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VOL: XXII | Issue I | March 2017

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JourNEI 2017


Feast of Don Bosco


Alumni Meet


Republic Day


Handing Over of Don Bosco School, Amguri


Film Festival


Teacher Effectiveness Training


CARE Teachers Training


A Workshop on Leadership, Team Management and Communication Skills 11 DBSEM Smart School Tools Training


Youth Care Programme


International Women’s Day


DBIM Cultural Day


A Golden week in Mumbai-Goa


AGCL Graduation


Success Stories (BSM)


Youth Retreat


DBI Welcomes Fr. Pojit Marak SDB


Health Care Camp


DBI - A home away from home




Visit of Prof. Dr. Daniel Werner


Visit by Francis De Sales University


Visit of the Novices


Happy Birthday Sr. Karen CCV


DBI Congratulates


Thank You


Joypur, Kharghuli, Guwahati - 781 004, Assam, India

Prajwall Day


English Teachers Workshop


Despatch: Mrs. Angela Chetri Ms. Tangerine P. Warlarpih



Inauguration and Blessing


Three fold celebration at BBC, Boko


Editorial Team Director: Fr. Johnson Parackal SDB Editor: Sr. Anna Molly Thekkanal FMA Associate Editor: Fr. Bivan Rodriques Mukhim SDB DTP/Design: YR Dominic Published by: Don Bosco Institute (DBI)



Director’ s Message Fr. Johnson Parackal SDB Executive Director, DBI


he New Year began with the first ever Alumni Meet of the Don Bosco Institute of Management [DBIM]. A long cherished desire of many became a reality on the 28th of January 2017. It was meeting of a rare kind and sure enough, neither the past pupils nor the faculty disappointed us; they came in huge numbers and from far and wide. The big surprise come when those who initially thought would not make it to the event turned up at the astonishment of others, making it a real life-time experience for all. They came to relive the Don Bosco dream, to reconnect with friends and faculty and to walk down the memory lane to retrace and reminisce the most memorable years that they spend at the institute. A highly nostalgic evening surcharged with emotions, sentiments of gratitude and high appreciation for DBIM came to an end with the promise that they will return to the Institute in the near future. The ceremony that marked the handing over of Don Bosco School, Amguri to the care and administration of Don Bosco School, Kokrajhar was another major event which marked the beginning of this year. Established about a decade ago by Fr. VM Thomas SDB, Founder Director of Don Bosco Institute, Guwahati, the Amguri of those days was just a relief camp sheltering several hundreds of riot victims of ethnic conflict in the BTAD region. But today the story is completely different...there stands today in the exact spot the beautiful Don Bosco School, Amguri as a beacon of light, imparting knowledge, skills and values to the most deprived sections of children; offering them quality education at an affordable cost. In pursuance of our efforts to improve the quality of our educational services, Don Bosco Institute, Guwahati in collaboration with Childaid Network Accompaniment Team at Bosco Institute, Jorhat and Pratham Education Foundation organized six days of capacity building of CARE teachers on combined activities for maximized learning [CAMAL] pedagogy

with focus on maths and English teaching. Representatives from 31 CARE centres attended the training with their coordinators and managers, making the workshop a great success. As quality has no limits, we still have a long way to go to realise the dreams. ‘'Excellence is not act but a habit' says Aristotle. The ‘Smart School Tool Training’ workshop organized at our institute for teachers of 30 schools was yet another milestone in the direction of making our schools tech-friendly, efficient and professional. The rapid advancement of technology and the challenge to integrate it in our educational system continues to remain a tough task before the teachers who attended this programme. As Don Bosco was always at the vanguard of progress, it was a call to update the school information system with the latest datas and details, thus taking our schools a step closer to the target of excellence. The new year was also new in many regards, because it witnessed the arrival and departures of a few at DBI. While Fr. Ignatius Gari and Fr. Paul Rabha have moved to take up new assignments at Amguri and DBSTI, Tezpur, respectively, Fr. Pojiot Marak joined DBI as its new Deputy Director. We offer our deep sense of appreciation and gratitude to Fr. Ignatius and Fr. Paul for their unflinching dedicated service to Don Bosco Institute and its mission. And we welcome whole heartedly Fr. Pojit Marak to the institute and wish him long years of ministry for and with the young. Don Bosco Institute continues to be a bustling centre for the youth of Northeast region who wants to pursue their dreams, build and shape their lives. Well, the secret of this vibrant spirit and culture of joy can simply be summed up in Don Bosco’s own words “Its enough for me to know you are young, for me to love you’. Don Bosco’s own belief in the young people and their trust in Don Bosco, their friend is simply the ‘mantra’ of their joy as well as success.

