoria for the 2013-14 Track and Field Season. Competition venues were increased from 3 to 4 (Red, White, Blue and Yellow Zones) and SSH competed in White Zone. Our competition venues remained the same with the exception of Doncaster. Box Hill was unavailable due to upgrading and White Zone competition was conducted over twelve rounds at Nunawading, Ringwood and Albert Park with the 2 top teams in each division progressing to the AV Shield finals. The noticeable change was less competitors and the earlier finish to programs. The men’s D1 team finished in 3rd place, women’s D1 in 4th and the men’s U16 finished a very creditable 4th/12. Four individual records were broken and again many achieved personal best performances. Congratulations to Xavier Smith for his Gold medal in the U17 800m at the Victorian Junior Championships and following up with Silver Medal in the National Junior Championships. Congratulations also to our Gold Medal team (Lachlan Aspinall, Kevin Craigie, Ben Buckingham and Cameron Clayton} for their efforts in the Men’s Open 4 x 800m Relay at the Victorian Relay Championships and to our women’s 4 x 800m team of Charlotte Anderson, Alice Craigie, Alice Carter and Whitney Sharpe who won Bronze. Coaching Wal Robinson continued in his role as Club Coach two days a week and his dedication and untiring efforts as coach, as well as the other tasks he performed, are very much appreciated. Jake Pedley took over the coaching of our young athletes who train at Wesley College on Thursdays and we thank Jake for his valuable contribution over the past twelve months. We are indebted to Nick Bowden who continues to coach a number of our talented athletes and we value his services. Officials SSH is rostered to supply helpers at Cross Country, Shield and Championship events and the Club is most appreciative of the assistance provided by our volunteer helpers. The club acknowledges the services of Peter Westwood who was an appointed Athletics Victoria Official each week at both winter and summer competitions and greatly appreciates his dedication.

Newsletter Many thanks to Stuart Cooper for his sterling efforts as Editor of our excellent newsletter, “The Journal,” During the year, where possible, the Journal was sent to members online which was both time and cost saving. Thanks also to Greg Schofield still printed copies for distribution to members and associates not able to receive the copy online. Sponsorship The annual Sponsorship donated by an SSH donor was not awarded in 2013/14 as no male or female qualified for the award. Fundraising and Social After the success of the previous year’s Trivia and Auction Night our Social Secretary, Andrew Nagle, tackled another with the same success. With a very good attendance, the profit raised was $1,479 and the club is most appreciative of the time and effort Andrew put into this event to make it so successful. The generosity of donors who continue to support the club is always appreciated. Thank you to our President, Greg Nolan, who kindly offered his home for the 2012/13 Annual General Meeting, barbecue and Presentations, and to Greg Schofield who made his home available for our committee meetings each month. In conclusion, I wish to thank President Greg Nolan for his support and leadership over the past twelve months, Treasurer Michael Goerke, Minute Secretary Alex MacCallum, Wal Robinson for his support and committee members for their contribution. I take this opportunity to wish the incoming committee, members and supporters a successful 2014-15. Pat Robinson Secretary

Alice Carter

Lachlan Aspinall

Whitney Sharpe at Burnley

COACHING REPORT      There is little change in SSH’s coaching.   Jake is going strong at Wesley Glen Waverley on Thursdays and I  continue Mondays and Wednesdays at Ferndale Park (Kooyong ceased due to track renovations).   Nick’s  group remains a classy and motivated unit and has introduced several quality athletes to SSH.    You  will  see  in  the  rankings  the  fine  P.B’s  and  Club  Records  that  have  been  set,  and  the  Men’s  climb  towards Cross Country Div. 1 where the Saints are the strongest they have been in 30 years.  We are a  ‘Team’ and that’s where the credit lies – with the dedicated individuals that make that team!  Thank you  to all of you as I continue to enjoy my role within the team.       We face challenges though and we have the right Committee to face them.  What are they?          *Recruiting is No. 1 and is up to everyone in the team.    *A home base (with a 400m grass track) and clubrooms.    *Coaching – where do we go from here?   Paid coaches?    *Officials – read Greg’s President’s Report in the July Journal.    *Who will be our 17th Olympian or Rep at the Commonwealth Games or Worlds?      Wal Robinson          

Wal and Jake with Nik, Joel and Hasalanka



Men Best Performance Trophy

Lachlan Aspinall

Gerald Backhouse Memorial Trophy (Best 1500m)

Lachlan Aspinall

J. W. Bannister Trophy (Highest Aggregate in Cross Country)

Lachlan Aspinall

George Langford Memorial Trophy (Club 8k Cross Country)

Kevin Craigie

Richard Turner Trophy (Most consistent junior)

Hasalanka Fernando

Salter-Smith Throwers Trophy (Best performance in Throwing events)

Graeme Rose

Most Improved Performance

Ben Buckingham

H. J. Stanton Memorial Trophy (Best Sprint Performance-donated by Ronald Morgan)

Cameron Clayton

Women Middle Distance Champion

Whitney Sharpe

Distance Champion

Sarah Lester

Throwing Champion

Sidonie Lowe

Wal Robinson Perpetual (Club Champion)

Whitney Sharpe

SSH Old Boys perpetual (Senior Aggregate)

Sidonie Lowe

Le Rossignol Perpetual (Junior Aggregate)

Georgia Kovats

Pat Robinson Perpetual Trophy (Women’s Club Cross Country Championship)

Charlotte Anderson

Pecsovszky Perpetual (Determination and Effort)

(Alice Carter (Sally Naylor

CROSS COUNTRY REPORT 2013 XCR13 Cross Country Relays – 27 April, Jells Park 6k Jells Park relays set a very high standard. Our MO Div 3 team came 2/14 and Cameron Gatt and Lachlan Aspinall both ran less than 20 minutes (see results). We welcome Samuel and Ben Quirk from Mirboo North, Luke Frazzetto and to Liam Dixon to complete with SSH. The commitment of these new members bides well for a great XCR13. XCR13 Road Relay 11 May, Sandown Racecourse 6.2k Running at Sandown on a bright Saturday afternoon holds a sense of occasion and Saturday 11 May was no exception. Great results of the MO Div 3 (2/14), MO Div 6 (line honours 1/11) and disappointing results for the WO teams, nevertheless with good individual performances. We especially thank our AV officials Alex MacCullum, Michael Goerke, Wendy Sharpe and Peter Westwood for representing SSH. XCR13 Road Race – 25 May, Lake Wendouree 15k Ballarat turned on a partly sunny afternoon for road racing around beautiful Lake Wendouree. SSH had two teams, M20 5k and MO 15k with good results. XCR13 Cross Country – 8 June, Brimbank Park 16k Our M3 team has done it again (1/14) and is heading for the Premiership and Div. 2 for 2014. Jamie 56.16.7 led the way in the 16k top 20 as he improves with every run and the reliable Lachlan 57.59.8 at 32nd, Luke (61st) 61.16.7 and Sam (71st) 61.49.5 have given us some of the depth we've needed to be a Div. 2 team. Team man Nagle 68.50.7 was our 5th runner that sealed the victory. David Kipp 71.20.5 and brother Michael 93.34 backed up for us. Well done Michael for your first time over a long distance. Well done the girls who made a team to fight off relegation. Erin 26.49.9, Sally 27.32.4, Alice Carter 28.30.9 and Bec 29.11.9 did the job for us. In the Boys -20 6k Ben Quirk did 21.51.8 (8th) and Dan ran 22.16.3 (13th). Unfortunately Cam had to pull out. Georgia ran a solid 4k in 15.58 by invitation. XCR13 Cross Country – 21 July, Bundoora Park 12k Wal reported: Our top Mens' team won again and the gap is widening! Ladder after Bundoora

M3 – 1


2 Nunawading

3 Doncaster.

Terrific runs from Kevin Craingie (26th), Lachlan Aspinall (32nd), Jamie Wagstaff (43rd), Ben Buckingham (93rd) and Andrew Nagle (111th) in a big final sprint just pipping Sam to make the top team with our depth pushing us towards M2 for 2014. WO 8K Div 2 were 3rd with great runs from Charlotte (25th), Georgia (61st), Erin (66th) and Alice Carter (100th.). These points are staving off relegation territory with Albert Park 10k, Lardner Park 4k and the Burnley Half Marathon now crucial. The MO Div 6 team were 4/18 and did a marvellous job with Sam (112th), David Kipp (232nd), Brian (302nd) and Michael Kipp (361). Our M20 were disappointed with their 5/7 with Cameron Gatt (16th), Ben Quirk (19th), Daniel Mitchell (21st) & Matt Nolan (28th). It was great to watch a really classy run from fast improving Ben Quirk.

