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Volume V | Issue II | September 2017

PRINCIPAL’S Message Dear Parents, Teachers, Students and Well-wishers,


n 5th September we mark the birthday of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, first Vice President and second President of India. This day is celebrated as Teachers' Day in India. He believed that teachers should be the best minds in the country. On this day, all the students gather around their teachers to show their love and appreciation for the dedication and commitment that their teachers have shown. Teachers are held in high esteem as they mould the character and impart knowledge to that segment of society, which is its future. Teachers are respected not because they take something or get something from the society but because they give something to the society. Great personalities are respected in the society not for what they got from the society but for what they gave to the society for bettering the lives of others. On the same day, we also remember another important person who found joy in giving - St Teresa of Kolkata or Mother Teresa. She spent all her life alleviating the sufferings of others. She is remembered and revered all over the world because of her contribution to the society. She once said: “It is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving that is important.� She exhorts everyone to give and thus transform the society. So many people around us have enriched our lives - our parents, our neighbours, our teachers, and sometimes, people whom we have never seen or heard. We have been blessed because of the many people who help and support us. Our students collected over Rs 35000.00 towards charity under the auspicious of DB Net, a Don Bosco organization working for the underprivileged children. It is a small gift but it will brighten the prospects of some poor children, whom we may not know. The children who generously give a little of their pocket money today are learning the value of giving, not only money but also time, talent, energy and learn to commit themselves to a cause tomorrow. Thus the school provides opportunities for all to be socially responsible and committed. Let us learn to support one another. Even if our help is small, still it is important. Hence, let us never give up our spirit of generosity! With affectionate greetings Fr. Siby John sdb



on Bosco Higher Secondary School held a science exhibition on 29 April 2017.There was much warmth and excitement among the students as they were preparing for it. All the students participated in the competitions by making projects and models based on their own imagination and aptitude. It was really amazing for all the students to present their projects and to explain to the audience how they worked describing in detail the usefulness of their own projects and models. All the models and projects that the students prepared were very practical and functional. The judges of the competition were Mr Anup, Mr Sanjay and Mr Stephen. The projects and models were judged on the basis of their creativity, innovation, functionality and the type of description that the candidates gave. Opportunities were given to the students to ask for clarifications and questions about the models. The Judges also sought clarification from the students about the projects. It was a tough time for the judges to decide the winners of the competition as all the students had tried their very best and all the presentations were of high quality and standard. The winners of the competition are the following: I) Rode Islary and Co. Class IX II) Mondira Mondol and Co. ClassVIII III) Standford and Co. Class IX Thaniya Islary, Class VIII

STATE LEVEL INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION - GUWAHATI On 15 August 2017, 1 Assam Bn NCC, Bodoland Band of Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Bengtol was invited to take part in the Independence Day celebrations at Guwahati. Under the guidance of Rev. Fr Siby John, our Principal, and Mrs Heera Narzary, our CTO and Coordinator for the Band, we set off to Guwahati by Bodoland Bus. We were put up in Don Bosco Technical School, Maligaon. We had two days of practice before 15 August. The Chief Guest on the occasion was Shri Sarbananda Sonowal, Honourable Chief Minister of Assam, DGP, Commissioner of Police, and other dignitaries of the Government of Assam.

The programme started when the Chief Minister hoisted the National Flag. He, then, delivered a message. On the day of the celebration we were blessed with beautiful and pleasant weather although the days preceding it were rainy and the field was very slushy. Our Band participated in the parade. Immediately after the parade we were given 10 minutes to display various formations. Everyone appreciated our students for their outstanding performance. It was incredibly amazing that we were given over ten minutes to perform at the State level celebration. Lidiya Islary & Marelyne Islary, Class X

FANCY DRESS COMPETITION Fancy Dress Competition was held on 16 August 2017. All the students gathered in the Auditorium at 10.30 am and the programme started at 10.40 am.The Judges were Mr Manik, Mr Anup and Mr Binud. All the students who participated in the competition were well prepared. It was a very good opportunity for the students to showcase their talents. Competitions such as Fancy Dress are important as they help the students to discover and nurture their talents. They also help to instil in them a desire for teamwork and a passion to achieve something. Students not only need knowledge from the books but also need to pick up additional skills like music, dance, public speaking, theatre etc. The programme was very attractive and colourful. Thanks to our Principal who provides us with such great opportunities!


