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Oct. 20 – Nov. 2, 2012

Community Commentary

Letters to the editor

Amenities, workforce, water supply fuel success

Heumann best for Chandler Early ballots and Election Day will soon be upon us. We will be faced with a long list of decisions and choices including the race for Chandler City Council. This choice should be easy and hopefully not overlooked because it is in the shadow of a hotly contested national election. Two qualified incumbents will face off against challengers with minimal credentials. The person standing far above the challengers and who has given a tremendous amount of time, effort and dedication during his first term in office is Rick Heumann, a longtime

by Mayor Jay Tibshraeny

Intel’s recent announcement to build a $300 million research and manufacturing facility in Chandler is encouraging news, reinforcing the long and mutually beneficial relationship we’ve shared for more than 30 years. Throughout that time, the city has worked judiciously to support the operations of Intel and other employers, creating a community where companies and their employees can flourish. We have a solid reputation as a fair place to do business, supported in part by the fact we have been named one of the Top 10 best managed cities in the country by a Wall Street insider website this past year. Intel’s new facility is being built in west Chandler at its original campus. Its Ocotillo campus and chip fabrication plants, including FAB 42, a $5 billion project currently under construction there, anchor the Price Corridor in Southern Chandler. Companies like Intel create a significant cottage industry of firms that supply them with parts and supplies. At last count, 47 such companies are located here in Chandler alone. One such company, Air Products, is also undergoing a major expansion here. It is estimated that for every job Intel creates, the trickle-down effect adds three to four additional jobs to the economy. What attracts the great companies like Orbital Sciences, Microchip and Freescale to Chandler? Many things: Great schools, an educated workforce, quality recreational amenities, weather and access to transportation corridors play major roles. As one of just two Valley cities that possess AAA bond ratings from the three national rating agencies, we also have relatively low debt and dependable operations. That translates to a stable environment in which to operate. Companies looking to do business in Arizona also see that Chandler and most other Valley cities enjoy very attractive utility rates for electricity and water.

Heumann, Sellers worthy candidates Mayor Jay Tibshraeny

While we have a reliable and healthy inventory of water, we are very cautious in how we use it. Some high-tech industries like Intel can be very water intensive. Working with them early on, we partnered on a reverse osmosis water treatment plant in Southern Chandler to recycle the water they use in their daily processes and operations. We are quickly approaching a milestone of five billion recycled gallons of water – enough to fill Tempe Town Lake about six times – from that plant. That attention to detail, accompanied by a long-term vision, has allowed Chandler to remain a global competitor and will for generations to come. The Price Corridor continues to be one of the most attractive employment corridors in the western U.S. and we have plenty of room to grow. The Airpark surrounding Chandler Municipal Airport will also continue to attract great jobs to our borders. Companies will continue to look at Chandler as a great place for commerce. Whether the quality of life their employees crave, or the water and other critical resources needed to operate, we will remain a competitive place to do business.

I was one of a handful of citizens who attended the Chandler City Council debates and I was very excited to see so many enthusiastic candidates that want to work hard for our city. Councilmembers Rick Heumann and Jack Sellers were able to best address the concerns and issues the Chandler community will face over the next four years, and for many years into the future. Both have worked tirelessly and relentlessly to bring new businesses and more than 9,500 jobs to Chandler. Chandler has a bright future thanks to

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their hard work bringing ASU and U of A here as well. Over the last four years I have had the privilege to work with both candidates directly via my involvement in humanitarian organizations and as a member of the Chandler Airport Commission. I believe the best way to determine what kind of job someone will do is by evaluating what kind of job they have done. Heumann and Sellers have proven they are the best candidates for Chandler City Council. Chelle Daly, Saguaro Canyon

Change tainted filters ASAP Trace amounts of E. coli were found recently in San Tan Valley water. The water in the San Tan Valley might be clean to drink, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe to drink yet. Make sure you know what E. coli and water borne illnesses mean for a home’s plumbing system.


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Chandler resident and an enthusiastic community volunteer. He has served on City boards and commissions, which have given him history, insight and leadership experience. He is conscientious and researches issues thoroughly prior to casting a Council vote. He votes according to what he sees as best for the City and its citizens. Rick has a tremendous work ethic exceeded only by his integrity and fiscal conservatism. He has a sense of responsibility to those who elected him. Bob Caccamo, 85286, former Chandler vice mayor



Total Circulation 27,250+ Driveways Fifty square mile coverage area from Price/101 to Greenfield and from Frye to Hunt Highway.