XCR13 Coliban Ekiden Relay – 13 July, Harcourt to Bendigo This event is not being run in 2013 due to safety concerns by the Bendigo Police. A new safer course is most probable in 2014. XCR13 Road Race Albert Park 28th July, Albert Part The AV 10k has a tradition of being a nationally contested fast road race, previously held at Sandown and Flemington. This year AV premiered the 10k race at Albert Park Lake, at the home of Athletics Victoria, and it did not disappoint. Near perfect conditions applied over a flat scenic course. Two of our athletes clipped less than 33 minutes that is Lachlan Aspinall 32.32 and Kevin Craigie 32.54. XCR13 Cross Country – 10 August , Lardner Park 8k Lardner Park turned on a fine weather in the beautiful Gippsland hills. The SSH cross country championships were run as part of this meet. Charlotte Anderson who took out the Pat Robinson Trophy for WO 4k and Kevin Craigie who took out the Langford Trophy for MO 8k. Great results – MO div 3 1/9, MO div 6 2/4 and WO div 2 2/8. XCR13 Half-Marathon – 8 September, Burnley 21k The Burnley half marathon is a test of endurance. In previous years it has been difficult to fill our teams, but not this year. We competed with a MO team and a WO team, thanks to the dedication of our athletes. Such sterling efforts kept SSH competitive in the aggregate scores. My scorcher award went to father and son team of Sam Quirk and father Stephen Quirk 78.08 XCR13 TAN Relays – 21 September, King’s Domain 3.8k A win, a win, a spectacular win for our MO div 3 team! This final event for the year graduated our MO team up to div 2 for 2014. My scorcher award went to Sam Quirk, Harrison Lagastes and Jake Pedley. Great efforts! Had our div 3 team (Aggregate time: 58.55 plus 11.55 = 70.50) competed in div 2 or div 1 with a six man team including Sam Quirk, SSH would have topped out div 2 and come 4th in div 1! End of season results 2013 has been great for SSH. Finally our MO top team has made it to the prestigious div 2 in 2014. Our top WO team lacked consistency and could have taken out WO div 2. Next year! MO Div 3 MO Div 6 MO Div 7 WO Div 2 WO Div 3 M20

1/14 (by 17 points) Up to div 2 for 2014 4/15 7/25 T1 14/25 T2 5/16 Strong result given 6 finishes at the 9 meets 17/19 7/12

I am grateful to all those who have lent their support to SSH, that is friends and family who drive, record and do what is necessary to have SSH compete. As ever, Wal, Pat and Nick have made my job a great pleasure and their efforts are appreciated. Their persistence and co-operation have made 2013 such a success. A team effort all round. I look forward to the 2014 XC season, with our MO and WO div 2 teams striving for div 1. Greg Schofield CC Captain 2013

Cross Country Results - 2013 Jells Park – Cross Country Relays 27 April Men Division 3 – 5 x 6km Cameron Gatt Ben Buckingham Sam Quirk Ben Quirk Lachlan Aspinall

Women Division 2 – 4 x 6km 19.59 20.15 20.04 22.29 nd 19.33 1.42.20 2 /14

Men Division 6 – 4 x 6km Brian Carter Luke Frazzetto Jake Pedley David Kipp

Alice Carter Alex Nolan Carmel Moorhead Charlotte Anderson

28.04 31.21 35.31 th 25.25 2.00.21 11 /13

Men Divison 7 – 4 x 6km 25.35 21.45 26.48 th 23.03 1.37.11 4 /11

Matt Williams David Petersen Liam Dixon Greg Nolan

32.11 27.24 26.30 th 29.31 1.55.36 11 /17

Men (Inv.6km) Daniel Mitchell


Sandown Racecourse – Road Relays 11 May Men Division 3 – 5 x 6.2km Jamie Wagstaff Lachlan Aspinall Cameron Gatt Sam Quirk Ben Buckingham

Women Division 2 – 4 x 6.2km (Inv) 20.11 20.01 19.50 21.25 nd 20.31 1.41.58 2 /14

Alice Craigie Georgia Kovats Charlotte Anderson Whitney Sharpe

24.46 26.17 25.21 26.44 1.43.08

Women Division 3 – 3 x 6.2km Men Division 6 – 4 x 6.2km Luke Frazzetto Ben Quirk Andrew Nagle Daniel Mitchell

22.19 22.56 22.15 st 21.50 1.29.20 1 /11

Men Division 7(1) – 4 x 6.2km Matt Nolan David Kipp Brian Carter William Wright

26.09 23.52 26.22 rd 26.27 1.42.50 3 /22

Sally Naylor Alice Carter

27.30 28.05 Team DNF

Men Division 7(2) – 4 x 6.2km Jake Pedley Michael Kipp Liam Dixon David Petersen

26.06 30.34 27.35 th 27.32 1.51.47 13 /22

Men U16 – 3 x 3.1km Niklaus Petersen Ben Kim

13.20 13.43 Team DNF

Lake Wendouree Ballarat – Road Race 25 May Men Division 3 – 15km Jamie Wagstaff Luke Frazzetto Sam Quirk Andrew Nagle David Kipp

52.06 56.39 58.19 60.01 nd 60.49 Team 2 /14

Men U20 – 5km Cameron Gatt Daniel Mitchell Ben Quirk

15.40 17.29 st 17.37 Team 1 /2

Women Division 2 – 15km Sally Naylor


Brimbank Park – Cross Country 8 June Men Division 3 – 16km Jamie Wagstaff Lachlan Aspinall Luke Frazzetto Sam Quirk Andrew Nagle

Women Division 2 – 6km 56.16.7 57.59.8 61.17.7 61.49.5 68.50.7 Team 1st/19

Men Division 6 –16km David Kipp Michael Kipp

Erin McConchie Sally Naylor Alice Carter Rebecca Cato

26.49.0 27.32.4 28.30.9 29.11.7 Team 5th/15

Women U18 – 4km 71.20.0 93.34.0

Georgia Kovats


Men U20 – 6km Ben Quirk Daniel Mitchell

22.07.8 22.32.3

Bundoora Park – Cross Country 22 June Men Division 3 – 12km Kevin Craigie Lachlan Aspinall Jamie Wagstaff Ben Buckingham, Andrew Nagle

Women Division 2 – 8km 42.10.6 42.45.8 43.33.6 46.50.4 47.26.2 Team 1st/10

Men Division 6 – 12km Sam Quirk David Kipp Brian Carter Michael Kipp

Charlotte Anderson Georgia Kovats Erin McConchie Alice Carter

33.56.1 36.49.4 37.11.1 39.34.1 Team 3rd/16

Men U20 – 8km 47.28.1 53.29.3 57.53.4 66.30.3 Team 4th/6

Cameron Gatt Ben Quirk Daniel Mitchell Matt Nolan

29.28.9 30.21.5 30.45.1 Team 5th/7 35.56.4

Albert Park – Road Race 28 July Men Division 3 – 10km

Women Division 2 – 10km

Lachlan Aspinall Kevin Craigie Ben Buckingham Daniel Mitchell Sam Quirk

Alice Craigie Charlotte Anderson Whitney Sharpe

32.32.8 32.54.1 35.03.7 35.46.3 35.56.2 Team 2nd/9

40.30.3 40.52.5 46.45.6

Women U18 – 3km Georgia Kovats


Men Division 6 – 10km Ben Quirk Luke Frazzetto David Kipp Brian Carter

Jamie Wagstaff

36.09.4 36.20.1 40.04.2 41.04.7 Team 2nd/9

Ben Quirk

Cameron Gatt

Men Division 7 – 10km William Wright Liam Dixon Michael Kipp

Daniel Mitchell

43.29.2 44.09.8 48.16.1

& David Kipp at Ballarat

Lardner Park, Warrigal – Cross Country 10 August Men Division 3 – 8km

Women Division 2 – 4km

Kevin Craigie Lachlan Aspinall Jamie Wagstaff Ben Buckingham Sam Quirk

28.12.3 28.34.9 29.37.1 29.45.7 31.19.8 Team 1st/9

Men Division 6 – 8km

Charlotte Anderson Alice Craigie Erin McConchie Whitney Sharpe Alice Carter

16.16.7 16.43.8 17.50.1 18.03.3 Team 2nd/8 18.38.9

Men 20 – 4km

Andrew Nagle Luke Frazzetto David Kipp Brian Carter Geoffrey Warner

31.42.2 Daniel Mitchell 32.02.2 35.34.1 Men U16 – 3km nd 37.30.3 Team 2 /4 Ben Kim 52.32.6



Burnley – Half Marathon 2 September Men Division 3 Sam Quirk Luke Frazzetto Lachlan Aspinall Jamie Wagstaff Cameron Clayton

