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Sr. Elizabeth George FMA Provincial

EASTER A TURNING POINT Easter Experience is s ll fresh in all of us. The Easter story is not only an account of the Resurrec on of Jesus from the dead; the story of Easter is a living, con nuing account of humanity striving to rise and live life to its fullness. Therefore, Easter experience must become a turning point, the point of no return to our old life from which Jesus has rescued us. Easter is a celebra on of new life, new faith and new hope. I believe that deep in the heart of each one is the longing for someone you can count on through thick and thin of life. Someone, who is absolutely trustworthy, Someone in whom placing your trust and confidence will not be in vain. Someone who will not let you down. Someone who will always be there for you. Easter re-assures that 'RISEN JESUS' is that 'SOMEONE'. This desire is being fulfilled in the Resurrec on of Jesus. The death of Jesus proves his love for us and the Resurrec on proves his power over every enemy of life. And so, He is the 'SOMEONE' you and I can count on. Someone absolutely trustworthy. Someone who will never let us down. Jesus is alive to be trusted. Our faith in the Resurrec on of Jesus is to be envied – it is the fulfillment of all our need. Yes, the greatest news of Resurrec on will con nue when Jesus is glorified in us. God the Merciful Father who glorified Jesus invites us to glorify Jesus through our lives.

As I take up this responsibility as the editor, I on behalf of all the Sisters of the province would like to express our sincere gratitude to our dear Sr. Kaniampady Molly Elizabeth for her joyful, dedicated and quality service rendered to the province as the editor of the province News Letter for the past 4 years. Dear Sr. Molly we do appreciate your great love and sense of belonging to the province shown in your work.

Sr. Sania Josephine Chakre Editor

I also take this privilege to wish you all a very happy Easter. Easter is a deeply individual story, which touches one's life in a completely unique way. Yes, Jesus is alive. At Easter we celebrate the victory of good over evil, of love over hate, of life over death. It is therefore a celebration of victory and is the source of our deepest Christian hope. As St. Paul says in 1 Corinthian 15: 17 “If Christ has not been raised then your faith is a delusion and you are still lost in your sins.” To paraphrase it, if Jesus did not rise from the dead than we are nothing more than idiots, believing in something that has nothing to do with our life. We should be pitied like insane people who live by hallucination. Jesus being born by the power of the Holy Spirit through Virgin Mary is certainly a great miracle, but it did not erase our sins until His death on the cross and rising again.

enquiry, the teacher found out that the smallest, thinnest student was the thief. The punishment for stealing was ten lashes, according to the students' own rules. The class watched as the teacher prepared to whip the guilty little boy. But the boy would not take off his coat. Finally the teacher made him remove it, only to find he had no shirt underneath. Everyone in the class saw how skinny the boy was. He seemed too weak and thin to bear the ten lashes. Crying, he told them all how poor his family was. The boy's story made his classmates feel sorry for him. But what about the punishment? Suddenly the big boy whose lunch had been stolen came forward and said without hesitation that he would take the lashes for the smaller boy. The class agreed that a substitute could take the lashes. After it was over, everyone was in Easter reminds me of a story of a little boy. In tears as the small boy fell on his knees and one of the schools the students were very told him, “You took my lashes! I'll thank you naughty and mischievous that several teachers forever!” had given up trying to teach them. Then a new Jesus died on the cross as our substitute. As teacher came to this school. The first thing he the scripture says, “because of our sins he did was to ask the students to formulate a set of was wounded, beaten because of the evil we rules for the classroom, along with the did. We are healed by the punishment he punishment for breaking the rules. He was suffered, made whole by the blows he surprised that they took the assignment received.” Isaiah 53:5 seriously and were very strict with themselves. Some of the students' rule were; “No stealing, “Christ himself carried our sins in his body no cursing, no fighting …” the punishment for to the cross, so that we might die to sin and each rule was the same; “ten lashes across the live for righteousness. It is by his wounds back without a coat on. No exception.” The that you have been healed.” 1Pet 2:24 first day went well. But on the second day 'He did it for you and me.' What can we do someone's lunch was stolen. After much for others?


MARCH 2016

HOME COMING “The beauty and the magic about home is that, it is good to live and be at home but it feels even better to come back home.” February 21st 2016, “The year of Mercy”' ushers the home coming of Rev. Sr. Lucy Rose Ozhukayil, the General Visiting Councilor for the Canonical Visitation to Guwahati Province, the Province she nurtured as its 1st Provincial. The coming of Sr. Lucy Rose is a time of grace and joy. Sr. Lucy Rose was given a cordial and warm welcome at the airport by the provincial Sr. Elizabeth George,

councilors, few superiors and representatives of young people. The Auxilium Provincial House, Christian Basti awaited her arrival with significant symbols of lamps lit and the enactment of Pentecostal experience with Mary and the apostles and gave a homely welcome. The Canonical visitation of Rev. Sr. Lucy Rose was officially inaugurated with a solemn Holy Eucharist presided over by Rev. Fr. Johnson SDB, the Director of DBI. At the introduction to the Holy Mass Sr. Lucy Rose carried a symbolic pearl and placed it at the feet of the Lord representing her unique and precious presence among her Sisters. We wish her God's blessing and success in her visitation and enriching encounter with the Sisters and Young people in the province.




ational FMA meeting of 3 sectors Education, Media and Youth Ministry coined as NAFMA Edumedym participated by the 3 national coordinators and provincial coordinators was held in INC Provincial House Dum Dum, Kolkata on 28th and 29th January 2016. The meeting was spearheaded by the Youth Ministry Coordinator Sr. Elizabeth Kaniampadickal, in collaboration with Sr. Hilda Braganza the National Media Coordinator and Sr. Stella Potteparambil the Education coordinator. This historic

meeting commenced with an inaugural ceremony – welcome speech by Sr. Teresa Adampakallel the vice provincial, lighting of the lamp and a mini cultural fiesta of song and dance by the students of Auxilium Dum Dum. The programme then continued with the sharing of experiences: The national youth Ministry coordinator gave the account of the bicentenary celebrations at Rome and others who participated in the bicentennial celebrations heightened the sharing with their own distinctive experiences. Sr. Stella Potteparambil who participated in the world congress on Catholic Education on the theme, 'Educating Today and Tomorrow- A renewed Passion” held at Rome and Castelgandolfo in November 2015 from 1821 on the occasion of the golden jubilee of the second Vatican Council Declaration Gravissimumeducationis and the twenty fifth anniversary of the Catholic Apostolic Constitution EX CordeEcclesiae, presented a PPT on the rich experience of the entire procedures and the outcome of the meeting. The national coordinators of 3 sectors presented their report presented at the PCI meeting held on 1-3 September. The

Provincial Coordinators of Media, Education and Youth Ministry enriched all present with their recounting of the initiatives accomplished in each province. Sr. Elizabeth George the PCI president was welcomed after the lunch break with a shawl and flowers. The sharing session continued and Sr. Elizabeth Pothen enlightened the participants on: how to make our schools exceptional with the tri – characteristics – quality, catholic and Salesian, well establishment of Educating community, the social dimension of Education and introduction of the thinking School academy. At 3.15 p.m. the participants engaged themselves in sector –wise meeting planning certain tactics to make all our FMA Schools march as a unified force transforming them into holistic and qualitative centres. At 5 p.m. Sr. Elizabeth George the PCI president and provincial of Guwahati delineated methodically and clearly the Encyclical letter, “LAUDATO SI' of the Holy Father Pope Francis on the care of the common Home, Mother Earth through very interesting video clips and power point. The day ended with the Good night talk by Sr. Runita Borja Councillor for the Youth Pastoral through Skype. Her appreciative words encouraged the participants to do ever better in their respective mission of animating others. She pinpointed that engagement in education is also an act of mercy and encouraged all to be visible face of mercy through the Salesian assistance, possessing the oratorian heart. A session on the theme 'Merciful interventions in Education' was the highlight of the second day. It was a very informative and illuminating session by Fr. Joseph Thannickal SDB, Phd, Rector and Director Ongoing Formation Centre, Nitika 3

MARCH 2016

Don Bosco. He emphasized that the most apt attribute and expression of God is that of Mercy. In his lecture he specified the various components of being an effective educator: Education to be pragmatic and realistic one need to know and integrate the holistic formula in exposure programmes, Expereince+Reflection+Action = Formation, create mercy centered education, set up merciful educational ambient, educative methodology to pass through mercy test, and do and don'ts to be kept in mind in living our mission. Sr. Elizabeth Pothen thanked the PCI president Sr. Elizabeth George for her edifying and unassuming presence and for her well planned session on LAUDATO SI'. After the lunch the participants had an exciting outing to the Tomb of Blessed Mother



he NIOS students of Auxilium Convent, Dimapur attended the National Peace Convention on 1st of Feb, 2016 organized by the Peace Channel of Dimapur, under the leadership of Fr. Anto and his team. The Peace Convention was held from 30th January to 1st Feb.


