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Every Christmas reaffirms us that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life . Jn 3:16. God found no better way, no better language but ONLY ONE, BEST WAY His only Son to communicate with us, to be with us. Christmas is a celebration of Emmanuel 'God-with-us'.Christmas tells us what cost God to save the world. I remember some time ago while reading a book,a small paragraph caught my attention: 'Some men fighting a forest fire were being trapped without realizing it. An unknown airplane pilot, seeing their plight, risked his own life by flying low enough to drop weighted paper notes to these men. The notes told the men that they were trapped, that the pilot could see the way out, and that he would guide them to safety.The men believed his words and obeyed him instantly. They dropped their tools and followed their guide. He led them through a narrow, flamelined corridor and they all reached the high way safely'. It is interesting that the men did not stop to argue about the notes that came from above, to see whether notes were genuine. Neither did they try to find some other way out. They believed the only one who could view the whole scene and ran for their lives-and they were saved.

Sr. Sania Josephine Chakre Editor

God, who alone can view the whole scene of our life, sent His Son to save us and He calls on us to believe in His word. How futile it would be to try to find other ways out! Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, and the life . (Jn 14:6)God, no longer stay afar from humanity, its pain, suffering but came to be with us. Christmas is a time when our thoughts and deeds manifest the presence of God. Today, our relationship is challenged with the modern means of communication, so called virtual world. We are more and more getting accustom to virtual communication, instant messages even with someone who is just a few steps away from us, a person in a next door. We are busy connecting, building virtual relationship with people across the world and isolating someone next to us. In such life style, what Christmas has to say to each of us? Emmanuel God-with-us, invites us to be present to someone with our listening and understanding heart, with our loving look that encourages and transforms. Accepting this invitation of Emmanuel God-with us, let us enter into the New Year 2018, and make someone s life a little different and better.



Celebration of the 140 Anniversary of

First Missionary Expedition of FMA to America on November 14, 1877



Auxilium Dimapur



Experience with the First FMA Missionaries in North East, India It was my father who use to read the Bible to us at home and the word “Go to the whole world …” captured my attention. As a child I always wanted to leave my sweet home, my loving parents, brothers, sisters, known people, language, food habits etc. to an unknown place as early as possible to save souls for Christ. The Lord’s intervention DECEMBER 2017 |


came in July 1956 in the person of Sr. Rina Collusi who came to Kerala in search of vocation for Assam mission. Oh! My heart leaped for joy because my desire to go far

away from home as a missionary finally came! I arrived to the so called Assam (N.E India) in July 1956 with the desire to save souls by preaching, teaching and baptizing people, imagining myself standing on the top of a mountain with a bucket of water and I did not have any other thought. From Guwahati Jesus took me to Shillong, and placed me among the Salesian Sisters who spoke Italian and English in Ganesh Das Government Hospital, where they were giving their loving service. They were missionaries so full of the spirit of sacrifice, of love for the poor and the sick, they were always available. I never heard any of them complain or grumble. They baptized the dying people and prepared them for a happy death. Catholic patients were given special care for the reception of the last sacrament. The Sisters attended to all the emergencies and took very little time for themselves. They were very active, prayerful and very clear of what Jesus said “Love your nieghbour as yourself”. I watched them without talking. I participated in all their community activities and learnt very fast whatever they were doing. I learnt from them to be selfless and precise in fulfilling my duties. In the hospital, I baptized those who were in danger of death or called for the sacrament, I whispered into the ear of the dying “Jesus, Mary and Joseph” and held their dying hands, closed their eyes and mouth. I was very careful that no babies in children’s Ward die without baptism. Though I was not able to speak any language, I used the language of love and made myself available like the Sisters with my smile, and I was nick named “the nurse everywhere like the presence of God”. The Sisters involved me in their work of salvation and never left me alone. They loved me, took care of me and I experienced the love of Jesus in them. The superior was Sr. Clotilde Apiano, one of the 6 pioneers. She told me to do everything