Women Division 2 1h.18.08.5 Alice Craigie 1h.19.21.2 Charlotte Anderson 1h.22.33.9 Erin McConchie 1h.22.34.7 Whitney Sharpe 1h.23.02.6 Team 2nd/10

1h.30.15.1 1h.33.35.7 1h.35.56.7 1h.47.19.8 Team 3rd/8

King’s Domain – Tan Relays 15 September Men Division 3 – 5 x 3.8km Lachlan Aspinall Kevin Craigie Cameron Gatt Jamie Wagstaff Ben Buckingham

11.39 11.32 11.40 11.59 12.07 58.55 1st/12

Women Division 2 – 4 x 3.8km Georgia Kovats Whitney Sharpe Erin McConchie Charlotte Anderson 15.39

15.25 15.22 15.18 61.44 5th/15

Women Division 3 – 3 x 3.8km Men Division 6 – 4 x 3.8km Sam Quirk Ben Quirk Andrew Nagle Luke Frazzetto

11.55 13.00 13.53 13.05 51.53 1st/11

Men Division 7(1) – 4 x 3.8km Matthew Williams Brian Carter Matt Nolan William Wright 7th/19

Alice Carter Sally Naylor Carmel Moorhead

15.04 16.42 19.00 50.46 1th/15

Women Division 4 Inv – 3 x 3.8km Sam Bennett Jasmine Kwon

15.06 18.38 Team DNF

16.17 15.38 15.24 15.24 62.43

Men Division 7(2) Inv – 4 x 3.8km) Don Adshead Harrison Lagastes Ben Kim Jake Pedley 6th/19

17.37 13.59 16.34 14.24 62.34

Men Division 7(3) Inv – 4 x 3.8km Xavier Smith Ben Barry Sean Flintoft

12.23 13.23 12.50 Team DNF

Sam Quirk

Ben Quirk

Lachy and Jamie at Burnley Half Marathon

Alice Craigie – Burnley

Andrew Nagle as the runner and Trivia Host

Trivia and Auction Night

At work in the tent at Jells Park

Charlotte Anderson – Burnley

WOMEN’S TRACK AND FIELD REPORT Another year has been and gone and in its midst a number of fantastic achievements were made by the members of the SSH women’s track and field team. Although we finished fourth that by no means indicated the effort and team work made by our members. We were unfortunately disadvantaged by a lack of numbers which resulted in us missing out on finals but I’m sure we will make up for it next season! A change in the regions meant we were this year in the “White zone” eliminating our rivals Collingwood, Diamond Valley, Richmond, Doncaster and Ivanhoe. It did however provide us with strong competition by Waverley and South Melbourne. We were also fortunate enough to have limited meetings cancelled by the heat, allowing many more PBs and SBs to be made on the track. Social events were also a highlight of the season allowing us to relax, catch up and compare sunburn marks from the day’s events! The dinner at Coopers Inn was a great night, including an inspiring talk by David Eadie, an elite endurance athlete. I can’t say how many of us will end up running an ultra marathon but it definitely put our normal training nights to shame! Also, a very special thank you to the number of people behind the scenes who make competing every week possible. To our coaches, Wal Robinson and Nick Bowden who allow our athletes to strive to be their best. To the officials and helpers including the amazing Pat Robinson, we are forever grateful for the hard work you all put in every Saturday, come rain, hail or shine. Lastly to the parents who provide transport, assist in official duties and support all our athletes, you all help to make our club fantastic. I hope you all enjoyed the season’s competition and allow the Commonwealth Games to provide inspiration for next season. See you all at the track to make finals!

Alex Nolan Women’s Track Captain

Whitney, Alice Carter and Sally

Georgia and Carmel



WOMEN 100m

Carmel Moorhead



Alex Nolan



Whitney Sharpe



Whitney Sharpe



Whitney Sharpe

3.06.5 h CR


Whitney Sharpe



Sarah Lester

10.02.90 CR


Alice Craigie

18.30.0 h

3000m Steeple

Whitney Sharpe

13.58.2 h

High Jump

Sidonie Lowe


Long Jump

Sidonie Lowe


Triple Jump

Alex Nolan


Discus 1.0kg

Sidonie Lowe


Shot Put 4kg

Sidonie Lowe


Javelin 600g

Sidonie Lowe


Hammer 4kg

Whitney Sharpe


CLUB RANKINGS 2013 - 2014 100m Carmel Moorhead Alex Nolan Sidonie Lowe




Club Record : Grace Mackie 12.19 13.89 13.95 14.59


7/11/10 13/11/2013 2/11/2013

400m Whitney Sharpe Georgia Kovats Sally Naylor Carmel Moorhead Alex Nolan Alice Carter Charlotte Anderson Sidonie Lowe

Club Record : Bianca Mignot 55.86 62.54 62.84 pb 63.49 pb 64.26 64.78 65.62 68.71 80.80

5/04/09 6/03/2014 14/12/2013 8/03/2014 14/12/2013 16/11/2013 18/01/2014 16/11/2013 19/10/2013

800m Whitney Sharpe Georgia Kovats Sally Naylor Alice Carter Rebecca Cato Sidonie Lowe

Club Record : Sarah Hall 2:12.4h 2.15.89 pb 2.23.9 pb 2.24.7 pb 2.26.7 2.43.1 3.23.0

Alex Nolan Sidonie Lowe

Club Record : Grace Mackie 28.96 31.31

24/10/09 14/12/2013 16/11/2013 19/10/2013

4/02/06 1/03/2014 22/03/2014 27/03/2014 21/01/2014 27/03/2014 27/03/2014

NCR = Club Record 1000m Whitney Sharpe

1500m Whitney Sharpe Alice Craigie Sally Naylor Alice Carter Charlotte Anderson Rebecca Cato Sidonie Lowe

Club Record : Whitney Sharpe 3.09.1h 20/12/12 3.06.5 pb

19/11/2013 NCR

Club Record : Sarah Hall 4:33.3h 8/12/05 4.44.45 20/03/2014 4.55.5 18/01/2014 4.59.6 pb 8/12/2013 5.00.1 pb 14/12/2013 5.14.9 16/11/2013 5.38.3 19/10/2013 7.51.6 pb 8/03/2014