March 2017

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Editorial Sr. Anna Molly Thekkanal FMA Deputy Director, Education Deptt., DBI

To make a difference we need to think globally and act locally!

The theme for International Women’s Day 2017 is ‘Be Bold For Change’. It's an encouraging invitation to people from all walks of life to take every possible step to realize the dream of gender equality. It's an active message that vibrates all over. International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the social, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender uniformity. Thus International Women's Day is all about unity, celebration, reflection, advocacy and action - whatever that looks like globally is done at a local level. The original aim – to achieve full gender equality for women, the world – has still not been realized. A gender gap persists across the globe and women are still not present in equal numbers in business or politics. Figures show that globally, women’s education, health and violence towards women is still worse than that of men. One of the outstanding women personalities of our time who made a remarkable change is Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who became a symbol of love, care and compassion for the world. She served the unwanted, unloved and uncared people of the world. She led all her life serving the poorest of the poor. She was a ray of hope for many, including the aged, the destitute, the unemployed, the diseased, the terminally ill, and those abandoned by their families We have another prominent woman leader in the person of



Indira Gandhi. Popularly known as the ‘Iron Lady of India’, Indira Gandhi earned a formidable reputation across the globe as a ‘statesman’. Her sheer sense of politics and exceptional skills elevated her position in the Indian politics, so much that she went on to become the first woman elected to head a democratic country. We together can start with the empowerment right at home, we don’t need to learn a lesson for it. For instance we can encourage the ladies at our home, our mothers, sisters, and wives to pursue their dreams and excel in their career. A wholehearted support, be it however trivial, will boost their self confidence and will have a transforming impact on the women’s way of life. They can only come out of the pathetic situations that we humans have created. On this day, sentiments are expressed about the power of women and many quotes and poems were dedicated to women. It is really nice to have a special day for women where they are glorified to a point of being honored, awarded, and appreciated. Women empowerment lies in honoring and treating women with respect. Women should also identify their strengths and abilities, and move towards a world of empowerment. On this Women’s Day, let us all promise to create a better world to live in .Let us create this awareness in our youth and children today.

JourNEI 2017 February 24, 2017:Don Bosco Institute of Management organized its Management Fest JourNEI 2017 on the theme “Unleash the Young Mind". The theme insists on the power of imagination and the power of a dream. Each one of us possesses magnetic capabilities like that of the earth and hence our reality becomes aligned to what we aspire to be. It was aimed at discovering the hidden talents of MBA students. The program was attended by nearly 150 graduate students from several colleges in the city of Guwahati. An initiative on behalf of the Director, Students and Faculty fraternity proved to be a boon for the students. The fest had given a chance for management students to exhibit their talents in terms of both management and cultural activities. Such events help in the overall development of students in various dimensions. The fest started off with the inauguration by Fr. (Dr.) Zacharias, Rector of Don Bosco Provincial House, Guwahati who was the chief guest for the day. He delivered an inspiring speech which focused on the importance of seizing the opportunity in one's professional and personal life. He said that each day our life presents a unique opportunity to learn something new about ourselves and the world around us. He further said that we must seize any opportunity by being open minded and dedicated to improving oneself in every stage of life. There were 12 events such as Debate, Stock Market, Quiz, Football 5x5, Case Study, Business Plan Unplugged Band, etc. The evening was lit up with the dance competition and concluded with the valedictory function. The valedictory function was graced by Dr. Dimpy Mahanta, Head of Department (Psychology) Cotton College, who congratulated the organizing team for the initiative and the success of the fest. There were many winners for various events in JourNEI. Certificates were handed over to all the prize winners of various events by the chief guest at the valedictory function along with other respected dignitaries. March 2017

| 05

FEAST OF DON BOSCO January 31, 2017: Uniting with the entire Salesian World, Don Bosco Institute celebrated the Feast of St. John Bosco, the founder of the Salesian Society in a fitting manner. Don Bosco’s love for the young and his educative method the ‘Preventive System’ were the highlights of the day. The function was held on a well decorated stage at the Manas Terrace. The choir welcomed the gathering with a hymn to Don Bosco. This was followed by the hoisting of the Don Bosco flag and paying floral homage to Don Bosco by the dignitaries of the day. Fr. Johnson Parackal, Rector and Executive Director, DBI in his welcome message highlighted



the life of Don Bosco and stressed on the importance of living his spirit today. He spoke about Don Bosco’s love for young people and invited them to follow Don Bosco’s example. Fr. Bivan Mukhim then presented the biographical sketch of Don Bosco. The speeches given by representatives of different department were very inspiring and impressive. On this occasion, the Institute felicitated Mr. Alakesh and Mrs. Angela, the newly wedded couple and wished them happy long married life. The festive mood continued through the whole day long. Various games and activities were organized in order to add colour to the celebration.