for the salvation of souls. Every day I had to give an account to her of all that I saw, spoke and did, my success and failures, then she would advise me. I never knew I was an Aspirant, Postulant among them. I spoke very little, smiled, prayed with devotion, worked very hard, ever ready for anything to complete in the community. Superior Clotilde tested me to see if I had Salesian religious vocation. So she askedme to write home and tell my papa to come and take me home to become a cloistered nun as I was not talking. What a sorrow it was! But the Sacred Heart of Jesus inspired me to tell her that I would start to talk from that day and not go home. I begged her to keep me at least as a working girl in the house. She agreed. I began to make effort to talk and now I have to make effort not to talk. Miracle! I served in Ganesh Das Hospital for 17 long years with the missionaries observing their good example of authentic Salesian life according to the charism of Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello. On Sundays one or two Sisters would be free from the hospital duty to go for oratory or house visits. Superior Clotilde would go to one house at Pynthorumkra to teach catechism to a khasi woman. She always took me as her companion, a walking stick to climb the hill. She used to stop every now and then to breathe but not to make me realize her difficulties in climbing, she would tell me “look around how beautiful is God’s creation, enjoy looking at them.” And then she would regain her breath. I understood DECEMBER 2017 |


this later on. She told me to sit with that woman and learn Khasi prayer. I still remember those prayers taught by superior Clotilde. Living and working like Jesus according to our charism using our personal gift was what united us. I came to understand from the Italian missionaries that we came together for a mission and our commitment to the mission gave us enthusiasm to make sacrifices willingly. God’s will and the good of the people are what matter and not our likes and dislikes, our comfort and discomfort. Loving, happy, simple and hospitable communities, capable of relating with different types of people, creating good rapport will bring more achievements to our mission than the show of our ability in organizing and administration. The pioneering missionaries of 1923 were not highly educated with degrees and modern formation but they gave me a formation to continue my religious life as a missionary following their example. I assisted and took care most of them at their last breath and placed them in the coffin. The words of Pope Francis “I am a mission on this earth, and for this reason, I find myself in this world. We need to recognize ourselves



as marked by the fire of this mission to illumine, bless, vivify, uplift, heal, free” (EG n.273) was truly lived with the missionaries. My experience with them constantly gave me an urge to get out of myself, overcoming all barriers and blocks with courage even if I had to get into dangerous situations, at times with pain and misunderstandings to take God’s love to people in the refugee camps. My 61 years as a Salesian religious is one of joyful fulfillment and I have no regrets or remorse. I have given a full measure of the talents God gave me though at times my human weakness spoiled the pages of my story. But I trust in the mercy of God. I am loved by him. So I am happy and in peace and that’s why I always cherish the hymn “Christ be near at either hand …” as it applies so well to the life of a missionary for without Christ no one can do anything worthwhile here on earth. Mission is of the Lord. It is He who is doing with our collaboration. Therefore my message to the present generation is to “have the attitude of Humility, openness to God’s will, Spirit of Sacrifice, hard work without looking for reward and to be other centered” Sr. Elizabeth Edattukaran, a Valiant Missionary and Evangelizer



Provincial Community Day In the historical context of the 140 t h Anniversary of the First Missionary Expedition the Provincial Community Day, 2017 was celebrated on 30 Oct, at Auxilium Provincial House with the theme “To Proclaim and Witness� with an intense one month preparation, coordinated by Sr. Gothorp Mabel, Vice Provincial.



“Let us journey ahead with hands joined in prayer, with hearts united for a common mission in the Lord's vineyard, with feet steady on a common journey with no stops until we reach our goal, with eyes open to see Jesus in everyone, becoming the voice of the voiceless and little ones and with ears attentive to hearken to the voice of the Master” said Sr. Elizabeth George, the Provincial giving a befitting tone at the conclusion of the celebration. Visit of Rector Major: On November 10, 2017, Rev. Fr. Angel Fernandez Artime, SDB, Rector Major celebrated Holy Mass in Auxilium Provincial House. Good number of Sisters from neighbouring communities had the joy of taking part in the celebration and greeting him personally. In his homily, he encouraged the Sisters not to be afraid of facing difficulties or hard times for the good of the poor. Together with Pope Francis, he invited those present to wake up the world. people see us as happy religious and let them know that our happiness comes from encountering the Lord. Let your joy be profound, a joy that comes from the Lord. Said Rector Major during the short informal meeting'. Novice Mistress Meet in Rome:

The most personal, happy and exciting moment was the single photo session with the Rector Major. After the short felicitation Rector Major reminded everyone present saying, 'Joy was the outstanding characteristic of Mornese and Valdocco. The Joy expressed by Mother Mazzarello and the first Sisters was not something superficial but a profound joy, joy which radiates from their encounter with God. Dear Sisters, let