NCR = New Club Record 3000m Sarah Lester Alice Craigie Alice Carter

Club Record : Sarah Lester 10:20.31e 10.02.90 pb 11.04.0 11.45.4

20/12/12 20/03/2014 NCR 2/11/2013 2/11/2013

NCR = New Club Record 5000m Alice Craigie Sam Bennett Rebecca Cato Alice Carter

Club Record : Sarah Lester 17:40.9h 18.30.0 pb 19.41.29 20.59.0 pb 21.47.6 pb

3000m Steeple Whitney Sharpe

Club Record : Alice Schofield 12:15.8h 1/02/01 13.58.2 16/11/2013

100m Hurdles 84.0cm 400m Hurdles Heptathlon

2/02/13 14/11/2013 14/11/2013 19/10/2013 19/10/2013

Club Record : Bianca Mignot 15.12e Club Record : Bianca Mignot 61.30



Club Record : Jacqui Bull 3375 Points 27-28/01/10

Long Jump Sidonie Lowe

Club Record : Grace Mackie 5.45m 3.59

Triple Jump Alex Nolan Carmel Moorhead Sidonie Lowe

Club Record : Jessica Geyer 11.43m 8.46 8.39 8.21

High Jump Sidonie Lowe Whitney Sharpe

Pole Vault

Shot (4.0kg) Sidonie Lowe Carmel Moorhead Whitney Sharpe

11/12/08 19/10/2013

1/12/07 30/11/2013 30/11/2013 2/11/2013

Club Record : Jacqui Bull 1.60m 2/02/08 1.35 16/11/2013 1.25 16/11/2013

Club Record : Jacqui Bull 3.40m

Club Record : Jessica Geyer 9.33 9.05 pb 7.28 pb 5.59


14/02/09 30/11/2013 11/01/2014 30/11/2013

Discus (1.0kg) Sidonie Lowe Whitney Sharpe

Club Record : Astrid Rose 26.54 9/03/96 22.44 pb 16/11/2013 17.56 16/11/2013

Hammer (4.0kg) Whitney Sharpe Carmel Moorhead

Club Record : Astrid Rose 32.36 24/10/98 16.66 pb 30/11/2013 15.17 30/11/2013

Javelin (600gm) Sidonie Lowe Whitney Sharpe Carmel Moorhead

Club Record : Claudia Strugnell 27.95 20/11/99 20.36 16/11/2013 17.56 16/11/2013 10.23 14/12/2013

4 x 100m Relay C.Moorhead, A.Nolan S.Lowe, G.Kovats

Club Record : 51.00e

4 x 400m Relay G. Kovats, A. Nolan S.Naylor, W.Sharpe

Club Record : 3.59.20e 18/12/05

4 x 800m Relay C. Anderson, A.Craigie A.Craigie, W. Sharpe

Club Record : 9.27.80 28/01/10

Medley Relay







Club Record :

Whitney, Sally and Alex N




MEN’S TRACK AND FIELD REPORT 2013/14 The boys of summer were back again for the 2013/14 season competing in Division 1. The theme over the year seemed to be quality over quantity. Unfortunately, we found that quality, and all the hard work and dedication that goes along with it, were not enough to get the team to the Shield Finals. Too often this season we found ourselves relying on too few, through injuries and lack of team depth, to carry the team. For us to compete going forward we need greater number in the throws to assist the ever present Graeme Rose, greater depth in the sprints and a few men who can fly through air in the jumps. A real positive note for the future however was the efforts of the under 16 boys who seemed to pull out PB’s week after week. Their continued improvement, along with our younger open boys, will be something to keep a keen eye on!

Well that might be the future, let’s have a look at the successes of this season past. There was the return of Cam Clayton for a full season, stretching himself as usual throughout multiple events. Brian Carter taking on the Javelin and succeeding with a new PB! Young Xavier Smith winning the Under 17 state 800m, and continuing that fine form on to the Australian Junior Championships where he finished 2nd. Matt Nolan consistently running PB’s in the 1500m throughout the season. Ben Buckingham showing us all what he’s capable of, with an 8.22.2 min in a hotly contested 3000m at a Victorian Milers Club meet, and even myself breaking a 9 year hoodoo and getting in the 1.50’s in the 800m. So as you can see there is a lot of quality in our SSH team, let’s hope we can add to the quantity going forward.

Well done to all who participated this year, can’t wait to see you all back in the 14/15 summer season.

Lachlan Aspinall Track Captain

Nick Minotti

Kevin Craigie showing off his trophies

Nick Petersen


MEN 100m

Dean Nicolaidis



Cameron Clayton



Cameron Clayton



Lachlan Aspinall

1.50.4 h CR


Kevin Craigie

2.28.9 h


Lachlan Aspinall



Cameron Gatt

4.23.7 h


Ben Buckingham

8.22.2 h CR


Ben Buckingham


3000m Steeple 91.4cm

Ben Buckingham

10.00.1 h

400m Hurdles 91.4cm

Jake Pedley


2000m Walk

Joshua Power

17.26.6 h

High Jump

Scott Clayton


Long Jump

Cameron Clayton


Triple Jump

Cameron Clayton


Shot Put 7.26kg

Cameron Clayton


Discus 2.0kg

Cameron Clayton


Javelin 800gm

Graeme Rose


Hammer 7.2kg

Graeme Rose


CLUB RANKINGS 2013 - 2014 - MEN 100m

Club Record : Chirath Pathirana

Dean Nicolaidis Cameron Clayton Chirath Pathirana Hasalanka Fernando Matt Williams Joshua Power Nicholas Monotti Nick Tsiftelidis Tim Cooke Nick Amos

200m Club Record: Cameron Clayton Dean Nicolaidis Scott Clayton Hasalanka Fernando Matt Williams Alex Davis Chirath Pathirana Nick Tsiftelidis Nicholas Monotti Nick Amos Joel Lagastes

400m Club Record : Cameron Clayton Lachlan Aspinall Xavier Smith Harrison Lagastes Daniel Mitchell Hasalanka Fernando Jake Pedley Nick Tsiftelidis Ben Kim Joel Lagastes

11.59 12.00 12.19 12.29 12.39 12.92 13.34 13.40 14.12 14.44



19/10/2013 16/11/2013 14/12/2013 16/11/2013 14/12/2013 19/10/2013 19/10/2013 8/03/2014 16/11/2013 16/11/2013


pb pb pb

Chirath Pathirana 24.16 24.29 pb 24.36 24.72 pb 25.10 25.42 25.65 26.28 26.67 pb 30.57 pb 35.45 pb



Cameron Clayton 49.57 50.76 51.63 52.84 pb 54.30 pb 54.59 58.30 pb 58.85 60.63 70.58 pb 79.82 pb

7/03/09 2/11/2013 27/10/2013 2/11/2013 27/03/2014 2/11/2013 22/02/2014 1/02/2014 27/03/2014 27/03/2014 2/11/2013 22/11/2013

03/11/07 14/12/2013 8/03/2014 18/01/2014 14/12/2013 8/03/2014 8/03/2014 14/12/2013 8/03/2014 8/03/2014 16/11/2013

NCR = New Club Record 800m Club Record : Lachlan Aspinall 1.51.45e 18/03/10 Lachlan Aspinall 1.50.4 pb 27/03/2014 NCR Cameron Clayton 1.55.3 11/01/2014 Xavier Smith 1.55.82 pb 1/03/2014 Ben Buckingham 1.56.6 pb 27/03/2014 Cameron Gatt 1.57.9 pb 2/11/2013 Daniel Mitchell 2.01.2 27/03/2014 Harrison Lagastes 2.10.57 15/02/2014 Scott Clayton 2.16.6 2/11/2013 Jake Pedley 2.17.3 27/03/2014 Matthew Nolan 2.26.6 pb 22/02/2014 Nick Tsiftelidis 2.26.9 22/02/2014 Ben Kim 2.29.6 pb 27/03/2014 Niklaus Petersen 2.34.3 pb 22/02/2014 Tim Cooke 2.38.1 pb 2/11/2013 Brian Carter 2.41.0 30/11/2013 Joel Lagastes 2.56.7 pb 30/11/2013

1000m Kevin Craigie

1500m Lachlan Aspinall Ben Buckingham Kevin Craigie Cameron Gatt Harrison Lagastes Cameron Clayton Daniel Mitchell Luke Frazzetto Jake Pedley Matthew Nolan Brian Carter Niklaus Petersen Ben Kim Joel Lagastes


Club Record : Lachlan Aspinall 2.27.49e 20/12/12 2.28.9 pb


Club Record : Kevin Craigie 3.47.99e 13/04/13 3.50.50 pb 20/03/2014 3.55.27 pb 20/03/2014 3.56.2 21/01/2014 4.03.6 19/10/2013 4.26.2 14/12/2013 4.26.9 19/10/2013 4.28.5 8/03/2014 4.38.9 pb 16/11/2013 4.55.4 14/12/2013 5.18.0 pb 18/01/2014 5.24.3 14/12/2013 5.24.6 pb 14/12/2013 5.40.0 pb 8/03/2014 5.51.4 pb 14/12/2013

