Page 7 “Hale used a pretty standard tactic,” Tyler says. “He would go from door to door on weekdays and knock to see if anyone was home. If no one answered, he would break in, take whatever was easily accessible and get out quickly.” Chandler police worked with officials from Maricopa County to apprehend Hale, who sold stolen items at area pawnshops. His photo was also identified by people in the SanTan Sun area who say he knocked on their door, then seemed stunned when they answered. “These guys can’t think on their feet,” Tyler notes. “They’re expecting the house to be empty, but if someone shows up at the door they usually don’t have a convincing story ready, and that can make homeowners suspicious.” Hale was arrested Sept. 20 and is currently undergoing a mental health evaluation before court proceedings begin.


Knowing neighbors and getting involved in the community is a great step towards keeping all residents safe, says Tyler. “The best way for residents to help keep themselves and their neighborhoods safe is through community involvement,” says Tyler. “Get to know your neighbors. Join the neighborhood block watch, and if your neighborhood does not have one, the Chandler Police Department can help you coordinate and put one in place.

Community Communication is a key component to a safe neighborhood.” The Clemente Ranch victim echoes that sentiment. “Pay attention to your neighbors and to what’s going on,” she suggests. “Every one of the houses around us had someone home when we were broken into, and our next door neighbor even told me she heard the crash when the door was kicked in. But she just figured it was landscapers or someone working and didn’t think to get up and look. Keep watch out for the houses around you, and ask them to look out for yours, too.” Miriam Van Scott is a former Kerby Estates resident who can be reached at

What do you think? Have you been the victim of a crime in Chandler? How safe is your community? Send your responses to and include your community name for possible inclusion in a future issue of the SanTan Sun News.

Nov. 17 – 30, 2012


Neighbors celebrate new signage WELCOME: Families in the Orangetree neighborhood in northwest Chandler unveiled new street signs last month that they created. Submitted image

Residents in one Chandler neighborhood welcome visitors with distinctive signs they had a hand in creating. The seven unique and colorful street name signs were designed for major neighborhood entry points and are the first to be installed under a new City grant program intended to help residents of traditional, non-HOA neighborhoods purchase such signs to enhance the character of their neighborhoods and foster a sense of

pride and belonging. Residents marked the occasion with a neighborly gesture in which two children stood on their parents’ shoulders and unveiled the first of the new signs on the corner of West Mesquite Street and North Los Altos Drive. Selected through a neighborhood survey, the sign features the words “Orangetree Neighborhood” above the street name, an image of an orange tree and the words “Welcome to Orangetree.”

CPD gets seatbelt grant Drivers and passengers need to wear their seatbelts. That message is being reinforced thanks to a $60,000 grant from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety to the Chandler Police Department’s Traffic Unit. The grant encourages seatbelt use and funds additional enforcement of moving violations that contribute to serious injury and fatal collisions including speeding, red light running and

failing to yield properly on a left turn. The grant, which runs through September 2013, intends to combat two consequences of serious injury and fatal collisions: injury and loss of human life and personal and insurance costs related to property damage. Participating officers focus solely on traffic enforcement and are specially trained in collision investigations. The enforcement measures are being enforced throughout the city.

Pronounced, “dee-shocka”

Santan Sun News Community 11-17-12  

Santan Sun News Community 11-17-12

Santan Sun News Community 11-17-12  

Santan Sun News Community 11-17-12