The results of the Fancy Dress Competition: I) Denjil Narzary ClassVIII II) Kunal Chettry ClassVI III) Rosmita Narzary Class IX Medeline Basumatary, Class X

71st INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION AT KAJALGAON On 15 August 2017, the students of Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Bengtol were invited to participate in the district level Independence Day Parade at the district parade ground at Kajalgaon. About 110 students participated in the celebration at Kajalgaon: two contingents of boys and girls both consisting of 33 students each, a cultural dance troupe consisting of 35 students other students and staff members. Maopung Islary of Class X led the Contingent of boys while Sansulee Basumatary of Class X led the Contingent of girls. Dayamony Basumatary of Class XII led the cultural dance troupe. Our Chief Guest on the occasion, Sri Kampa Borgoyary, Deputy Chief and EM, Education of BTC, hoisted the National Flag and delivered the speech. He exhorted the students to excel in their studies. He announced different initiatives that BTC has taken for the welfare of the locality. He also announced some incentives to students who excel in their studies and for those who pursue their higher and professional courses. Although it was a rainy day people turned up in large numbers and were present till the end of the programme. Through their presence, they showed their respect for the motherland and for those who sacrificed their lives to win freedom for the country. Our students secured prizes for both parade and cultural dance.

We specially thank our teachers who were by our side guiding us. It was because of them that we were able to put up a fabulous performance at the district level and win many prizes. We thank Rev. Fr Siby, our Principal, who motivates and encourages us to take such opportunities so that we can learn many new things. Sansulee Basumatary, Class X

INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION IN DB BENGTOL On 15 August at 7.45 am, we gathered in front of the statue of Don Bosco to celebrate the 71st Independence Day. Through the hoisting of the National Flag, we were able to show our love and respect for all the people who were instrumental in gaining freedom for our country. The Chief Guest on the occasion was Rev. Fr Francis Basumatary, our Parish Priest. After hoisting the National Flag, we sang the National Anthem. Fr Francis gave a brief message on how India got freedom from the British rule. The students of Class VI sang a melodious patriotic song. Monisha Sharma of Class IX delivered a short speech on the occasion. The students also sang a prayer song invoking blessings upon the country. Sweets were distributed to the students at the end of the programme. Monisha Sharma, Class IX September 2017


NCC CAMP AT GUWAHATI Our school participated in the NCC Camp held at Arya Vidyapeeth College, Guwahati. This was the first camp we attended after our school was accredited to the NCC. The camp was from 20 to 29 July. On 20 July morning by 3.30 am we started our journey from the school. Mr Binud and Mrs Heera accompanied us to the campsite. Mrs Heera stayed with us till the end of the camp. On the first day of the camp, Col Govind Singh, CO 1Assam Bn NCC delivered the opening address. Brig Anil Chaudhary, Group Commander spoke on the topic of discipline. We learned much from the camp and we had many wonderful learning experiences. We learned to maintain discipline, to be punctual, to respect seniors and elders, and to work in teams.

commander for JD and Nizima Basumatary was the commander for JW. Mrs Heera was given the charge as Warden of the Girls' Division. The performance of our students was outstanding and we got the Best Institution Award. We thank Rev. Fr Siby John for giving us this golden opportunity to participate in this 9-day camp. Senthil Kr Iswary & Leena Champramary, Class X

We were also given training in rifle shooting. All our students did well and 5 cadets from our school were selected for further training. On the concluding night a cultural programme was organized where the JW cadets performed “Bardwi Sikhla� dance and received 1st Prize. Our cadets won 5 prizes. Dwitun Islary was the

classes. She taught Mathematics, Science and Advanced Mathematics. We had the coaching classes till 18 July 2017. Those were days of interesting experiences. We learned our lessons and had much fun. After two days of break on 20 July 2017 all the NCC Cadets went to Guwahati for the first NCC Camp. It was a learning experience for nine days based on discipline and unity. Taking part in activities like drill, cultural programme, firing, etc. helped us to broaden our mind, ideas and gave us new knowledge and skill.

