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e have entered into the liturgical season of Advent, the period of preparation for the celebration of Christmas. Christmas is the event of God humbling himself to take our human form and become one like us. St. John the Baptist is one of the biblical characters who played a humble but important role in announcing the coming of Jesus. He was fully aware of who he was and the mission that was his in the Salvation history. So, he claimed nothing more. But Jesus gave him the highest tribute when he said: “Truly I tell you, among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist……… (Mt. 11:11).

what would you like to have?” – the angel asked. “ I just want to do good and not realize that I am doing it. I do not want to draw people to myself, then I will be taking them away from God”. His wish was granted and the gift of healing and working miracles was given to his shadow. So wherever his shadow fell, healing and miracles took place. But he was unaware of it. The story of John the Baptist and that of the unusual saint and above all the mystery of the Incarnation teach us deep lessons of humility. The definition of a saint I read in a book goes like this: “A saint is precisely one who has no “I” to protect or project. His “I” is in conscious union with the “I AM” of God. The closer one gets to the 'LIGHT', the more one sees one's shadow. Thus holy people are truly humble”. Let us then allow the Messiah to enter our lives during this advent and Christmas season through the door of our humility and beg Him to remain therein throughout our life.

Here I am reminded of the story of an unusual saint who exuded fragrance of goodness without realizing it, like the flowers spreading fragrance without knowing it. Even the angels were admiring this saint. One day an angel went and asked God to give him the power to work miracles. God granted it! But when the angel went and told the saint that God was granting him the gift of working miracles and healing, he refused saying that healing and working miracles are God's prerogatives. Let God do that. Then the angel wanted to give him the gift of converting people. “No - he said - that is I wish you a fervent season of Advent the prerogative of the Holy Spirit”. “Then and a grace-filled Christmas! Sr. Elizabeth George FMA Provincial

“The environment is part of a logic of receptivity. It is on loan to each generation, which must then hand it on to the next” (Laudato Si, 159).


s we are approaching the Feast of Christmas, I am reminded of one of the weekdays reading from the book of Isaiah, “The wolf will dwell with the lamb, the leopard will rest beside the kid, the calf and the lion cub will feed together and a little child will lead them. Befriending each other, the cow and the bear will see their young ones lie down together. Like cattle, the lion will eat hay. By the cobra's den the infant will play. The child will put his hand into the viper's lair. No one will harm or destroy over my holy mountain, for as water fills the sea the earth will be filled with the know ledge of the Lord” (Is.11: 6-9). Ultimately all this is attributed to “knowledge of the Lord” and we are reminded of the programmatic passages where failure to know and understand the Lord is the root cause of evil and the occasion for disaster. The knowledge of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. True knowledge of God leads us to understand and appreciate all that he has created. God's face is to be manifested in every created thing. Human abuse of God's creation is a great concern today. The accelerating changes that take place in

our planet often times cause anxiety as it harms humanity and the world at large. “The environment is part of logic of receptivity. It is on loan to each generation, which must then hand it on to the next” (Laudato Si, 159). We need to leave an inhabitable planet to the future generation. How do we move forward in this direction? The Indian spirituality speaks of oneness of nature, humanity and the divine. We need to be guardians and stewards of the nature. If peace is to prevail in the world, we must together and as individuals, consciously give ourselves to “protecting nature, defending the poor, building networks of respect and fraternity” (Laudato Si, 201). Perfect justice leads to perfect peace. There is a close relationship between the harmony that lies within each one and with one another including the nature. As we are preparing to celebrate the feast of Christmas, may our life be flooded with the joy and peace of His coming. Wish you a Happy Christmas and a grace-filled New Year 2016.