ALUMNI MEET January 28, 2017: DBIM organised the first ever Alumni Meet at its campus on the theme ‘Reunite, Retrace, Reminisce’. The event saw a big number of alumni from the 6 batches participating in the event making the occasion a resounding success. The event also witnessed the participation of the exstaff members of DBIM. Shri Shantikam Hazarika, Founder Director of Assam Institute of Management, was the Chief Guest and Fr. VM Thomas, Founder Director of Don Bosco Institute, was the Guest of Honour. At the very outset, Fr. Johnson Parackal, Rector DBIM, welcomed the distinguished guests and the alumni and presented them with a golden DBI scarf as a mark of welcome. The current MBA students performed a wonderful dance and a song for their alums. The highlight of the entire program was however the sharing of experiences by the past pupil. One alumni commented that 2 years of MBA was too short a duration. The formal program was followed by a sumptuous dinner and a jam session thereafter.

REPUBLIC DAY January 26, 2017: Don Bosco Institute celebrated the 68th Republic Day event with great pomp and gaiety. The ceremony began with the flag hoisting and song of the National Anthem. Fr. Amalraj, Secretary, North East Education Council was the Chief Guest on the occasion.

politics. The Chief Guest strongly believed in the youth of today to bring about a better tomorrow. Fr. Bivan Mukhim, Assistant Director, DBI proposed the vote of thanks. The Chief Guest also garlanded the statue of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of our Nation. This way, everyone paid the

At the outset of the programme Fr. Johnson Parackal, Rector and Executive Director, DBI greeted everyone, wishing them a very happy Republic Day and praised the country for what it has become. He called upon the young people who were present at the flag hoisting ceremony to become leaders of the country. The Chief Guest Fr. Amalraj in his Republic Day message encouraged the youth of today to join March 2017

| 07

floral homage. Patriotic song like “Sare Jahan Se Accha”, “Into that Heaven of Freedom My Father, Let my Country awake”, etc were sung by the students of DBI on the occasion. Speeches were given in three different languages by the students in: Assamese, Hindi and English. The Day reminded us of the birth of our constitution which today, we, its citizens have the capacity to live our lives free, to dream big, to love and to usher in patriotism. Jai Hind!

HANDING OVER OF DON BOSCO, AMGURI February 14, 2017: A function was organised by Don Bosco Institute, Guwahati in order to hand over Don Bosco School, Amguri to Don Bosco Community, Kokrajhar. During the function, Fr.VM Thomas SDB, Provincial, Province of Guwahati congratulated Fr. Johnson Parackal SDB, Rector and Executive Director and his team of Don Bosco Institute for nurturing its growth and development over the past 15 years and more. He also thanked Fr. Damian, Rector and his team of Don Bosco School, Kokrajhar for graciously accepting Don Bosco School, Amguri and assuring to take it to a greater heights of excellence. It was an



occasion in which Fr. Provincial handed over the Picture of the Holy Father Pope Francis, where Bro. Michael Lynch SDB of Australia, presenting a Salesian Calendar to the Holy Father depicting the School children of DBS Amguri. Present on the occasion were Sr. Elizabeth George FMA, Provincial, Fr. Siby SDB, Principal, Don Bosco School, Bengtol, and Sisters of Handmaids of Mary, who are part of Don Bosco School, Amguri. The items presented by the students added colour to the function. Everyone dispersed after the delicious lunch.


A BOSCOM South Asia Initiative January 28, 2017: Don Bosco Youth Film Festival of India 2017 (DBYFFI) was held at the Don Bosco Institute campus. The festival started with the words of welcome by Fr. Johnson Parackal SDB, Rector and Executive Director, DBI. Fr. Robert Simon, Coordinator Don Bosco Youth Animation South Asia (DBYASA) was the Chief Guest on the occasion. While addressing the gathering, Fr. Johnson said,“Films can be a powerful medium to communicate, educate, and inspire young people.” The chief guest while speaking mentioned that the films could bring about social changes. He gave an example of the recent political turmoil in Tamil Nadu and drew conclusion on how the youth power could bring changes in the political phase of the state.

The programme started with the lighting of the lamp. Followed by a promo was shown and there were 24 short films which were serially screened and evaluated to the youth on that day. The films were inspiring and motivating. The spirit of the festival was to give the youth new hopes, optimism, joy and positive energy.

