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Your teacher is Mrs. Douglas

Welcome back to Primary 4. Happy New Year. I hope everyone had a peaceful Christmas and I wish everyone all the very best for 2018. THIS TERM OUR LEARNING We have a very busy term ahead of us. There is going to be lots of new and exciting learning happening in primary 4. I.D.L. WORLD OF WORK AND MONEY (8th - 26th January 2018) (see attached sheet for more information)



Staffing After this mini topic our main topic is The Scottish Wars of Independence. There will be lots of amazing things to Daily reading session is 10 minutes; this is an learn, do and make relating to this topic. opportunity for Drop Everything And Read. There are no changes to staffing for the term Reading materials can be borrowed from the Numeracy ahead. class/school library or can be brought from home. Some of the areas we will be tackling this term are: Telling TimeMr. - toWard the minute using analogue and digital displays is our P.E. specialist. Firstchange, Ministers Reading Money the ‘real life’ use of money e.g. earning, buying, giving selling etc. Challenge Days for P.E. are variable; please provide your child Division with remainders and linked to our times tables (Please keep practicing times tables at home) with shorts/jogging bottoms, a change of t-shirt and Fractions - simple fractions of shapes, quantities and equivalent fractions linked to division tables Your child is encouraged toand readtimes independently gym shoes for these lessons. Measuring - length, weight and volume using a variety of appropriate unitsand as well as the area shapes during DEAR at home. Theyof are asked to Please keep your kit inour a bag your peg of problem We will continue to transfer skills toon solve a variety solvingatasks. complete short book report as part of this

in school.

Language and Literacy

challenge and as a record of the books they read.

Outdoor Learning We have other staff in school to assist with learning. Reading – We will continue using a wide variety of resources this term to practice and promote our skills in reading. Miss Rae may be working in class or with individuals Reading Comprehension tasks, Literacy Box and Book Detectives will continue for most pupils. Some reading tasks Outdoor learning is an important part of learning. or groups as part of our work to raise attainment for will be sent as homework over the course of the term. Lessons and tasks take place outside as and when pupils. Writing - We will continue to improve our writing using VCOP. Our focus this term will be on introducing speech marks possible/appropriate. Please ensure your child has a and paragraphs as well as continuing to write ‘Super Sentences’ incorporating all VCOP elements. waterproof jacket each day to participate Lunch Arrangements Listening and Talking – Primary 4 will be developing skills for listening and talking. We will be encouraged to fully in activities. participate in discussions following the rules of good listening and talking. We will all be learning and performing the st Primary 4 are 1 lunch this term. Scots poem ‘The Spider’s Legend of Robert the Bruce’ by Hugh M cMillan for the competition to be held later on this month.

Homework MLPS – We will be using the days of the week and months of the year in French to date our work. We will be introducing new vocabulary about school and classroom resources.

Beginning 8th January 2018 with an exciting Health and Wellbeing – Wetask. are introducing Circle Time as a means to share and guide considerate behaviours and ‘Dragon’s Den’ homework attitudes towards others. In P.E. we will develop skills within athletics and sending and receiving (throwing and catching). Lessons will be outside whenever weather permits. Please ensure no jewellery, including earrings, is worn and long hair is tied back for reasons of health and safety. Social Subjects – This will be linked with our I.D.L. topic. We will be learning about the timeline of events during the Scottish Wars of Independence and the impact events had on the progression of the wars. Technologies – We will be doing a lot of designing and model making as part of our topic. We will make model weapons, means of protection as well as a castle. We will be working together to create PowerPoint presentations related to different aspect of the topic Expressive Arts – We will be having lots of fun, mostly outdoors, reenacting our version of battles. We will also learn

Class 25th the January 28th February - 3rd March andEvents: sing ‘Flower of Scotland’ about Battle of Bannockburn Expressive Arts – Our ArtScot’s and design tasks will all be based around our I.D.L. topic. Book Fair Poetry Competition R.M.E. – We will be exploring some Scottish values as well as the Easter story.

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Primary 4 jan 2018  
Primary 4 jan 2018