It was an exposure and learning experience for the Students. There were moments of prayer, messages and activities. The Chief Guest, Shri Kesonyu Yhome, IAS, Deputy

Theresa (who will be canonized on September 4,2016), new market, visit to the shrine of Mary Help of Christians and tea at Auxilium Gobra. They assembled again after supper to evaluate and synthesize the outcome of the meeting. Every participant expressed her view which could be summarized in the following points: - profited much from sharing and the sessions, the meeting was great resource bank, received practical guidelines, the family spirit experienced with one another and hosting community was marvelous. So the meeting of the NAFMA Edumedym II concluded successfully with each participant enthused and resolved to begin their combat to actualize the dreams, visions and deliberations'

Commissioner, Dimapur Nagaland in his speech said, 'the youth of Nagaland can play vital role to bring about peace between different tribes in the state. They should grow up disciplined from younger age to be able to shoulder responsibilities as adult. Shri K.J. Alphons, IAS speaking to the youth said, 'to change the society begins with one person 'self' and exhorted the young people to be hard working and self sacrificing people.' The students were then divided into number of groups for different activities. There was peace-rally with peace slogan and

placards in their hands. About 200 heads of religious Institutions, who were attending the three days Peace Convention joined the youth in peace-Rally and concluded the Peace Convention with cultural show by different youth groups coming from different parts of North East. Sr. Teresa Edatttukalayil

Little Flower, Dibrugarh


New Edition Constitutions


n 12th December, the community of LFS Dibrugarh celebrated the inauguration of the Jubilee year of Mercy. On this occasion the New Edition of the FMA Constitutions was solemnly given out to the Sisters by Rev. Fr. Kamil Horo SDB – (local Don Bosco), the Rector of Don Bosco, Dibrugarh. This important day was preceded by spiritual preparation and goodnights based on the Constitutions, to quote Don Cagliero, “the gospel for religious…” on which we “will be judged at the hour of death, and at the final judgment before the entire world.”


The celebrant, Fr. Kamil Horo spoke at length on the significance of the Year of Mercy pointing out that mercy is the very nature of God. He also commented on the

importance of the Constitutions for the religious and congratulated the Sisters who would be receiving the new edition of the same. After the Communion, a brief reflection was read by Sr. Alphonsa Kurisinkal, animator followed by blessing of the Constitutions. Then all the Sisters starting with the senior most in the Community, Sr. Mampilly Mary approached the altar and received the Constitutions from the celebrant, after which the Sisters full throated chorused the FMA anthem, “O qual sorte…” Fr. Kamil then wished the Sisters God's blessings in living the Constitutions in the spirit of Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello. Sr. Monica Khangchian fma

Our beloved Sr. Angela Kujur left for her eternal reward on March 30, 2016 after 94 years of her fruitful life on earth. May her soul rest in peace. 5

MARCH 2016

VOCATION CAMP “Come with me and I will make you fishers of men.” Little Flower Dibrugarh conducted vocation camp on the 13th of December. 38 young and enthusiastic girls – 7 from Borduria, 5 from Kheti, 8 from Uriamghat, 1 from Doom Dooma, 8 from Tinsukia and 9 from LFS Dibrugarh boarding attended. The LFS community appreciate and acknowledge the support and whole hearted cooperation of all the Parish Priests and Superiors who prepared the girls and sent for the camp. Prayer moments were animated by Sr. Monica Khangchian and Sr. Dipika Pegu. We were divided into groups for activities and were asked to prepare and present an item within given time. It was an opportune moment to bring out our creativity and talents. Sr. Kurisinkal Alphonsa, the animator welcomed us and gave an introductory note with giving out of the

Camp kit. Sessions were taken by Sr. Alphonsa who helped us to reflect and understand better 'The call of God and The life of the FMA Sisters' with the help of some interesting video clips. At 11:00 a.m. we had the solemn Eucharistic celebration presided over by Fr. Kamil Horo SDB, Rector of Don Bosco Dibrugarh. In his homily, he spoke about vocation to religious life, sharing his own vocation story which was very inspiring. In the afternoon while watching the life of St. Teresa of the Child Jesus, the girls in turn had personal talk with Sr. Alphonsa. The camp was concluded with an hour of adoration to the Blessed Sacrament followed by dinner and short gathering during which we thanked Sr. Alphonsa and the Community. Sr. Alphonsa in her good night encouraged us to keep up the fervor and enthusiasm to follow Christ. “Here I am Lord; I come to do your will.” Ps. 40 Lucia Horo & Indira Toppo Class XII Arts



It has been the tradition over the years when some student representatives along with the Sisters and staff would gather in the morning to hoist the National Flag on Republic Day as well as on the Independence Day. Giving a twist to something that we have always done, this year patriotic song competition was

conducted for all the houses as we celebrated the 67th Republic Day of our dear Nation. The students as if wrapped by the wind of enthusiasm reached the school very early though the Flag hoisting was only at 7:00 a.m. Breaking the record of the past years, almost all the students from classes 5 to 10 were present and a good

number of primary students were there too. The Green House led the entire school to the Flag hoisting ceremony starting with a prayer. Escorted by the NCC Sr. Alphonsa Kurisinkal, the animator solemnly hoisted the National Flag. After giving a rousing clap, the National Anthem resounds under the canopy of the National Flag. Sr.

Alphonsa in her speech urged everyone to be active and responsible citizens. “We should make ourselves up to date, read news and be aware of what is going on in our country, what our leaders are doing and most importantly what we are doing for our country,” she reminded. The Flag hoisting ceremony concluded with the singing of the State Anthem. The competition immediately commenced with the Blue House and following the sequence, every house sung with full vigour in a healthy competitive atmosphere. The celebration came to a close with the declaration of the much awaited results by Sr. Tessy Davis, the Principal. Sweets were distributed to all the teachers, students and the parents present.


Youth for Christ! the motto chosen for the Catholic youth group of Cathedral Parish, Dibrugarh as well as other youth who have come for their studies and staying in the private hostels or paid guest house. The Community of Little Flower, Dibrugarh began this mission in collaboration with the Parish and the Youth Director of the Diocese, Rev Fr. Noas Lakra. Though it was the first Youth gathering, about 33 youth from different hostels, 8 Cooperators and 30 young girls of our hostel were able to come on 24th January.

Fr. Noas explained the Word of God saying that one should listen to God's Word at three levels: Mind, Heart and Soul. He said that when we give our time and our very life for Christ, life becomes meaningful.