Club Record : Kevin Craigie 4.11.8h


Cameron Gatt

4.23.7 pb


Ben Buckingham

4.25.3 pb


NCR = New Club Record 3000m Ben Buckingham Cameron Gatt Lachlan Aspinall Kevin Craigie Jamie Wagstaff Luke Frazzetto Cameron Clayton Niklaus Petersen Brian Carter Matt Nolan Ben Kim Jake Pedley

Club Record : Kevin Craigie 8.30.9h 20/12/12 8.22.2 pb 19/12/2013 NCR 8.39.2 pb 30/11/2013 8.46.0 pb 19/12/2013 8.50.2 2/11/2013 9.02.0 2/11/2013 9.52.2 pb 30/11/2013 10.18.6 pb 30/11/2013 11.39.9 pb 22/02/2014 11.47.2 18/01/2014 12.05.3 2/01/2014 12.46.3 30/01/2014 13.20.8 2/11/2013

5000m Ben Buckingham Jamie Wagstaff Sam Quirk Lachlan Aspinall Brian Carter Andrew Nagle

Club Record : Kevin Craigie 15.07.37 pb 15.15.42 pb 15.51.8 17.30.3 19.58.5 21.18.0

2000m Walk Joshua Power

Club Record : Cameron Clayton 11.00.3h 28/10/2008 17.26.6 pb 19/10/2013

3000m Steeple 91.4 cm Ben Buckingham Jake Pedley

400m Hurdles 91.4 cm Jake Pedley Matt Williams

Cameron Clayton Matt Williams Joshua Power

25/11/10 14/11/2013 14/11/2013 19/10/2013 11/01/2014 11/01/2014 27/03/2014

Club Record : Ben Bucklingham 9.34.44 26/02/10 10.00.1 8/03/2014 12.39.4 pb 16/11/2013

110m Hurdles 106.7cm

Long Jump


Club Record : Matt Anderson 16.67 8/12/11

Club Record : Matt Williams 59.15e 7/11/09 67.89 pb 2/11/2013 69.80 30/11/2013

Club Record : Murray Bartlett 6.28 5.45 4.73 4.14


14/12/2013 14/12/2013 19/10/2013

Triple Jump Cameron Clayton Matt Williams Scott Clayton

High Jump Scott Clayton Matt Williams Cameron Clayton

Club Record : Lachlan Aspinall 12.61 16/02/08 11.31 2/11/2013 10.22 2/11/2013 9.69 2/11/2013

Club Record : Scott Clayton 1.80 16/02/08 Lachlan Murdoch 1.80 29/11/08 & 14/11/09 1.70 30/11/2013 1.50 2/11/2013 1.35 2/11/2013

Pole Vault

Club Record :

Matt Williams



Shot (7.26kg) Club Record: Graeme Rose 10.66 18/10/08 Shot (6.0kg) Club Record: Graeme Rose 13.23 9/08/99 Shot (5.0kg) Club Record: Graeme Rose 14.37 6/02/00 Cameron Clayton (7.26kg) 9.96 2/11/2013 Scott Clayton (7.26kg) 9.82 2/11/2013 Graeme Rose (7.26kg) 9.20 22/02/2014 Matt Williams (7.25kg) 8.43 pb 2/11/2013 Jake Pedley (7.26kg) 7.65 pb 2/11/2013

Discus (2.0kg) Discus (1.5kg) Cameron Clayton (2kg) Graeme Rose (2kg) Joshua Power (2kg)

Club Record : Graeme Rose 38.64 21/10/95 Club Record: Graeme Rose 43.78 06/12/97 26.96 16/11/2013 26.52 16/11/2013 12.07 19/10/2013

Javelin (800g) Club Record: Graeme Rose 54.82 16/10/91 Graeme Rose 32.83 8/03/2014 Jake Pedley 27.08 14/12/2013 Brian Carter 22.86 pb 8/03/2014 Cameron Clayton 22.29 29/10/2013

Hammer (7.26kg) Hammer (4.0kg) U16 Graeme Rose (7.26kg) Matt Williams (7.26kg) Scott Clayton (7.26kg)

Club Record: Graeme Rose Club Record: Chris Williams 38.62 21.93 pb 15.99

38.24 16/02/08 23.96 6/12/08 11/01/2014 30/01/2014 30/01/2014

4 x 100m Relay C.Pathirana, C. Clayton M.Williams, H.Fernando

4 x 400m Relay M.Williams, S.Clayton H.Lagastes, C.Clayton

4 x 800m Relay L.Aspinall, K.Craigie B.Buckingham, C.Clayton

4 x 1500m Relay

M. Williams S. Clayton C. Clayton L. Aspinall

Medley Relay 200m 200m 400m 800m

Club Record : 44.69e




Club Record : 3:24.87e



Club Record :


7.50.75e 24/02/08

7.51.97 1st Victorian Championships Club Record : 16.42.82e Club Record :



Cameron Clayton and Chirath a Nunawading





Nick Tsiftelidis at Lakeside

Luke Frazzetto - Burnley

Jake Pedley

Club Record Holders 2012/13 – Lachy and Kevin

Ben Kim and Matt Nolan at Tan Relays

Carmel Moorhead

Sally Naylor – Determination & Effort

Erin McConchie – Burnley

Cameron Clayton – Best Sprint

Jake Pedley and Will Wright – Tan Relays

ST. STEPHENS HARRIERS ATHLETIC CLUB MEN’S CLUB RECORDS 100m 100 yards 200m 400m 800m 1000m 1500m Mile 3000m 5000m 10000m Marathon 2000m Steeple 2000m Steeple (76.2cm) U16 2000m Steeple (91.4cm) U18 3000m Steeple (91.4cm) 90m Hurdles (76.2cm) U14 100m Hurdles (84cm) U16 110m Hurdles (106.7cm) 110m Hurdles (99.1cm) 110m Hurdles (91.4cm) 110m Hurdles (91.4cm) U18 200m Hurdles (76.2) U16 400m Hurdles (91.4cm) 400m Hurdles (84cm) (U118) 1500m Walk 2000m Walk 3000m Walk 5000m Walk Pole Vault High Jump Long Jump Triple Jump Discus (2.0kg) Discus (1.5kg) Discus (1.5kg) U18 Discus (1.0kg) U16 Hammer (7.2kg) Hammer (6.0kg) Hammer (5.0kg) Hammer (5kg) U18 Hammer (4kg) U16 Javelin (800g) Shot Put (7.26kg) Shot Put (6.0kg) Shot Put (5.0kg) Shot Put (6kg) U20 Shot Put (4kg) U16 4 x 100m Relay 4 x 200m Relay 4 x 400m Relay 4 x 800m Relay 4 x 1500m Relay Medley Relay

Chirath Pathirana Chirath Pathirana Chirath Pathirana Cameron Clayton Lachlan Aspinall Lachlan Aspinall Kevin Craigie Kevin Craigie Ben Buckingham Kevin Craigie Brian Mee Ron Young Ian Franzke Matt Williams Ben Buckingham Ben Buckingham Charles Craig Lewis Vitsenzatos Matt Anderson Matt Anderson Peter Cram Daniel Mitchell Lewis Vitsenzatos Matt Williams Lewis Vitsenzatos Cameron Clayton Cameron Clayton Stuart Cooper Stuart Cooper Matt Williams Scott Clayton Lachlan Murdoch Murray Bartlett Lachlan Aspinall Graeme Rose Graeme Rose Jake Pedley Jack Thompson Graeme Rose Graeme Rose Graeme Rose Jake Pedley Chris Williams Graeme Rose Graeme Rose Graeme Rose Graeme Rose Simon Dewan Matt Williams