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The water may be clean, but filters from fridges, sinks, showers, etc. will still have trace amounts of E. coli in filters after the line is flushed. Any filters should be replaced with a new one as soon as possible. Linda Stanfield, owner, Benjamin Franklin, The Punctual Plumber, Gilbert

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Oct. 20 – Nov. 2, 2012


Letters to the editor

Chandler breeds success

No kids, still yes vote

I have lived in Chandler since I was in grade school, and am a 1995 graduate of Chandler High School, which prepared me well for Stanford University, where I earned two degrees. The broad-based, challenging education I received in Chandler helped inspire me to community service. After earning my master’s degree, I returned home to Chandler and my chosen field of nonprofit work, serving as executive director for ICAN, vice president for Valley of the Sun United Way and currently as executive director for Chandler Christian Community Center. CUSD has earned our trust. Judicious

A strong, vibrant, successful school system is a necessary element of any community and democracy as a whole. As Sun Lakes residents, we continue to be active CUSD supporters. It makes no difference to us that we no longer have children in school. We are firmly aware of the importance of all taxpayers supporting public education. Taxpayers in Chandler and Sun Lakes have consistently supported CUSD with successful passages of bonds and overrides. CUSD has responded by being responsible stewards of the taxpayer funds and has built the best school

use of taxpayers’ money has built a school district that perennially receives accolades. A yes vote for the override will help CUSD continue its long-term commitment to educating tomorrow’s leaders. I have had the privilege of serving on Chandler’s City Council for two terms, including as vice mayor. I believe one of my primary responsibilities is to foster a bright, sustainable future for Chandler. The health of a school district is a reflection of the health of the City. Councilmember Trinity Donovan, 85286

district in Arizona. Financially it just makes sense to support schools. A well-educated populace will be more productive in the work place, generate more revenue for local business, require less welfare assistance and have a much lower incarceration rate. Public schools were there for me when I was a student and a parent. I want to do the right thing and guarantee a successful future for subsequent generations. Clem and Dotty Deschenes, Sun Lakes

Students today, leaders tomorrow CUSD continues to be recognized with great distinction and awards from independent agencies and is currently rated “A” and a “Top 10” district by the Arizona Department of Education. This doesn’t happen by accident. As a lifelong Chandler resident and local business owner, I cannot overstate the importance of a financially stable

and successful school district. It is paramount that we provide our students with educational opportunities that prepare them to meet the business, health, educational and civic challenges of our ever-changing global economy. The CUSD students of today will be tomorrow’s leaders. CUSD continues to operate in a

fiscally efficient and prudent manner, which would be the envy of any business. Yet, no level of deft budgeting can overcome the $36 million that has been cut from CUSD to help balance the state budget over the past four years. Therefore, it is imperative that we come together as a community and voice our support for Chandler Schools

by exercising our right to vote. All citizens benefit from a welleducated workforce. Please join me in supporting our students, schools and community by voting yes Nov. 6. Eddie Basha, 85244



Oct. 20 – Nov. 2, 2012

Letters to the editor

Vote yes, keep CUSD great I volunteer as a member of the Chandler Schools Override Yes Committee and as co-president of the PTO for Hancock Elementary. I am a parent of two school age children here in Chandler and am continually inspired and amazed at the hard work and dedication I witness from all the teachers and staff at our schools. I have lived in Arizona my entire life and completed all of my schooling through college from our educational institutions. I have experienced firsthand the devastating effects of the loss of talented teachers in our schools due to the continual budget cuts that occur to education in our state. It distresses me that my children may have to experience the same loss I did and is one of the primary reasons our

family has chosen to live in this district. I commend CUSD for striving for continual excellence as shown by another A rating. Our district has worked diligently to manage itself like a business and to save money to build a contingency fund and not spend every dollar provided. Passage of this override will help the district make up for losses in state funding and replenish its contingency fund so it can plan for our future. It will also facilitate a small raise for our deserving teachers. Every member of our community should be proud of our district and its accomplishments. Please join us in voting yes on the override. Elicia Bivins, Arden Park

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Schools good investment I am a retiree choosing to live in Chandler. I find the climate and community to be a perfect fit for me. I believe one of the greatest assets of our community is CUSD. Though retired, I serve on the CUSD budget committee and Chandler Education Foundation board of directors. Through my involvement, I have garnered a deep sense of respect for the way the district manages its resources. I have a profound feeling of pride in the caliber of education provided by CUSD.

Public education is an American tradition. We as a country achieved our place in the world as a direct result of our educational system. I am indebted to others for the education my children and the education my grandchildren are now receiving. I want future generations to have the same opportunities. Support the override this November. Let’s invest in our children; they are our best hope for the future. Marvin D. Arnpriester, 85249

CUSD education a bargain CUSD has received the prestigious “A” rating from the state for two straight years. These outstanding educational opportunities come at a bargain price. Even with the override, those who live in Chandler will pay far lower taxes than most East Valley residents.

Everyone benefits from a successful and highly performing school district. I am thankful for the first rate education my sons are receiving. Join me in helping CUSD remain the finest district in the state and vote yes on the override. Suzie Witt, 85286

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10-20-12 Opinion  

10-20-12 Opinion

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