After the Mass, Sr. Alphonsa Kurisingal and Fr. Noas spoke to the youth. With the consent of the youth it was decided to have Youth Mass on every last Sunday of the month. Sr. Alphonsa Kurisingal gave a short session on “DON BOSCO'S life” which was followed by cutting of cake and tea party in honour of Don Bosco, Father The Holy Mass began at 9:00 a.m. presided and friend of youth. over by Fr. Noas Lakra. During the homily,


MARCH 2016

VIDES CLUB IN ACTION At the call of the Jubilee Year of Mercy, 2016 to experience the bountiful mercy of the Father and to extend his mercy to all. The VIDES Club took the initiatives to render their services to the poor Village Athabari and two tea gardens, namely Manohari and Mattak. On 6 March 2016 at 1.p.m the VIDES members left Little Flower school and reached Athabari village at 1.15p.m. Sr. Alphonsa introduced the VIDES members to the children and young people gathered in the School compound. The 60 children were divided into four groups and taught dance, songs and moral values.

children. May God bless her and her family members. Thanks to Sr. Alphonsa, Sr. Tessy, the Principal, Sr. Dipika and the teachers in charge of VIDES for their keen interest in guiding and inspiring us to extend our valuable support to the poor and the needy Special thanks to Vidhi Chowdhary of class children of our society. VIII A for giving us the car to go to Athabari Rishika Hazarika (VIDES Club), LFS, Dibrugarh and her grandmother who supplied the books, pencils and sharpeners' for the

PLEDGE FOR PARITY – WOMEN'S DAY Women's Day celebration at Athabari was held on March 4, 2016 for the women of the place organized by Sr.Alphonsa, VIDES Provincial Delegate together with Sr. Helen Murum, Headmistress of Athabari School. 104 women attended the celebration. The Chief Guest Mrs. Sangita Borgohain, advocate of Dibrugarh High court and Sr.


Alphonsa Kurisingal, animator of Little Flower School were welcomed in a traditional way by washing their hands and putting of Gamucha. The Chief Guest in her speech said, the world has witnessed a significant change and attitudinal shift. With more women in the boardroom, greater equality in legislative rights and an

increased critical mass of women's visibility as impressive role models in every aspect of life, one may think that women have gained true equality. The unfortunate fact is that women are still not paid equally to that of their male counterparts etc … However, great improvements have been made. We do have female astronauts and prime ministers, school girls are welcomed into university, women can work and have a family, women have real choices. And so each year the world inspires women and celebrates their achievements.

parity more quickly Each of us can be a leader within our own spheres of influence and commit to take pragmatic action to accelerate gender parity.

All the women present were given a blanket each, contributed by the Students' parents of Little Flower School, Dibrugarh. Refreshment too was served for all. We are grateful to Sr. Tessy Davis, the Principal of Little Flower Higher Secondary School for motivating and inspiring students to support the poor and the needy and providing blankets for them. The women Sr. Alphonsa in her message spoke about the were extremely happy and grateful to the theme of the year on International women's Institution of Little Flower Higher day “Pledge for parity.” Secondary School for organizing such a day for them. Everyone - men and women - can pledge to take a concrete step to help achieve gender

8TH FAITH EXPOSURE PROGRAM participants. After the inaugural function, they were divided into 40 groups of 12/13 members composed of diverse language groups and tribes. Competent persons in the field of evangelization shared their past missionary experience and their present missionary activities.


he 8th Faith Exposure program organized by Guwahati Arch Diocese was held from 18th- 23rd January, 2016 at Tamulpur parish under Arch Diocese of Guwahati. The were about 500 participants of which Fifteen FMA postulants and seventeen junior Sisters along with their assistants and two touring Sisters Sr. Pushpola Sangma and Sr. Alma Murum participated. The Parish Priest, Sisters and the parishioners warmly welcomed the

The daily program began with adoration in the morning followed by Morning Prayer and Holy Mass which was followed by input sessions by resource persons. Every day the participants in their own groups set out to the field to have the experience of meeting the people in the villages. Like Jesus, who advised His disciples before sending them out, we were instructed by His Grace John Moolachira and Most Rev. Thomas Menamparapil SDB on how to go about in the villages. Some of the tips given were:


MARCH 2016

Impressions of some Juniorate Sisters:

— Greet the people with a smile — Love the people you serve — Enter the hearts of the people through — — — — — — —

children Make yourself welcomed To give Jesus, be in a state of grace Change style of winning souls Learn the language Keep your mission at heart Be passionate, throw yourself whole heartedly Be one with the people … etc.

The program was well planned and arranged that everyone benefited the maximum. It made them realize the effectiveness of networking with all, for the common mission according to one's Charism. Jasmine Pamei & Kairina Marak (Postulants)

Bell Teacher A new student approached the master and asked how he should prepare himself for his training. "Think of me a bell," the master explained. "Give me a soft tap, and you will get a tiny ping. Strike hard, and you'll receive a loud, resounding peal."


“It was a time to introspect where I stand, my eagerness in proclaiming Christ to the people who are waiting for someone to open the door of faith. The simplicity and cheerfulness of the people even in the midst of struggles and difficulties touched me.” - Sr. Sheela ING “I learned the importance of being one with the people. Though different in culture and language, people were very united and cooperative, ready and open to accept Gospel values.” - Sr. Namita S. Sundar INC “It was an enriching God experience for me, a moment of grace and wonder to see the unity and enthusiasm of all the 500 participants in spreading the Word of God. Openness and cooperation of the village people were so encouraging.” - Sr. Maria W. Sariang INS “Faith Exposure programme enriched me, especially the mission work in North East helped me to be open, simple and adapt myself to the situation and people.” - Sr. Arokia Mary INK “It was a faith experience, strengthened my vocation. I will never forget this experience which has made me realize what Jesus wants me to do with my life.” - Sr. Seena Devassy INK “After this exposure I am determined to learn the language of the people where I am and will be working. I strongly felt that people awaits the coming of missionaries in their places.” - Sr. Kamei Mary ING



ater Ecclesiae in her 16th year of existence unveils to us her hidden garden where bloom the unfading flowers in the sweet memories of our dear 14 departed Sisters. The 16th Birthday of Mater Ecclesiae was marked by the releasing of the Book entitled “The Unfading Flowers” by Sr. Lucy Rose Ozhukayil, the Visiting Councilor in the presence of Sr. Elizabeth George the Provincial, Sr. Teresa Puthenpurakel, the former provincial, Superiors and a good number of Sisters. The pro v in ce is in d eb ted to th e compilers, Srs. Ivy D'Souza and Sr. Kaini Martha for the hard work and meticulous care put in to open the petals of the 'Unfading Flowers'. Sr. Lucy Rose Ozhukayil before releasing the book said “the very fact that God has called these departed Sisters in the different stages of life shows that God is the sole Master of our Life. Until he calls us let us joyfully work for His Glory”. There was mixed feelings of joy, gratitude and loving memories of the 14 Sisters. Dear Unfading Flowers, Sr. Rosa Lobilo Humtsoe, Sr. Annie Adichirayil, Sr. Anna Mathai, Sr. Clementina Toppo, Sr. Mary Thayil, Sr. Rosy Devasy, Sr. Margaret Greppi, Sr. Mary Kerketa,

Sr. Teresina Kurian, Sr. Bernadette Surin, Sr. Regi Rita Payapilly, Sr. Regisinda George, Sr. Mariana Kujur and Sr. Philomina Ashiphro

The fragrance you once spread remain ever fresh Where your loved ones still live, Your footprints in our hearts will Never vanish and will never cease to show The road to that heavenly Bliss Through your lives lived in love, In fidelity and commitment You once showed us how beautiful life can be. Whisper now a word in our ears How to do ordinary things in an extraordinary way How to venture the untraded path You now share that Unspeakable Joy of Heaven. Inspire us from above. We believe you are with us still And present in all the events of our family Whisper now our names to our Beloved Spouse. Come, dear Unfading flowers to our aid Shower down your Sanctified petals of blessing. Remember us dear unfading Flowers


MARCH 2016

MEMORIES OF THE FIRST PHASE 2ND NOVITIATE The first phase of the 2nd Novitiate held at Mazzarello Study Home, Dimapur Nagaland for the 7 Sisters of ING and 4 Sisters of INS from Dec. 27 to Jan. 27, 2016. It was a time of adventure with the Lord who fascinate us and lead us in our preparation for our final commitment to Him. We would like to summarize our experience in the following lines:





ing: Sing and shout to the Lord for he has worked wonders in us. The one month experienced with the Lord was but a reason to burst forth in song of praise to God with Mary our Mother. The note of music was played by the Lord himself as he touched us daily in our personal prayer, moment of Adoration, Holy Eucharist and community prayer.

ptimism: As FMAs we ought to qualify ourselves in being an optimistic person. A bunch of roses to Fr. Linus Neli the Rector of Orients Theological College Shillong for depicting the reality and the true matters of religious life. Being with the young people today we are reminded to see the silver line in every cloud. ature: “Care for the earth our common Home�. The Encyclical 'LAUDATO SI' was reflected in depth and enriched ourselves with the insight given by our Holy Father. To play our role as religious to preserve our environment, Personal resolution was taken to live the Exhortation given by Pope Francis.


iscernment: Discernment a process of strengthening our vocation and a moment of seeking God's will. Thanks to the creative classes of Fr. C.T. Varghese SDB, Rector of Don Bosco Dimapur for making us aware of the importance of being religious who are open to the guidance of the spirit in varied ways.