The school began the summer vacation on 1 July 2017. We were very excited. Our vacation this year was very interesting. We had our brass band practices for three days. From 6 July 2017, we had our additional coaching classes. Mr Keshab our Mathematics teacher and Ms Cosma, a good neighbour of ours, came to help us with

The camp concluded on 28 July 2017 and we headed back to Bengtol on the same day. The days of vacation were memorable days spent together. We had many thrilling and exciting occasions together. All days of the vacation were spent usefully in learning and study. We thank our Principal, Fr Siby John, for giving us such opportunities. We hope that we will receive similar opportunities in the future. Justin Narzary, Class X


PATRIOTIC SONG COMPETITION A person who loves his/her country is called a patriot. Many soldiers sacrificed their lives for our country.They were ready even to lay down their lives for their motherland. Many songs have been written as a tribute to these great men and women who sacrificed their lives for the country.

A singing competition was held for the students of LKG to III on 26 August 2017. Students participated actively and proved their talents. Even the judges were thrilled and amazed at the marvellous performance of these little children. The students sang a variety of songs with melodious voices. The audience was convinced that great efforts had gone into presentation. Rev. Sr Punam, Mrs Monalisha and Mrs Indira judged the performance of the students. Monalisha Sharma, Asst Teacher

Music is about getting lost in its velvety of youthfulness. It is about expressing emotions such as love, irritability, angst and bravado. It is something that gives us the vocabulary for our quaint feelings. Music can be soft, rock, classical or light. It is really amazing and wonderful that music can change our moods time to time, from happy to sad and sad to happy or sometimes from anxiety to calmness. It is like a magic, which has the power to draw us in its real melody. There are many people who love music: some play musical instruments, others love to sing and still other like to listen. In order to prove that there are many good singers and music lovers in our school, two singing competitions were organized on 25 March 2017and 13 May 2017. On 25 March spiritual hymns or Bhajan singing competition was organized.All the classes chose the hymns carefully and they prepared very well for the competition. All of them sang commendably well praising God. All the songs were very melodious and were able to create a spiritually elating experience. The winners of the competition are: I) ClassVIII II) ClassVII III) ClassVI

Our school organized patriotic song competition on 19 August 2017 to show our love and respect for these great Indian patriots. All the students took great interest in learning the songs. The competitions started at 10.30 am. The judges were Mr Keshab, Mr Anjalu, Mrs Pushpa and Mr Jeconi. Thangky Islary of Class X sang the opening song. It was an inter-class competition.All the classes prepared well.We thank our Fr Principal for giving us the opportunity to show our love and respect to our country and for all the people who sacrificed their lives for our country. The winners of the competition are the following: I) ClassVI II) ClassVIII III) Class X Bhautina Basumatary, Class VIII

The second singing competition was held on 13 May 2017. There were many participants on that day and everyone came up with melodious, pleasant and enjoyable songs, which everyone in the audience loved. All the contestants participated with great enthusiasm, making it difficult for the judges to decide as to who would be chosen as winners. The criteria for judging were presentation, clarity melody, confidence, timing and lyrics.

The winners of the competition are: Juniors Inters I) Rasking Narzary Gwswkhang Narzary II) Fridoline Narzary Jyotirmoye Brahma III) Sonu Owary Keeplar Islary

Seniors Elita Mochahary Wilson Panna Eyob Basumatary

Elita Mochahary, Class VIII September 2017



TV ADVERTISEMENT COMPETITION A competition on TV Advertisement was held on 2 September 2017. This programme was conducted to bring out the latent talents among the students and to develop them. Students came up with innovative ideas and showcased their hidden talents.Through this programme, the students were able to know or develop their mental capabilities.The competition was held according to classwise. Each class was divided into groups. The competition was a very tough as each group tried to outdo others. Each group from different classes came up with different ideas for presentation. The Judges of the competition were Mr. Anjalu Basumatary, Mr. Manik Bhowmik and Mrs. Champa Iswary. The winners of the competition are: Group A: Classes IV-VII I) Class IV - Beecica, Carlin, Eileen, Rishta II) Class IV - Dipan, Sonu, Fridolin, Swmdwm III) ClassVI - Bilifang, Gwswkang, Birswm, Dedsung, Binitus, Victor Group B: ClassesVIII-XII I) Class IX - Puja, Nikita,Tunlai, Radhika, Mohima II) Class X - Franklin, Lancy, Aradhan,Arohan III) Class XI - Nizima, Sima, Starlin, Merelina Puja Tamang, Class IX