Chirath Pathirana, Scott Clayton Peter Baird, Jack Thompson Chirath Pathirana, Simon Dewan, Lloyd Knight, Cameron Clayton Lloyd Knight, Malcolm Neiwand, Matt Barton, Lachlan Aspinall Alistair McLean, Kevin Craigie. Cameron Clayton, Lachlan Aspinall Jamie Wagstaff, Lachlan Aspinall, Kevin Craigie, Alistair McLean 200m Chirath Pathirana, James Barr 400m Simon Dewan 800m Lachlan Aspinall

11.19 e 10.24 e 22.40 e 49.57 e 1.50.4 h 2.27.49 e 3.47.99 e 4.11.8 h 8.22.2 h 14.59.84 e 38.45.52 e 3hr 20min 12sec 6.57.0 h 7.12.3 h 6.21.21 e 9.34.44 e 13.32 e 15.04 e 16.67 e 16.59 e 17.9 h 18.13 e 28.7 h 59.15 e 60.39 e 7.34.52 e 11.00.3 h 17.21.5 h 29.45.0 h 3.36m 1.80m 1.80m 6.28m 12.61m 38.64m 43.78m 25.68m 18.68m 38.24m 47.63m 53.07m 20.97m 23.96m 54.82m 10.66m 13.23m 14.37m 9.49m 8.62m

24/01/09 07/03/09 07/03/09 03/11/07 27/03/14 20/12/12 13/04/13 19/02/13 19/12/13 25/11/10 06/07/01 04/06/95 25/10/94 01/11/07 08/11/08 26/02/10 21/03/09 10/09/08 08/12/11 16/02/08 27/11/97 23/10/10 18/10/08 7/11/09 29/01/11 11/10/05 25/10/08 14/01/06 04/03/06 9/12/09 16/02/08 29/11/08 06/11/93 16/02/08 21/10/95 06/12/97 24/11/07 24/11/07 16/02/08 20/10/01 24/10/98 15/12/07 06/12/08 16/10/91 18/10/08 09/08/99 06/02/99 27/10/07 22/01/08

44.69 e


1.33.12 e


3.23.96 e


7.50.75 e


16.42.82 e


3.29.73 e


Box Hill

QE11 Gateshead Box Hill

ST. STEPHENS HARRIERS ATHLETIC CLUB INC. WOMEN’S CLUB RECORDS 100m 200m 400m 800m 1000m 1500m Mile 3000m 5000m 10000m Marathon 50kms Track 50 miles Track 100kms Track 100 miles Track 6 Hour Run Track 12 Hour Run Track 24 Hour Run Track 80m Hurdles (U14) 90m Hurdles (U16) 100m Hurdles 200m Hurdles (U14) 400m Hurdles 2000m Steeple 3000m Steeple 1500m Walk 2000m Walk 3000m Walk 5000m Walk 10000m Walk Pole Vault High Jump Long Jump Triple Jump Discus 1 kg Hammer 4 kg Javelin 600 g Shot Put 4 kg

Grace Mackie Grace Mackie Bianca Mignot Sarah Hall Whitney Sharpe Sarah Hall Sarah Hall Sarah Lester Sarah Lester Stephanie Armstrong Shirley Young Shirley Young Shirley Young Shirley Young Shirley Young Shirley Young Shirley Young Shirley Young Milla McLean Anita Robi Bianca Mignot Alison Spence Bianca Mignot Alice Schofield Alice Schofield Nolene Schofield Sue Brown Lorraine Jachno Lorraine Jachno Lorraine Jachno Jacqui Bull Jacqui Bull Jacqui Bull Jessica Geyer Astrid Rose Astrid Rose Claudia Strugnell Jessica Geyer

12.19 e 25.46 e 55.86 e 2.12.4 h 3.06.5 h 4.33.3 h 5.07.89 e 10.02.90 e 17.40.9 h 41.53.8 h 3hr 27min 40sec 4hr 28min 45sec 7hr 32min 44sec 11hr 30min 56sec 20hr 39min 17sec 63.425kms 103.600kms 176.810kms 15.5 h 14.9 h 15.12 e 34.0 h 61.30 e 7.32.8 h 12.15.8 h 9.07.5 h 11.47.4 h 12.48.76 e 22.29.0 h 45.26.0 h 3.40m 1.60m 5.93m 11.43m 26.54m 32.36m 27.95m 9.33m

Shot Put 2.724 kg (U15) Anita Robi Heptathlon Jacqui Bull 4 x 100m Relay Jessica Geyer, Bianca Mignot Alex Nolan, Elicia Marriner 4 x 200m Relay

4 x 400m Relay 4 x 800m Relay 4 x 1500m Relay Medley Relay

24/10/09 07/11/10 05/04/09 04/02/06 19/11/13 08/12/05 18/03/10 20/03/14 02/02/13 15/12/97 31/05/92 07/07/92 East Burwood 21/06/92 East Burwood 08/04/00 Coburg 08/04/00 Coburg 27/10/91 East Burwood 08/04/00 Coburg 08/04/00 Coburg 29/11/08 07/02/98 20/02/10 20/01/98 17/04/10 09/02/02 01/02/01 30/11/02 08/10/94 15/02/92 07/03/92 15/05/92 Bergen, Norway 31/03/12 02/02/08 10/01/09 01/12/07 09/03/96 24/10/98 20/11/99 14/02/09

8.88m 15/11/97 3375 points 27-28/01/10 51.00 e


1.45.0 h


Jenny Naylor, Jacqui Gole Alex Nolan, Sarah Hall

3.59.20 e


Whitney Sharpe, Alex MacCallum, Sarah Hall, Bianca Mignot

9.27.80 e


20.30.59 e


4.09.83 e


Jessica Geyer, Grace Mackie Elicia Marriner, Bianca Mignot

Alice Schofield, Claire Fritze Stephanie Armstrong, Sarah Hall Sarah Hall Jacqui Gole Alex Nolan Jenny Naylor

800m 400m 200m 200m

ST. STEPHENS WOMEN’S ATHLETIC CLUB INC. CLUB RECORDS 100m 200m 400m 800m 1500m 3000m 5000m 10000m Marathon 80m Hurdles (U14) 90m Hurdles (U16) 100m Hurdles 200m Hurdles 300m Hurdles (U16) 400m Hurdles 800m Walk 1500m Walk 3000m Walk 5000m Walk 10000m Walk High Jump Long Jump Triple Jump Discus 1 kg Hammer 4 kg Javelin 600 g Shot Put 4 kg Shot Put 2.724 kg (U15) 4 x 100m Relay

4 x 200m Relay

4 x 400m Relay

4 x 800m Relay

4 x 1500m Relay

Medley Relay

Lisa Ingersoll Lisa Ingersoll Kay Robinson Christina Puopolo Christina Puopolo Cate Macmillan Jane Kutchins Pat Cooper Jane Anderson Jane Kutchins Kylie Heppner Julie Pecsovszky Lisa Ingersoll Julie Stone Sam Llewellyn Julie Stone Lorraine Young Lorraine Jachno Lorraine Jachno Lorraine Jachno Lorraine Jachno Cathy Soanes Julie Pecsocszky Lisa Ingersoll June Kerr Astrid Rose Robyn Fellowes Robyn Fellowes Ina Saifoloi Jan Clancy, Kylie Heppner, Christina Puopolo, Julie Stone

12.4 h 25.9) h 25.9) h 57.3 h 2.21.0 h 4.54.3 h 10.16.0 h 20.25.0 h 41.16.0 h 2hr.49.50 e 13.5 h 14.3 h 16.4 h 31.7 h 52.0 h 67.2 h 5.59.5 h 6.25.1 h 13.01.0 h 22.17.0 h 47.00.59 e 1.62m 5.20m 10.58m 37.78m 20.90m 36.94m 12.54m 10.57m

12/03/87 21/11/87 02/10/76 28/12/80 06/12/80 12/11/83 22/11/80 26/03/78 13/12/83 12/10/80 01/03/80 13/11/82 27/10/87 02/02/75 08/11/86 22/02/81 02/02/74 04/02/84 19/02/91 20/01/90 26/01/89 02/11/83 05/02/83 19/12/88 14/12/74 30/03/90 13/02/88 07/11/87 22/10/88