Enlightenment: Indeed those were days of enlightenment. We were reawaken and enlightened by the Spirit of God through the instrumentality of Sr. Gothrop Mabel, Sr. Kurinsinkal Alphonsa, Sr. Kurian Teresa and of course our coordinator Sr. Sania Josephine. Hats off to you dear Sisters for you generously shared with us the treasured pearl.


ourishment: Nourished with the love of God and infused with the spirituality of Mary in the Salesian Charism and the life of the Institute we are re-energized, revitalized, refreshed and are able to reread the journey of our life with Mary the Mother and Mistress of our vocation.



ommitment: Don Bosco exhorted us to take one's vocation as a personal commitment. For the total FIAT like Mary, we were made to go into the depth of our Rule of Life. In depth study of the Constitution enables us to re-commit our life totally and live with creative fidelity the charism of the Institute.


ption: Choice made for a purpose. Our life is a gift from the Almighty and we have made an option to love and serve him in the young people entrusted to

our care, conscious of this essence in the heart of our charism we made an option to surrender our life for this single purpose. The second novitiate Sisters has no other option than to become holy for the young.


dventure: The First phase of 2nd Novitiate was but an adventure with the Holy Spirit. We have made an inner journey to discover the mystery and beauty of our religious vocation as Daughters of Mary Help of Christians. Thanks to the minutely chalk out time table by our coordinator Sr. Sania Josephine which enabled us to give sufficient space to the working of the Holy Spirit in our life.


ision: As daughters of Don Bosco a great visionary and a dreamer, we are to imbibe with the same zeal to dream big and make our vision broader. All the resource persons did stress the need to broaden our horizons and prepare ourselves well in order to be signs of God's amazing love.


mmerse: Satiation takes place in complete immersion. We were immersed in the ocean of Salesian charism and satiated with its intensity, so that the spirit will never run short when we land again on the ground of young people.


rust: Trust in the Lord, you will see the wonderful things accomplished in life. The 30 days of reflection and prayers were days of restoration and renewal of our trust in God. Trusting in the Constant and unconditional love of God we go out to witness this filial trust as his chosen one.


gnited: we are completely ignited with the light of Christ and our Founder and Co-foundress and are now able to see our communities and mission as a place of encounter and become instruments to ignite the life of the young.


hank you: Thanks to the community of Mazzarello Study Home, for the family spirit and the conducive atmosphere for growth. Thanks to the motherly presence of Sr. Teresa Kunnapaly, the animator and all the Sisters of the community and Sisters of Auxilium. We also placed on record the valid contribution of the Fathers of Salesian College and Bosco B.Ed College, Dimapur for all the spiritual help.


nthusiasm: The days spent in the company of one another motivated us to live as enthusiastic and dynamic FMAs fired with the love of God.

A special note of thanks goes to our Provincials Sr. George Elizabeth, Sr. Isabella Suja and Sister of our Provinces for the accompaniment and prayerful support to make the first phase of our 2nd Novitiate a fruitful one. 2nd Novitiate Sisters of ING & INS


MARCH 2016


Turns 16


ater Ecclesiae, the young and vibrant missionary of North East turns 16 and the whole family rejoices, offering grateful songs to God, the Merciful Father. Her birthday takes us down the memory lane. She was born in the great year of Jubilee 2000 and took her first flight from Shillong Province, INS and landed into the loving and strong arms of Sr. Lucy Rose Ozhukayil who caressed her with great love for 6 years and entrusted to the care of Sr. Teresa Puthenpurakel who tended her for 6 growing years and continue to nurture by of Sr. Elizabeth George who wisely looks after her all round development.

Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Manipur which were artistically decorated. Rev. Fr. Mathew Anchukandam, the administrator of the Archdiocese of Guwahati celebrated the Holy Eucharist and greeted everyone on the joyous occasion. He also welcomed our dear Sr. Lucy Rose Ozhukayil the visiting Councilor in the name of the Archdiocese of Mater Ecclesiae turns sweet 16 in the Guwahati. extraordinary year of Mercy and in the The day ended with the visit Jesus to greet presence of the pioneering provincial Sr. the young Mater Ecclesiae on her 16th Birth Lucy Rose, her pioneering provincial. One Day and entrusted her with greater plans, could imagine the joy, young Mater more responsibilities and challenged her for Ecclesiae feels in this celebration at the more adventures, but said to her: “I will happy co-incidences of her life. The always be with you”. (A tableau staged by presence of all the provincials added J u n i o r s ) . R e m e m b e r “ Yo u M a k e a glamour and joy to the celebration. Difference” in the growth of Mater Ecclesiae. Long live Mater Ecclesiae! The celebration broke open with the salutation of the Young Mater Ecclesiae to every member of her family, “You make a difference” appreciating and acknowledging the difference each one make with her unique being. She sent the same tone of love to all her daughters who could not be present. At the introduction to the Holy Mass, the three Provincials with Sr. Ivy D'Souza, the Provincial of undivided province solemnly carried the four symbolic lamps and placed it on the four states namely Assam, 14

This historical event calls for the attention of all to all the pioneering missionaries who began with little things but with great love and how that tiny seed sawed has now grown to a tree stretching out its shoots and branches without forgetting to get deeper into the source.

Mater Ecclesiae The miracle of Mary in North East You shine with crown of 16 golden years Crown that bore the great love And sacrifice of your daughters Who sow the seed and took great care Young and vibrant Missionary as you are Have now greater plan To be fulfilled and to be made Further horizons to reach out Greater challenges to face Be strong, humble and steadfast You'll never walk alone Walk with unshakable faith And experience the indescribable joy Of living for the Lord. Viva Mater Ecclesiae

Let this celebration awaken us to making a new difference in the new page of the Province life. TANGLA



he foundation of Auxilium Hostel, Tangla was blessed and laid on February 25, 2016. It was blessed by Rev. Fr. Edathumparampil Sebastian SDB, Rector and Principal of Don Bosco School, Tangla and was laid by Rev. Sr. Lucy Rose Ozhukayil FMA, Visiting Councilor from Rome, in the presence of Rev. Sr. Elizabeth Ge o rg e F M A , P r o v i n c i a l o f M a t e r Ecclesiae, Guwahati, Provincial Councilors, Sr. Catherine Kannampuzha, the Animator, Sisters, Boarders and inmates of Auxilium Convent, Tangla, Mr. Suprodip Banerjee the contractor, friends and well wishers. It was a long awaited need of Auxilum Tangla.

Our immense gratitude goes to God, Mr. Paul Wilkes, Director of "Homes of Hope India-US" and his team who are God's send benefactors to give life to many rural young girls who will receive education through


MARCH 2016

this Institution. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to our dear Mother Provincial and Provincial Councilors who facilitated the construction of this hostel.

presence. Sr. Mariam Lomga invoked the Spirit of God and the blessing of our Mother through well prepared prayer service. All the Sisters and the inmates of the house unitedly prayed to God for the successful completion A t t h e v e r y s t a r t S r. C a t h e r i n e Kannampuzha, the Animator welcomed the of the construction of the hostel. gathering and thanked them for their

ANNUAL DAY AT AUXILIUM CONVENT HIGH SCHOOL The School Annual Day held on March 4 was a long awaited and exciting one. The Chief Guest Smt. Saptati Endow ACS, Assistant Commissioner of Udalguri District was escorted by the Students, Sr. Catherine Kannampuzha, the Animator and Sr. Mary Joseph Pattathil, Headmistress to the dais. She was then felicitated with Assamese gamucha and a badge. Sr. Mary delivered the welcome address and presented the school report. The colourful programme – various dances, songs and an annual play conveyed the message of peace, love and harmony. But one could say the best part of the programme was the joy of the Parents to see their children on the stage. The Chief Guest in her speech, quoting Dr. Abdul Kalam said that all of us must have dreams in our life and that dream must become a reality, “The Dream is not what you see in sleep, Dream is which does not let you sleep.” She also appreciated the School Management and the Staff for dedicating their lives in shaping and nurturing the lives of the rural students and helping them to become good citizens of our country.