FMA – PCI Mazzarello Convent, Kodambakam, Chennai


orty FMA from the six Provinces of India including Sr. Vilma Tallone, Economer General and Resource person and Sr. Lucy Rosa Ozhukayil, presiding General Councillor participated in FMA-PCI September 1-3, 2015 at Mazzarello Convent, Kodambakm, Chennai to study, share and reflect on the theme: "Communion of goods and solidarity at the service of the mission." September 1, 2015 The morning prayer creatively animated by ING highlighted the theme 'We are the clay, You are the Potter' with Sr. Vilma Tallone, Sr. Lucy Rose Ozhukayil and the six provincials placing symbolic clay jars Coming together in the Conference hall, Sr. a t t h e A l t a r t h u s p r e p a r i n g t h e Elizabeth George, Provincial ING and participants for the day's events. president, FMA-PCI welcomed one and all to The Eucharistic Celebration was FMA-PCI 2015 and in particular, Sr. Rose a n i m a t e d b y I N K . T h e e n t r a n c e Ezarath, INC and Sr. Ritha Dora Thomas INB, procession was led by Sr. Lucy Rose the two newly-appointed Provincials. She Ozhukayil carrying the Bible, Sr. Vilma stressed on the theme - Communion of goods Tallone the globe, the six provincials and solidarity at the service of the mission and symbols of Creation and the rest of the invited the participants to become hope-filled participants carried red roses as a sign of and joy-filled missionaries of the young. The sharing of material goods. In his homily, Coordinator for the day was Sr. Crescentia the celebrant Fr. Stanislaus Swamikannu D'Almeida, Provincial INK. SDB, former provincial of Chennai highlighted communion of goods, communion of hearts and solidarity in action.


Before the meeting commenced the participants were warmly welcomed in the Auditorium by Sr. Magnificat Soosai, Provincial of Chennai after which the students of the neighbouring FMA schools staged a cultural programme. Bridget, a student of Fatima School, Kodambakam who participated in the Bicentenary celebrations at Turin and Colle Don Bosco shared some of her memorable experiences.

In her inaugural address, Sr. Lucy Rose spoke on the importance of the FMA-PCI Meet for a post Chapter planning aimed at a transformed way of being and doing in the life of each Province, highlighting pastoral conversion which is possible only through personal and community conversion. She stressed the importance of the 'sharing of goods' referring to Acts GC XXIII n.73. Sr. Vilma Tallone with her experience and expertise enlightened the participants on how to favour greater movement of goods in the Institute and develop guidelines for economy according to the directives of the Holy See.

September 2, 2015 INS led us into a deeper reflection on the Acts of GC XXIII during Morning prayer. At the Eucharistic Celebration INB invited the Assembly to encounter the Risen Christ with the theme Emmaus experience connected with life. The c e l e b r a n t , F r. J o e A n d r e w S D B highlighted the attitude of genuineness in word and action which paved the way for Jesus to stay with His disciples as in the Emmaus journey and brought out the significance of Fire.

She animated the day's sessions on the themes 'The Charismatic foundations of our poverty' and 'GC XXIII and the Bursar'. She invited the Bursars to have as their motto 'Manage Hope' to support the hope of the Sisters, the Educating Communities, the children and the young people. She pointed out that management is not just a way of doing, but of being. There were group discussions and sharing on the strengths and weaknesses in the Provinces with regard to the theme. The evening prayer animated by INC led the Assembly to a moment of praise and thanksgiving. At the Good-night, Sr. Vilma Tallone spoke on the 'Pedagogy of gestures' with living examples drawn from the lives of the Holy Father, Rector Major, Mother General and others. She exhorted the participants to live witnessing lives expressed more in works of mercy than words. The day concluded with the night prayer conducted by INB. With sentiments of Reconciliation, we implored the Lord's forgiveness for our short comings for not sharing our life in the community and mission.

The day’s programme was coordinated by Sr. Magnificat Soosai, Provincial INM. The opening prayer by Sr. Stella Potteparambil INC was expressed in a poem based on the document Rejoice which invited us to rejuvenate our Consecrated life. Sr. Maria Dilbung ING, Secretary, PCI presented the minutes of Day 1 which were passed by the Assembly. Sr. Vilma Tallone continued her animation with a powerpoint presentation on the Goals of administrative sectors consisting of Formation of Economers, Management in the spirit of coordination for communion and accompaniment. She also presented the different areas in the field of economic management of the Institute at the central level and the monitoring of the Provinces which could also be applied locally. The areas include - F i n a n c e , A c c o u n t s a n d Ta x , Commercial technology, Contracts, Social, Security, Insurance, Property, Development, Solidarity and Charity, Judicial and Notary. Sr. Vilma then dwelt on the Articles of the Constitutions (131, 154 & 170) and Regulations (16, 22, 115, 116, 127 & 128) relating to the General, 3


Provincial and Local Bursars which were modified by GC XXIII.


invitation of Mother General for generous missionary vocations from India. The Night Prayer which was animated by ING, called us once again to make our journey back to Emmaus to encounter the Risen Lord.

