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“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” – Buddha Our daily life is one of making a choice, a decision. We live in a world that offers us too much and challenges us to make a choice – a choice that will determine our tomorrow. All that we see today tells us to seek success, power, money, comfort, pleasure … but God tells us to seek humility, service, sacrifice, love, and forgiveness … the choice is ours. During the World Youth Day at Krakow Pope Francis challenges 1.6 million young people saying; Dear young people, don't be afraid to say “yes” to him with all your heart, to respond generously and to follow him! Don't let your soul grow numb, but aim for the goal of a beautiful love which also demands sacrifice. Say a firm “no” to the narcotic of success at any cost and the sedative of worrying only about yourself and your own comfort.” It is important to stay awake and alert, so that we know and see things in life that really matters. St. Teresa of Kolkata took a decisive choice in her life when she left the Loreto Convent – in faith she went ahead focusing on what she wanted to do with her life. We are called to be committed people in all that we do and not just an involvement. We get to learn to commit ourselves if not, someone else will - half hearted/just involvement is the mother of everything that go wrong. Let us learn to commit to something bigger than ourselves, bigger than just you and me. As Vince Lombardi rightly said, “Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” As the old saying goes, “Action speak louder than words,” 'what you do is too loud that I cannot hear what you

Sr. Sania Josephine Chakre Editor

say.” This is the eloquence and power of action. What are we doing to make what we SEE, THINK, DREAM a REALITY? What difference can we make in the society with our life? For our unhappy life we often blame person, time, situation and everything else except ourselves. Do we dream of doing something really worth doing? The TIME is NOW. We have just one life to LIVE Yes, LIFE would be much different if we handle it like how a Photographer handles the CAMERA Focus on what is important/positive, focus on Now, Focus on the task at hand “Always remember, your focus determines your reality.” – Qui-Gon Capture the good and opportune moment Develop from the negative If things don't work out Take another shot from a different angle Do not shake, stand firm So that life don't get blur Do not keep life in auto mode Work, live manually – situations, times differ from time to time always Keep checked the result frequently Use view finder – you get better quality of life Use LCD monitor only when necessary so that we don't lose time displaying ourselves, our work to others Remember to charge the battery of life every morning for the day Always keep spare battery to cope up any inevitable events and circumstances Yes, our 'LIFE' is like a 'CAMERA' get the best out of it SEPTEMBER 2016 |


THE FMA-PCI ANNUAL MEET 01 - 04 SEPTEMBER, 2016 SACRED HEART CONVENT, BANGALORE Theme: Importance of Salesian historical memory


he annual meeting of FMA-PCI 2016 was held from 1-4 September 2016, at Sacred Heart Convent, Bangalore. There were 38 participants inclusive of Sr. Piera Cavaglià, Secretary General & the Resource person and Sr. Lucy Rose Ozhukayil, Presiding General Councilor and the 6 Provincials.

historical documentation, quoting a Vietnamese proverb: “when you eat a fruit remember the one who planted”. He suggested ways in which we could become empathetic and compassionate persons capable of mindfulness, sensitivity and meaningful relationships. Commenting on the four-fold fidelity we are call to live he stressed on the following;  Fidelity to the humanity of our times  Fidelity to Jesus and the Gospels  Fidelity to the Church and her mission in the world  Fidelity to our Religious life and to the charism of our congregation.

The FMA-PCI, 2016 commenced with the Morning Prayer on the theme “centrality of the human person with the outlook of the Merciful Father” which was led by the Sisters of INB, Mumbai. The Sisters of INM, Chennai beautifully animated the Inaugural Eucharist, helping the participants savour the rich heritage of the presence of our Institute in India. They highlighted the importance of The FMA-PCI participants were escorted by Salesian historical memory through the the Auxilium School Children and the School various symbols. band to the beautifully decorated Nancy The Eucharistic Celebration was presided Memorial Hall for the inaugural function at over by Fr. Mathew Joyce Thonikuzhiyil, 9.a.m. The program began with a prayer dance SDB, Provincial of Bangalore Province. He by the School children which was followed by began his homily stressing the importance of words of welcome by Sr. Crescentia



D'Almeida, the Provincial of the host Province. During the program, Sr. Lucy Rose, Sr. Piera and each of the 6 Provincials were honoured with a shawl and a bouquet of flowers; the Delegates, Special invitees and the national Co-ordinators were welcomed with colourful scarfs and a red rose each. A typical fusion dance was staged by the children. Taking into account the exhortation of Pope Francis to take care of nature, Sr. Lucy Rose Ozhukayil, Sr. Piera Cavaglià, Sr. Elizabeth George, Sr. Crescentia D'Almeida and Sr. Lydia Komuhra were invited to water a plant as a sign of our desire to strengthen our communion with God and the whole cosmos.

Sr. Lucy Rose Ozhukayil in her inaugural address spoke on the significance of coming together as FMA-PCI which is a sign of communion. She exhorted the participants to preserve and value historical memory so that we may not face a future that has no roots in the past. Sr. Lucy Rose invited the Sisters to value the presence of Sr. Piera Cavaglià who is a Living Archive and our duty to pass on the rich patrimony handed to us by our founders. Sr. Piera Cavaglià animated the three days meeting on the following topics: 

“Importance of Salesian historical memory” with special emphasis on:  The main functions of the study of history  Great and brief history  Documentary sources  Narrative sources

Sr. Elizabeth George, the Provincial of ING Province and President of the FMA-PCI in her welcome address stressed on the theme of the FMA-PCI – “Importance of Salesian historical memory” and welcomed Sr. Lucy Rose  The “First Missionary expedition” Ozhukayil, the Presiding General Councilor, Sr. Piera Cavaglià, Secretary General and the  Authority as service in the evangelical and Salesian way. St. Francis of Sales – A Resource person and the members of the master of spiritual accompaniment, FMA-PCI 2016. She also thanked Sr. highlighting the aspects of spiritual Crescentia D'Almeida and the Sisters of INK for having accepted to host the FMA-PCI Meet, 2016. SEPTEMBER 2016 |


accompaniment in the writings of the saint. 

Don Bosco as 'An Educator who accompanies in the style of the Preventive System'. She dealt at length on the dimension of Guides in the life of Don Bosco and presented the figures of Mamma Margaret, Don John Calosso, Don Joseph Cafasso, the Salesian model of Salesian accompaniment under the following headings:  The necessity and the importance of the Local Council  Ecclesial requirement: harmony between authority and fraternity  A Style that favors discernment and promotes co-responsibility  An example of a Methodology of Discernment according to Don Bosco

making her talk interesting, alive and relevant. She analyzed in depth how Mother Mazzarello accompanied a community in a time of crisis so that we may imbibe her loving and practical methods in our onward journey of accompaniment and animation in communities. One could easily sense the vibrations of love for the Institute and the desire to transmit the same sentiments welling up from the heart of Sr. Piera as she  Maria Domenica Mazzarello, a wise communicated the patrimony of the rich animator of people and communities heritage of Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello under the following points: to FMA, India.  To animate with a broad perspective The National Co-coordinators of various  A presence that welcomes sectors presented the report of the activities of  A presence that knows and loves each 2015 -2016. After the presentations Sr. Piera person expressed her appreciation to FMA-PCI for  A caring presence keeping alive the charism in Indian soil in all  A presence that knows how to go from its vitality and growth. She acknowledged the words to dialogue much good accomplished by our Sisters in She cited numerous examples and instances different fields. from the life of Mother Mazzarello and the Sisters of the primitive years of our Institute



AYM – FEST 2016

Sr. Elizabeth George, PCI President extended her gratitude to Sr. Piera Cavaglia, Secretary General for her efficient, clear and practical guidelines. She thanked Sr. Lucy Rose Ozhukayil, Presiding General Councilor for her constant support and encouragement and the Provincials for coordinating the different days' programme and for their Sisterly collaboration. A special acknowledgement was attributed to Sr. Crescentia D'almeida and the Sisters of INK, the host province for the minute details seen to for the success of the FMA-PCI, 2016. Her appreciation and gratitude extended to the National Coordinators, Delegates, Invitees and others for their active participation and valuable contribution for the success of FMA-PCI, 2016. Sr. Elizabeth George, President FMA-PCI then communicated the term of Office that were extended for another three years for Sr. Ly d i a K o m u h r a , G e n e r a l N a t i o n a l C o o r d i n a t o r, S r. M o l l y E l i z a b e t h Kaniampady, National Youth Coordinator, Sr. Hilda Braganza, National Coordinator for Social Communication and Sr. Stella Potteparambil who finished her extended term of one year.

Auxilium Youth Movement Fest was held at St. Mary's Maligaon from 20th to 22nd May, 2016 organized by the Youth Sector of the Province to celebrate the year of Mercy, coinciding with the conclusion of the canonical visitation of Sr. Lucy Rose Ozhukayil, Visiting Councillor, Rome. The Fest saw the mosaic and colourful convergence of about 300 young people from Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and Nagaland. The theme of the AYM – Fest 2016 was 'Blessed are the Merciful for they shall receive mercy'. At the inaugural programme Sr. Elizabeth George, Provincial exhorted them to be of service to others. “Rivers do not drink its own water Trees do not eat its own fruit Sun does not give heat and light for itself We ought to live for others”, she said. Calling upon the young to take Christ as their hero, Sr. Elizabeth said, “In Christ you find fulfillment for every desire. He alone can satisfy your deepest longing.” Responding to the cry of nature and in line with Pope Francis’ appeal to take care of our mother Earth, two saplings were planted, as

Sr. Lucy Rose announced Sr. Rose Ezarath, Provincial of Kolkata as new President FMAPCI 2017-2018 and Sr. Isabella Suja, Provincial of Shillong as Vice President FMAPCI and declared the FMA-PCI 2016 closed. SEPTEMBER 2016 |


an expression of our resolution to take care of The day's animation was then taken by Fr. C.P. our planet. Mother Provincial then hoisted the Anto, the director of Peace Channel, Dimapur. He made the sessions very interactive and AYM flag. Then adoration and confession followed. To lively. “Aspire to inspire before you expire” the edification of all, the young people was how he started the session, putting the received the Sacrament of Reconciliation with young into the right mood. He spoke on great fervor. The whole compound then Possibility thinking, Positive thinking and resounded with the prayer of the Rosary.At Mercy thinking. Suggesting to them a secret of Good Night time, they got to listen to the remaining young and beautiful, he said, testimony of Mario Joseph, a Muslim who “Everyday spend two minutes with God”. He embraced Christ through reading and also taught them a mantra to be repeated often understanding of the Koran. They were to themselves. 'Every day, every moment I am inspired by the life of that courageous man and becoming better and better'. Terming the Christians as happy people, Fr. Anto said, by his conviction in his new found faith. “Christians are happy people, loving and The long awaited day of Competitions began forgiving people.” with Morning Prayer led by Sr. Emilia Chopfohra helping the young to a meaningful He brought forward some strength of North East youth as: encounter with the God of miracles.  Open and friendly Rev. Fr. Plathottathil Alex Benny SDB, Rector  Leadable Youth of Don Bosco Maligaon presided over the  Good at organizing Holy Mass. He challenged the young to  Excellent at team/group work become saints, as sanctity can be achieved at  Ability to do hard work any age. Speaking on the judicious use of  Feeling of equality modern technology, he said, “Be skeptical about people who tell you that you can become The inspiring story of the differently-abled great by using modern gadgets.” He also Nicky was very much appreciated by the called upon the young to have a deep rooted young people. faith in Jesus without whom life has no signal to go on. SEPTEMBER 2016 |


The afternoon hours saw them vying with one another in the various competitions-Skit, Choreography and Choir. Sr. Teresa Edattukayalil, Directress of NIOS Dimapur was the Chief Guest for the competitions. In her message, she exhorted them to give their best in everything they do. Drawing and Essay Writing Competitions were also conducted with the theme 'Mercy'. The cultural evening was another panorama of unity in diversity, the colourful tapestry of the North East. The final day of the Youth Fest began in a spirit of thanksgiving prayer conducted by Sr. Kaniampady Molly Elizabeth, General Coordinator of the Province. His Grace, Most Rev. John Moolachira, Archbishop of Guwahati diocese presided over the Holy Mass. Being the Holy Trinity Sunday, he started by asking the young people the chemical formula of water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (Co2). He finally asked them the chemical formula of the Holy Trinity and gave them the answer himself – FSS (Father, Son, Spirit). The Archbishop expressed his deep joy to see the vibrant youth group, a clear indication of the Church that is growing.

Rose, Visiting Councillor. The auditorium of St. Mary's Maligaon was filled to its capacity on the final day. As the time dawned, Sr. Lucy Rose along with Sr. Elizabeth George, Provincial and some other Sisters of Guwahati communities were solemnly escorted to the dais by representatives of different tribes decked in their traditional attires. The young talents then unfolded one by one as they performed various items. The band display by the students of St. Mary's Maligaon stole the show. Rev. Sr. Lucy Rose, Chief Guest of the day called upon the young to be people of hope and to be agents of change in the world. She deeply appreciated their presence and all their performances. Prizes were then given to the winners of the various competitions conducted.