Sr. Kannampuzha Catherine, the Animator in her message affirms the parents that the celebration of the Annual day is the fact that Auxilium School, Tangla does not confine itself to academic education alone but provides ample opportunities to develop talents, abilities and leadership qualities of the Students. To the students she said that the school offers them every opportunity to develop their potentials in academic, literary, cultural and sports etc. The given activities are to help them to think creatively and critically in order to solve problems and make proper choice and decisions in life. She encouraged and wished them the very best in their world of creativity, imagination, critical and scientific outlook. She gratefully acknowledged the hard work of the teachers in preparation of the 'Annual Day'.

APOSTOLIC EXPERIENCE – II YEAR NOVICES “A glimpse of the future that lies ahead of us.” (6 Jan- 6 Feb) “God makes everything good in His own time.” We experienced it more tangibly during the one month apostolic experience. He made our life beautiful and meaningful with different enriching experiences. MAJBAT My visits to the families have made me aware of their problems and struggles. The care and concern for the sick and the aged from the part of Sr. Sudem Basumatary was very inspiring and has strengthened my desire to serve people. I witnessed our Sisters' hard work and their exemplary lives. My apostolic experience has made me aware of the challenges of the mission. - Sr. Mabel Bhengra KOKRAJHAR The quality time spent with the Sisters and young people was a source of joy and encouragement. It has helped me be more convinced in my vocation. I experience the reality of community life and mission. I appreciate the sense of responsibility with which each Sister carries out her task joyfully. It has helped me prepare myself to face the challenges of life ahead. - Sr. Alpana Borgoyary. TEZPUR It has broadened my understanding of what is community life, and how our Sisters live and work together. I have witnessed the joyful, dedicated and committed lives of our Sisters. It was inspiring to see the Sisters engaged in different activities whole heartedly. This experience has let me to a practical life of the community and the mission and how should I live as a religious. - Sr. Deepa Borgoyary.

DIBRUGARH I was able to explore my gifts and talents through encountering and associating with the young. I witnessed the life of joyful service of our Sisters for the poor. The family spirit, zeal and enthusiasm of the Sisters in reaching out to the young really impressed me. It has helped me to be more aware of the challenges of life and the cost of discipleship. It has broadened my horizon and happy to go ahead in my vocational journey. - Sr. Salome Gonmei. UDALGURI I am inspired by the witnessing life, unity and love of the Sisters in the community. I learned from our Sisters how to face the mission ahead of me with great courage, faith, trust and confidence in the Lord, gaining strength from every day personal prayer and communion with the Lord. The village apostolate was an enriching experience. It enabled me to understand better the demands of religious life. - Sr. Arati Herenj KHOUPUM My apostolic experience brought me to the reality of life in the mission. I witnessed the enthusiasm, hard work, self sacrifice and exemplary lives of the Sisters. I had the joy of meeting the young on many occasions. The simplicity, humility and the respectful attitude of the villagers towards the religious is very inspiring. This experience has helped me to understand better the challenges of life and the demands of embracing the religious life. - Sr. Martha Gangmei


MARCH 2016


TEACHERS SEMINAR ST. MARY'S, Guwahati It was a learning ground where I witnessed the lives of our Sisters in their everyday life situation and had the opportunity to be with the young people. The experience with the children at Snehalaya was special while teaching them I learn a lot. The ambience there was joy and love laden where the children are taught life values in the language of love. They taught me to be opened in life. - Sr. Likha Naina HOLY CHILD, Guwahati It was a time of learning, an eye opening to the daily life and activities of our Sisters. Their witnessing life, self sacrifice and love for the poor encouraged me in my vocational journey. I am edified by their predilection for the young and the Sisterly respect that prevailed in the community. - Sr. Kana Florence We are grateful to Mother Provincial Rev. Sr. Elizabeth George, for this opportunity to have a glimpse of future mission and prepare us better for our commitment to the Lord. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the animators of the communities who welcomed us and accompanied us in our apostolic experience. We also thank our Mother Mistress, Rev. Sr. Gothorp Mabel, all the Sisters and novices of the Novitiate community their prayerful support.



eachers’ seminar held in St. Joseph's Convent H.S. School, Tezpur on 4th and 5th Feb, 2016 was attended by teachers from three different schools namely St. Joseph's Convent H.S. School, Don Bosco School and Don Bosco Bishop House. The seminar began with a prayer moment at 9.00 a.m. animated by Sr. Athisa Margaret. The participants accorded a warm welcome by the students with a melodious song and words of welcome by Sr. Monica Sana, Principal during which the resource person Dr. (Fr.) P.D. Johnny, Principal of Don Bosco College of Teacher Education, Tura was felicitated with Phulam Gamucha. The main concept of the seminar was “Being a Teacher Today”. Fr. P.D. John gave explanation on various topics that would enable a teacher to become a better one. With video clippings he illustrated all the points. Within two days of seminar, Fr. P.D. Johny made immense impact on us with his competency on the basics of a good teacher. He concluded with a message:

“Treat your school like a garden, where students are like the plants, which if nurtured properly, would develop and grow into a beautiful garden”. We have been truly enriched by two days of seminar which is so unlike the other seminars. The creative ways with which Fr. P.D. Johny presented every point, left a deep impact in our career as teachers and educators. - Miss Prerna Borah, Teacher.

WOMEN'S DAY CELEBRATION The International Women's Day was observed in the school on March 8, 2016. Sr. Kaini Maria the animator of St. Joseph's Convent greeted everyone “Happy Women's Day� during the morning School Assembly. Speaking on the role of women in the family and society she exhorted teachers and students to play their role rightfully. The students of the Media Club presented a song meaning 'let us live, let us grow' inviting all present to acknowledge the role of girls and women and give them their rightful place. The past pupils too joined in the celebration. A group of the junior past pupils presented a street play on the need to stop discrimination between girls and boys, men and women to class X on the theme 'Make a better world for women'. The collage depicted the dark have better society. and bright side of women's life. It was an The media club conducted a collage invitation to give due respect to women and competition for the students of class VII to ensure their safety and happiness.

SEMINAR FOR PARENTS AND STUDENTS Seminar for the parents and students of various classes was animated by Dr. (Fr.) P.D. Johny sdb, Principal of Don Bosco College of Teacher Education, Tura from 4th to 6thof February. The seminar was held in the evening from 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm to facilitate everyone to attend. Different day was allotted to different classes. Through video clips and multimedia demonstration, Fr. Johny brought home to the parents the valuable lesson of progressive parenting. Though participation of the parents was far from satisfaction, those who came expressed immense joy for the valuable lessons they have received. They in fact asked for such seminar to be conducted for parents every year as they found it very useful.

February 6 was set for the students of Classes IX and X. The seminar began at 8.00 a.m. with the lighting of the lamp and invoking God's blessings. The students sat according to their class and Fr. Johny competently set the tone to the seminar through interesting and informative quiz session. In the course of time prevalent topics such as goal setting, positive self image, self confidence, etc, were dealt with. The appropriate movie clips made the


MARCH 2016

sessions lively, interactive and impressive. In short duration of four hours, we got to learn many values such as how to strive for success and excellence, how to develop our personality and how to preserve our

character as girls with honour and dignity. We are grateful to our Principal Sr. Monica Sana and the school management for the wonderful opportunity offered to us through this seminar. Mridusmita Baruah, School Head Girl

BETTER FUTURE FOR THE LESS FORTUNATE CHILDREN While a New Survey was done in the slum areas of Saktigahar, Bhaghagar GMC Road Dispur, finding out the background and the situation of the people; about 35 children are found not going to school. To help out these children a new centre is initiated at Ananda Nagar, Dispur Adarsha Parthomic Vedyaloy, Regular classes are conducted and different activities are held. We are encouraged to see changes in the life of these children. The coordinators, staff, and social workers of CHILD FRIENDLY GUWAHATI are doing wonderful work in mainstreaming the CFG students. Auxilium centre cluster IV is able to mainstream 29 new students to neighboring government schools. As a whole 25 CFG Centers are able to mainstream 820 new students to different

schools. In these 3 years the CFG centres are able to mainstream 1461 students who are given much care and support by Child Aid projects. Though the child friendly project fund is not sufficient to meet the need, everyone is doing their best to help these less fortunate children in our Guwahati city.