TEACHER EFFECTIVENESS TRAINING (TET) March 01, 2017: A three-day Teacher Effectiveness Training was held from January to March for the Teachers from different Schools. There were altogether 229 teachers trained in different groups. The participating schools were St. Mary’s School Diphu, Don Bosco School Tura, Don Bosco School Rangajan, St. Anthony’s LP School Shillong, Don Bosco School Sojong, Don Bosco School, Baithalangso, Don Bosco School Karbirongsopi, Don Bosco School Satgaon, Holy Child Home Academy Sojong, Don Bosco School, Malavita and Don Bosco School, Ouguri. Sr. Anna Molly, the Programme Secretary coordinated the training from time to time.

Rani Brahma. They conducted the sessions on Qualities of a Professional Teacher, Effective Classroom Management, Teaching Techniques, Tips for Effective Teaching, A Smart Teacher, Child Psychology and Behavioural Issues of Children in the Classroom, Effective Classroom Communication, etc. Mr. Ravi John Hembrom

The Resource Persons were Fr. Johnson Parackal, Rector and Executive Director DBI, Sr. Anna Molly, Deputy Director, Education Department and Fr. Bivan Mukhim, Assistant Director and Ms March 2017

| 09

animated the participants with lively warm up sessions which boosted them to actively participate in the sessions. During the concluding session the Participants expressed their sentiments of gratitude. They said, “We express our heartfelt thanks to DBI, where we experienced and learnt a lot from the sessions. During these days of training, we have learnt how to be a

professional teacher and use different methods/ techniques of teaching which we can implement in our profession as a teacher. We were all overjoyed and now we have a positive attitude towards our profession. We have gained a lot through these sessions which now helps us in believing in ourselves to be a competent professional. Lastly, we are very grateful to all the Resource Persons who made us realize how to be a good teacher.”

‘CARE’ TEACHERS TRAINING March 13, 2017: One of the main concerns of Don Bosco Youth and Educational Services (DBYES) is to care for the youth and children at risk. The Children At Risk Education (CARE) Programme, which caters to providing education at 64 centres in 5 different locations of Kokrajhar and Udalguri Districts. DBI in collaboration with Childaid Network Accompaniment Team at Bosco Institute, Jorhat and Pratham Education Foundation organized 6 days of capacity building on Combined Activities for Maximized Learning (CAMAL) pedagogy with focus to Maths and English teaching. A representative each from 31 CARE centres attended the training. Cluster coordinators, project coordinator and project managers were also present for the training. Team members from Child Aid Network Accompaniment Team was also present throughout. The programme was held at Don Bosco Institute, Guwahati from March 07–12,



2017. The teachers expressed that the training was one of its kind to help them learn through activities that are simple but very educative. They have shared that they are now confident and hope to give their best to students as they feel competent with the methodology.

A WORKSHOP ON LEADERSHIP, TEAM MANAGEMENT AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS March 25, 2017: A workshop on Leadership, Team Management and Communication Skills was held at Bosco Institute, Jorhat from March 22-24, 2017. It was organized by Don Bosco Institute and Childaid Network initiated by Robert Ewers and Momee Pegu, facilitated by Dr. Malte Martensen (Professor of Human Resource and Organizational Behavior from Berlin, Germany). Twenty participants participated in the workshop from various organizations like (DBI, CAN YOUTH, A I D A , N E D A N , R I G B O , T H E A N T, S N E H A L AY A, and D O N B O S C O MALIGAON). Fr. Jerry and Fr. Vincent from Bosco Institute were the ‘Perfect Host’ in accommodating the participants and providing them the best hospitality that could be offered. Fr. Pojit Marak and Miss Rani Brahma from DBI participated in the workshop and they found the workshop very inspiring and motivating and

expressed their desire to use some of the case study concepts in their work. All the participants were very enthusiastic and eager to learn and ready to implement the knowledge they had gained during the workshop. The outcome of the workshop was very positive and fulfilling.

DBSEM ‘SMART SCHOOL’ TOOLS TRAINING March 12, 2017: A three-day Smart School Tools Training Programme was organized by DBSEM at Don Bosco Institute for teachers of ING province from March 09 -11, 2017. Two trainers, Mr. Gnana Prakash and Mr. Arul Jothi from Bosco Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Chennai conducted the three-day Training Programme.

Fr. Johnson Parackal SDB, Rector and Director DBI, welcomed the Trainers and the Trainees with an encouraging speech on ‘Advancement of Technologies, making Life easier and Transparent’. The Program was a learning experience for the participants.

There were 33 participants from 26 Don Bosco Schools of Guwahati Province. The three day training programme was conducted for the purpose of efficient administration and transparent functioning of the schools as recommended by the 17th Salesian Provincial Chapter 2016.