51.1 h


Kylie Heppner, Ondine Heppner, Cathy Soanes, Sue Brown

1.50.4 h


Christina Puopolo, Jan Clancy, Julie Stone, Ella Blake

4.11.5 h


Sue Brown, Elizabeth Cox, Ondine Heppner, Jenny Drake

10.16.0 h


Ondine Heppner, Sue Brown, Jenny Drake, Jane Anderson

21.33.6 h


4.30.7 h


Karen Le Rossignol 800m Kay Robinson 400m Wendy Kosbab 200m Julie Stone 200m

ST. STEPHENS HARRIERS CLUB RECORDS 100m 100 yards 200m 220 yards 400m 800m 1000m 1500m Mile 3000m 5000m 10000m 20k Track 1 hour Track Run Marathon 2000m Steeple 3000m Steeple 110m Hurdles (3’6”) 200m Hurdles 400m Hurdles 1500m Walk 2000m Walk 3000m Walk 10k Walk 20k Walk 30k Walk 50k Walk High Jump Long Jump Triple Jump Pole Vault Discus (2.0kg) Hammer (7.260kg) Javelin (800g) Shot Put (7.260kg) Decathlon

B. Smith G. Richards R. Mitchell G. Richards R. Mitchell M. Hillardt M. Hillardt M. Hillardt M. Hillardt M. Hillardt M. Hillardt A. Garnham I. Blackwood I. Blackwood D. Clayton A. Garnham I. Blackwood M. Wilson R. Weinberg B. Field D. McNair S. Hunter P. Bethune R. Field S. Cooper S. Cooper S. Cooper M. Hawkey B. Field I. Tomlinson B. Randall B. Tucker G. Puopolo S. Ellis D. Green B. Field

4 x 100m Relay

B. Weinberg, R. Mitchell, B. More, B. Aelo P. Blackaby, R. Mitchell, B. More, D. Hanly P. Blackaby, D. Hanly, B. More. R. Mitchell P. Blackaby, D. Hanly, B. More, R. Mitchell R. Brown, D. Hanly, D. Robertson, M. Hillardt M. McColl, P. Sutton, G. Kipp, A. Garnham B. K. Tregenza 880yd B. J Stanton 440yd S. W. Scurr 220yd G. H. Kelly 220yd

4 x 100m Relay 4 x 200m Relay 4 x 400m Relay 4 x 800m Relay 4 x 1500m Relay Mile Medley Relay

10.3 h 9.5 h 20.8 h 21.7 h 44.84 e 1.45.74 e 2.17.49 e 3.33.39 e 3.51.82 e 7.52.97 e 13.38.42 e 28.29.0 h 60.00.0 20050.47m 2h.08.33.6 6.14.5 h 8.36.2 h 13.9 h 23.3 h 49.32 e 8.28.0 h 9.01.7 h 13.12.0 h 49.40.0 1h.44.31.0 2h.38.28.0 4h.48.52.0 2.15m 7.79m 16.23m 4.40m 48.51m 65.16m 62.02m 15.78m 7195 points

19/01/85 06/01/68 29/02/76 06/01/68 30/07/80 Moscow 19/03/83 18/08/84 London 23/08/85 Berlin 28/08/85 Koblenz 28/08/84 Budapest 02/12/86 Melbourne 18/12/86 27/10/65 27/10/65 30/05/69 Antwerp 20/01/79 03/03/66 07/02/84 ? 29/01/74 Christchurch 06/12/86 14/10/89 04/03/78 08/08/53 02/07/78 Albert Park 14/05/78 26/07/81 23/02/91 17/03/70 17/03/70 11/11/86 13/02/65 06/03/82 20/02/77 10/12/83 31/01/72
















100m 200m 400m 800m 1500m 1500m Steeple 2000m Steeple 110m Hurdles (3’3”) High Jump Long Jump Triple Jump Pole Vault Discus (1.5kg) Hammer (5.443kg) Javelin (700g) Shot Put (5.449kg) Pentathlon

B. Weinberg B. Weinberg M. Beasley G. Thompson S. Roach W. Harris A. Garnham J. Lane I. Beltz B. Field B. Field M. Hall V. Slavnic V. Muccetelli S. Ellis V. Slavnic B. Field

4 x 100m Relay

B. Hurst, G. J. Thompson, M. Beasley, C. Lind



C. Lind, G. J. Thompson. M. Beasley, I. Pearl



B. Hoppeh, G. J. Thompson, B. Hirst, M. Beasley



C. Lind, G. J. Thompson, I. Pearl, M. Beasley



B. Hirst, G. J. Thompson, K. Erickson, M. Beasley



S. Roach, M. McColl, P. Dunn, B. McLean



4 x 100m Relay

4 x 100m Relay

4 x 200m Relay

4 x 400m Relay

4 x 800m Record

10.5 21.3 48.20 1.52.5 3.50.4 4.17.6 6.36.9 14.6 1.93m 7.31m 14.34m 3.65m 51.34m 60.96m 61.64m 16.34m 2198 points

18/03/71 18/03/71 21/03/71 20/02/65 ? 19/02/64 11/02/78 30/10/65 16/01/65 13/11/65 26/12/63 30/11/68 15/12/77 30/03/84 11/12/73 02/11/77 27/01/64

F1 ST. STEPHENS HARRIERS ATHLETIC CLUB INC. TREASURER’S REPORT ON THE FINANCIAL REPORT 31 MARCH 2014 The accompanying Statement of Financial Position shows that the Club has total accumulated funds of $30,883 as at 31 March 2014 compared with total accumulated funds $28,703 as at 31 March 2013, that is to say net assets have increased by $2,180 over the previous year. The following three funds are the only funds of the Club and the first two funds explain the reasons for the increase in net assets of $2,180. General Fund The accompanying Statement of Financial Performance shows a net surplus in the General Fund of $2,217 for 2014 compared with a net surplus of $3,509 for 2013. The downturn of $1,292 is due mainly to a decrease of $566 in the run off of sales of SSH Centenary books, a decrease of $395 in net surpluses from functions and an increase of $700 in the cost of Athletics Victoria registrations, which were all offset from small decreases totalling $638 in most expenses. Uniform Fund The accompanying Statement of Financial Performance shows a deficit of $37 in the Uniform Fund for 2014 compared with a deficit of $28 for 2013. These deficits are due mainly to uniforms being sold at or near cost prices. Sponsorship Fund (Note 5) Interest earned on the term deposit of $8,000 supporting this fund is transferred to the General and Uniform Funds to cover the cost of subscriptions and uniforms for athletes selected by the Committee each year to receive the sponsorship. Provision for Costs of Producing SSH Centenary Book (Note 3) Note 3 shows there are no movements in this account this year since all costs were written off in the prior year to the General Fund. So sales of unsold books held at the end of the previous year are now shown in the General Fund as noted above. Provision for Costs of Club Development (Note 4) The entries in this account are receipts from contributions less any payments for costs incurred for such items as uniform/equipment purchases, venue hire, athlete sponsorship to national titles, coaching courses and reimbursement of coach’s expenses. Note 4 shows the movement in this account to 31 March 2014 with the balance of $926 (2013: $717) to be used for costs still to be incurred. Once again my grateful thanks go to Pat Robinson for the sterling effort she puts in each year in managing the day-to-day finances of the Club, and also to Andrew Nagle and Brian Carter in organising the successful Trivia Night and an equally successful dinner.

Michael Goerke Honorary Treasurer Date: 23 July 2014


2014 $

2013 $



Net Surpluses/(Deficits) of the Operating Funds as set out in the accompanying Statement of Financial Performance: General Fund 2,217 Uniform Fund (37) Combined net (deficit)/surplus of above Funds 2,180 22,883 Sponsorship Fund (Note 5) 8,000

3,509 (28) 3,481 20,703 8,000

MEMBERSHIP FUNDS Accumulated Funds Balance 31 March

Total Accumulated Funds at 31 March



8,238 3,959 5,409 4,013 2,777 24,396 8,000 32,396

6,163 3,924 5,409 3,976 2,530 22,002 8,000 30,002

587 926 1,513

582 717 1,299



These Funds are represented by: Current Assets Cash on hand Investment – savings deposit Investment - term deposits Uniform stocks at lower of cost and net realisable value Sundry debtors (Note 5) Sponsorship Fund Investment – term deposit (Note 5) Less Current Liabilities: Sundry creditors Provision for Costs of Club Development (Note 4)

Net Assets

The attached notes form part of this report.