The curtains finally came down on AYM-Fest 2016 with the lowering of 'AYM-FLAG' by Sr. Sania Rose Mary, Province Coordinator of Youth Pastoral who then handed it over to the Chief Guest, Rev. Sr. Lucy Rose Ozhukayil. The AYM theme song gave a fitting ending to the grand fest. 'Ciao', 'Arrivederci' was what they wished each other as they parted as friends whom they met as strangers. The culmination of the Youth Fest took place Sr. Athisa Roselyn at 10.00 a.m. in the presence of Rev. Sr. Lucy



introduction briefing them on the importance of the day and the underlying message of the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy. “To pass through the Holy Door means to rediscover the infinite mercy of the Father who welcomes everyone and goes out personally to encounter each of them. This will be a year in which we grow ever more convinced of God's Mercy,” she said. Thus with a lighted candle in hand, DIBRUGARH everyone went inside the Church singing praises to the God of Mercy and with a longing Blessing of the new hostel & heart to experience the joy of encountering Sisters' residence Jesus and His unconditional love, forgiveness On 13th May the new hostel cum Sisters' and mercy. The lighted candles were then residence was blessed by Rt. Rev. Joseph Aind placed in front of the decorated statue of our SDB DD, Bishop of Dibrugarh in the presence Lady, the Mother of Mercy. of Rev. Sr. Lucy Rose, Visiting Councilor, The Eucharistic adoration was animated Rev. Sr. Elizabeth George, our Provincial, facilitating all to pray well and reflect on our priests and religious of nearby institutions, relationship with God and neighbours. It was teachers and support staff and other awe inspiring to see our teachers and students dignitaries. in the deep spirit of prayer. The Sacrament of Celebrates Jubilee Year of Reconciliation was being administered while the adoration continued till 10:45 am. Many Mercy with the Educating special thanks to Fr. Nicholas Kerketta, Parish Community Priest and Fr. Terence D'Souza who The Community of Little Flower, Dibrugarh generously availed themselves for the observed a half day recollection along with the Confession. The solemn Eucharistic Mass was Catholic Educating Community of the School presided over by Fr. Kamil Horo SDB, Rector on March 23, 2016 at the Sacred Cathedral of Don Bosco who gave a befitting homily Church. Sr. Alphonsa Kurisinkal, the explaining further the significance of the year Animator of the Community gave an of Mercy. All went home happy and spiritually enriched after the Eucharistic celebration. “It was a unique event. I feel so much of peace in my heart. I am so happy to have been a part of it, “said Madam Jenny Deposi, one of our teachers. Amala Mary Class XII Science

We Rise by Lifting Others We, the VIDES members (Dimpy Sonowal Cl.XB, Christina Newar XB, Rishika Bharatia VII B, Taniska Jain VII B) with Sr. Helen SEPTEMBER 2016 |


people and snacks was served for all. The celebration came to an end with dinner at 8.00 Murum, Headmistress of Athabari set for our pm. Sr. Alphonsa, the animator thanked the noble mission to Manohari Tea Garden. They Fathers for their availability to administer the welcomed us warmly and Sr. Helen Murum, sacraments for the youth. introduced us and explained to the people the Trip to Mattock purpose of our visit. 47 children and young people came. We spent our time teaching them Some of the VIDES members namely songs and how to make flowers and fish etc Ambisha Nath of XB and Kybria of XA left with paper. The hand works were given to the Little Flower School visited Mattock village Headmaster of Primary School of that tea accompanied by Sr. Kurisinkal Alphonsa, garden. Cakes and sweets were distributed to VIDES Provincial Delegate, Sr. Murum Helen, Mam Daurice Dias and Sr. Dipika Pegu all. Around 60 who were gathered at the At the end of the animation we thanked the playground. They were divided them into two Headmaster for sending the children, the groups and entertained them with some young and for their support. Thanks to all our games, action songs; crafts work through Sisters of Little Flower for their constant which we imparted moral values. After the inspiration and follow up of our work in the Programme the sweets, cheeps and cakes were field of solidarity towards the poor. Special distributed to them sponsored by Kybria of thanks to Dishika Bharatia for providing the Class XA. We thank Rev. Sr. Alphonsa, Sr. vehicle for our mission. Tessy Potteparambil and the teachers in charge Dimpy Sonowal Class X of the VIDES for the support and guidance to Secretary VIDES LFS. enhance us with rich and memorable Youth for Christ Celebrates the experiences in our life. We are able to share our talents and gifts to the poor and the needy Risen Lord children of our society. 52 migrant youth gathered at LFS Dibrugarh Kybria Class. X A celebrated the Risen Christ. Holy Eucharist was presided over by Rev. Fr. Horo Kamil SDB, Rector of Don Bosco School, Dibrugarh con-celebrated by Rev. Fr. Noas Lakra, Youth Director of Dibrugarh Diocese. Fr. Kamil spoke at length on goal setting in life, proper use of Media and the power of Jesus in our life. A short programme was put up by the young SEPTEMBER 2016 |


Out on a Mission “Go out to the periphery, bearers of Good News; bring God's love to God's people” (Pope Francis). Following our Lord's teaching we, Sr. Pegu Dipika Elura and Sr. Namrata Kandulna, went to different villages of Kanubari Parish Arunachal Pradesh for 4 days holy week apostolate. Every day before the service the faithful were instructed about the importance of the day's celebration. It was the first time for the people to get such privilege to attend the Holy Week and Easter celebration in their own villages. They were so attentive and fervently participated the services all through.

house for a poor widow Mrs. Ruby Deposi who works at our canteen. She has two sons and a daughter who are still studying. After the death of her husband quite many years back, she has been struggling to have both ends meet. Seeing the plight of this poor widow who lives in a nearly dilapidated hut, the Community was prompted to do something for her. Thus Sr. Potteparambil Tessy, the Principal mobilized the entire school to reach out and do something concrete in this Holy Year of Mercy besides other smaller initiatives and the students responded and collaborated whole heartedly. With the money contributed by the students and some generous benefactors, we have decided to build a house for her. The foundation of the house was laid by Sr. Lucy Rose, the Visiting Councillor on the 12th of May and was blessed by Fr. Albert Hemrom, Rector of St. Joseph's Seminary in the presence of teachers and student representatives. A short prayer service was conducted by the students before the blessing.

The life style and simplicity of the people provoked us. The whole village is Catholic and so united among themselves but they are like sheep without shepherd. The people in those villages are very simple, open, hardworking and poor but very happy and jovial. They accept the challenges of daily life as part and parcel of life. We are grateful to the Community and Fr. John Doley for giving us such opportunity and wonderful experience to When Mrs. Ruby heard of the initiative being taken by the school, she was more than happy. share the love of Jesus. Filled with emotions, she said, “In the first Sr. Pegu Dipika Elura place I would like to thank our good Lord for Something Beautiful for God… His blessings and secondly I thank with all my heart Sr. Alphonsa, Superior, Sr. Tessy, the in The Year Of Mercy Principal, all the Sisters and students for their With a desire to do something concrete in this generosity in reaching out to build a house for year of Mercy, Little Flower Higher me and my children. After my husband's death, Secondary School opted to walk an extra mile I had to face lots of difficulties and trials in and has taken the initiative of making a decent bringing up my children but to make one SEPTEMBER 2016 |


different items. At the end of the programme, Sr. Teresa, the Superior distributed the prize to all the winners of various competition held during this one month course.

Inauguration of the BAND SET decent house, I did not succeed. So I am extremely grateful to God and to all the Sisters and students. I have nothing to give in return but assurance of my humble prayers. May God bless and reward each one of you.”

Holiday Package Programme – 2016 A month long programme on “Basic Computer and Leadership training 2016”, was held at Auxilium, Maram in the month of April 2016, coordinated by Sr. Sania Josephine, the Media Coordinator of the Province. 25 girls hailing from different parts of Manipur and Nagaland, waiting for their HSLC and HSSLC result attended the programme. Besides learning computer, there were many other animations. Competitions like skit, Choir, Solo, Quiz, etc. were conducted to help them overcome stage fear and shyness. Thanksgiving cum Prize Distribution was held on 27th April during which the girls thanked Sr. Sania, Miss Florence and the Community through

Impressions of some girls “I have become smarter and courageous to stand in front of others/crowed”. Levis “I have learned so much during this one month stay not only in computer but games, action songs, etc. I don't feel like going home, I wish to stay for more days and learn more”. Zhaiveini “I learned how to be sociable, cheerful, active and how to stand in front of others”. Clare Panmei “Now I got courage to stand in front of others. During my school days I did not know how to use computer as I never got chance to learn. But now I can do many things. I have done things I never did in life like dance, choreography but I enjoyed doing and the company of others”. Reena



IMPHAL Media club members meet a rising Journalist Media Club members of Little Flower, Imphal h a d a m e m o r a b l e t i m e w i t h M r. Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam,(a Journalist columnist, Motivational Orator, A young member of UNICEF and works also with National Geography) on 9th July,2016. At 10:00 am, the programme began with the welcome speech by the Assistant Headmistress, Sr. Magdalene Gonmei with the presentation of the Media club badge and scarf. Mr. Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam stressed on the idea of the existence of the Fourth Pillar of the Nation i.e. the Social Media, asserting that “Social Media” plays a vital role in the proper functioning of the Nation by laying out facts and information, as well as share views about journalism and journalist stating that journalists are persons who work in the open field so that news from each and every corner of the world reach everyone. He further expanded that media is important, and is a means of connectivity and an evidence for incidents. The media club members took active participation by asking lots of questions and doubts. Every one present were very much impress by his inspiring talk. The event was quite an eye opener for the Media club members and provided valuable information regarding social Media.

World Environment Day Little Flower School, Imphal The World Environment Day was observed with the 66 boarders on the 4th of June. Sr. Magdalene Gonmei, the local youth animator and the boarding Assistant enlightened the children on what an environment Day is, when and why it was started and by whom. She also spoke in gist about the encyclical letter of Pope Francis “Laudato Si”, “Praise be to You”, followed by a prayer. To mark the day different competitions like drawing, composition of Poem and essay writing were conducted for different groups. The girls also prepared their house board with fitting thoughts and Captions. At the end of the program they took some resolutions like 1. To conserve energy by switching off the lights and fan when not needed 2. To do gardening well and tend plants. 3. To keep their surroundings clean

WOKHA Environment Day

On 6th June, Environment Day was observed in Auxilium Convent, with the theme 'Plant for the Planets'. Various activities were conducted to make the young girls realize the importance of saving the earth. On this great day, social Debeena Nongmaithem Class X C work was conducted for the Hostellers,



BONGAIGAON: Foundation laid for the College Girls' Hostel

cleaning their respective wards and they had the joy of planting trees saplings in the compound. As they were planting the trees some of the girls even expressed “We have to save the earth not only by planting trees but also by taking care of it”.


Sr. Banning Cecilia Rapunga.

Feast of St. Maria Domenica Mazzarello Joining with the rest of the FMAs in the world, the Community of Wokha celebrated the feast of St. Maria Domenica Mazzarello. We had a solemn Mass in the Parish Church together with the boarding boys and girls. In front of a well decorated picture of Mother Mazzarello the boys and the girls wished the Sisters through their Festal Songs and offering New Presence at Namphai– II bouquet of flowers. On the Solemnity of St. Maria Domenica A short program was put up by the Hostel Girls Mazzarello, her daughters ventured into new in honor of St. Maria Mazzarello. Celebration mission at Namphai II - Arunachal Pradesh, continued with games conducted for boys and Miao Diocese. Holy Eucharist was celebrated girls. Festal meal was served for all. At the by Rt. Rev. George Palliparambil, SDB., D.D. concluding of the day, Sr. Karukuttikaran bishop of Miao with other three concelebrants. Rosily, the animator gave a message exhorting He expressed his joy of having the Salesian them to imitate the virtues of St. Mary Sisters in the diocese and welcomed them Mazzarello and become saints by living the while appreciating the contribution made by FMA in the field of Education in North East. ordinary life in an extraordinary way. Sr. Banning Cecilia Rapunga SEPTEMBER 2016 |


KHETI Year Of Mercy Celebrating With The Catholic Youth Of Miao Diocese It was the first time in the history of Kheti Don Bosco that the youth convention of this kind was held from 26th – 30th May, 2016. Over a thousand catholic youth participated in the mega event, many MLA's, Government officials, Army officers were present for the convention. Mr. Magno Manezes Crusaders for Christ from Goa kept the youth and all present glued to the Lord with his beautiful and meaningful songs to the Lord and the animation of the adoration service. Throughout the convention he kept the audience alive with his music, singing and action songs to praise the Lord. Some of the topics dealt during the convention were 'Culture, Catholic Identity, Year of Mercy, Christianity, Youth and Social Responsibility, Education and Transformation of Society. They were given ample opportunities of God Experience through Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist, Adoration, moments of praise and worship. All through the convention the participants were kept alive, active, interesting and happy. The youth volunteers did a good job of seeing that everything was well arranged, Kheti village people prepared the food etc.



Before the convention there was continuous rain that people were instructed to put up rain proof tents. But with the arrival of the youth, there came bright sunshine and it remained till the last day of Convention. Even when there was rain all around Kheti not a drop fell in Kheti area. The visible miracle of God indeed. We can truly say 'the Lord has done mighty thing for us, Holy is his name'. Sr. Jemella Joseph

HOLY LAND A Memorable Trip to Jerusalem “Wasn't it like a fire burning in us when he talked to us on the road and explained the scriptures to us”. (Lk.24:32) Like the apostles, I too experienced that fire burning within me, as I put my feet on the holy ground where Jesus lived, walked and worked miracles. It was my long awaited desire to visit the 'Holy Land'. Finally God in his goodness gifted me the chance in this special Jubilee year of Mercy.