OPTION FOR THE POOR The Students of Auxilium Parallel School were blessed by the generous contribution of St. Mary's Maligaon on 27th February, 2016. At 4 pm five Past Pupils (who were teachers) with Sr. Nelia Mary Khrasi the principal came to St. Stephen's School and distributed books and sweets to the children of Auxilium Parallel School. The children welcomed them with songs of joy singing. Sr. Lissy Rose Mathew, the superior of Auxilium Provincial House addressed words of welcome and expressed her appreciation for their generosity. They 20

spent some time interacting with the children. The children were delighted to receive the books. A big thank you dear Volunteers for your loving service and help to the poor and the needy.

SPORTS' DAY AT AUXILIUM CENTRE ‘Physical exercise is good for mind, body and spirit. Playing sports offers children more than just physical benefits. Sports typically help kids academically and socially as well.' Keeping this in mind, Auxilium Centre organized Sports days for Children of Parallel and CFG Students on 15 - 17 of February, 2016. The Children were very enthusiastic about it. They were prepared by the teachers two days ahead to participate grouping them according to their age. They delightfully took part in Potato Race, Spoon and Marble Race, Sack Race, Running Race, cock fight etc. The participants were

encouraged by the cheers and applause of the audience mostly Sisters and teachers. What a moment of amusement for the boys and girls!




The newly built church at Batis (32) mile, Tezu, Arunachal was blessed by Rt. Rev George Palliparambil, SDB., D.D. Bishop of Miao Diocese on 21st Dec. 2015 and was inaugurated by Mrs. Chai, the wife of the s i t t i n g M L A o f Te z u - S u n p u r a Constituency. On this joyous occasion about 100 faithful received the Sacrament of Confirmation during a solemn Holy Eucharist. The Bishop in his homily exhorted all the faithful to be missionaries in spreading God's Kingdom. After the Mass there was a short felicitation programme followed by lunch served for all present.

The Feast of Mary Immaculate Conception was marked by welcoming new members to the Church. Minam Thadu a boarder of Class V and her small sister Nainu Thadu from Hucheliang village, Tezu received baptism in Auxilium Convent chapel presided over by Rev. Fr. Deepak Kanade, the Parish Priest of Tezu, St. Peter's Church. Minam also had the joy of receiving Holy Communion on this day her one long desire.


MARCH 2016


A DAY WITH GOD 'A Day with God' was organized for the staff and students on Feb. 27, 2016. Rev. Fr. T.M. Joseph Thelekkat, SDB animated for the staff while Rev. Fr. Paul Rabha SDB,

with other four young people for the students of classes I to X. The experience began with action songs led by the four youth and put us into the mood of the day. Activities like word puzzles (of virtues) set them according to their priority in our life, competition of dressing royal couple with news paper etc. were conducted. Then we proceeded to the hall for the Prayer experience. Fr. Paul spoke on Jesus and His great Love for us with anecdotes and his personal experiences that inspired us to love and appreciate Prayer more. Everyone went home happy and contented having spent the day with God. Beauty Basumatary (Cl. X) Plorina Brahma (Cl. IX)

IMPACT OF MEDIA ON THE YOUTH OF TODAY A half day media awareness programme was conducted on 5th April, for classes VII to X students of Auxilium School Kokrajhar by Sr. Sania Josephine, the Social Communication Coordinator of the Province of Mater Ecclesiae-ING. She began the session with meaningful song on God's love and captured our attention from the very outset. The sessions were made so exciting and interesting for us through video clippings and Power Point presentations. Sr. Sania dealt on 'the revolution of communication, the impact of Social media on youth, the wise and critical use of social media today'. The students were made aware of how media can take control of us if we are not careful in the use of social media. It was an eye opener for us as this is the first of its kind organized in the school on media. This enriching programme convinced us that 'the world 22

changes when people change' and 'we will be people who controlled media and not people controlled by media.' We are grateful to Sr. Rebecca Hajowary, the headmistress for making this arrangement and look forward for more of similar animation. Daleng Basumatary Cl.X Sarika Basumatary


GOLDEN JUBILEE OF THE character of the children, he said, “The character and personality formation of the PARISH child starts right from womb of the mother.� Sacred Heart Parish, Udalguri turned 50 this year. With the hoisting of the Jubilee flag the Golden Jubilee celebration commenced on January 8, 2016. Heavy rain and hailstones disrupted the plan to have solemn Eucharistic Procession scheduled on 9 Jan. But this did not deter the fervor and spirit of the people. They turned up in huge number for the procession in the evening. The solemn conclusion of the Jubilee celebration was held on January 10, 2016 with the Eucharistic celebration, presided over by Rt. Rev. Michael Akasius Toppo, Bishop of Tezpur. A short cultural programme followed during which Auxilium hostel girls presented a dance drama, on 'Mercy'. The parable of the Prodigal Son was beautifully portrayed through the dance drama. It was indeed a celebration of the faith of the people.

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY Auxilium, Udalguri observed the worldwide event of International Women's Day on March 11, 2016. Around 50 women from neighbourhood turned up for the celebration, many of whom were the mothers of our evening tuition children. The children performed different items much to the delight of their mothers. Dr. Premtush Murmu in his talk expressed his deep joy and appreciation for the various apostolate carried out by the Sisters. He spoke on the role of women in maintaining peace and unity in the family and in the society. He also stressed on health, hygiene and about the need to take proper care of the children so as to avoid sicknesses. Speaking on the significant role of the mothers in forming the

The women expressed their gratitude for organising such programme for them. It concluded on a happy note with a tea party.


It is with pride and zeal of patriotism we join the rest of the nation in celebrating the 67th Republic Day of our country. On this day the National Flag flies high in our college hoisted by Sr. Puthenpurakel Teresa, the animator. A group of students, making up two contingents took part in the March Past competition, held at the DC court. The girls' contingent bagged the second prize in the Non-Professional Senior group and a trophy was awarded to them.

FAREWELL TO XII The third batch of the students of Auxilium Junior College, Udalguri were given a fitting farewell on 30th January, 2016. The staff and the Class XI students organized a short function for the 109 out-going students. Thus two years of their life in the College came to a close with a pleasant send-off programme 'Adieu, hope to meet again'. The programme began by paying homage to Don Bosco. The staff and the student representatives paid floral tributes


MARCH 2016

and lighted the lamp in honour of the great saint. With words of love and appreciation Sr. Teresa Puthenpurakel, the superior and Sr. Rose Mary Kazhiia, the Principal, thanked and wished the out-going students Brahma gave a parting message on behalf of imploring God's blessings on them. Sr. the Teachers and wished them all good luck Rose Mary Kazhiia in her speech held that in their H.S Final examination. the out-going students will always be a part Mr. John Basumatary(teacher) of the big Salesian family. Ms. Nijwm


C.F.G CELEBRATES THE BIRTHDAY OF FR. PROVINCIAL C.F.G. of Holy Child School was privileged to celebrate the birthday of Fr. V.M Thomas, SDB, Provincial of Guwahati on 19th January, 2016. The celebration took place in 'Don Mario Hall' Provincial House Guwahati in the presence of the Visiting superior Fr. Basanes Guillermo SDB, many Salesian Fathers and C.F.G. staff from various centres. The children presented a skit on 'Save the Environment'. Fr. V.M. Thomas appreciated and thanked the children for the well performed skit. It was a new experience for the children and their joy knew no bounds. They enjoyed the refreshment served to their heart content. Faces illumined with happiness and contentment they went home with happy memories of the event.



l Sports Meet 2016 started off at 10.00 am from 2-4 March with the opening ceremony graced by Dr. Nicky Kire, Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Nagaland as the Chief Guest with his lady wife, Dr. Juni Kire.