The afternoon session was taken up by Sr. M o l l y K a n i y a m p a d y, N a t i o n a l Coordinator for Youth Pastoral who represented FMA-PCI at the Bicentenary Celebrations in Turin and Colle Don Bosco heading the group of six Sisters and ten youth from the four Indian provinces. Through a power-point presentation she described how they lived and experienced Salesian life and Family spirit. While making the presentation, Sr. Molly highlighted on the power of the young people coming together from different parts of the world. She thanked the provincials for facilitating such memorable and enriching trip. At the end of it she distributed to all a souvenir in memory of Don Bosco. The group discussions which followed centred on the suggestions and recommendations made by Sr. Vilma Tallone.

The Morning Prayer was animated by INC on the theme of GC XXIII and the Magisterium of Pope Francis 'Missionaries of Hope and Joy.' The theme of the Liturgy animated by INS was 'Broaden your vision, with the young, missionaries of hope and joy. A representative from each Province made a commitment at the altar to live as an energetic missionary of hope and joy. The celebrant, Fr.D.J. Sagayaraj SDB referring to the Gospel of the day exhorted the participants to emulate Peter who acknowledged his nothingness before God after the catch of ďŹ sh and to believe, experience and be witnesses in our mission with the young.

The evening prayer guided by INK on the theme of the day - the Emmaus journey, was reflective and thought provoking. At the Good Night, Sr. Lucy Rose invited all to reflect on 'Salesian Youth Ministry and Vocational Pastoral' and to create a conducive environment for effective Vocation pastoral. She concluded with the

The day started off with a signiďŹ cant prayer moment by INM. Representatives from the six Provinces placed symbolic articles like honey, the globe, etc. before our Blessed Mother imploring her to make us energetic missionaries of hope and joy. The moderator for the day was Sr. Rose Ezarath INC. Sr. Lydia Komuhra, National General

September 3, 2015

Coordinator briefed the Assembly on the meeting of the National Coordinators held on August 31, 2015 chaired by Sr. Elizabeth George, President FMA-PCI. The National Coordinators then gave a report of the activities of their respective sectors During the Business session in the afternoon some important and constructive points surfaced which will go a long way to develop the different sectors of our consecrated life and mission. Sr. Vilma Tallone resumed her animation with a short session on the difference between communion of goods and solidarity. Referring to Acts of GC XXIII (pg.59), she requested the Provinces to plan out how to live solidarity among the poor children, youth and women in our areas of work and to take decisions to live communion of goods at various levels - people, resources, money. After the group sharing, Sr. Vilma thanked the Provinces for the various initiatives carried out in favour of the poor and encouraged the Assembly to enlarge the circle of charitable services so as to include many more. She thanked Sr. Elizabeth George, Provincial ING for the gift of Sr. Teresa Vazhakalayil who will work in the administrative equipe of the Economer General at the Generalate in Rome. At the close of the session, Sr. Elizabeth George extended her gratitude to Sr. Vilma Tallone for her clear-cut and practical guidelines on Communion of goods and solidarity. She thanked Sr. Lucy Rose Ozhukayil for her constant support and encouragement to FMA-PCI. She also thanked the Provincials and the delegates for their active participation in FMA-PCI. She acknowledged the contribution of Sr. Magnificat Soosai and the Sisters of the host province to make FMA-PCI a success.

The evening prayer was animated by INB with an appropriate theme 'praise and thanks'. After supper, the 'thanksgiving moment' in the conference hall directed by INB and ING was heart-warming with creative and humorous expressions in skits, songs and a power-point programme by the participants. Sr. Vilma Tallone and Sr. Lucy Rose Ozhukayil were sincerely thanked for their inspiring presence and guidance in the spirit of GC XIII. Sr. Magnificat Soosai, Provincial and the Sisters of the host province were thanked in a very special way for their warm hospitality and sisterly availability during the FMA-PCI days. At the Goodnight, Sr. Lucy Rose stressed on three recommendations Ÿ Visibility not for show but for ministry Ÿ Impact on people not for power but for

service Ÿ Learn the art of making honey with all

that was shared during the past days to be shared with the Sisters in the Provinces. At the end of the Goodnight Sr. Lucy Rose declared FMA-PCI, 2015 closed. The Night prayer on 'thanksgiving' conducted by INK enthused every member to raise a hymn of gratitude and praise to God and Our Blessed Mother for the abundant blessings received during the FMA-PCI Meet and to implore light and guidance as FMA India launches out on its Post Chapter journey in the spirit and charism of our Holy Founders St. John Bosco and St. Mary Mazzarello.