Encounter of the Novice Formators was held from Oct 1-20, 2017 in Rome for 26 Novice Mistress from various parts of the world with the theme, “At the root of a perpetual vitality, the Constitutions, a Life Plan that Forms and Transform”, organized by Sr. Nieves Maria Reboso the Councillor General for Formation, Sr. Maria Fischella, Sr. Monica Menegusi and Sr. Miranda Analfreda from formation sector, Rome. Meeting and workshop for novice formators supplemented by reflection, prayer, sharing. DECEMBER 2017 |


Constitutions. On the 9th of Oct. we had the opportunity of encountering other formators of the different Congregations gathered from all over the world at Vatican organized by the School Sisters of Notre Dame for “New approach to Initial Formation. It was eye opener for us to know the struggle for vocations in the various parts of the world, and the effort made by the Congregations to strengthen the initial formation of the It has enriched us to continue to implement candidates, according to changing signs of the beautiful and demanding journey of the times. I am grateful to Sr. Elizabeth service with which the Institute has George, Provincial for giving me this unique entrusted to us. experience Much time was spent in working out on the elaboration of some articles of the Auxilium Junior College, Goalpara

Auxilium Dotma





Little Flower, Dibrugarh

the impact of Media in the life of young people especially. The participants were kept active through various activities and group works. The group work came up with lots of creativity and originality. Every Flood Relief session came to an end with suspense for the On 31 st August, Little Flower Higher eager mind of the vibrant candidates to look Secondary School, Dibrugarh took an extra forward for the next session. (Postulants) mile to Bogibil to extend our help to the The Aspirants' Annual Spiritual flood victims. Students made good Retreat: contributions under the guidance of the Sisters and teachers. Sr. Potteparambil Tessy, the Principal, Sr. Banning Cicilia Rapunga and three teachers along with the school Captains and some students from classes XI and XII went to three villages: Bin patty, Morapatty and Bak - khabi and distributed rice, dhal, salt, medicines, clothes, biscuits and some stationary things. We were accompanied by some political leaders, journalist and three policemen to show us the way and extend their help. The people were happy and grateful for the kind The Annual Spiritual Retreat for the gestures shown to them. The students had a Aspirants of St. Mary's Maligaon was held good experience and some of them were from October 3-6, animated by Fr. Francis moved to see the sufferings of the people. Kalari with the theme “Power of the word of Sr. Cicilia Rapunga God�.

Maligaon Media Seminar Three days Media Seminar was conducted for the Candidates of St. Mary's Maligaon by Sr. Sania Josephine, Province Media Coordinator from 1st to 3rd Nov. The long awaited and desire of the 41 Candidates were satiated through exciting sessions on DECEMBER 2017 |


It was a refreshing and renewing days, deepening and reflecting on the parables of Jesus, - the parable of the Good Samaritan, parable of the sower, the woman at the well, the blind Bartimaeus, the Canaanite woman, the call of Mathew etc. along with short and inspiring video clips. Cecilia and Gaipuilu (Postulant)

20 New POSTULANTS On 7th October, 20 Aspirants received the Postulant's medal from Sr. Runita Borza, the General Councilor for Youth Pastoral, in the presence of Sr. Elizabeth George, Provincial and many Sisters from neighboring communities of Guwahati. The prayer service for the occasion was made prayerful with the theme, “I am the Vine, and you are the branches�, inviting the new Postulants to abandon themselves into the hand of the 'Divine Vine Dresser' as they enter into another step in their journey.

with a traditional aronai (shawl). Sr. Runita expressed her appreciation for the cultures of North-East. She specially pointed out the love and talent that North East people have for music to which everyone is attuned. A short but intense time together ended with family dinner. Monica and Helena Haokip

Saikia Nikita Clare(Postulant) Welcoming the PCI Youth delegates St. Mary's Maligaon was privileged to welcome Sr. Runita Borja, the General World Day of the poor Councilor for Youth Pastoral together with seven Provincials of Indian and the Youth 16 Sisters of Shillong and Guwahati delegates on 29th, October. They were welcomed by the candidates in traditional attire and steps and led to the hall. 13 tribes of North- East were presented with rhythmic steps and song wishing them in different dialects. Every Sister was greeted

Provinces began the first phase of 2nd Novitiate on December 20, 2017 with the celebration of Holy Eucharist officiated by Fr. Tom Karthikapallil SDB, Rector of Salesian College, at Mazzarello Study Home, Dimapur.