The programme was preceded by Scripture reading and invocation prayer for the success of the sports event. After which the School Captain, Vice Captain, Secretary, 'The better we educate the poor today, the Vice Secretary, the Class Captains and Vice better society be tomorrow'. captains, of the School, Houses and Classes Sr. Cecilia Thomas took pledge and the Captain badges were given out to them by the Chief Guest. 24

At the unfurling of the School Flag by the Chief Guest, Dr. Nicky Kire the School anthem echoes the whole School. The March Past of the four Houses of the senior girls led by the School Captain and House Captains of each contingent fly past smartly. The Chief Guest in his speech thanked the School for the warm reception and stressed on the importance of sports. He also shared his experiences as a student of Little Flower School, Kohima at the humble beginning. He mentioned that during his school days after breakfast all the students were to play basketball for 30 minutes. On rainy days they played table tennis or some other indoor games. He exhorted the students that taking part in Sports whether we lose or win does not matter but what matter is how we play.

creatively and meaningfully on Women's r e s o u r c e s , F e m i n i s m , Wo m e n Empowerment and so forth which add colour and beauty of the day.



The sports continued amidst great enthusiasm till the 4th March 2016. Mr. Atu Zümvü, SDPO, Sub Divisional Police Officer, Kohima the Chief Guest of the A prize distribution Ceremony was held at closing ceremony declared the Annual St. Mary's English High School (Senior Secondary) Maligaon on February 12, Sports closed at 1.00 p.m. 2016. Rev. Sr. Ivy D'Souza former Sr. Regina Zhünyü Provincial of the undivided ShillongGuwahati Province was the Chief Guest. In INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S her speech she said, “Life is the best gift of DAY God” and student life is the best time to The teachers and students of Little Flower mould and shape it. She further advised the Hr. Sc. School, Kohima celebrated the students to concentrate on life's goal and International Women's Day organized by the add colours to it daily. Rev. Sr. Nelia Mary Media Club members. It commenced with a Khrasi the Principal delivered a welcome speech by Meciehonü Natso on Indra Nooyi, speech followed by a cultural dance by class the CEO of Pepsi Co. Then a short drama VIII students. The Chief Guest along with entitled “A girl with big dream” was acted Sr. Nelia Mary, Sr. Emilia Chopfohra and out by the media club members and Primary in - charge Sr. Elizabeth Valliyil conveyed the message that women can distributed the prizes to the winners. Apart achieve great things in life if we dare and from individual categories in different forge ahead with courage and determination. fields, group events, best house, best houseThe students also prepared the notice boards board and most generous class were 25

MARCH 2016

awarded trophies and certificates. Indeed the winners proved that they are focused and determined. The day's celebration concluded with a vote of thanks given by Sr. Emilia Chopfohra.

VISIT TO MOTHER TERESA SHANTI DAM On February 6, 2016 twenty Five VIDES members of St. Mary's Senior Secondary School, Maligaon, embarked on a voyage to Shanti Dam, Khanamukh, Jalukbari, along with Sr. Emilia Chopfohra, the coordinator, and the teachers-in-charge, Miss Alakananda Pathak and Miss Barnali Nandi Mazumder. We were greeted by the colourful flowers blooming in the well-maintained garden. The children's ward was the first leg of the journey. There were fourteen children with special needs who welcomed the members with their smiles. The VIDES members sang songs encouraging them to lead their lives with hope and courage. Eatables and fruits were distributed to them which they relished whole-heartedly. Then proceeded

to women's ward where elderly and sickly women abandoned by their families. They shared their tales of injustice which moved the listeners. The women were happy to get the refreshment served and enjoyed the songs sung by the students. Kanisha Kaifi Majid, a member of VIDES gave a message on “optimism and faith� to the inmates. The Sisters and inmates of the institution appreciated and thanked the Sister, Teachers and VIDES members for the generosity and solidarity expressed towards the poor. This institution is an apt example of the values that Mother Teresa tried to inculcate in the people of our society. The Sisters showed a ray of hope to the underprivileged people and this taught the VIDES members the true meaning of benevolence and love.



On the occasion of International Women's Day, St. Mary's Maligaon joined with the rest of the world to celebrate Women's Day. Together with the Community, the VIDES came up with the unique idea of marking the day with the downtrodden women of the neighbourhood. Dr. Anjana Rita Xalxo, lecturer at the Ayurvedic College, Jalukbari, whose presence benefitted everyone present. Sr. Bridget Kurian, the Superior and the Sisters of the house graced everyone Chopfohra through which she stated the with their presence. importance of the day. Sr. Bridget Kurian's The celebration began with a beautiful message captured the essence of the day prayer service animated by Sr. Emilia aptly. This was followed by a captivating

song sung by the aspirants, giving them a message to be strong women amidst daily fatigues of life. All the women were then asked to take part in various competitions and light entertaining games which were enjoyed immensely by them. In fact, the games ignited within them as they left behind the domestic chores and embraced the second childhood even though for a couple of hours merely. Prizes were awarded to the winners by Sr. Superior and Dr. Rita.

After much enjoyment Dr. Rita spoke to the women on health and hygiene in women which is the key to equality in the society. The fifty six women were rapt in the talk as women's needs are often neglected by others and themselves too. Thanks to Sr. Superior and the Community for their full support and generosity for sponsoring the prizes.


ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI PARISH - SABHA St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Majerburi celebrated the annual day “Sabha” in Matia village on February 13-15, 2016. Fr. Kuriakose parish Priest invited Sr. Minj Elisa FMA and Sr. Kujur Flora FMA of Auxilium Junior College to animate the community in preparation for the celebration. They animated on the theme “Sacraments and Mercy” to high light the Jubilee Year of Mercy. On this occasion 41 children received the first communion prepared by Sr. Maria Sangma MC.

ANIMATORS WITH THE LORD AT BANDEL The annual spiritual retreat for thirty-six animators and Provincial councilors in Kolkata from February 11-17, 2016 marked yet another milestone in our journey towards the fullness of life given the sacred shrine of our Lady of Bandel that was incomparable to any other place and the eminent son of Don Bosco, Fr. Biji Thomas, SDB who proved to be an authentic instrument of our encounter with the Lord. Little did we realize that the days passed away swiftly and we had to leave the historic shrine of Bandel too soon with deep nostalgia of filial love for Mary who led us closer to her beloved Son Jesus.

The unique coincidence of the commencement of the retreat with the liturgical season of Lent – the Ash Wednesday - enabled us to focus on the Lord even more than any time of the year. The invitation on the first day, “Keep your focus! Rend your hearts, not your garment”! sound like a magic wand. The talks centred on the sacred Scripture were seasoned with deep ecclesiastical, religious and salesian connotations. The Eucharistic Celebration at the Shrine of our Lady of Bandel was another unforgettable moment. Timely strong exhortations and invitations


MARCH 2016

to live the spirit and values of the gospel in its radicality did not lack. The daily exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, prayer to the Holy Spirit, invocation to the saints and devotions to the Divine Mercy, the Way of the Cross and the rosary did make us aware and experience the transforming power of God and the powerful intercession of Mary, the Mother of God and of all the saints. The spirit-filled insights,

recommendations and interventions made will go a long way to make us truly cherish our friendship with the Lord and enable us bear fruits of holiness at the service of the young and the people entrusted to our care. We are immensely grateful to Sr. Elizabeth George, our Provincial who has made possible this beautiful time for us. Our sincere gratitude to Sr. Rose Ezarath, Provincial, INC who has kindly consented to host the retreat in the Province and made all arrangements to vis it s ome of the communities; and to Sr. Elizabeth Valliyil and the community of Auxilium, Bandel for having welcomed us and made every sacrifice joyfully on our behalf till the end. Sr. Lydia Komuhra

MISSIONARY PROFICIENCY COURSE 2016 The Regional Commissions of North-East India Bishop's Council, namely, the Formation Commission and the Commission for Tribal Affairs organized a three day seminar on the theme “A cultural approach to mission in North East India�. It was held at Pastoral Centre, Shillong, from 11-13, February2016.


helped us to know the importance of having a working knowledge of the cultures and traditions of the tribal people of our region. Respecting and knowing the cultures is of utmost important for the missionaries who proclaim the good news and for those who guide the process of learning discipleship.