On 23rd May I reached Holy Land along with other pilgrims. It was a memorable pilgrimage to be cherished all through my life. Words cannot express the joy I experienced as I put my feet and walked along the places of Nazareth and Jerusalem. Each place reminded me of the work of Jesus and the struggle He went through in order to fulfill His father's plan for Him. The distance He walked was not so easy that one could reach. In Nazareth the place of annunciation where our Lady said her yes to the Lord. Being filled by the grace of God her heart went to the needy, her cousin Elizabeth and the journey she made to Aim Carin, on that lonely road far away from her home town in order to help her cousin Elizabeth. It made me to reflect the generosity of Mary to be at the service of others. Mary’s life was one of constant sacrifice. The distance and the difficulties she went through to reach Bethlehem. The mount of beatitude where Jesus preached and worked miracle of feeding the crowed who came to listen to Him. Heart breaking moment was when I walked the road to Calvary, the same way 2000 years ago Jesus walked carrying the heavy cross. Tears filled my eyes when I saw Calvary the place where Jesus died and the Sepulcor. I fell on my knees, knelt down and prayed for everybody, asking pardon for the sins I committed and the sins of the world. I could not believe myself to be in the place where Jesus lived. As I moved around at time I doubted, questions arose in my mind, if Jesus really walked in those places. Of course that was my wild thought and imagination of amazement that only enhanced my God experience. Doubtless, God took the form of human being and experienced trials and difficulties as any other human being go through.

Now as I read the Bible my mind, thought and heart goes immediately to those places and the word of God become a reality. I feel so happy, satisfied and fulfilled that I saw something which I longed for many years. This visit to Holy Land strengthened my faith in God and my approach in handling different situations in life. I feel myself more liberated from my weaknesses. A forgiving attitude now overwhelmed in me. Oh, what a joy I experienced as I walked through Nazareth, Tiberia, Capharnaum, Jordan, Jerico, Bethlehem, Aim Karim and Jerusalem, Emmaus, Mount beatitude, Mount Tabor and many other places which I did not mention here. The beautiful experienced I personally had is beyond words. I am really grateful to Mother Provincial for giving me this opportunity. The greatest gift I can ever ask and receive from the Lord in my life especially in this Year of Mercy. Sr. Jessy Nedumala SEPTEMBER 2016 |


The students were also engaged in social work, plantation of saplings etc. Indeed it was World Environment Day a wonderful experience and a memorable day for all the teachers and students. World environment Day was celebrated on 6th June Monday, by the staff and students of Little Flower Hr. Sec. School organized by the teachers and students of the Eco Club with the Golden Jubilee of the Religious Profession of Sr. Dorothy Vogt theme “Save Environment save lives”. The day was observed with a rally by the The Golden Jubilee of the Religious students of class 8 and 11 along with 13 Profession of Sr. Dorothy Vogt was celebrated teachers, Sr. Lucy Gangmei, the Principal and on May 28, 2016 at Little Flower School, Sr. Cecilia Wangsa, altogether numbering Kohima with the Eucharistic Celebration at around 350. The rally started off from the 10.30 a.m. presided over by Fr. Nestor Guria, school at 9.30 a.m. to the Police Head Quarters SDB, Provincial of Dimapur Province and (PHQ) junction (PR Hill) and then back to the concelebrated by eight priests in the School school. It began with prayer led by Sr. Lucy. A auditorium. Sr. Dorothy Vogt approached the short speech gave by a member of the Eco altar with a lighted candle accompanied by Sr. Club on ‘World Environment Day’. Despite Ivy D'Souza, former Provincial. heavy rainfall, the students marched on giving On arriving at the altar, Fr. Nestor Guria placed much interest and enthusiasm shouting the a golden crown on Sr. Dorothy while the slogan, “Save trees, Save Lives. Plant a tree, save a life” and amazed everyone on the roadside who witness the enthusiasm and spirit of sacrifice in the students. With the help of the Traffic Police and teachers, the students continued and persevered the rally drenched in heavy rain.


Painting competition was also conducted on the same theme “Save environment, save lives” and the whole school participated in it.



assembly intoned Mary's Magnificat. During the homily he congratulated Sr. Dorothy for having lived a joyful, committed religious life of the Evangelical Counsels during the past fifty years. He further commented on the Gospel, the last judgement and said that the reward of eternal life depends on how we live the message of Jesus in the poor. The tasteful decoration, the meaningful liturgical animation and the devotional singing of the LFS boarders added colour, joy and significance to the day. Souvenirs of the in the community. The participants had a very enlightening and fruitful workshop. Jubilarian were distributed to all present. A short felicitation programme was staged by On the third day of their workshop the the boarders and Novices and concluded with participants animated short get together with the LFS community Sisters during which their fraternal meal served for everyone present. three days' work were screened and evaluated. Past Pupils' – VISIT TO OLD AGE Big 'THANKS' to our Media Coordinator Sr. HOME Sania for the well planned programme. The The Past Pupils of Little Flower Hr. Sec. participants were well motivated to explore School Kohima donated pillows and bed further on their own the new skills they have clothes to old age home on August 2, 2016 on learned for the effectiveness of their mission their 11 foundation day. Sr. Lucy Gangmei, among the young and spread God's love Principal, Ms. Narotola, the president and the through the use of Media. office bearers went visited. Lucky dip was Sr. Agatha Karaila organized in the School to raise fund for the next visit to an orphanage.


District tobacco control Cell in collaboration with Past Pupils Association conducted an Hostel Inauguration, Auxilium awareness programme in LFHSS Kohima on Kokrajhar July 27, 2016. 30th April 2016 was a red letter Day in the history of Auxilium Kokrajhar as the new Workshop on Visual Media hostel building was inaugurated by Sr. Lucy kohima Rose Ozhukayil, the general visiting councilor A three days training on Visual Media was held and blessed by Rt. Rev. Thomas Pullopillil, at Little Flower School, Kohima from August bishop of Bongaigaon Diocese in the 19 to 21,organised by Rev. Sr. Sania presenceof Sr. Elizabeth George, Provincial, Josephine, the Media Coordinator of ING Fr. V.M. Thomas sdb, provincial of Guwahati Province, for the local media animators of and other dignitaries and well wishers.The day Manipur and Nagaland. The main aim of this was marked with a festive look that radiates media workshop is to enhance our house joy and peals of laughter in the hearts and faces documentations, better report and animation of everyone. SEPTEMBER 2016 |


The inaugural function set off at 5.30 p.m. followed by the Holy Mass celebrated by His Grace Rt. Rev. Thomas Pullopillil and con celebrated by Rev. V.M. Thomas SDB, provincial of Guwahati and other Priests of Neighbouring Institutions. In the homily, His Grace congratulated Sr. Elizabeth George, the provincial and the Sisters of ING province for the noble venture undertaken to cater to the needs of the time. The felicitation programme

MALIGAON Leadership Traning Programme Two days leadership training programme was organized for the aspirants and pre-aspirants of St. Mary's Maligaon from 13-14 of June, 2016 animated by Sr. Sania Rosemary, the Youth Pastoral Coordinator. Various sessions were held to help us overcome of ourselves. We were divided into 5 groups and were given various activities to work together and to enrich one another. It was an enriching



followed the Holy Mass where the young students displayed their talents. The Junior Sisters of Christian Basti added solemnity to the festive atmosphere with a beautiful choreograph giving a fitting final touch to the day. The day ended with a sumptuous dinner served for about 200 invitees and well-wishers sponsored by the Salesian Co-operators of Kokrajhar.

experience. We acquired much knowledge through the video clippings, the story of “The Four Wives” was one of the most inspiring lessons for us. Through which we learned the importance and the necessity of taking care of our souls rather than focusing on the beauty and riches of the world.

Teachers training photo

During these two days programme we have cultivated team spirit and leadership qualities. We were also given a list of practical points on how to live community life. We are grateful to Sr. Bridget Kurian, the animator and the Sisters of the community for organizing this programme for us.

learners. Through life examples, he reminded the teachers that true happiness lies in small things. We must be happy and contented in life . He guided the teachers on how to develop Helena Lamneikim Haokip qualities of a winning personality and be confident in life.

Teachers' Training held at St Mary's Maligaon A three-day Teachers' Training was held at St Mary's School, Maligaon from 7thto 9th April, 2016, for the teachers of Holy Child School, St. Mary's and Maligaon, affiliated to CBSE. The training programme began on 7th at 9 a.m with a prayer, lighting of the lamp, felicitation and welcome address by Sr. Nelia Mary, Principal of St Mary's School, Maligaon. The training for the day, was conducted by (Dr) Fr. Zachary SDB, who motivated the teachers to empower the students' life – to do ordinary things in an extra ordinary way. Giving examples of his own life, how his teachers played a great role in shaping his life, he asked the teachers to walk that extra mile to reach out to the distracted, disturbed or quiet child, to guide them and help them beyond books and copies. On the 8th, the training was conducted by Mr. Sanjay Kedia, a personality consultant and soft skill Trainer. He emphasized in building a strong bond between teacher and pupil and to enhance positivity in the mind of the young

On the 9th, the resource person was (Dr) Sr. Molly Kaniampady Elizabeth. Principal of St Mary's School, Guwahati.She spoke about the implementation of CPP (Child Protection Policy) in all our Schools and made the teachers aware of Child Rights and the laws related to it. She highlighted the vulnerability of Children today and the urgent need to protect them from all kinds of abuses. The three-day training were enriching and informative days. It provided a lot of knowledge, awareness and skills required to deal with the young learners of today. Mrs. Agatha, Sudeshna & Deepa Holy Child School, Guwahati.

“Mercy Day” Celebrated at Mary's Maligaon On 29th June, 2016, St. Mary's Sr. Sec. School Maligaon celebrated “Mercy Day”. It was organised by VIDES members under the leadership of Sr. Emilia Chopfohra, Miss Alakananda Pathak and Miss Barnali Nandi Mazumder. The School witnessed the first SEPTEMBER 2016 |


the function. The school is grateful to Shri. Ashok Singhal for his gracious presence.

MUSIC LEADS TO GOD: On Easter Monday this year two girls of our parish approached Sr. Bridget Kurian, the animator with the desire to learning music. So, being the year of Mercy she offered a Free Music Class every day for the youth of our Parish from 3: 00 pm to 4:30 pm by Sr. Cecilia Ruangmei. Since then, the youth of our parish are coming regularly for Sunday masses and have become very active and alive with good singing and music. Even those parishioners and the youth who were not coming for Sunday mass are regular now.

ever inter-class group dance competition with a single music entitled “BLESSED ARE THE MERCIFUL�. Two hundred students participating in it was a grand event indeed. The aim of the competition was to help the young people experience the mercy of God, of one another and to bring about changes in the Anita Tirkey has her experience to world for better living. Students took part in share: the competition with the utmost zest and zeal. It all started with a desire to see our parish youth active in all the activities of the church. I TOPPERS had a great desire to play guitar in the church, On 30th June, 2016, St. Mary's Sr. Sec. School, but I had no one to teach me. But on Easter Maligaon felicitated 51 toppers. All India Monday I express my desire to one of my Senior School Certificate Examination friends Daisy kujur. She readily agreed to ask (AISSCE) conducted by the CBSE, New to the Sisters of St. Mary's Convent Maligaon, Delhi, 2016. Shri Ashok Singhal, MLA, and that's how we landed up coming to this Dekhejuli, Assam was the chief Guest of the beautiful convent and approached Sr. function and Shri Bimal Das, all India Superior. She is such a kind and a generous Secretary RPF Association was the Guest of hearted person- I must say. There was no Honour. During the function, the Rolling second thought to delay us and immediately Trophy of MonaliDey was handed over by the she introduced us to Sr. Cecilia, our mentor Chief Guest to the School Topper Ms. and teacher. We got stated. Arunima Das who secured 96% and all the others were given a Trophy along with a Initially, we were just of two us in the certificate. The Band Troop added colour to beginning. Sr. Cecilia would really work hard to make sure we learn something every day, so we could pick up few chords very soon. She patiently teaches us step by step and never gets tired of repeating again and again. Very soon, we are around ten youth from our parish and we make ourselves available for every activity of the Church. As all the others are students except me (as I teach in a missionary school), it is difficult for me to get SEPTEMBER 2016 |


the gathering at times. But we definitely make it a point to meet twice in a week. Learning music has become so enjoyable here. We all have a big smile on our faces when we learn something new. Every small step to do something new is appreciated by our mentor. As a group we have also performed in the parish day celebrations and participated in a competition. A very silent convent hall, transformed into music ground every afternoon. It is so beautiful to see so many young people with their guitar playing church hymns and various other songs. I would like to mention here that after we have started this music group, the Sunday mass in our parish have become more active. Attendance for the Sunday Mass has improved. As a youth leader I always wished the parish youth to excel in the field of music so as to give life in the church services. We have taken a tiny step with all the motivation and encouragement that we get from the Sisters and the aspirants. We will definitely find our soul in music and continue to serve our people in the best way possible. The almighty is all powerful and He will always guide us through every hard days of ours and we would be able to see a more lively and active group who will praise and worship our Lord and sing for the praises of the Lord and glorify his Most Holy name.

