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St Serf’s Nursery Newsletter December 2017

Welcoming our new children After a fantastic induction last week, we are looking forward to welcoming a few more children and families into the setting. Both the children and their families will begin their learning journeys with us in January. We hope both the children and their families settle in well.

Parent/carer volunteering A huge Thank you for the great response to our recent Coffee & Chat drop in’s, Outdoor Kindergarten session and Stay & Plays. These have received positive feedback. Your feedback is invaluable as it provides us with information to influence future events. All these events have highlighted that more and more of our parents/carers would like to volunteer their time to help throughout nursery sessions. Both the children and the staff think this is fantastic and to ensure we are listening to your feedback we are introducing our weekly “Time to help rota”. This will be displayed on the parent notice board which will be moving to the nursery foyer. Parents/carers are free to help with routines such as tooth brushing, snack, baking and even our outdoor play sessions or anything else you are comfortable with. Just add your name to the area you would like to help and the day that suits you best and we look forward to having you in.

Dates for your diary

Thursday 7th December – 9am/2pm PEEP group- All welcome Thursday 14th December 11am/2.30pm – Coffee and Chat – All welcome Friday 15th December – Save the Children – Xmas Jumper day – children are welcome to wear Xmas jumper/t-shirt. Friday 15th December – 11am/2.30pm –Children’s Sing-a-long concert – tickets to follow. Parents welcome back at times detailed above Monday 18th December – Cinderella Panto – information/letter to follow. Thursday 21st December – Children’s Christmas Party – 11am/2.30pm parents welcome back at times detailed above Friday 22nd December – Nursery closes for Christmas Monday 8th January – Nursery reopens.

Many Happy Returns to: Who have all had or have birthdays coming very soon Mrs Vasquez – 22nd November Noah – 7th December Miss Gray – 21st December

Developing our learning environment

Try at home….

As you may have noticed nursery staff have been working hard to develop the learning environment for the children. As part of these changes our cloakroom will be given a makeover. This space will be used to provide extra learning room for the children along with comfortable and inviting spaces for our families too. To allow for this change we piloted wall coat pegs and communication dookits for both our Red and Blue groups. These have been implemented well with great feedback from parents. As a result all children after the Christmas break will have a wall peg and a communication dookit where letters and information for you to collect will be placed. We thank you for your continued support and welcome any feedback along the way.

We are continuing to develop the children’s independence skills during nursery sessions. We are working on how to put on our jackets and shoes on our own. These skills are very helpful as children transition to school along with supporting more outdoor play when in nursery. We would love the children to continue this learning at home. Life can be busy and we understand helping your child comes naturally however giving your child the time to do these by themselves is fantastic and great learning opportunities. Our trick for putting on a jacket can be found using this link.

Ask Me About… The children have been observing and discussing the recent changes in the weather. Discussion led to how we manage our own safety when outdoors and how the changes to temperature and conditions make us feel. We will continue to observe and record our findings and use the changes to our advantage during play opportunities. Have you noticed our new stage area? The children used our light box as a provocation to putting on performances. To extend this staff have provided a stage where children can use open ended resource such as material, glasses, hats and scarves to create their own performances. Frozen and Superhero shows are our best sellers! Follow us on twitter to see how our interests and play opportunities develop. @StSerfsPS

General Reminders Updated records

Parents are reminded to inform nursery staff of any changes to contact/pick up details.

Activity money A reminder that activity money costs £2.50 per week. This should be paid on a Monday. This money contributes not only to a healthy snack but for extra resources/activities in the nursery.

Nursery Hours AM: Doors open at 8:35am, Doors will open again at 11:35 and children must be collected by 11.45am. PM: Doors open at 12:15pm, Doors will open again at 3:05 and children must be collected by 3.20pm. Nursery operates an open door policy please if the door is closed out with these times please ring we will open for you at all times.

Personal Belongings

There is an increasing problem with children’s personal belongings going missing. Please ensure all clothes/shoes etc. are clearly labelled with your child’s name. Staff cannot be responsible for the whereabouts of your child’s clothing if not labelled.

Nursery newsletter december 17  
Nursery newsletter december 17