Auxilium College, Udalguri Inauguration of Auxilium College Auxilium Junior College, Udalguri added a feather to its cap as it was upgraded to Degree College, rechristening it as Auxilium College. The College is affiliated to Bodoland University, Kokrajhar. The official inaugural ceremony of the College was held on Aug 21, 2017. Present for the occasion were Ms. Pinky Borgoyary, ACS who graced the occasion as the Chief Guest, Rev. Sr. Elizabeth George, Provincial, Dr. P r a h l a d B a s u m a t a r y, D e p u t y Registrar(Academics), Bodoland University, Dr. Luke Daimary, Principal, Udalguri College, heads of neighbouring Institutions, priests and religious from nearby Communities, Parish Councillors and a host of other invitees.

today. The college offers B.A Honours courses in Education, English, Political Science and Sociology and B.Sc Honours courses in Botany, Chemistry and Zoology. The humble beginning witnessed the increasing number of boys and girls enrolling themselves in various disciplines. The journey has just begun and we continue to travel on to newer and higher avenues, taking one step at a time. Visit of Sr. Runita to Udalguri

The ground of Auxilium Udalguri, already A s o u r I n s t i t u t e w a s a b l e t o s e n d hallowed by the visit of Mother General in missionaries within a span of five years of its April had once again the unique privilege of birth, so too in this 140th anniversary of the first missionary expedition, it is so significant that within a span of five years, the Junior College has grown to Degree College. Thanks to the toil and sweat of the pioneers who set a firm and solid foundation, producing excellent results year after year, the college has arrived to where it stands

welcoming Sr. Runita Borja, General Councillor for Youth Pastoral on Ocotber 10, 2017. She was accompanied by Sr. Elizabeth G e o r g e , P r o v i n c i a l a n d S r. J e s s y Palliparambil, Provincial Economer. The Sisters, staff and students accorded a warm welcome which was followed by a short cultural programme. Sr. Runita, in her message, thanked everyone present for the memorable and pleasant time spent together. She encouraged the students to develop DECEMBER 2017 |


critical thinking in their life and exhorted them to live together without discriminating one another. “Our differences should be a cause of working together”, she said. Sr. Runita also made a special mention on the need to respect and value women. She called upon the boys to look at girls as their equals where they too deserve equal rights and equal opportunities. She concluded by urging everyone to create a community which is God-centered for “without God we are nothing”. Sr. Runita then enthralled the young people as she took up the guitar, strum the strings and sang, “You and I ought to have a heart to change the world”. Annual Spiritual Retreat September 27 - 30, 2017 were days of great importance for the Catholic students of Auxilium College, Udalguri as we made our Annual Spiritual Retreat. Fr. Francis SDB from Don Bosco Sirajuli animated us. Through different Biblical figures we came to know the person of Christ better. The Samaritan woman taught us that Jesus takes the first initiative in our conversion, Zacchaeus taught us that once we allow Jesus to come into us, our life will never be the same again, Matthew, the tax collector taught us that Jesus loves sinners and that he came for sinners, the Parable of the Sower taught us that we should be like a good ground to welcome the Word of God. Fr. Francis instilled into us a deep love for the Word of God. We are grateful to him and the Sisters for giving us this special opportunity to experience God.

Annual Sports Week 2017 The Annual Sports Week of the College was held from 10-14 Nov, 2017. The ceremonial hoisting of the College flag, lighting of the Olympic cauldron, oath-taking ceremony and declaration of the College Week open marked the inaugural function. The many activities included various outdoor and indoor games, literary competitions such as debate, quiz, essay writing, extempore speech, drawing besides cultural items such as cultural fashion show, singing and dance competitions. It was indeed a celebration of the talents of our young people. The curtains came down on the mega event on 14 Nov, 2017. Shri Tridip Daimari, Deputy Speaker, BTAD and Shri Ripon Daimary, MCLA, Bhairabkunda constituency graced the occasion as Chief Guest and Guest of Honour respectively.