Prison Day Celebration On 14th August, the day of the feast of St. Mary Maximilian Kolbe and the eve of Independence Day, the Volunteers of Prison Ministry India of Guwahati Unit joyfully celebrated the Prison Day Cum 80th Independence Day of our country at Central Jail Guwahati. Sr. Basumatary Sapna along with three Candidates, Margina, Antonia and Teresa went for the celebration. The program commenced from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm. It was wonderfully performed by the disabled, blind, deaf and the damp students of Montfort School, Narengi. The Superintendent of Police, Central Jail Guwahati was the chief guest of the celebration and Rev. Br. Devasia, the Provincial of Monfort Brothers, Narengi and Rev. Fr. Alex, the rector of St. Jerom Minor Seminary, Sonaiguli were the guest of honor. The Superintendent of Police was very much edified with the work done by the P.M.I and was grateful. He thank all the Priests and the Sisters of PMI , who visits the Prisoners every Sunday and animates them with different activities, such as sports, drawing competitions, singing, quiz etc. above all meeting them personally and conducting prayer services.

Rev. Fr. Alex spoke on the life of St. Mary Maximillian Kolbe and Rev. Br. Devasia thanked all the Sisters of PMI for their keen interest towards the imprisoned brothers and Anita Tirkey, Youth President of Mary Help sisters. At the end of the program the Fantasy of Christians Parish, Maligaon. SEPTEMBER 2016 |


Winners program of drawing competition 2016, “Green India and Clean India” were awarded with certificate. The Volunteers of PMI of Guwahati unit provided 250Kgs. of chicken and fruits for prisoners. They were all amazed and moved by the day's animation. At the end of the programme the “ NATIONAL ANTHEM”, was sung with great honor and respect for our Mother India.

Visual Media Seminar for FMA – PCI


Visual Media Training Workshop for the Sisters of FMA Indian Provinces was held at Don Bosco Image Centre, Vennala, Kochi from 1st to 8th July, 2016. Sr. Khijurina Tirkey, Sr. Mercy Gangmei and Sr. Sania Josephine attended from our province. 20 Sisters from all the 6 Provinces of India participated. Fr. Jiji Kalavanal SDB, director of DB Image Centre with his abled team efficiently organized the week long course. The Sessions were well planned to the need of the group. Sisters were taught in handling cameras, understanding different types of shot, angles. Photoshop, Adobe Premeire-Pro and Indesign. The skills learnt will surely enhance the colour and quality to our work in the Provinces. Thanks to Sr. Hilda Briganza of Bombay Province, National Coordinator for Social Communication and Sr. Monica of Chennai Province, who made all the

The year of mercy gave us ample opportunities to practice mercy more concretely. In response to the invitation of the Pope for the year of mercy, the school took up 'being merciful and show solidarity towards the poor' as one of the major point in the action plan of the school project March 23, 2016 was a red letter day in the chronicle of St. Joseph Hr. Sec. School. Exactly a week prior to this date, one colony of Tezpur Ouguri Bapuji Nagar, Dhenukhana Pahar accidentally got fire due to strong wind which caused instability in the electric wires.

Corporal work of Mercy

The school organized a solidarity collection from the students to help those families. The students collected items such as rice, dhal, biscuits, potatoes, onion, soap, tooth paste, candle, mosquito coil, and the like items. On March 23, 16 student representatives, nine teachers led by Sr. Monica Sana, Sr. Susie Kodian and Sr. Lily Topno went and distributed to them. On reaching the spot, it was a heart renting sight to see houses of 12 families having been gutted, left with almost nothing. The community living in the area is engaged in dairy farm and was doing very well financially. This unfortunate mishap caused many milking cows to be destroyed in the fire while many of them though saved sustained serious burn injuries. The Sisters, teachers

Health Programme SEPTEMBER 2016 | 22

Clean India; stop deforestation; save water; save trees; plant trees; etc. prior to the rally, some members of the club animated the students of classes II and III using PowerPoint presentation to drive home to the kids the importance of the day. In the afternoon assembly, a symbolic plantation of trees was held during which two saplings were planted. and students were deeply touched by the plight of those people. The items brought were quickly divided into small bags and distributed to the mothers of all the twelve families. The people were grateful and were highly impressed by the gesture of solidarity. We returned with desire to continue to extend our help if they still need our help in any way.

World Earth Day

On the next day, April 23, poster competition was conducted for the students of High School with theme 'Save the Earth', for classes VII and VIII and “Conservation of Resources� for the students of classes IX and X. Almost all the students of the High School took part in the competition. It was a great demonstration of good will to conserve the earth. Dishagarwal (Club Secretary)

Media Awareness Program

World Earth Day, April 22 was observed with great enthusiasm organized bythe members of the Science and Eco Club. During the School Assembly, an animation talk was given by Mrs. Shivani Tibrewal a past pupil of 1989 batch and a member of Rotary Club to sensitize the students on the issue of caring for the earth and it resources. In her speech, Mrs. Tibrewal exhorted the students to make good use of resources particularly current and water stressing on reuse and recycling of things. At 10.30 a.m., the club members took out a rally A media awareness programme was in the town carrying placard with inscription conducted by Sr. Sania Josephine, Media such as: Save Earth Save life; green India Coordinator of the Province for the members of Media Club on 7th June 2016.The programme started at 9.oo a.m. with welcome and felicitation of Sr. Sania by a club member. Sr. Sania then took off the time for animation. A video clippings on the destruction of Earth by human activities was a good starter of the day. A PowerPoint presentation was shown on cybercrime which was an eye opener for many students who are active users of social media. She dealt on fake accounts that are created SEPTEMBER 2016 |


online. A time of interaction was created through media quiz. The members were divided into three groups for a group activity to plan a media awareness programme in the school. The Media Club members truly benefited from the programme which has given us new insight and infused enthusiasm in the members. We have become more aware of the ways to become media literates and to use media constructively. We are grateful to Sr. Sania Josephine and look forward to more of such program.

work in a team efficiently. On the second day Fr. Cletus took session on 'ADOLESCENT PERIOD'. The next session was by Mr. Sumesh, Professor of Sociology, Tezpur University, who brought to our knowledge about cyber crimes to a higher level. We were also asked many questions during the session. After the lunch break Fr. Cletus continued with his session and concluded with a case study in groups. The concluding part was impressive as we witnessed the graduation ceremony of the students who had completed their courses at DBSTI. We are grateful to Sr. Manica Sana for giving us this opportunity. Taritsikha Das, President, Media Smart Club


Pranamita Sutradhar, Cl-X Sec-A The memory of our dear Sr. Angela Kujur is Media Smart Club still alive in our mind and heart. On the month's mind of her demise, she is fondly Don Bosco Socio Technical remembered with much love and gratitude. On Institute April 29, 2016 at 8.00 a.m., the school held a memorial service to honour her. The prayer A two days seminar was held for the students of Classes of X – A, B and C sections at DBSTI service was animated by Sr. Athisa Margaret on 27and 28 of May. We were accompanied by and Sr. Arsilia Sangma leading the whole Sr. Monica, Principal, Madam Sonali school to pay tribute to the person so dear to Sengupta, Madam Sonali Ganguly and our Institution and to pray for her. A short Madam Monimala, the respective class profile of our dear Sister was then read which teachers. As we reached Fr. Cletus sdb, highlighted her virtues and the greatness of her Director and the staff gave us a warm love in her lifelong commitment and welcomed. Then, Fr.Cletus taught us some dedication as Daughter of Mary Help of action songs setting us to right spirit. Fr. Alex, Christians. A wreath was place by teacher the Assistant Director of DBSTI took sessions representatives while the students from on “Personality Development” which was different section offered flowers. To conclude particularly beneficial for our sparkling future the memorial service, Sr. Kaini Maria, the ahead. After the break, we were arranged in 11 animator addressed the whole school stressing groups for group efficiency activities. The on the beautiful life of our beloved Sr. Angela tasks given to us were very encouraging and Kujur and exhorted everyone to honour her has charged up our spirit and taught us how to memory by imitating her virtues.



On April 30, at 6.00 p.m. the Holy Eucharist was celebrated at the community chapel to pray for our dear Sister. Rt. Rev. Bishop Robert Kerketta, SDB, DD, Emeritus bishop of Tezpur diocese was the main celebrant with 16 concelebrants. In his homily, Bishop

Robert Kerketta highlighted the good nature of Sr. Angela citing some incidents from his long acquaintance and association with her. Present for the Eucharist were a good number of our Sisters who had come from different communities, Sisters and brothers from different religious congregations at Tezpur, Salesian Cooperators, family members of Sr. Angela who had come from Siliguri, teachers, a good number of Catholics from Tezpur town, friends and well wishers. All those who had come felt compelled by the loved and affection they had for our dear Sr. Angela and came to honour her memory, to pray for her and seek her intercessions. Sr. Arsilia Sangma

TINSUKIA English Fluency Course at Tinsukia The English Fluency Course 2016 started off with the inaugural programme with 121 students from Assam and Arunachal Pradesh from 1 April to May 14, 2016 at Auxilium, Tinsukia. Sr. Kaini Martha, the Animator welcomed the gathering. Fr. Ekka Hilarius sdb, Rector of Don Bosco, Hijuguri, Tinsukia was the chief guest and Fr. Minj Sunny, Youth Director and Mission Procurator, Salesian Dimapur Province was the guest of honor. Fr. Hilarius, speaking on the occasion, challenged the young and vibrant girls to learn English by hard ways citing his experience. Lighting of the Lamp, a Welcome song by Degree girls and Prayer dance by VTC students made the girls feel at home and motivated. The 141 Students, ranging from Class VIII to Degree, were grouped into seven for better learning and interaction. Learning structure consisted of Grammar, writing skills, elocution, conversation, Skit, singing,

catechism, prayer and worship, games, competitions, etc. Sr. Celine Porinchu took up catechism, Sr. Teresa Jojo and Sr. Mariam Kindo taught grammar and writing skills, Sr. Kaini Martha, the co-ordinator of the entire program took up conversation and Elocution with Sr. Rensali Yanthan. The competitions in the evenings enabled the participants to master confidence in themselves. They also had the privilege of the prayer experience in Divine Renewal Retreat Centre, Margherita. Many experienced the healing power of Jesus during the Night Vigil. They came back enthused to live for God and God alone. Many students from Arunachal Pradesh had the thrill of SEPTEMBER 2016 |


travelling by train for the first time. We remain indebted to Fr. Bobby Emprayil, the director of the Divine Renewal Centre, Margherita and his team for the food and accommodation. On 13thMay, a well prepared stage program co-ordinated by Sr. Celine Porinchu on Mary Mazzarello our co-foundress served as a grand finale to the English Fluency Course. The following day, all departed to their respective places with songs on their lips and joy in their hearts.

Koram Biham from Kanubari: I am really happy that I am going back home not empty but carrying new learnings with me. Phengam Wangjen from Kanubari: I thank God for giving me this opportunity to come and attend this English Fluency course in Auxilium hostel. I have increased my faith and devotion through songs and prayers. I have developed my confidence and courage to speak and act out in front of the crowd.

Jency Wangsu : I feel great to get chance to Some of the impressions of the attend the course in Auxilium. Not only learning to speak English well but have learnt students: to discipline myself, building up my Naimo Wwangnowham from Kanubari: personality and good character. After spending days in Auxilium Junior Kotai Atraham from Kanubari: At College, Tinsukia I really felt that 'nothing is Auxilium we lived as a family though from impossible in life, if we work hard' I also different places. I am happy that I have learnt realized that English is very important in life. to pray well and to live with others. I am going Moreover after coming here I have learnt back to teach others whatever I have gathered many new things for my life which can lead from this experience. me to my destination as “success is a journey not a destination. I experience the love and Francisca Surin: In the beginning, I was mercy of God through the worship and feeling bored because I did not know English. As days went by, I felt confident even to give prayers. speech to my co-learners. Sr. RensaliYanthan

UDALGURI Seminar on Social Media and Communication In this tech-savvy world, a critical knowledge of mass media is a must. It was on 9th June 2016 that the Auxilians of Udalguri got the opportunity to gain knowledge on media during a seminar on Social Media. The resource person for the seminar was Sr. Sania Josephine, Media Coordinator of the Province. The session began by raising a question 'What is media?' Sr. Sania then took us down the memory lane when we were shown the various means of communication in the olden days and SEPTEMBER 2016 |


the modern means of communication. She also went into detail on the advantages and disadvantages of social media and on ‘cyber crime’ which has become a real threat

especially to youngsters and made us aware of attitude for lifetime. The day came to an end the danger of becoming the victim of it. with the blowing of the bugle that sounds, 'No Through video clips she made us understand green, no life.' how media affects our mental health Sr. Georgina Ahungshi FMA especially as students. The session concluded with an interactive session when some students shared how media has affected them and how they should be more careful in using them. The students are very grateful to Sr. Kazhiia Rose Mary, Principal for arranging such an apt session for us. We are grateful to Sr. Sania who took all pains to come to enlighten us on the critical use of mass media.