March 2017

| 11

YOUTH CARE PROGRAMME March 01, 2017 : Youth has the potential to make things happen, but they are also vulnerable to misuse their potentials and so they need some guidance and help to discover their hidden potentials for their holistic growth and development. Youth Care Department activities form an integral part of DBI with the motto “Building DreamsShaping Lives”. It offers opportunities to students from schools/colleges to explore their untapped potentials, training in employable skills, and leisure time activities combined with leadership and value education that will empower them to be responsible and committed leaders in society. There were a total number of 336 students from four schools namely Auxilium Convent School Kokrajhar, Don Bosco School Sojong and Baitholongso, Don Bosco School Satgaon & Karbirongsopi and Don Bosco English Medium School Bahari attended the Programme in February 2017.

Experience Sharing I have learned many good things in DBI. The days were of memorable experiences and learning. I have learnt about the importance of time and punctuality. Moreover, through various topics like Time Management , Impact of Media on Youth, Personality Development, Leadership qualities, Goal setting, Coping with Adolescence Life, etc. were taken by different resource persons was a new insight and learning for my life especially with a student. Besides the input sessions, we also had various co-curricular activities like games, singing, dancing , group activities, morning walk to Ramsai hill and cultural programme together with DBI students which I enjoyed the most. I want to thank the Fathers, Sisters and teachers who have helped me to build up my self confidence. I am proud to be a part of DBI. Long Live DBI….!!! Toni Basumatary, Class 10 In the beginning of the spring season, I was lucky to receive love and honour from Don Bosco Institute (DBI). It is truly a place of transformation for thousands of young people like us. I have experienced that the institute helps and trains the young students to become the leaders for better tomorrow. I am inspired and motivated by DBI. Thank you and Long Live DBI!!! Betuel. M. Sangma, St. Paul’s School, East Garo Hills, Meghalaya



INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY March 08, 2017: Uniting with the entire women’s world Don Bosco Institute also celebrated the International Women’s Day 2017 on the theme: ‘BE BOLD FOR CHANGE’. The celebration started with the opening prayer followed by an inspirational message and a short story by Fr. Johnson Parackal, Rector and Executive Director, DBI. He laid emphasis on the importance of the day and why it should be celebrated. During the gathering many staff and student representatives we re g i ve n a c h a n c e t o s p e a k a n d t h e y acknowledged the contributions made by the women in their various capacities in different fields such as Educational, Political, social, economical, spiritual etc. towards progress and development. Ma n y h i g h l i g h t e d o n t h e e x t r a o rd i n a r y accomplishments of women, who have achieved great things in life.

DBIM - CULTURAL DAY February18, 2017: The DBIM Cultural Day organized by the 1st year MBA students was held at Faith Dome. All the students dressed in their respective cultural costumes came prepared to celebrate the day with great pomp and gaiety. The main purpose of the day was to learn to respect and appreciate the culture of each other and thus unite the different tribes and culture. The main guests were Fr. Johnson Parackal, Rector and Director DBI, Sr. Anna Molly, Deputy Director Education Department, Bro. Martin, Madam Swabera, all the faculty members and the MBA students. The

Programme began with the Khasi group song as the opening chorus followed by a message from Fr. Johnson. The day went ahead with games and other cultural activities. And finally the announcement and crowning of Mr. and Miss DBIM, who were Russell Pariat and Myanbeni Tsanglao, where both won the title by getting the maximum number of votes from the audience. The whole program was filled with excitement and fun with the participation of all the students and the presence of the Rector and all the faculty members.

March 2017

| 13

A GOLDEN WEEK IN MUMBAI-GOA January 10, 2017: The MBA students had an exposure trip to Mumbai and Goa from January 0309, 2017. It was indeed a “Golden week of the year”. Each moment of the trip created a big moment of life, a week of exposure to the beautiful places, Mumbai and Goa, has made the students realize all the possibilities and opportunities that could or had

never thought of. Visits to places like Elephanta Caves, Museum, the Gateway of India, Boat rides is once in a student’s lifetime opportunity, with a single chance of enjoying such sites amongst a group of enthusiastic students. A one day enjoyment in Imagica Theme Park was the highlight of the days spent in Mumbai.

AGCL GRADUATION March 07, 2017:There were 94 students from different Domains who completed their skill training in Aviation, Beauty & Spa, Motor Mechanics, ISMO (Industrial Sewing Machine Operator), Ser vice Engineering, Hotel Management were awarded certificates today at a Graduation ceremony held at Faith Dome in Don



Bosco Institute (DBI), Guwahati. Mr. Surya Tamuli, Deputy General Manager, Technical Service AGM, (Assam Gas Company), was the Chief Guest on the occasion. Mr. C.J. Saud, Senior Accountant, Mrs.Mamoni Barpatra Goswami, Company Secretary, and Mrs.Dulan Chapa, Administrative Officer, were the Guests of Honour.