General Fund Income Subscriptions Less: Cost of Athletics Victoria registrations Net subscriptions Interest Donations Ritchies contributions SSH Centenary books – further sales (Note 3) Net surpluses from functions





10,655 (8,025) 2,630 285 555 83 480 1,479 5,512

10,781 (7,325) 3,456 300 658 108 1,046 1,874 7,442

400 1,027 687 50 52 313 300 466 3,295 2,217

400 1,223 780 44 171 205 548 562 3,933 3,509



3,976 1,124 (4,013) 1,087 (37)

3,201 1,451 (3,976) 676 (28)

Expenses Athletics Victoria Inc: Affiliation fee Cross Country and Track relay entries Annual report Consumer Affairs fee Printing and stationery Sundries – debtors written off The Journal newsletter Trophies and engraving Surplus for year (Note 2) Uniform Fund Income - Sales Expenses Opening stock Purchases Less: Closing stock (Deficit) for year

The attached notes form part of this report.


Statement of Significant Accounting Policies The financial report is a general purpose financial report that has been prepared in accordance with Accounting Standards and other authoritative pronouncements of the Australian Accounting Standards Board and the requirements of the Association Incorporation Act (Victoria). The financial report covers St. Stephens Harriers Athletic Club Inc. as an individual entity. St. Stephens Harriers Athletic Club Inc. is an association incorporated in Victoria under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981. The financial statements have been prepared under the Australian Accounting Standards on an accrual basis, are based on historical costs and do not take into account changing money values except where specifically stated. The following is a summary of the material accounting policies adopted by St. Stephens Harriers Athletic Club Inc. in the preparation of its financial statements. The accounting policies have been consistently applied, unless otherwise stated. (a) The assets have been recorded at cost and the policy of the Committee is to annually reassess the market value of the uniform stock and record it at the lower of cost or net realisable value. (b) Revenue has been recorded when it is due and recoverable. (c) The Club is exempt from Income Tax by virtue of Section 50 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. (d) If appropriate, comparative amounts have been amended to reflect any current changes in the presentation of the figures.

Note 2:

General Fund (a) Club subscription rates for the year were: Open Family Under 20 Under 16 Coach or Official Associate Open & Coach and/or Official Dual VLAA (U18) Dual VLAA (U16)

2014 $

2013 $

215 200 175 155 40 215 100 80

205 190 165 145 40 205 90 70

Above include coaching, Athletics Victoria registration, competition handbooks and the SSH Club Newsletter.

Cont’d F5


General Fund cont’d 2014 (b) Athletics Victoria registration rates for the year were: $ Open 155.00 Family 140.00 Under 20 135.00 Under 16 115.00 Coach or Official Associate 50.00 Dual VLAA (U18) 60.00 Dual VLAA (U16) 40.00 Cross country entry fees: Open 25.00 Under age – Under 20 & 18 20.00 Under age – Under 16 & 14 15.00 (c) Members registered with Athletics Victoria are: Open (includes 2 officials and 4 coaches) Under age Non-competitors, officials and coaches

(d) Subscriptions due from registered members which have not been included in income since recovery is doubtful Athletics Victoria registration costs of the above have been paid and amounted to Note 3:

2013 $ 145.00 130.00 125.00 105.00 40.00 50.00 30.00 25.00 20.00 15.00

Numbers 39 37 16 16 12 7 67 60 $






SSH Centenary Book Soon after the beginning of the 2009 year the Club approved the writing of a book on the club’s first 100 years from its foundation on 12 March 1908. The book was completed and launched at a function at the Waverley RSL on 10 July 2011. The final costs of printing and selling the book and sales to cover these costs plus the launching costs are shown below. Set out below are the receipts and payments to 31 March 2014: $ Receipts to 31 March 2012 Sales and donations 12,633 Payments to 31 March 2012 Printing and selling costs (14,576) Written off and included in the General Fund at 31 March 2012 (1,943) Additional costs of launching the 500 books also were included in the General Fund in 2012 (no further costs have been incurred) (1,444) Subsequent Sales 1/4/12 to 31/3/13 included in General Fund Subsequent Sales 1/4/13 to 31/3/14 included in General Fund

Cont’d F6

1,046 480


Provision for Costs of Club Development During the 2007 year the Committee agreed to a voluntary Club development contribution of $20 being included on the Club’s registration form. The development contribution primarily would be used for expenses such as uniform/equipment purchases, venue hire, athlete sponsorship to national titles, coaching courses and reimbursement of coach’s expenses. Set out below are the movements in the Provision for Costs of Club Development for the year: 2014 2013 $ $ Movements in Provision Balance at 1 April Contributions received Less: Expenses: Assisting Club members Coaching costs Balance 31 March

Note 5:

717 325 1,042

1,688 240 1,928

116 116 926

400 811 1,211 717

Sponsorship Fund An old boy of the Club sponsors each year a promising under 20 Wesley College male athlete and female athlete or athlete nominated by the Club. Sponsorship covers the costs of their Club’s subscriptions and uniforms and is financed from the interest on the $8,000 donated by the sponsor to the Club and invested in a short term deposit. As in prior years interest received this year was transferred to the General and Uniform Funds to cover the cost of subscriptions and uniforms for the sponsored athletes. Because the Club has sufficient funds to pay for their sponsorships the interest received is reinvested back into the sponsorship short term deposit. The accumulated interest received to date totalling $1,983 is classified in the books as a debtor rather than as an increase in the term deposit.

F7 ST. STEPHENS HARRIERS ATHLETIC CLUB INC. 31 MARCH 2014 STATEMENT BY THE COMMITTEE In the opinion of the Committee the attached financial report: 1. Presents a true and fair view of the financial position of St. Stephens Harriers Athletic Club Inc. for the year ended 31 March 2014 and its performance for the year ended on that date in accordance with Accounting Standards and other authoritative pronouncements of the Australian Accounting Standards Board and the requirements of the Association Incorporation Act (Victoria). 2. At the date of this statement, there are reasonable grounds to believe that St. Stephens Harriers Athletic Club Inc. will be able to pay its debts as and when they fall due. This statement is made in accordance with a resolution of the Committee and is signed for and on behalf of the Committee by:



Date: 24 July 2014


Scope I have audited the financial report of St. Stephens Harriers Athletic Club Inc. for the year ended 3l March 2014 as set out on pages F2 to F6. The Committee is responsible for the financial report. I have conducted an independent audit of this financial report in order to express an opinion on it to the members of St. Stephens Harriers Athletic Club Inc. My audit has been conducted in accordance with Australian Auditing Standards to provide reasonable assurance whether the financial report is free of material misstatement. My procedures included examination, on a test basis, of evidence supporting the amounts and other disclosures in the financial report and the evaluation of accounting policies and significant accounting estimates. These procedures have been undertaken to form an opinion whether, in all material respects, the financial report is presented fairly in accordance with the Accounting Standards and other mandatory professional reporting requirements in Australia so as to present a view which is consistent with my understanding of St. Stephens Harriers Athletic Club Inc. financial position and performance as represented by the results of its operations. The audit opinion expressed in this report has been formed on the above basis.

Audit Qualification As an audit procedure, it is not practicable to extend an examination of proceeds from functions held beyond my examination of the amounts received as shown by the books and records of St. Stephens Harriers Athletic Club Inc.

Qualified Audit Opinion In my opinion, except for the effects of the matter referred to in the above qualification paragraph, the financial report of St. Stephens Harriers Athletic Club Inc. presents a true and fair view, in accordance with applicable Accounting Standards and other mandatory professional reporting requirements in Australia, of the financial position of St. Stephens Harriers Athletic Club Inc. as at 3l March 2014 and the results of its operations for the year then ended.

Michael Geraghty Chartered Accountant Date: 25 July 2014

Annual report file 201314  
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