‘Come and See’

Engosa Genevieve, Cl. XII

World Environment Day celebrated Hearkening to the cry of the wounded Mother Earth and heeding to the appeal of Pope Francis' 'LaudatoSi', the Auxilians of Udalguri, under the 'Go Green' initiative of Sr. Kazhiia Rose Mary, the Principal observed World Environment Day on June 4, 2016. With scientific green temper, the students planted trees and cleaned the campus to make the campus clean and green that goes rightly in tune with the saying of Henry Cass, “We have not inherited this earth from our ancestors; we have borrowed it for our children.” Essay and Drawing competitions on the same theme was also held among the young minds who knows the art of re-energizing and transforming the flip side of the fading green world through their writings and drawings. It was one of the initiatives fulfilled by right action which will in the long run yield the desire result of Green Auxilium campus – a home to nurture myriads of budding souls. The day was observed also to bring about a change of attitude in the students towards nature. The attitude is not just to celebrate for a single day by planting trees and organize various competitions but to adopt this

“I am the light of the world; whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.” Jn 8:12 was the theme for the short prayer service animated by the Sisters for the pre-aspirants, who were initiated to “Come and See” program for one month (May) at Auxilium convent Udalguri. The prayer service began at 8:45 am the 16 girls were asked to light a candle each symbol of their willingness to be light and hope to the people especially among the young, a sign of initiating them to the first step of following Christ who is the true light of the world. Sr. Teresa Puthenpurakel, the animator, Sr. Luisa Pinto and Sr. Theresa Aibonti closely followed them with animation and classes on consecrated life, Don Bosco, Mother Mazzarello and the history of Salesian presence in North-East India.

Oratory experience with the young: During our stay in Udalguri for one month of “Come and See” program, one of the most exciting experience was the Sunday oratory at Bagantola village. Each time we come the children would be found eagerly waiting for SEPTEMBER 2016 |


us. The oratory of Don Bosco at Valdocco is still kept alive and active through our apostolic work. The children were taught Gospel values, love of God and ugliness of sin through action songs, games. We were guided by Sr. Aibanti. Before the children could disperse, good night thoughts were given to them. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Sr. Teresa Puthenpurakel, for giving us the opportunity to be with the children to share the love of God through our small little ways. We have experienced and saw how much the village children long for someone to help them and teach them something.

Survey report:

and work for all these kind of under privileged ones. Thanks to Sr. Superior and Sisters for this wonderful learning experience opportunity. Gaiphulu, Cilbia and Marina (Sr. Theresa Aibanti Nororh)

Freshers’ Day August 20, 2016 was kept as Freshers' Day in Auxilium Junior College, Udalguri. The freshers, numbering 123 in all, budding with life and optimism, all hailing from varied backgrounds and varied schools yet with one aim - to receive sound education were solemnly welcomed to the Auxiliam family that day. To all of them the portals of Auxilium and its ambience was totally new and strange. Yet the seniors with their great sense of responsibility under the guidance of the Sisters and teachers went out of themselves and put in their whole might to make their juniors feel welcomed and accepted. The day was indeed a day of fun and frolic. The stage programme was followed by ice-breaking session and the most exciting moment was the selection of Mr. and Miss Fresher. The whole programme concluded on a very happy note with sharing of snacks.

On 6/05/16 and 14/05/16 a survey work was done by the fourteen pre-aspirants in seven neighboring villages. We were sent two by two for the survey work. It was indeed an amazing, inspiring and heart touching experience. The people welcomed us warmly since they hardly find people to share their joys and sorrows. We have learnt the realities, the sufferings and struggles of the poor people, lacking even the most basic necessities like food, clothing and proper shelter. The children are deprived of proper education and even some had to stop studying at the early age in order to earn their living and support their parents. The people Homage to Mother Teresa are caught in the web of extreme poverty. By The celebration of the canonisation of the learning all these mere facts of life we are more Champion of the Poor, St. Mother Teresa was inspired to persevere in our vocational journey held on September 5, 2016 in Auxilium Junior SEPTEMBER 2016 |


Teachers' Day College. Preceding the Teachers' Day celebration programme, a brief profile of Mother Teresa was read out after which floral tributes were offered to the portrait of this great giant saint.

Pilgrimage September 13, 2016, the day of the commemoration of our Mother and CoFoundress, Mother Mazzarello, our Community was richly blessed as we made our pilgrimage to Sacred Heart Parish Church, Udalguri as part of the celebration of the Year of Mercy. The whole community started the yatra at 8.00 a.m. Crossing the lanes and by lanes, we prayed the holy Rosary throughout and reached the Parish church at 9.00 a.m. On reaching there, we gathered in front of the Door of Mercy where Rev. Fr. Xavier Paul, Parish Priest gave an introduction and sprinkled holy water on all present. We then solemnly entered into the church in procession through the door of mercy. The Blessed Sacrament was exposed and we had prayerfully animated adoration. Each one got

the opportunity also to experience the God of mercy in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The pilgrimage concluded with Solemn Holy Mass presided over by Fr. Xavier Paul. In his homily Father dwelt on how God's mercy must be lived in our own lives too. We finally prayed the prescribed prayers for the intentions of our Holy Father. Everyone had a unique experienced of God’s mercy and compassion and were filled with joy and satisfaction for having made the pilgrimage.

School and Boarding Sisters' Meeting A three day seminar was organized by the Education Sector of the Province for the School and Boarding Sisters from July 2 to July 4, 2016 at the Provincial House, Christian Basti, Guwahati. The seminar was intended to update the Sisters working in schools and those in - charge of boardings. Sr. Elizabeth George, Provincial exhorted the participants to be open to God's inspiration saying that there is always something new to learn from every occasion and not to think that it was a repetition of some old things or that it was a waste of time. The session started with the lighting of the lamp by Sr. Elizabeth George, Provincial, Fr. (Dr.) John Parankimalil SDB, the resource person and Sister-representatives from the Education Sector. While addressing her words SEPTEMBER 2016 |


of welcome, Sr. Tessy Potteparambil, incharge of the Education Sector in the Province thanked Sr. Elizabeth George for making the meeting happen. Fr. P.D. Johny then took off the starting session with a prayer song, “Lord, I need you.” In the sessions that followed, Fr. P.D. Johny dealt with many relevant topics like Becoming a Leader Today, What Teaching is and what it is not, Core of Teaching Skills, Leadership Skills and other related topics stressing on issues of education in changing paradigms, on the New Indian Education Policy. All the topics were competently handled with video clips and other audiovisual presentations that helped the participants to get a clear picture of what was being explained. In the afternoon hours, a session on School Archives was taken by Sr. A n n i e Vi l l u v i r u t h i l a n d S r. Te s s y Potteparambil. The day concluded with the goodnight given by Sr. Elizabeth George during which she highlighted the difference between a 'Strong Woman' and a 'Woman of Strength.' She invited all the participants to become not just strong women but women of strength.

During the good night, the Provincial dwelt on the topic “Walk the Talk” with the help of a video clip. She strongly reminded the Sisters about the need to uphold one another and to avoid gossip quoting Pope Francis: “Never, never let there be envy, jealousy, among you…the greatest danger is terrorism in religious life: it has entered, the terrorism of gossip…Never let this terrorism, because gossip is a bomb that you throw into a community and you destroy it.”

On July 4, Sr. Elizabeth George, Provincial the first session on Salesian Assistance was taken by our Provincial, Sr. Elizabeth George. She referred to the dream of Don Bosco in 1884 and dwelt at length about this indispensable element of the Preventive System of Don Bosco. She also offered useful and practical tips for Salesian Assistance. At 11:00 a.m., Sr. Inchenat Annie, Sister in-charge of the Development Sector in the Province enlightened the Sisters on Child Protection Policy with the help of relevant video clippings and PPT presentation. She brought home the stark reality of the different abuses inflicted on children by adults and the Sr. Kanampuzha Catherine, Animator of challenges we have as educators. Auxilium, Tangla animated on Service Rules The Sisters expressed their heartfelt gratitude for our Teaching and Non-teaching Staff. to Provincial for having arranged this seminar Sisters were divided into six groups and were enabling us to be effective educators in our asked to read certain pages from the Service striving to groom and educate the 21st Century Rules and pin point doubts, if any. The groups children. assembled at 5:00 p.m. during which all the Sr. Monica Sana fma & Sr. Monica doubts on the Service Rules were clarified. Khangchian fma SEPTEMBER 2016 |


Vides ING Celebrates Year of Mercy VIDES India Guwahati celebrated year of Mercy at Auxilium Provincial House, Christian Basti, Guwahati on 24 July 2016. 65 Local Delegates and Volunteers from Holy Child, St. Mary's Maligaon, Little Flower Kohima, Udalguri Auxilium College, Little Flower Dibrugarh, Auxilium Junior College Tinsukia and Solabasti Maria Troncatti Home were present for the celebration. The programme began with a Prayer and welcome address by Sr. Alphonsa Kurisingal, VIDES Delegate of the Province of Guwahati. Followed by felicitation of Mother Provincial, Sr. Elizabeth George. A short cultural programme by the VIDES members was followedby message from the Provincial Sr. Elizabeth George. She spoke about the importance of Volunteerism and encouraged the VIDES Volunteers to become merciful, forgiving and compassionate to the poor and the needy. She appreciated the good work done by VIDES and stressed that the world is in need of love and peace and that we must grow in love and stand for truth. She narrated a beautiful story which gave the volunteers a great lesson; if there is Love everything is possible. She also appreciated and thanked Sr. Alphonsa Kurisingal for her commitment and dedication in carrying out this task in the Province for the sake of the poor. Each VIDES Unit gave a short report of their activities. It was encouraging to hear the VIDES members able to carry out the mission without counting the cost. Sr. Alphonsa congratulated, appreciated and encouraged the Local delegates and the young volunteers for their effort to make this year of Mercy more meaningful.

Mr. Vincent co-ordinator of Couple for Christ and VIDES active member in Tinsukia spoke about surrendering our life to God, to begin the day and end the day with God. After the lunch break, Sr. Alphonsa Kurisingal spoke about the Vision, Mission and objectives of VIDES. She also shared the XI Convention of VIDES which was conducted in Rome with the theme. “You shall love your neighbour as yourself�. Mrs. Hasina VIDES secretary shared her experiences as she had participated in the Convention in Rome. She shared her thrilling experiences and invited all the other members to be more committed, to show solidarity towards less privileged ones. Then Sr. Alphonsa animated on the Good Samaritan helping the participants to reflect together on 'who is your neighbor'. The members took resolution to go back and work tirelessly for the welfare of the needy, to raise funds in various ways to conduct free coaching and spread the message of Love and Peace. The Volunteers were extremely happy to have this opportunity to share and learn from each other to building a culture of solidarity, justice and of peace. Hasina Brooks, Secretary India Guwahati



XI INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION “Love Your Neighbour as Yourself” Ethical, Social and Political Dimensions of VIDES Volunteering.

Guwahati (India)- The XI International Convention of VIDES was held in Rome, at the Centre “Salesianum” located in Rome, Via Della Pisana 1111, from 14th till the 19 July 2016 with the theme “Love Your Neighbour as Yourself”. About 120 volunteers coming from 33 European, American, Asian and African nations participated in the Convention. From Guwahati Province Sr. Alphonsa Kurisingal, VIDES Provincial Delegate and Hasina Begum, Province Delegate took part in the convention. On July 15, 2016 VIDES General Elective Assembly took place. Sr Leonor Salazar, Director General of VIDES and Guido Barbera, VIDES President read the minutes of the last year, recalling the visit to VIDES groups in Philippines and Korea the various efforts of the United Nations, the VIDES projects accomplished in various provinces etc. The Financial Report, the directive and activities for 2017 and the presentation of the candidates for elections to the VIDES International Council. The new council members were formed. In the afternoon, we went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Door at St Peter's Basilica.

convention had the theme “Love Your Neighbours as Yourself” with attention to the ethical, social and political dimensions of VIDES Volunteers. The objectives of the Convention were:1. Develop in the young the capacity of a critical and participative reading of reality. 2. Reinforce the Convention of the Cultural Social and Political roles of volunteering. 3. Increase the operative capacity of Vides volunteers as a network of associations and youth groups.

The speaker of the day was Fr. Giuseppe Bettoni, Founder of the Arche Association onlus for children and mothers with AIDS, spoke on the theme “Love for self and volunteering: What is the relationship?” From his presentation, there emerged some key ideas on Christian Anthropology: man image On the 16th of July, there was the official of God male and female God created them, be opening of Convention and formal welcome fruitful, all human beings are children of God by the VIDES President, Guido Barbera. The and therefore brothers and sisters. Solidarity SEPTEMBER 2016 |


the VIDES Volunteers presented each nations reality with dances, songs and video. On July 18, Professor Stefano Zamagni, Economist at the university of Bologna and Ex President of the agency of the third sector, spoke on the theme “Volunteering among Institutions Power Rights and Freedom” he stressed on the need to face challenges of social inequality, ecological problems and peace. To work and to care for our common home.

and Fraternity always go together; every person is in need and is my neighbour. After coffee break, there was a presentation of good practice by VIDES Brazil Belo Horizonte and Inauguration of the Solidarity Table. Sr. Leslye Sandigo VIDES Councillor concluded the day with her presentation on the life of Sr. Mario Romero who is chosen as the patron of VIDES. On July 17th, Msgr. Silvano Tomai, Apostolic Nuncio (Bishop of Vatican).Since 2015 at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, spoke on the theme “Love of Neigbours and Human Rights.” He said, today every person in need is my neighbour and the Universal language of “Love your Neighbours' is the language of Human Rights. Later, Fr Fabio Attard SDB Councillor for “Youth Pastoral” gave the message on the Sunday gospel, 'be Martha and Mary to listen to Jesus and to our neighbours.' Then there was presentation of Good Practice by VIDES USA which was followed by People's Feast – A cultural celebration (first part) through which

Mother General Sr. Yvonne Reungoat, FMA was warmly welcomed to the gathering. Rector Major Don Angel Fernandez, SDB presided the celebrations of the Holy Eucharist. He welcomed us all and expressed his joy of having all of VIDES Volunteers and Sisters. Rector Major in his speech encouraged the Volunteers to continue to build the civilization of love, in accord with the chosen theme “Love your neighbours as yourself” but firmly reminded to work primarily as sons and daughters of God and not just an NGO. He expressed his admiration and appreciation for the Salesian Sisters and VIDES Volunteers, particularly for their passion to promote peace, justice and ecology taking various initiatives at local and international level. After the mass he lovingly interacted with the volunteers. Cultural Celebration was the marking of the conclusion of the XI International Convention. We VIDES Volunteers thanked each other and vowed to work for Love and Peace in the world. On 19 July, all the volunteers met at the breakfast table and wished each other save journey and goodbye. Taking back the fond memories of the convention Hasina Begum Brooks, Secretary VIDES INDIA GUWAHATI SEPTEMBER 2016 |


GOALPARA Summer camp cum Computer class - June & July 2016 The presence of 56 eager and enthusiastic students brought blessings to Auxilium Junior College, Goalpara from 2nd – 29th July, 2016 for the summer camp. Students came from different schools and villages. Orientation programme of different kinds were given to the students. Besides the Sisters and teachers different resource persons namely: Fr. Paul Rabha sdb and Fr. Augustine sdb came to empower the young people, Sessions were taken on the following topics; Time Management Leadership Goal setting Nurturing Friendship Personality Development Youth and social responsibilities Addiction Habits Building Self Confidence Spoken English Computer Group efficiency and Project Activities

           

The programme had been efficiently and effectively carried out by Sr. Flora Kujur with the collaboration of the community Sisters and teachers under the guidance of Sr. Lucy Nedumala, the animator.



