SanTan Sun 4-6-13 Issue

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April 6 – 19, 2013

Spiritual Reflections An answered prayer bright and beautiful star’s light started to fade. After many long years of hoping for a baby star and being told it was impossible; God heard her sweet prayers and granted her a special gift. Wow, what a miracle this baby star was going to be and the bright and beautiful star’s light began to brighten once again. The bright and beautiful star was once again beaming for the entire galaxy to see. After some time, the baby star was born and the heavens began to sing and rejoice because of this special miracle!

The bright and beautiful star taught the little star how to sing and dance and play. The little star began to grow, and grow and grow. She knew God had a hand in guiding and protecting this special miracle that was given to her. She thanked the Heavenly Father for His greatness and her answered prayer. Laurel Pendle drew her inspiration for this children’s story from her only son, Devin. She is a consultant who plans Christian meetings and conventions worldwide and resides in San Tan Valley, with her family and rescue dog, Riley.

Spiritual Reflections Laurel Pendle by Laurel Pendle

Once upon a time there was a bright and beautiful star in the sky. This star wished she could have a baby star and what it would be like to love and nurture this amazing gift to become an adult star one day. She imagined singing and dancing with the baby star and giving it the tools to one day shine bright in the galaxy for all to see. Many moons had passed and this

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Author Fred Ramsey lights it up A light lunch follows a talk about “Holy Smoke” author Fred Ramsey’s new book, after he delivers a morning message at 10:30 a.m. Sun., April 7 at Chandler Presbyterian Church, 1500 W. Germann Rd. He will also sign copies. For more details, call 480-963-3821.

Shh, it’s a silent auction

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