SUCCESS STORIES (BSM) Hospitality: Moajungla Sangtam is a girl from a very poor family in a village called Chare in Tuensang District of Nagaland. Her father is a farmer and her mother is a house wife. Her parents were unable to support her. Moajungla came to know about the NERLP Progamme in Don Bosco Institute, Guwahati and took training in Hospitality domain. After the training she was placed in Hotel Merlin International, Trissur, Kerala as a Steward with an Initial Salary of Rs. 8000 only. Now she is doing well and within few months she will be promoted as a Captain. She is thankful to DBI in shaping her career. Beauty & Spa: Lufina Soktung (Daimary) was born and brought up in a village called Hagramari, District, Udalguri, Assam. Her mother had expired when she was very small and her father got married again. Since then she was left with her uncle and studied up to class 8. She joined for EGM Programme in DBI, and undergone the training in Beauty & Spa domain. She got selected in L’Occitan Spaas as a SPA therapist staff with an initial monthly stipend of Rs. 1500/- with food & accommodation free. At present she is working in Elle Spa, Novotel, Goa Shream Resort as Senior Spa Therapist with the salary of Rs. 17000/-. She is ever grateful to Don Bosco Institute for what she is today.


February 8, 2017: On this day DBI welcomed Fr. Pojit Marak as the new Deputy Director of Don Bosco Institute. Miss Pinky along with the students greeted and presented him with a welcome song, followed by the DBI clap. Fr. Johnson Parackal, Rector and Executive Director welcomed him in the DBI style with a Gamosha, DBI scarf, and a Panchee and assured him support in his new assignment. Fr. Pojit Marak thanked everyone for the grand welcome and said that he came here to learn and grow like everyone else for there is no limit to age in learning. After the speech the students led by Miss Pinky appreciated him with a Salesian clap. Fr. Bivan Mukhim, Assistant Director, DBI proposed the vote of thanks and extended his profound thanks and gratitude towards Fr. Pojit Marak.

YOUTH RETREAT February 26, 2017: Don Bosco Institute organized a two-day Prayer experience called MOTUS CHRISTI starting from February 25 - 26, 2017 for the Catholic students in the form of Talks, Reflection and Prayer on the theme, ‘How to Live Holiness in the Present Times.’ The Retreat conducted by Rev Fr. Fernando, Sr. Salome & Sr. Teensha, a team belonging to Idente Society. There were around 50 young boys and girls participated in the Retreat held in the Faith Dome. March 2017

| 15

Experience Sharing Christ the Healer of our Soul I am thrilled to share about my experience during the two days of retreat preached by the Idente Society. I experienced so much of inner joy within me. During the retreat I realized that the soul is more important than the body. Christ is the only one who can heal both body and soul. Is it possible to live in prayer for 24 hours? Yes, it is. Do everything in the presence of Christ with love. My experience during the retreat helped me to build up my spiritual life, to live in Christ, with Christ and for Christ. Aipdiang Lyngdoh

HEALTH CARE CAMP February 25, 2017: The Hetero Herpetology Medical Department organized a day of medical camp for the students of Don Bosco Institute, Guwahati. Over 100 students had the medical checkup. The testing was done mainly for the diagnosis of the decease of ‘Hepatitis’.

DBI –A HOME AWAY FROM HOME March 15, 2017: Don Bosco Institute is a ‘Home Away From Home’ for the young people to build up dreams and shape their lives. Currently there are about 200 students residing in the hostel. They have come from different parts of the country forgetting all their differences and begin to live like members of a vast family. It is a place where every youth is accommodated irrespective of their caste & creed. The poorest feels equal to the richest and the richest feels equal to the poorest. During these past few



months various activities and programmes were being conducted at the institute to make the students discover their skills and abilities in different ways. The hostel assistants take keen interest and great care to make the students alive, courageous, active, responsible, competent, etc. Programmes like individual talent show, group efficiency projects, dance competition, singing competition, basketball match, volleyball match are conducted from time to time to help them realize and discover their strength and potentials. Regular morning walk, social work, morning assembly, evening prayer, etc. create a sense of responsibility for themselves.

PICNIC January 21, 2017 : The first year MBA students of DBIM accompanied by the staff Sir Bikash Kalita and Ma’am Arpita went for a picnic to Rani (Kapili) on which is located in Kamrup, Guwahti. The Rani area is a major picnic spot where the Kapili stream flows through the rocky hills with elegance and flows down to the plains where it becomes the Kapili River. It is a beautiful place to visit. Everyone really enjoyed the day of being together and it was one of the memorable days to cherish.