After a month course, the empowered youth were awarded with certificates on the Graduation Day in the presence of Fr. Kuriakos, the Parish Priest of Majerburi, Goalpara, Sr. Nedumala Lucy, principal and the Community Sisters. During the felicitation programme the students displayed their talents and expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the Sisters and teachers. Everyone present appreciated the Sisters for the noble work of empowering the young people. Thus, with a happy note of “Thanks” all departed.

Inauguration of the Academic Year The academic Year 2016-17 of Auxilium Junior College, Goalpara, was officially inaugurated on 13th August, 2016 by Mrs. Banti Talukdar, Assistant Commissioner, Goalpara District. The day was blessed by the presence of Sr. Elizabeth George, the provincial as the Guest of honour. Sr. Jessy Palliparambil, provincial economer, Fr. Augustine sdb, Don Bosco School, Gojapara,

Fr. Krosper Sangma, Chancellor of Guwahati and the animators of the communities for their Diocese and Fr. Eliaraj were present. immense contribution and the prayerful support to the building of Auxilium Junior Sr. Lucy Nedumala, the principal of the college, proposed the words of welcome to the College at Goalpara. Dear Sisters, “We owe chief guest, Guest of Honour, dignitaries and you much and hold you with respect, love and all present. During which she assured that, gratitude”. “This institution, will offer ample chances for the all round development of the students, with its curricular and co-curricular activities, spiritual animation, leadership skills etc. will help our young people to go beyond themselves, and get well settle in life.” Then, as a sign of respect and appreciation the invitees were welcomed in a traditional way with a gamucha and japee..


Mother Provincial in her message said said; this Institute will cater all round development of the young people of this region and exhorted all to work together for the welfare The Sisters and inmates of Sneha Bhavan of the young people. (Rehabilitation Centre), Imphal greatly rejoice Mrs. Banti Talukdar expressed her happiness at the good result of 11 children who appeared of being invited for this inaugural programme. in HSLC Exam, 2016. 3passed in first division She said, “Now that the College has come to and 8passed in second division. Among them Goalpara District, development will soon take Sonia secured 78% with three subject letter place. It's amazing to see the missionaries marks, (Maths-94, IT-80, Manipuri-84) working hard to bring up the people of this Samson secured 80 marks in IT. We thank God area. I am here with you all Sisters, to extend and wish these children a bright future. my full support for this mission. I congratulate you for the initiative you have taken in the field of higher education. To the students she said, “You are the privilege ones to get into this institution where not only your academic excellence but all round development will be taken care off. Work hard, be happy in moments of failure and successes, dare to achieve greater things in your life. You can do it.”

Pilgrimage to Sohra

At the end of the cultural programme Sr. Flora Kujur expressed words of gratitude to all who were present and for their messages. She also thanked in a very especial way Sr. Elizabeth George, Provincial, Sr. Jessy, the councilors SEPTEMBER 2016 |


Guwahati Migrant Youth Get Together “Blessed are the Merciful for they shall obtain mercy� 'Mercy Day'was celebrated with 43 Catholic Migrant youth of Guwahati at Auxilium Provincial House on 19th of June, 2016 organized and animated by Sr. Sania Rosemary, Youth Pastoral Coodinator with the help of the Junior Sisters. They were welcomed warmly to the Provincial house by Sr. Lissy Mathew, the animator as most of them are first time comer besides the few Auxilium Hostellers. The program began with ice breaking session 'Autograph hunt' which helped them to come to know each other. It was followed by a session on the importance of the Jubilee Year of Mercy through PPT and video clips in the hall. They were explained about the Spiritual and Corporal works of mercy. Then they were led to the chapel for chaplet of Divine Mercy and Rosary while the confession was administered by Fr. Melvil Peirera SJ, Rector



of Jagriti and Fr. Jobins Mathew MSFS, Secretary of Archbishop of Guwahati. Then followed by solemn Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Jobins Mathew MSFS. During his homily he explained to them about the tremendous love of Mary Magdalene had for Jesus and invited all the young people to trust in the mercy of God and never hesitate to come back to him in all circumstance of life. After Mass the young people thanked the Sisters and Fr. Jobins for the wonderful experience they had. Refreshment was served for all during which they interacted with the community Sisters and share their life story. Sr. Elizabeth George, Provincial expressed her joy of having the young people and invited them to come for other occasion too and gave them a Rosary each. They young people went back with good experience and expressed their desire to come for such kind of program in future. Some of them proposed to organize Youth Mass once in a month. We thank God for enabling the youth to experience His mercy and compassion.

Path To Become Healed Healers We the 15 sisters, doing our Intensive Juniorate at Auxilium Provincial House, Guwahati, feel privileged for having attended the course on Counseling animated by Sr. Lizy Rose Mathew and Sr. Penny Rose Chinir. They dealt on History of Counseling , Counseling Skills and Techniques , PreSuppositions of the Counselor, the Counselor's code , Body Languages , code of conduct in the skills practice, Joe – Harry Window, Counseling format , Aspects of the

CHILD FRIENDLY GUWAHATI Trip to Accoland for CFG children Trip to Accoland was organized on 30th April 2016, by Don Bosco Alumni for the deprived and underprivileged children. It was to give them the opportunity of having the non-stop fun like the vortex maze, multi-lane racers, Bumper cars, baby train, water chute, crazy swing, Aqua Thrills, sky train, and many more thrilling rides and water fun. Children really enjoyed all the thrilling fun. Added to that, refreshments and snacks were served at

inner child, Pro – active Responses, Language of love, Gesturn – Swish and VKD Therapy. We are grateful to Sisters for their generous sharing. They made us active and helped us to become aware of ourselves by constantly reminding us on where am I?, What am I?and what I want to be?. On the final day of our course, we shared our experiences through Collage Presentation. Each one was able to present in a colorful and a symbolic gestures. At the conclusion Mother Provincial Sr. Elizabeth George encouraged us to make use of these Skills in our mission with the young. different times. Lunch was another awaited item of the thrilling moments which they enjoyed to their heart content.

Make me smile on Child rights Make me smile (On child rights) Organized and conducted by Assam Don Bosco U n i v e r s i t y, d e p a r t m e n t o f M a s s communication (media students) on 7th May 2016. It was an occasion to give them a platform to the talents of marginalized children as well as sensitizing people on children in need. The program was in SEPTEMBER 2016 |


association with Snehalaya and Child Friendly Guwahati, at Don Bosco School, Pan Bazar. Children had a wonderful moment sharing Visual Media Workshop their talents with others through mass media. Digital literacy has become indispensable in our mission among the young in this techWorld Environment Day savvy world. In this regard, a three-day Visual World Environment Day was observed at Media workshop was organized from August cluster level on 6th, and 17th June. The two 26- 28, 2016 at Auxilium Reach Out, centres gathered for the celebration in Guwahati. Fourteen Sisters from the Auxilium CFG centre, Auxilium Parallel communities of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh School and GMC, Dispur Adarsha Vidylaya participated in the workshop. Sr. Sania (ABC) at St. Stephen School. On 6th June, Josephine and Sr. Khijurina Tirkey were the from the Zaloni Company some voluntaries resource persons. With their expertise and came to instruct the children on plantation of competency, the duo imparted to the Sisters plants and trees and talks were given on knowledge on Microsoft Power Point, Adobe environment. They taught the children how to Photoshop and Video Editing. The Sisters plant trees and were provided pots to plant. threw themselves heart and soul into learning The students were very happy to plant the all what they could. After every plants and egger to learn about it. Around 80 demonstration, they were given assignments students, 11 staff and Sisters were present for to carry out which they had to submit before the celebration. the end of the day. On 17th June environmental day program was The culmination of the workshop was the organized by cluster coordinator and social 'Production Panorama' during which each educators. There was cultural Dance and Art Sister's work was displayed and viewed by all. competition on environment and prizes were The Sisters expressed their deep satisfaction given to the children followed by plantation of and appreciated very much the workshop. plants and trees. Talks were delivered by social Many opined that more of this type of educators on environment and on global workshop be organized. “It wasn't like any warming in a level which our kids could other workshops I've ever attended; I've really understand the importance of protecting our learnt a lot”, one said and “The workshop is nature and surroundings, to save trees and very useful for my mission, I wish we had plant more and more trees in order to have more days”, another mused. healthy life. Sr. Athisa Roselyn SEPTEMBER 2016 |


Seminar on Child protection policy (CPP) On 29th July the Junior Sisters of Mater Ecclesiae Province of Guwahati at Christian Basti, have gathered from different corners of the state for two days of seminar on ‘Child Protection policy’ (CPP) the protagonists of our mission, the resource person was Sr. Kaniampady Molly Elizabeth. The seminar began with a video clipping on “Try Love” based on how a person's heart can be won over with an extra dosed of Love. Every participant has come with a bright motivation and excitement to take up the challenge our modern world is stepping into. As our resource person introduced the (CPP) it was a moment of deep sorrow to be aware of the misuse of the children by adult. Children have the right to enjoy life but today they are voiceless and defend less in the society. Seminar was interesting and lively; time of group discussion and clarification of doubts were helpful. The seminar ended with an aim ahead of us, to be credible educators, to protect and defend the young children at risk following our founder and co-foundress.

MY EXPERIENCE ON A VISIT TO ROME, ITALY The X1 International Convention Of VIDES (An International Voluntary organization working for Women& Children, Education and Development) was held at Rome, Italy from 14th July to 18th July 2016.I was privileged to attend this Convention along with Sr. Alphonsa Kurisingal, the Provincial delegate of VIDES, India Guwahati. There were about 120 volunteers from 33 countries (European, American, Asian and African nations. The theme of the Convention “LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOURSELF” was very challenging. I just asked myself how many of us (in India) really know who our neighbor is?. The interactive sessions, Discussions, Workshops, Sharing Good Practice in the assembly, Identifying possible common strategies were motivating and enriching. Meeting and listening to Monsignor Silvano Tomasi (Bishop of Vatican),Rector Major Don Angel Fernandez SDB, Mother General Yvonne Reungoat FMA and many renowned speakers were very inspiring especially the common question WHO IS MY NEIGHBOUR?. My neighbor is not the one I choose, but the one sent by God to be my neighbor and that I must love my neighbor. The whole convention was a life experience. It was an encounter with different cultures and realities from where we could draw lessons and stimulate new ideas for future volunteer activities. I always used to think that the European countries are developed and do not face problems like us… but I was wrong. I realized there is nothing WOW! about visiting SEPTEMBER 2016 |


a foreign country. During discussions and Sharing I came to know about complex problems of immigration, forced prostitution, loneliness, mental health problems, etc that they are facing I was in tears. My heart was heavy. People there take volunteerism very seriously. The kind of work the volunteers are doing is praise worthy risking their own life, some even leave their well placed jobs. I felt ashamed that we are hardly doing anything to uplift the downtrodden in India. We are all aware that the world is not free from problems but the convictions with which the volunteers in other countries work, is that they want their country to be a developed country where there is equality, law and justice. Our country India is a rich country, but why do we have so many poor and deprived? Volunteerism and social service is very poor in India among the general public. We need to come together, work for equality, free our country from corruption, speak up for the deprived and voiceless, then only our country will progress and we can say we are a rich country where equality and justice prevails… While attending the session at the conference hall, I was in tears…I thanked God for making it possible for me to attend this convention which was an eye opener for me. Deep down in my heart I was thanking all my Superiors especially Sr. Alphonsa who introduced me to VIDES and encouraged me to work for the deprived. VIDES has made me a better human being, more responsible and patient. I wish to work all my life apart from my regular duty as a teacher, for the betterment of our society, for the children and deprived women…help them, empower them so that they can assert their rights and lead their life with dignity.