Sr. Mathew Lissy Rose The seminar dealt on topics 'exposure to the TINSUKIA tribal cultures of North East India', 'Missionary approach in North East India', A NEW MEMBER FOR CHRIST 'culture and faith', 'new evangelization in our cultural context' etc. The seminar Sanseela Krong Josephine a Class XII student of Auxilium Junior College, Tinsukia had the joy of receiving the sacrament of Baptism on 17 March at the august gathering in the presence of Sr. Lucy Rose Ozhukayil, Visiting Councillor, Rome. Josephine hails from Tamla Nagar, Lohit District, Arunachal Pradesh. and is the daughter of Somagin Krong and Welenlu Krong. She was baptized by Fr. Chempalayil Paulinus SDB, Parish Priest, St. John Bosco, parish Church, Tinsukia. She had a

the Holy Mass. On receiving Jesus for the first time, she expressed her love and joy through a beautiful prayer after Holy cherished dream to embrace Catholicism for Communion. On being asked how she felt, quite some time. As a hosteller for two years, she said that life with Jesus is beautiful and she was one of the most regular students for that she is able to see things in a new way.


What was your experience as the first Provincial of ING?

Sr. Lucy Rose Ozhukayil the first Provincial

My experience as the 1st provincial of this province after having said 'yes' I had little fear within me whether I will manage to accomplish what the Lord is entrusting to me. With complete surrender and abandonment to the providence of God I took up only to realize I am not alone. God made used of one of his instruments along with other instruments to accomplish his work. And I must say that I experienced so much the spirit of communion and solidarity from the part of each Sister of the province. In the beginning we were poor. Many things have to be settled, we had to


MARCH 2016

struggle but then I felt the sense of belonging to the province from the part of every Sister and community in the province. And so, together we were ready to build up the province both in spiritual aspect as well as in material aspect. A clear one proof is the construction of this house (Auxilium Provincial House, Christian Basti) which is the contribution of everyone, the sacrifices made by every Sister and every community.

love and mercy through priests and our Sisters who helped us also to grow closer to God and to come nearer to the heart of Jesus so as to become effective and fruitful in our mission. This certainly is continuing‌

At the end of the six years of my experience as a Provincial, I must say that very little was accomplished. But it is a history that is being carried on. Sr. Teresa Kurian who took up after me and now Sr. Elizabeth George continue to build the Province. That is the I'm sure the Provincials after me also found beauty of making the journey together. along the way many messengers of God's

The same desire moved me to meet my Sisters and to encourage them to come closer to the Lord even though many of them were far away from the centre. This made me to focus on personal and community prayer moments to enhance their taste for the Lord and the sacramental life. As I moved on from community to community I was really touched by the trust and Sr. Teresa Puthenpurakal confidence of my Sisters and their docility to the guidance and suggestions. In fact the What was your God experience when openness of my Sisters was my strength to go you went around visiting the Sisters as ahead in the mission which the Lord has the 2nd Provincial of ING? entrusted to me. As I recall back my last six years of life Six years went off very fast. I was very happy from August 2006 to august 2012, first of to experience the touch of the Lord in all our all I raise my heart to the almighty for His communities and the hard work of my Sisters, never failing help and presence. In especially in the mission centres in order to moments of joys and in moments of extend the Lord's mission. Even now I problems I experienced the tangible continue to remember my Sisters before the presence of the Lord and His Blessed Lord and ask for His special graces to remain Mother. It has strengthened my closeness faithful to our charism and to realize the dream to Him and my desire to give myself of the Lord in all our communities along with totally for His mission without counting the growth of the young people who are the cost. connected with our mission. 30

towards the poor and marginalized youth. My first priority was to build people, to ensure that the Sisters are competent in different fields. I realized that the face of the Province is nothing but the luminous and happy face of every sister. The buildings and infrastructure came up eventually as the gift of Providence in order to continue our mission. I have always experienced the certainty of God's presence in our Province. This makes What is the driving force of your me go forward with bigger dreams and take passion for the province? What is your bolder initiatives. vision and what are the outstanding strengths of ING Province today? Some of the outstanding strengths of ING: ù The good spirit that reigns among the What is your dream for the Province? Sisters and in the communities. As I took over as the third Provincial of Sr. Elizabeth George

ù The exemplary and hardworking life of

the Province, I was grateful to my predecessors who brought the Province to the point where I was to take over. My driving force is the Lord Himself. I am always encouraged by the words: 'Do not be afraid, I am with you' and again I am reassured by the words 'All things are possible to God'. I realize that I am only the tool God is using and He will give me the efficacy of his grace. This is my driving force. My vision as I accepted the mandate to be the provincial of the Mater Ecclesiae Province was to empower the Sisters and to promote the spiritual and missionary growth and vitality of the Province through relevant initiatives, with a strong thrust on works oriented

the senior Sisters ù The good will and support of the people

that we generally enjoy due to our authentic way of living. ù The presence of young Sisters,

candidates and young people ù The rich harvest the Lord is placing

before us. My dream is to see that our Sisters become competent, capable, enthusiastic and generous to reach out to many more young people both in the formal and in the non formal sectors, that our communities become truly homes that evangelize and we become missionaries of hope and joy for the young people as the GC XXIII invites us.

EATING THE BLAME Circumstances arose one day which delayed preparation of the dinner of a Soto a master, Fukai, and his followers. In haste the cook went to the garden with his curved knife and cut off the tops of green vegetables, chopped them together and made soup, unaware that in his haste he had included a part of a snake in the vegetables. The followers of Fugai

thought they never tasted such good soup. But when the master himself found the snake's head in his bowl, he summoned the cook, “What is this? He demanded, holding up the head of the snake. Oh, thank you, master,” replied the cook, taking the morsel and eating it quickly. 31

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Arresting the Stone Buddha A merchant bearing fifty rolls of cotton goods on his shoulders stopped to rest from the heat of the day beneath a shelter where a large stone Buddha was standing. There he fell asleep, and when he awoke his goods gad disappeared. He immediately reported the matter to the police. A judge named O-oka opened court to investigate. “That stone Buddha must have stolen the goods,” concluded the judge. “He is supposed to care for the welfare of the people, but he has failed to perform his holy duty. Arrest him.” The police arrested the stone Buddha and carried it into the court. A noisy crowd followed the statue, curious to learn what kind of sentence the judge was about to impose. When O-oka appeared on the bench he rebuked the boisterous audience. “What right have you people to appear before the court laughing and joking in this manner? You are in contempt of court and subject to a fine and imprisonment.” The people hastened to apologize. “I shall have to impose a fine on you,” said the judge, “but I will remit it provided each one of you brings one roll of cotton goods to the court within three days. Anyone failing to do this will be arrested.” One of the rolls of cloth which the people brought was quickly recognized by the merchant as his own, and thus the thief was easily discovered. The merchant recovered his goods, and the cotton rolls were returned to the people.

IN THE HANDS OF DESTINY A great Japanese warrior named Nobunaga decided to attack the enemy although he had only one tenth the number of men the opposition. He knew that he would win, but his soldiers were in doubt. On the way he stopped at a Shinto shrine and told his men: “After I visited the shrine I will toss a coin. If head comes, we will win, if tails, we will lose. Destiny holds us in her hand.” Nobunaga entered the shrine and offered a silent prayer. He came forth and tossed a coin. Heads appeared. His soldiers were so eager to fight that they won their battle easily. “No one can change the hand of destiny”, his attendant told him after the battle. “Indeed not”, said Nobunaga, showing a coin which had been doubled, with heads facing either way. 32

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