International VIDES Day 2017 Auxilium College, Udalguri observed International VIDES Day on Nov 30, 2017 as Donation Day in favour of the poor and the needy. The staff and students came forward with generous contributions both in cash and in kind. New VIDES members enrolled On Dec 5, 2017, 43 students of Auxilium College, Udalguri took the pledge to commit themselves as active VIDES members. Present for the occasion were Sr. Alphonsa Kurisinkal, Province Delegate of VIDES, Sr. Puthempurakel Teresa, Animator of the Community and Sr. Athisa Roslyn, Local

VIDES co-ordinator. In her welcome speech, Sr. Athisa noted that “These young people coming forward to enroll themselves as active VIDES members is a clear sign that in this competitive world where there is a growing tendency to be more individualistic and selfish, there are still generous and committed young people who believe in the virtue of love, care and share, who believe in the truth of collective joy rather than individual joy.� It may be mentioned here that some of Udalguri VIDES activities are free coaching class for the poor neighbourhood children, sponsoring the education of girl children, prison ministry and financial and material assistance to the neediest.

Auxilium Provincia House School Christian Basti organized by Sr. Komolina Kondpan Coordinator of Cluster On 17th, Oct. the students of Auxilium IV. Parallel School and Students of CFG from four centres (Christian Basti, Holy child, Dance Class Tarun nagar and GMC Hill side) along with Anita Baruah, a college student and an the Vocational training students celebrated Assamese dancer offered her free service to the Diwali festival of light at St Stephan teach dance to CFG children from 4 to 5 pm every Thursday. Diwali celebration



Karate Class Mrs. Rupum Jha Karate and sports teacher of St. Stephen School volunteer to come and teach Karate to CFG students every Friday from 4 to 5 pm. World Day of the Poor “Let us love, not with words but with deeds�, said Pope Francis The First World Day of the Poor day was celebrated at Auxilium Provincial House a concrete gesture of with good number of neighbouring women and children. Their day was made blissful and memorable with animated games in which they took part whole heartedly with the childlike simplicity and enjoyed it to their heart content. It was a joy to see the heavily burdened mothers enjoying some moments freed from all family worries and tension except to smile and laugh. Sr. Lissy Mathew, the animator esteemed their presence and encouraged them to be an empowered woman in the society. Snacks was served to all and distributed Rice and Dhall to take home. It was an enriching moment for the community to share what we have and spend time with them. This World Day of the Poor, allowed us to grow in the conviction that sharing with the poor enables us to understand the deepest truth of the Gospel. The poor are not a problem: they are a resource as we strive to accept and practise in our lives the essence of the Gospel. Sr. Martha

Teachers Day Celebration

Inauguration and Blessing of Auxilium Home, Bordumsa, Arunachal Pradesh on December 8, 2017 by Rt. Rev. George Palliparambil SDB, D.D., Bishop of Miao.



Auxilium College Hostel, Itanagar Pre-Christmas Celebration

What is more wonderful than celebrating togetherness with exchange of gifts, share meals, dance and sing in the same beat. Auxilium College Hostel, Itanagar had Christmas get together on 28th of November organized by 3 r d Semester Auxilium Hostellers. Various items were put up by different groups. The arrival of Santa Claus with blessings and sweets, revealing of Christmas friend and exchange of gifts were simply an exciting moment. The Auxilian family get together had a solemn and enjoyable conclusion with community dance around the bonfire.

at St. Mary's Church, Itanagar which was a faith experience. Thousands of faithful from different Parishes participated. Most Rev. John Thomas Kattrukudiyil, D.D., Bishop of Itanagar was the main celebrant with 12 priests and 2 Deacons. His Grace in his homily, highlighted the significant of the feast of Christ the King and urged the families to give importance to come to the Church and attend Mass together as family, (parents and children). St. Joseph's Convent, Tezpur Gratitude Day

On 27th Oct. St. Joseph’s Hr. Sec. School celebrated Gratitude Day. The celebration began with a short animated prayer service. Then, students of different sections came forward to felicitate the Sisters and expressed their love and gratitude to them Asha Mossang (B.A 3rd sem) through various items. A beautiful theme dance “Save Girl child”, tribute to Late Dr. Eucharistic Procession Bhupen Hazarika, Bihu dance, Jhumur Itanagar Diocese celebrated the Feast of dance, Fusions dance, etc were performed Christ the King cum Eucharistic procession by different groups of students.