The last four days (19th to 22nd July) I got the opportunity to visit many churches in Rome and pray. It was a wonderful experience, I felt the presence of God and peace within me. The architectural designs, paintings and carvings of the churches are amazing. It is no wonder why people from all over the world to come and visit St. Peter's Basilica-the largest church in the world….the very core of Roman Catholic Church. I also visited the Colosseou, the Trevi Fountain, Don Bosco's place in Rome where he stayed and many other historical places which speaks a lot about the rich culture and tradition of the people of Italy. My journey to Rome ended. But my convictions became stronger to work for equality and justice. The world today is in great need of LOVE and PEACE. This is my wish and prayer that we all work for Equality, Unity, spread the message of love and peace. Let us ask ourselves “WHO IS MY NEIGHBOUR?” Do I really love my Neighbour as myself? LONG LIVE VIDES! Hasina Begum Brooks Secretary,VIDES India Guwahati.

Legal Right Seminar

Labour Laws: Employment, principles of Natural Justice; Disciplinary Action against employees.

A Three days Seminar was held on Current Legal Issues relating to Minority Charitable Institutions from 29th to 31st August, 2016 at  Laws related to women, children especially sexual harassment in workplace and Bethel, MSMHC prayer House, Barapani, protection of children from sexual Meghalaya organized by the Catholic offences. […] Religious of India, North East Region, Guwahati facilitated by Legal Cell for Human There were time for clarifications and Rights (LCHR), Guwahati, discussions during which the recourse persons Together with other 65 Priests and Religious adeptly and competently answered clarified to of North East, Sr. Annie Villuviruthil and Sr. the queries of the participants. Jessy Palliparambil participated in it. The Sr. Jessy Palliparambil resource persons were Fr. K.M. Joseph S.J., Advocate, Patna High Court, Fr. Ravi Sagar DOTMA S.J., Advocate, Guwahati High Court and Sr. Shobha K.P., CFMSS., Advocate, Guwahati Mahila - Pilgrimage to Shillong High Court. They enriched the participants on 8 members of Mahila Group, Dotma parish  Indian legal System, Indian Judicial went for pilgrimage to Shillong with Sr. Bella S y s t e m , C r i m i n a l , R e v e n u e a n d and Sr. Jayanti from 15th to 19th July. The fervent group began their pilgrimage on 15th Administrative Courts and Tribunals morning by Train and proceeded by sumo  Minority rights under article 29 & 30, from Guwahati. On the way to Shillong we had Minority Educational Institutions, Establishments & administration; the joy of visiting Siloam, Barapani. Reaching Recognition, Affiliation & Minority Shillong we were accommodated at Pastoral Centre. On 16th we visited the Divine Mercy declaration. Aided by the Government, Convent, Upper Shillong and had adoration in  Administration of Minority Institutions; the Sister's chapel. Sr. Flavina Mochahary, the right to Education Act & right to Foundress of the Divine Mercy Sisters is a Information Act: Their applicability on Bodo Sister from Assam. The Mahilas were Minority Educational Institutions, very happy to have visited and met the Sisters. SEPTEMBER 2016 |


Christian Education of the poor youth so as to promote God's greater Glory. This year, on 5th August, the eight (8) courageous and enthusiastic Novices namely said a firm 'Yes' to God by their First Profession to Religious life at Little Flower School, Kohima in the hand of Rev. Mother Provincial Sr. Elizabeth George, the delegate of Mother General with their motto “Follow Christ by Loving�. Eph5:2.

On 17th (Sunday) we went to Cathedral for Holy Mass and visited Grotto Chapel, Don Bosco technical School where we had prayer, confession and lunch. Fr. Philip Barjo, the Rector, Fathers and Brothers extended the typical Salesian hospitality. Visit to Don Bosco Museum at Mawlai was another great experience and excitement for Mahilas. It has awaken in them the love and admiration for different cultures of our region. Visiting the Sacred Heart College and Chapel, we also had the joy of visiting the tomb of the servant of God, Fr. Constantine Vendrame sdb. In the 18th afternoon the group returned to Guwahati with beautiful experience of prayer and visits to many beautiful places.

The occasion was solemnized by Rev. Fr. Neisalhou Carolus Kuotsu, the Parish Priest and Vicar General of Kohima Diocese. He gave a lauded sermon on 'Discipleship' in perfect conformity with the day's event. There were 20 priests con-celebrated the Holy Mass. The presence of many FMA's, other religious members, the Parents and family members of the professed Sisters, many invitees, friends and benefactors added joy and colour to the celebration.

Sr. Bella and Sr. Jayanti

First Religious Profession 5th August is a historical and memorable day for the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians (FMA). For it is on this Day our co-foundress St. Maria Domenica Mazzarello and her Companion made their first religious profession. Every year on this day many young women commit their life to God in the footsteps of our co-foundress to live the Charism of St. Don Bosco - our founder for the SEPTEMBER 2016 |


After the Mass, sumptuous meal was served for all. In the afternoon the newly professed Sisters embarked for their respective Communities, enthused to begin their noble Mission. Sr. Phephot Teresa Wangsu & Sr. Peter Sarah (2nd Year Novices)


always inspired, transformed, etc … inviting everyone to make our encounter with people like that of Jesus. The 22 enthusiastic juniors' Sisters thus renewed their vows on 3rd of August, recommitting their lives to the Lord in the hands of Sr. Elizabeth George at Provincial house. The occasion was solemnized by Fr. Matthew, administrator of Guwahati archdiocese. In his homily he said, there is no breath waste praying to God, there is no strength lost walking with God, there is no time too long to wait for God. We thank Mother provincial and all the sisters who accompanied us, guided us and encouraged us in every step we take. May the Lord reward you abundantly.

14 Postulants were initiated into Novitiate on 4th August by Sr. Elizabeth George, Provincial. Sr. Lydia Komuhra, the animator of Little Flower led the 14 Postulants to the altar after which Sr. Elizabeth George presented a medal of Mary Help of Christians to them. In her short exhortation, she reminded them that Religious vocation is a special gift to some chosen people and need to hold on to Jesus and Blessed Mother to accomplish INTERVIEW OF SR. DOROTHY God’s plan for us. She encouraged them to be on the occasion of her Golden open and docile to the Holy Spirit in their Jubilee vocational journey and courageously go ahead cheerfully. She then entrusted them to Sr. 1. What inspired you to become a missionary FMA/ Mabel Gothorp, Novice Mistress, who religious Sister? lovingly welcomed them. The ceremony ended with note of thanks giving to God and On 26th January, 1962, I left light refreshment. home to go to Imphal as a Sr. Angela K and Sr. Emilia (1st Year teacher. The house was still Novices) under construction. There were seven Sisters there at that time. JOY OF BEING CONSECRATED Sr. Cleofe Fassa was the In preparation for the renewal of the vows the Superior. The Sisters were so junior sisters spent a day in prayer and united, so loving, so concern reflection animated by Rev. Fr. Johnson and caring. At once I did take a Parackal sdb, Chief Executive Director of DBI liking to them all. There were boarders too. No on 2nd of August. He helped the sisters to enter current, no water, work was going on, workers into deeper reflection and understanding of the were in the house due to work. I saw everyone word 'Encounter'. He said 'Encounter implies struggling, and I did help as much as I could. I the whole gamut of human interaction'. was always with the Sisters, with the boarders, Encounter can be very thrilling, unsettling, never with the teachers, they were 22 of them. disappointing, encouraging and inspiring. He The Sisters always liked me, called me Ms. further led us to the person of Jesus – people Dorothy- will you become Sister like us…..? encountered Jesus at different times and were This was always ringing in my ears, and I SEPTEMBER 2016 |


Sisters, my teachers, our children made the day, the celebrations so grand, so memorable that I am sure I will never forget. I was all dressed in white, black coat. It was all excitement for everyone as I always wore grey habit, so I did make all happy. I did have the courage for I was quite sure many were praying for me; even my seven first Sisters of Imphal who are now in heaven. May their souls rest in peace. The celebration was grand, God-filled graces and blessings. On May 29 was my birthday. I completed 72 and entering 73. I do thank God, the Sisters, everyone, for this lovely day. prayed, asked others to pray as well. When classes began in February, I taught wholeheartedly in Class-2 boys and girls in a classroom unfinished. I helped the Sisters in every way. The good company of my seven Sisters, their love and care, their spirit of sacrifices helped me to take the right decision, to become a Salesian Sister, and so I am an FMA today. 2.

Share some sentiments as you celebrated the Golden Jubilee of your Religious Profession.

3. What were your support and strength in your vocational journey? Prayer and faith were my strength all through my journey. My goodwill, the prayers and guidance of my good Provincials, Superiors helped me in my journey. I had joined the Congregation without the consent of my parents, as they did not allow me. From Imphal in 1962, due to Chinese trouble I left for Bandel and joined the aspirantate in 1963, then postulancy in Guwahati, St. Mary's. My Superior Sr. Cloefe followed me all through, encouraging me to go on. After two and half years, I got a letter from home, “why did you not come home�? Yes, but I had the courage to follow Jesus and persevere in my vocation. After postulancy, Novitiate in ShillongNongthymai.After two years of Novitiate, made my First Profession in 1966, August 5. Today I am happy where I am, lots of support from my Sisters, much prayer and faith. God bless them all.

To tell the truth, I don't like noise, big crowd and outward celebrations. I tried to keep quiet, but after much prayer, I made up my mind to tell my superior quietly. She did make the blast informing the community with all the excitement, preparations were made along with prayers. School level was kept on May 27 and community level on May 28, 2016. I did have to accept the noise, the crowd, prepare a talk and thank everyone. I did shiver due to nervousness, but I took courage. I knew many 4. You are in LFS, Kohima for 22 years. were praying for me, for the success of the Could you share with us your mission great day. As I accepted all, I felt so happy, so experience and educational satisfaction. happy to reach 50 years of my Religious Profession the golden years, as we all call it. I It's true I have just completed 22 years on was so privileged I must say, my superior, my August 16, 2016 here in Kohima LFS. Due to SEPTEMBER 2016 |


ill health, and the love and understanding of my Provincial, as the climate help me to keep well. All through these years, even today I am in the school in charge of the Primary Sections also the Pre-Primary. In all these years, I have given my best I must say I was never absent from school, from my classes, I still teach Catechism in classes 3and 4. I do love the children, I do take much interest in teaching them well with a lot of preparation and follow up for Sunday Mass and prayers. I love to teach, never take holidays, always on my feet for the good of the children. It costs to stand the whole time; I can't sit and teach but my sacrifices benefits the others. With these 22 years of experience in education, I do give of in school, so I continue to help them with a my best and thank God for my good health that good word of advice and follow up regularly. permit me to work more happily. 5. Some significant moments of your religious life that will inspire young In my early years I used to spend ten days in Sisters and young people. our Catholic villages catechizing adults and children, visiting families, guiding and giving In all these years, I did treasure and appreciate piece of advice to young boys and girls and to the love and understanding of my Sisters. I did married couples. As I am a trained nurse I used have ups and downs in life, I do have my to give health awareness to the people in the imperfections, I am not perfect, and not villages as well. My superior did trusted me faultless but the good Lord till today and allowed me to help in the villages. I have strengthens me because of my deep prayer life visited not only Catholic families but the other and faith. There are so many praying for me, so denominations as well. Whenever people see how can I be the same. I have grown and still me walking on the road to visit families, they growing striving for perfection in the ordinary would call me to come and pray in their way, doing everything in a normal way all for houses, people would invite me to come to God and souls. I have found myself, nor felt their houses. Yes I did go and pray with them, useless but always make myself useful. I tried pray the rosary, reading the Word of God, to do everything in the best way possible. I advising them and promising them to visit accepted corrections, I did do what my Sisters again. It did cost, energy, sacrifice but I was wanted, and I did things peacefully because assisted by faith, prayers and the power of the prayer life strengthens me. I did love to go to Holy Spirit. Of late due to pain in the legs, I the villages, to meet people, to talk to them, to don't go out much, no companion like before guide them and above all shared their life though I visit few families as they come to take problems and assured them all of my support me by themselves. But I still hear their cries- in praying for them. I did things in a simple and Sister, Sister come to pray for us. I do have the ordinary way, always did what I was asked and boarders, the house girls, teachers and children SEPTEMBER 2016 |


do with much peace and serenity. I did reflect much, found time for everything because I want to be useful and not useless. I did give of my best. I am happy to be a religious Sister, I want to follow my vocation faithfully and joyfully always in obedience to my Superiors and Sisters. I should say - prayer, faith, regular reception of the sacraments, are the source of my peace, joy and happiness and to live my daily life happily. I love the word of God, to reflect, to live the word and nourish myself. May I live my vocation to the full. Do pray for