VISIT OF PROF. DR. DANIEL WERNER March 07, 2017: Prof. Dr. Daniel Werner from Business Administration Department of Hof University (University of Applied Science), Germany visited Don Bosco Institute of Management, Guwahati, Assam as part of his official visit to Assam Don Bosco University. The objective of his visit was to benefit from the varied biodiversity and cultural richness of the state of Assam and other parts of India and to have inter – exchange in the field of Education and Research particularly in Business Administration. Prof. Dr. Daniel Werner had an interactive session with the MBA students during the morning assembly. He also met the faculty members

separately. During the session he also proposed a students’ exchange programme between the two Institutions and for publication of various Research Journals.

VISIT BY FRANCIS DE SALES UNIVERSITY February 27, 2017: A team of professors from Francis De Sales University, Pennsylvania, USA visited Don Bosco Institute of Management led by Fr. Peter, the director of the university. During the brief interaction between the professors and the students, many issues were discussed including student exchange programme, MBS curriculum and a host of other topics. During a brief meeting of representatives of Francis De Sales led by Fr. Peter, prominent issues as to how student exchange programme works, applying for further studies, visa issues, insights into their MBA curriculum were discussed. Interactions on the above issues took March 2017 |


place between the representatives of Francis De Sales University, faculty and students of DBIM. It is hoped that, Assam Don Bosco University may ink an MoA with the Francis De Sales University in the near future. Fr. Peter and his colleagues were warmly welcomed by our students and they exposed a great enthusiasm in working with our University.

VISIT OF THE NOVICES February 21, 2017: Sr. Rosa Pyngrope FMA, (Novice Mistress) along with 36 Novices of the Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco, Province of Shillong (INS) visited Don Bosco Institute, Guwahati. Fr. Johnson Parackal, Rector and Executive Director, DBI while speaking to the Novices highlighted on the importance of being good and competent in order to be effective in today’s changing world. He stressed mainly on three points such as the importance acquiring Knowledge, Skills and Attitude. The Novices paid heed to every word spoken by Fr. Johnson. They expressed their gratitude with few words followed by a song. After a sumptuous lunch they all returned to Shillong.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SR. KAREN NORONHA CCV March 14, 2017: DBI family gathered together in Amphitheatre to wish Sr.Karen a very happy birthday and many happy returns of the day. Fr.Johnson Parackal, Rector and Executive Director in his speech highlighted the qualities of Sr. Karen and wished her all the blessings and the very best in life on behalf of everyone. Sr. Karen expressed her sentiments of joy and profusely thanked all.

DBI CONGRATULATES !!! January 21, 2017: Hearty Congratulations to Mr.Alakesh & Mrs. Angela, Staff of Don Bosco Institute, Guwahati whose wedding was solemnized at St.Joseph’s Church, Chumukudima, Nagaland which was blessed by Fr. Sojan, Parish Priest and Fr. Johnson Parackal SDB, Rector and Executive Director, DBI in the presence of their parents, dear ones and well-wishers. 18



Mr. Paul Maheo

y Birthd a

February 25, 2017: With deep sentiments of gratitude, the DBI family gathered together to say ‘thank you’ and to ‘bid good bye’ to Mr. Paul Maheo, who was a staff member as well as a Hostel Assistant at DBI. He has served the Institute for the past three years. Fr. Johnson Parackal, Rector and Director of DBI family gratefully acknowledged his valuable contribution through committed services especially in music and singing. Sr. Anna Molly, Head of Education Department thanked Mr. Paul for his generous contributions to the Department.

From right: Fr. Paul Rabha SDB Mr. Birkhang Narzary Miss Ann Baby


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March 18, 2017 : A farewell programme was organized in DBI to express the deep sentiments of gratitude and great appreciation to Fr. Paul Rabha, Mr. Birkhang Narzary and Miss Ann Baby. The students expressed their gratitude by performing different items. Many shared their experiences in words of appreciation while living together in a very close knit relationship. Fr. Johnson Parackal, Rector and Executive Director, in his speech appreciated Fr. Paul for his remarkable service rendered to the youth in DBI. He also expressed his deep sentiments of gratitude to Mr. Birkhang and Miss Ann Baby and thanked them for their generous contributions to the Institute. The programme was followed by a lip smacking lunch for all the staff.

Fr. Ignatius Gari SDB


February 11, 2017: Don Bosco Family bid farewell to Fr. Ignatius Gari, Deputy Director in a simple but meaningful way. This was followed by the speech of Fr. Johnson Parackal, Rector and Executive Director, DBI. In his speech he highlighted on the qualities of Fr. Ignatius and spoke highly about him, the way he had been doing and was carrying out with his duties and responsibilities. He said, “Fr. Ignatius has been a great blessing to the Institute through his commitment to his work and has brought about a total change in the life of the students.” He added that the vacuum left by Fr. Ignatius will be difficult to be replaced by anyone.