Auxilium Dimapur Childrens' Day

Everyone was engaged with different responsibilities in preparing the different dishes. Games were organized for hostel girls with prizes. We had a sumptuous meal prepared to our taste after which we paid a visit to MSFS Seminary and Sisters of Providence Convent. Reached back our dear home at 5.30 p.m. We thanked Sr. Superior and all the Sisters for such a memorable and enjoyable day.

November 14th was indeed a memorable day for us Auxilians of Dimapur. We feel blessed to be part of this family. As we got up we began to see surprises all around us decorations with balloons and flowers. During the Eucharistic celebrations, prayers were offered for us filling our hearts with enthusiasm to be soldiers of Christ. Fr. Philip Jennika Zhimomi Megh, the Principal of Holy Cross, commenting on the scripture said “How can Prison Ministry I be a better servant in the near future,� was a As part of the activities of CRI Unit of thought provoking question. Dimapur hostel girls, NSS members of Don After the Holy Mass, Sisters wished us with Bosco Higher Secondary School visited the a melodious song and entertain us in District Jail, Dimapur on 26 November. The different ways. Lucky dip was organized in team was led by Fr. John Kikon, the Vice the afternoon. Fr. C.T. Varghese, Rector of Principal and accompanied by Sr. Maria Don Bosco, inaugurated and drew the lucky Scaria, the Animator of Auxilium Convent, number. Soon everyone rushed to the ticket Sr. Athisa Margaret and Sir Debasis Das. counter to get their lucky number. Common meal was prepared by everyone, coming out T h e t e a m t o o k o ff w i t h w o r d s o f with different dishes of tribes. The day encouragement and blessings from Fr. concluded with a short colourful programme Joshua Gangmei, the Principal. A short spiritual animation, Christmas wishes by the Sisters. Alemmi and Khumpila through simple items and conducted few games with prizes that attracted even the old Community Picnic and the ailing inmates. Thus, adding joy and With shouts of joy we boarded in two buses smiles to their monotonous life behind the and the house vehicle for community picnic bars. Snacks was served for everyone. It was to Medziiphema on 9th Dec. Everyone wore a truly an enriching experience and worth happy look away from work and tantrums of making some sacrifices to bring smiles to life. As we were already hungry, tea was our imprisoned brothers and sisters. immediately prepared to ease our hunger. Sr. Athisa Margaret



AuxiliumTangla Silver Years

During the sessions, Mr. Joachim stressed on the importance of Prayer, Sacraments, teaching of our Catholic Faith etc. They had the occasion of recieiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation and inner healing service. It was a time of spiritual transformation and Uturn for many. Throughout the retreat days Sr. Helen Surin extended help in assisting the retreatants and preparing the liturgy etc. Time of Grace On 26th October, the boarders of Auxilium Convent, Tangla set aside a day for the Lord to be in silence and in prayer animated by Fr. Thaddues Kujur SDB, Director of Don Bosco Snehalaya.

5th September witnessed the Silver Jubilee celebration of Miss Kiran Saharia who He Walked With Us…… served Auxilium Convent High School for “Those who walked with God always reach the 25 undaunted years. The community their destination”. Henry Ford Sr. Bella wished God's plenteous blessings upon Miss Kiran with many more years of fruitful service in the Institution. Thank you Miss Kiran. Youth Annual Retreat The Catholic Youth of Tangla Parish had three-days retreat from the 27th October to 30 th October. Around 500 plus youth participated in it. It was animated and preached by lay people under the leadership of Mr. Joachim and his efficient team from Tinsukia Parish.

Eucharistic Procession – Tangla Parish DECEMBER 2017 |


Holy Child World Day Of The Poor Celebrated On the 19th of November 2017 at 10:30 a.m. to mark the First World Day of the Poor Sr. Bridget Chittappanattu the animator, Sr. Khijurina Tirkey and Sr. Albina Guria in the name of Holy Child School Community visited the home for a destitute at Bharalumukh, Guwahati run by Missionaries of Charity, and donated rice, dal, potatoes, onion, flour, oil and horse