Sr. KUJUR Angela: A brief profile “But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body, by the power that enables him even to subject all things to himself”. Philippians 3:20-21 Sr. Angela Kujur was born on 3rd May 1923, at Datra, Ranchi to Mr. Gossain and Mrs. Rughi Filomina and was baptized on 7th May of the same year by Rev. Fr. Develshawvers, SJ at Datra. She was the second of five children, three brothers and two sisters. She had a Salesian Priest brother, Fr. Paschal Kujur SDB who went to his eternal reward in 1998. All the other siblings have also been called from this world. Sr. Angela now goes happily to join their company. Sr. Angela did her Primary schooling at St. Peter's School, Tongo, Middle School in Ursuline Convent School, Tongo and High School in Ursuline Convent School, Gumla. She also did her Teacher's training in 1942 in Patna Bihar and in 1955 she did her further SEPTEMBER 2016 |


studies in Hindi under the Guwahati University. Her vocational journey began in 1946 when she came to St. Mary's Guwahati as a Teacher. Her brother who was studying for his theology was an instrument of her maiden arrival in the North East which she embraced lovingly as her beloved mission field until her last breath. She had a wonderful experience in the company of Sisters as a teacher in St. Mary's which attracted her to their ways of life to become one like them. Here is a part of the Golden Jubilee interview regarding her desire to become a Sister. When she expressed her earnestness to Sr. Teresa Villa she was told “you will become a Sister but not just now”. She narrated “I was impatient to wait. Obsessed by the thought of becoming a sister, I had a dream one night. I dreamt that I was with my brother and I saw a line of sisters coming in procession carrying placards bearing the names of different congregations. I can clearly remember the names Carmelites, Holy Cross and Ursulines. I studied with the Ursulines. Seeing them pass by I said: “Come on let us join one of them”. My brother held my hand tight and did not allow me to move. Then passed Don Bosco with a group of rowdy boys shouting and singing. “Come on let us join this group” – said my brother. “No I will not join this rowdy group. Behind them came the

those years as “free, simple, open and days of continual practice of virtues”. She made her first Profession on January 6, 1951in Kottagiri and Final Profession in January 6, 1957 in Mawlai, Shillong. She had the joy of celebrating her Golden jubilee in 2001in Tezpur. Sr. Angela lived her long sojourn on this earth and worked in few houses but with much love, dedication, creativity and intensity.

sisters with no separate banner with a group of girls shouting and singing in similar manner. “Go quickly” shouted my brother. He walked some time with me and then he followed Don Bosco. In the confusion I woke up”. She narrated her dream to Sr. Villa but without any comment. She did not know that she was working with the Salesian Sisters. Thus she took courageous steps and on July, 2 1948 she was accepted as a postulant which was a lingering experience of joy and satisfaction. She was fortunate to receive the postulants medal from Fr. Atilio Colussi and was sent to Broadway, Madras for her Postulancy. She did her novitiate in Kottagiri accompanied by Sr. Francesca Martina as her Novice Mistress and the loving vigilance of Sr. Virginia Marchetti who was her Assistant helped her mature in her vocation. She recalled

We could sum up her beautiful life in the following paragraphs Angel of communion and joy in the community: Sr. Angela was truly an Angel sent by God to us as a messenger of sincere joy. She radiated joy wherever she went. She was a seeker of the God of communion and she lived her life bringing people together in her mission and community living. The sisters will agree with me that she was a positive element wherever she lived, a bridge between persons. Her simple and little Jokes and riddles that added joy and flavor to community life will continue to be passed from sister to sister. Most updated Catechism Teacher with creative teaching aids: Sr. Angela was a creative teacher who imparted not only knowledge but inculcated in her students authentic values of Faith and

She worked in the following communities holding various responsibilities: YEARS



1951 - 1959 Guwahati

Teacher & Assistant

1960 - 1964 Tangla

Teacher, Assistant &vill. visiting

1964 - 1970 Imphal


1971 - 1982 Tezpur

Economer, Teacher & vill. visiting

1983 - 1985 New Chumta Vicar, Teacher & vill. visiting 1985 -


Vicar, Teacher & vill. Visiting From 2009 – Catechesis, Praying mission SEPTEMBER 2016 |


morals. Her students still recall with love and appreciation her creative teaching aids prepared with such precision, dedication and love. She has transformed many lives and formed many great people who are pillars of society today through her educative mission. We are proud to have with us today, Mr. Kime Aiya, IPS officer of Itanagar, a past pupil of Sr. Angela.

especially those known to her personally. Today she smiles and sends many blessings to you dear Bishop and fathers who have come to celebrate the Eucharist and to pray for her. Limpid and ardent soul:

She was a person with no guile like Nathanael whom Jesus appreciated in the Gospel. Her heart was so pure and transparent. Her limpid and ardent soul was set apart for the Lord. Sr. A person of simple Spirituality: Angela was a person who saw goodness Childlike simplicity of the Gospel was everywhere and we could say many more good embodied in her life that truly won many things about her. May the Lord reward her for hearts. She did ordinary things of life in an all the good she has done. extraordinary manner thus proving to be an Dear Sr. Angela, as we wish you goodbye we authentic daughter of Don Bosco and St. Mary thank you for all that you have been to each Domenica Mazzarello. Sr. Angela lived a very one of us. We your loving Sisters of Guwahati simple and ordinary life but what made the Province, teachers, pupils past and present, difference is her simple ways with no evil on Salesian Co-operators, parents, friends, her lips nor in her heart. She was very relatives and all here present thank you for the appreciative of everything so much so the footprints of good works and simplicity of life expressions like “so nice, so very nice� were lived in the vineyard of the Lord. Your life always heard from her lips. manifested God's love for us. Help us to keep Respect and love for all the Superiors and aflame the zeal for evangelization allowing ourselves to become the message of God for Priests: Sr. Angela was so convinced that Superiors all peoples particularly the young. Intercede and priests are God's chosen instruments. for us, for our youth, for the province, for the Therefore no priests whom she had contacted Church, for vocations and for the entire North in her life will go unremembered. In her long East. Goodbye! May you enjoy forever the hours of prayers she particularly remembered beatific vision of God, whom you served and prayed for the holiness of all priests lovingly, faithfully and generously. SEPTEMBER 2016 |


A feel of the World Youth Day 2016 – Kraków, Poland (CNA/EWTN News) We have lived the great event of the World Youth Day with the young people of our centres in different ways, joining the youth gathered at Krakow, Poland. Remembering what Pope Francis told the youth, “We can say that World Youth Day begins today and continues tomorrow, in your homes, since that is where Jesus wants to meet you from now on.

by Benedict XVI when he visited Poland in 2006, and is now being carried on by Francis. In his brief speech, Pope Francis first recalled the story of a young man who had studied graphic design for just over two years, but decided to leave his studies in order to volunteer for WYD. He immediately put his talents to use, designing all of the banners that currently decorate the streets of Krakow in honor of WYD, the Pope said, noting that “images of the patron saints” found on practically every street – St. John Paul II and St. Maria Faustina Kowalska – were done by this young man. In the process of his work for WYD, the youth rediscovered his faith, but was diagnosed with cancer in November, Pope Francis recalled. He noted how the doctors had amputated the young man's leg in an effort to save his life, but it didn't work, and the cancer continued to spread.

The Lord doesn't want to remain in this beautiful city, or in cherished memories alone.” Let us help the young people of our centres to join the Youth participated in the WYD at Kraków, Poland, to continue celebrating the World Youth Day in their day to day life. This young man “wanted to live through the Pope Francis spoke to World Youth Day Pope's visit” and had even reserved a place on participants from the balcony of the bishop's the Krakow tram that the Pope will take later in palace in Krakow on July 27, 2016. This the week with sick and disabled youth as his tradition was initiated by St. John Paul II, who special passengers. However, the young man spoke to youth from the balcony every time he didn't make it, and died July 2. “He did a lot of visited his homeland as Pope. It was continued good for everyone,” Francis said, leading the youth below in a moment of silent prayer for the young man who died. “We must get used to the good things and the bad things. Life is like this, dear young people,” he said, while stressing that “there is something we cannot doubt: the faith of this young man, of our friend, who worked so much for this WYD.”



Pope Francis tells 1.6 million young people to avoid ‘sofa happiness’ (CNA/EWTN News) Pope Francis challenged massive crowds of young people at World Youth Day's final vigil to step away from the “sofa” of comfort and convenience, and respond to Christ's call to transform a suffering world. “Today Jesus, who is the way, the truth and the life, is calling you to leave your mark on history,” the Pope told the estimated 1.6 million people attending Saturday's vigil at the “Campus Misericordiae” – or “Field of Mercy.” Pope Francis called on youth not to be “couch potatoes.” “The times we live in do not call for young 'couch potatoes' but for young people with shoes, or better, boots laced. It only takes players on the first string, and it has no room for bench-warmers,” said Pope. In his address, the pontiff warned against opting “for ease and convenience, for confusing happiness with consumption,” because then “we end up paying a high price indeed: we lose our freedom.” “Jesus,” however, “is the Lord of risk, of the eternal 'more',” he said. “Following Jesus demands a good dose of courage, a readiness to trade in the sofa for a pair of walking shoes and to set out on new and uncharted paths.” The address was delivered after hearing the testimonies of three young people, including a young woman named Rand who described the daily horrors which the people in her home country of Syria experience. The gathering of so many young people from countries torn by conflict, war, and other atrocities makes it so that the sufferings experienced by young SEPTEMBER 2016 |


people in these regions “are no longer anonymous, something we read about in the papers,” the Pope said. “They have a name, they have a face, they have a story, they are close at hand,” he said referring to the suffering which young people like Rand have experienced, coming from war-torn Syria. The extent of these situations cannot be appreciated by viewing them through a cell phone screen or computer, he said. He asked for prayers for all those affected by war in Syria and other parts of the world in order that, “once and for all, may we realize that nothing justifies shedding the blood of a brother or sister; that nothing is more precious than the person next to us.” The Pope also acknowledged the testimonies of struggle and inner conflict delivered by the two other young people, Natalia – a former fashion magazine journalist – and Miguel – a former drug addict. “Both of you are a living sign of what God's mercy wants to accomplish in us,” he said. Pope Francis stressed that now is not the time to denounce those fighting or to tear people down. “We have no desire to conquer hatred with more hatred, violence with more violence, terror with more terror,” he said. Rather, the name which should be given to the response to war is “fraternity,” “brotherhood,” “communion,” and “family.” “We celebrate the fact that coming from different cultures, we have come together to pray,” he said. “Let our best word, our best argument, be our unity in prayer.” “Let us also place before the Lord your own “battles”, the interior struggles that each of your carries in his or her heart.”

Pope Francis warned against a more dangerous kind of paralysis, which he described as “sofa-happiness” – in other words, the paralysis of confusing happiness with the sense of comfort, freeing us up to escape into the world of videogames and the computer, all the while keeping us at home with the illusion of safety. The Pope challenged young people not to “vegetate” in a comfortable life, but reminded them of their call “to leave a mark.” all our fences.” “God comes to break open everything that keeps you closed in. He is “But when we opt for ease and convenience, for confusing happiness with consumption, encouraging you to dream. He wants to make then we end up paying a high price indeed: we you see that, with you, the world can be lose our freedom,” he said. “This is itself a different.” “For the fact is, unless you offer the great form of paralysis, whenever we start best of yourselves, the world will never be thinking that happiness is the same as comfort different.” and convenience that being happy means It is not a time for young “couch potatoes,” the going through life asleep or on tranquillizers, Pope said, but for protagonists of history. that the only way to be happy is to live in a Pope Francis urges young people to haze.” ‘download a good heart’ have less In contrast to this life of “sofa-happy” technology paralysis, Pope Francis said, “Jesus is the Lord of risk, of the eternal 'more'.” “Jesus is not the Pope Francis during his outdoor Mass he told Lord of comfort, security and ease. Following young people to look beyond the instant Jesus demands a good dose of courage, a gratification afforded by technology and readiness to trade in the sofa for a pair of instead try to change the world. Pope Francis, walking shoes and to set out on new and 79, who said he is a “disaster” with technology, uncharted paths.” He told young people to sprinkled/besprent his sermon at the last major take the path of the “craziness” of our God, by event of the trip with social media and which he means caring for those in need, be technology terms. He urged the young people they neighbors, prisoners, friends, refugees, or to “download the best link of all, that a heart which sees and transmits goodness without migrants. growing weary''. Although some might say such a life is for only a “chosen few,” the Pope cited the testimony of He said their response to the challenges of life Miguel who said that once you are entrusted cannot be “texing a few words”, that prayers with responsibility, you begin “to understand should be given pride of place over their that God was asking something of you.” “That internet “chats”, and that God's memory was is the secret, dear friends, and all of us are not a “hard disk” filled with files on everyone, called to share in it. God expects something but more of a compassionate heart that wants from you. God wants something from you. to help them “erase” evil. God hopes in you. God comes to break down SEPTEMBER 2016 |


Spirit. Therefore every consecrated person is called to fulfill that mission according to his or August 2, 2016 the long awaited day finally her charism of their founders. dawned for seven Sisters Rang d. Veronica, After the pronouncement of their vows, each Y.R. Grace Pemmila, Sangma Arsilia, sister signed the eternal covenant of love at the Ahunsshi L. Georgina, Kondpan Komolina, Altar. A pink crown was placed on the head of Basumatary Monomoti and Kaini A. Roslyn the sisters as the external sign of consecration who make their final profession, “I will show to the Lord. They sang the Magnificat you constant love and mercy and make you expressing of their praise to God for calling mine forever�. (Hosea 2:19) at St. Mary's them to follow Him in the footstep of Don Maligaon. Bosco and Mary Domenica Mazzarello. The The Holy Eucharist was presided by His celebration concluded with a relishing meal Lordship Bishop Thomas Pulloplill D.D. served for everyone. Bishop of Bongaigaon. It began at 10 am with the entrance procession; the sisters carried the Progetto Mornese 2016 lighted lamp in their hands dressed in their traditional customs accompanied by the parents and relatives. Having reached the alter they placed the lamps and removed their traditional dress as a sign of detachment from the things of this World. One of the parents renewed the offering of their daughters to the Lord. The celebrant in his homily spoke on how God chose different people to carry his mission according to the gifts of the Holy

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