DRAWING COMPETITION A drawing and colouring competition for the students of LKG to class III was organized on 2 September 2017.The theme for the competition was nature.This activity was organized to explore and encourage creativity among children and to offer them a platform to develop their skill in drawing and colouring. Children participated earnestly in the competition. Students proved that they not only excel in academic performance but also shine in exhibiting their skills through their creative presentations. All the students came up with amazing works of art. Monalisha Sharma, Asst Teacher


The World Environment Day is celebrated on 5 June every year. It was organized for the first time in 1974. The day is also known as Eco Day or Environment Day. The UN General Assembly designated the World Environment Day in 1972, on the first day of United Nations Conference on the Human Environment. Resulting from the discussions on the integration of human interaction and the environment, two years later in 1974 the first World Environment Day was held with the theme “Only One Earth.” In 1987, the idea for rotating the focus of these activities through selecting different host countries began. The Theme for the World Environment Day 2017 was “connecting people to nature.” For the last four decades, the World Environment Day has been raising awareness, supporting action and driving changes to improve the environment. We, at Don Bosco Higher Secondary School, Bengtol, organized a skit competition to create awareness about our environment and how changes in the environment affect us. All the students took active part in preparing and presenting the message effectively. It was a very beautiful opportunity given to us to perform on the stage and effectively to communicate a message on safeguarding the environment. The winners of the competition are: I) ClassVI II) ClassV III) ClassVIII Alongkar Brahma, Class IX

EDItorIAl It was Margaret Mead who said:“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” This is what our school does for the students. Bosco Dwimu allows the students to unfold their imaginations, ideas, thoughts and aspirations. It unleashes a wide spectrum of creative skills ranging from writing to editing and even to designing.

TEACHERS' WORKSHOP A workshop was organised for the teachers of Don Bosco Higher Secondary School on 12 April. Teachers from DB Malivita, Ouguri and Balajhar also participated in it.The resource person for the workshop was Rev. Br Albert Longley, Principal, St Anthony's College, Shillong. He highlighted the role, duties and responsibilities of a teacher in moulding the lives of students. It was a very encouraging, exciting and learning experience for all the participants. He said that as a teacher one should know the good qualities and the weaknesses of each student. Only then one can guide them properly. The students may be talented in different aspects. They may have problems in the family or may have some other difficulties. Teacher has to know and understand each student and accordingly help him/her out.

Bosco Dwimu carries all the programmes and activities that are held in our school.The various competitions and other programmes conducted both for teachers and students are described in it. It plays a vital role in the life of young students as it helps them to blend knowledge, wisdom, values and integrity. It becomes a great opportunity for the students to improve their writing skills. They are given this chance and they are placed in the field of imagination – creating ideas and letting them flow from their hearts and minds. I place on record my appreciation to Rev. Fr Siby John, our Principal, for his constant support in bringing out this beautiful newsletter. He is the backbone of this magazine. The parents, guardians and students appreciated it very much. I want to congratulate the entire editorial team for their hard work and dedication in making this dream come true. I also congratulate all the students who have contributed to this issue. Champa Rani Iswary, Asst Teacher


Br Albert said that teachers are architects and they have to mould the life of a student.The entire workshop was activity-based. He made us understand that teachers are guides, encouraging the students on the right path. He showed the movie Taare Zameen Par in order to explain how individual attention should be given to each student. But the influence of one good teacher helped the boy to transform his entire life. Hence, at times, the students may behave strangely due to certain family problems.The good teacher needs to understand these problems and help the students to overcome them.The teachers are very grateful to the Principal for organising such a learning experience. Br Albert deserves our accolades for his wonderful animation. Francis Murmu, Asst Teacher

Our school organized a debate competition on 20 May 2017. The topic for the debate was “Does the school uniform help in the learning environment?” It was an inter-house competition between Blue and Yellow on one side and Red and Green on the other. Four members each were selected from each side for speaking for the motion and against the motion. Each speaker was given stipulated time to speak on the topic. The debate was a learning experience for all the students, especially for those who participated in it. Both the groups put forward a number of convincing arguments. The debate helped us to think independently and to express our viewpoints in front of others. The programme was guided under the moderator Mr Sanjay Panna. I would like to congratulate and thank all the participants, the staff and all the organizers of this programme.The winners were the Blue andYellow Houses. Philip Narzary, Class X

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