Holy Child student, Bidisha Das of Class '10 A' whose humble dwelling was reduced to ashes by an unattended candle and was forced to take shelter in a neighbour's house from then onwards. Holy Child decided to raise some needed capital to help this family stand on their feet again. The students and teachers of High School and Bidisha's own classmates, in particular, contributed very generously for this cause. The teachers of Primary and Middle School organized a colourful fete on Children's Day and contributed Rs. 27,000, from their efforts. Vides and Holy Child Past Pupils' gram worth Rupees 20,000. The Sisters Organization also contributed Rs. 5000 spend sometime and interacted with the each. Sisters and inmates of the centre. The Through the sincere efforts of the Sisters, Mother Teresa Sisters appreciated the kind teachers and students, a sum of Rs 1, 17,000 gestures of concern, solidarity and was and on the happy occasion of Gratitude generosity towards poor and the needy. Day, 29th November, Mrs. Binita Das was “An Act of Solidarity� invited to attend the celebrations Sr. Annie Strong, determined hands extended in help Joseph, handed over the money to her. The towards a poor distressed soul can be one act tears of gratitude and happiness seen in the which stands out at the need of the hour. eyes of Mrs. Das spoke more than words. Holy Child took a step in this direction when Everyone felt blessed for being able to bring it decided to help Mrs. Binita Das, mother of smiles to one such family. DECEMBER 2017 |


Vides Day Celebration The VIDES Day was celebrated on 06/12/17 (Wednesday) at Ashalaya, Chandmari. Ashalaya, a house for the underprivileged children and orphans, has always been a ray of hope for these children. With an intention of bringing smiles on the faces of these children, VIDES (Guwahati) decided to celebrate VIDES Day here.

strength and confidence in the eyes and faces of these children.

The smiles and joy on the faces of the children of Ashalaya had left a mark in the heart of every one present and inspired us to continue with the same spirit of zest towards this mission of helping and aiding the poor and needy. And make this world a better The programme was presided by Sr. place to live in. Alphonsa Kurisingal, the Provincial Alakananda Pathak (Secretary) Delegate of VIDES. Sisters and volunteers of three schools of Guwahati were present . The programme was started with a welcome song by the in-mates of Ashalaya. Followed by items from each of schools which was mesmerising since the love and care of the students for these children could be easily seen. But the most awe-struck item was the Karate performed by the children of Ashalaya. It was indeed, a pleasure to see the DECEMBER 2017 |


Thank& You

Good Bye 2017! My dear year 2017! A year ago you were called a New Year but now no more. On this Earth one is said to be old only after sixty or seventy years of living. A year old is called a child or a baby. How is that you became old within a Year? You are a mystery to me because you increased my age but decreased my life span. You increased my weight and decreased my speed. Tell me 2017 under what power and authority have you done all these? On the day of your birth I made many good resolutions but I could not succeed in keeping up some of the resolutions. However many good things happened during 365 days of your ruling. The beauty is that the whole world was under your rule.

want you. I still remember the grand welcome they gave you on the day of your birth. It was a cold, silent night of December 31st, 2016, the wall clock just struck 12 and you were born. There was smile on everyone's face, crackers were burst to welcome you, Church bells were rung to announce your birth. You entered the houses of everyone in the world colourfully dressed and decorated in the form of a New Year Calendar. You knew very well the same people would one day discard you. Inspite of knowing this sad end you gave yourself completely. Not even a single second you hold for yourself. I appreciate your generous love and self-sacrifice. Don't worry my dear, it is use and throw culture that we are living. Take it easy.

You were used by all from the first day till Thank you so much 2017 for taking care of your last breath. Every second was used by me during the last one year. the people of this world but now they don't

Joshua's Christmas gift!

During one Christmas, Sister Maria told her catechism children, Tomorrow we will visit the crib in the church. What about everyone bringing some little gift for the Infant Jesus? Nothing expensive, nothing too big. Bring it in a sack so nobody will see your gift until Jesus sees it first in the crib.

The next day each child brought a gift and placed it at the feet of Baby Jesus, there were chocolates, toys, ball, key chains, dolls, whistles. But standing out was a statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, about seven inches tall. Joshua jack up his hand when Sister asked whose gift that was. She asked him why he had chosen that gift. Joshua replied, I thought Jesus would be happy to see what he is going to look like when he grow up . DECEMBER 2017 |


National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, Kohima have awarded the Certificate to Students who have successfully completed the 'Course on Computer Concept' (CCC) through Auxilium Women's Development Centre, Dimapur.

Christmas get together of four communities in Guwahati at Auxilium Provincial House DECEMBER 2017 |


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FMA ING Newsletter December Issue 2017  

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