Dear Sr. Jestin Jose Bhooteachang

PRAJWALL DAY March 19, 2017 : The Management students of Don Bosco Institute as usual organized the annual event known as ‘Prajjwall Day’ for the neighbourhood children of Joypur, Kharghuli. It was a great day of rejoicing and celebration for the children in and around DBI. On this day the children come together to showcase their creativity and explore their talents in various fields. Students who perform well in academics as well as in the other achievements of the bygone year are being

awarded. Fr. Amalraj, Secretary, North East Education Council officiated the function as the Chief Guest whereas Mr Pabitra Kalita, Branch Manager of Federal Bank was the Guest of Honour. Mr. Pbitra highly appreciated the Don Bosco Institute and encouraged the students to benefit maximum the opportunities provided by the institute. Around 200 children along with their parents were present on the occasion.

WELCOME GERMAN FRIENDS DBI family heartily welcomed the German friends Dr. Martin Kasper, Robert Ewers, Mr. Jochen Fortner, Mr. Stephan Bode, Julia and Julia in an evening get together as they have come here with the purpose of visiting as well as rendering their voluntary services. The students performed a few items to entertain them. 20


ENGLISH TEACHERS WORKSHOP MARCH 25, 2017: DBSEM organized a Workshop for English teachers at Don Bosco Institute, Guwahati. There were 54 English teachers from Guwahati, Karbi Anglong and Bhooteachang participated in the training..

which was provided by Mrs. Bannerjee. She highlighted on the current syllabus which is used by the Don Bosco Schools of Guwahati Province. She also equipped the teachers with some simple methods of teaching English.

The Workshop started with the lighting of the lamp by Fr. Johnson Parackal, Rector and Executive Director, DBI, Mrs. Soma Bannerjee, who is specialized in English was the resource person

Fr. Johnson in his concluding speech thanked Mrs. Banerjee for helping the teachers to realize the importance of being a teacher as they are responsible in shaping the lives of the children. He also thanked the Headword Publishers who sponsored the workshop.

The Workshop was fruitful, as the teachers found themselves more confident to deal with their class

GRADUATION March 30, 2017: At the conclusion of the short term courses, 129 students graduated in IT courses and Spoken English. Prof. Frank B. Bookken Lecturer, specialized in Computer Science, author of C++ Annotations and his wife Prof. Esther from Department of Psychology Groningen University, Netherlands, were the Chief Guests. Earlier, Fr. Johnson Parackal, Executive Director, DBI welcomed the Chief Guest and other guests.


Farewell of MBA 2015-17 ď Ž March 31, 2017

March 2017

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INAUGURATION AND BLESSING March 27, 2017: Don Bosco Vocational Training cum Production Centre, Amguri, Kokrajhar, a project of Don Bosco Institute, Guwahati was inaugurated jointly by Dr. Martin Kasper, President, Childaid Network, Germany and blessed by Fr. VM Thomas SDB, Salesian Provincial, Guwahati in the presence of other esteemed guests and friends. The centre is built with the support of BMZ, Germany, Childaid Network, Germany, and Dr. Jochen Fortner & Stephen Bode and Dr. Klaus & Maja Schumann. The Vocational Training cum Production Centre was initially started at Joypur near Amguri, Kokrajhar by Fr. V.M. Thomas with the help of many organisations like ASSA, ASSU on June 27, 2011. The goal of the Training Centre was to give vocational education to underprivileged youths of the area. To spread the light through different skills training like Tailoring, Weaving, Driving and Personality Development.



Amguri Training centre is a centre of life preparation established in a rural setting to train the most underprivileged and marginalized youth in sustainable skills. The DBI team entrusted to Don Bosco, Kokrajhar the task of preparation of the place and mobilization of youth. The contents of the training, the curriculum, the input sessions and the process of imparting skills are all geared up to help youth of the place to grow up, to build their dreams and shape their lives.

A THREE- FOLD CELEBRATION AT BBC March 30,2017 : Bosco Barefoot college ( BBC), Boko, a part of Don Bosco Institute Guwahati, organized a three- fold celebration to felicitate the thee Fatima Sisters, Sr. Margaret Mochahari, who is being transferred, Sr.Domitilla Rodrigues the new member who will be joining and Sr. Bastian D’Silva, who celebrated her Birthday. Fr. Johnson

Parackal, Rector and Executive DBI highly appreciated the Sisters for their great sacrifices and the commendable services to the college and to the people around . The students performed various items as a sign of gratitude for their dedicated services. Special invitees and guests were present on the occasion. It was a day well celebrated.

Graduation of AGCL sponsored Course

Sainik School, Goalpara at DBI

Inter Face March issue 2017  

Don Bosco Institute, Guwahati

Inter Face March issue 2017  

Don Bosco Institute, Guwahati