SYM Mornese 2015


e, the participants of SYM Don Bosco 2015 left India on August 07, 2015 and arrived in Turin that very evening. As per the arrangements we were received by the FMA at Turin and were taken to Mazzarelli, the birth place of Maria Mazzarello for the first SYM Mornese package held from August 8-10, 2015. The package consisted of a formative programme which ensured interesting and enriching spiritual experiences for all the participants. The participants experienced the spirit of our Institute intensely in that humble village as we visited various places in Mornese and around. No matter from where we came we felt that we belonged to one great family. Mazzarelli, where we were accommodated was a place where young Maria Mazzarello lived and grew. It was a place of connections which favoured growth towards holiness. Every part of this place spoke about Mother Mazzarello who worked selflessly leading everyone to God. Following her example, it was edifying to see the FMA and the young people spend hours in adoration to the Blessed Sacrament like St.Mary Domenica Mazzarello who made the house a house of the love of God . 6

The pilgrimage to her house at Valponasca, situated in a serene environment opened to us the treasures of God's love. Everyone was enriched by this memorable experience. The Parish Church in Mornese spoke of the Eucharistic fervor and enthusiasm of St.Mary Mazzarello.The visit to the Collegio the first house of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, reminded us of their initial struggles and their mission as well as the first religious community where St. Maria Mazzarello as the leader created communion among the Sisters and the girls. There the FMA and the young girls from different parts of the world shared their touching experiences as they came together. We also visited Borgoalto where young Maria saw in a vision a number of girls and heard a voice saying, "I entrust them to you." We also had the joy of receiving the Sacrament of R e c o n c i l i a t i o n . W h e n S r. Yv o n n e Rengout,Mother General came to wish all the young people from different parts of the world at Mazzarelli it was a big surprise for all of us. Her simple and lucid ways attracted all the young people to express their joy to be at Mazzarelli. On the last day, it was wonderful to experience the Mornesians hosting lunch for all of us. It was indeed a real family atmosphere we experienced. We thank all our Sisters in particular, Sr. Runita and her team for organizing such a wonderful experience for us.

SYM Don Bosco 2015

Bicentenaryat Turin, Celebration Castelnuovo and Colle Don Bosco (5000 young people from different countries united by one passion: Don Bosco LIKE, WITH, FOR.)










Teachers Training Programme for FMA Schools, Guwahati Province uring the month of July a special training programme was organized for the teachers of the FMA schools in the province of Guwahati. It was a unique programme organized with the help of Mr. Paul Wilkes, Homes of Hope, and India. The resource person was Dr. David Paige, Thinking School Academy USA. The programme was conducted in four summits in different zones of our province. Teachers of all the FMA run schools were trained in the concept of thinking school Academy. The training package covered two days and consisted of various techniques and skills which enabled the teachers to ensure quality teaching to the students.


inaugural function during which Sr. Elizabeth George, welcomed all the participants. In her introductory talk, Sr. Elizabeth thanked Dr. Paige for accepting such a great task to improve the quality of teaching and appreciated him for the keen interest he showed in this new venture. After the official inauguration Dr. Paige took over. He gave a brief introduction of the day's programme. He spoke about the concept of Thinking School Academy, laying stress on Learning Foundations, Workshop Learning Goals and TSA Pillars. Dr. Paige then went on to the details of the 7 TSA Pillars, starting with the "Pillar 1: Language".

The first batch of teachers was trained in St. Mary's Hr. Sec. School, Guwahati. The participants were from St.Mary's Senior Sec. School, Maligaon, Holy Child School, Guwahati and St. Mary's Hr.Sec.School, Guwahati. At the very start, Sr. Molly Kaniampadickal, Coordinator of the programme briefed the participants on the two- day training. She then invited Sr. Elizabeth George, Provincial to introduce Dr. David Paige who was the main resource person. The programme began with an

After the short tea break Dr. Paige continued with "Pillar 2: Higher Order thinking". In this pillar Dr. Paige introduced the four thinking focus levels of Webb's Depth of knowledge: DOK 1, DOK 2, and DOK 3 & DOK4. At 11:45, he went on to "Pillar 3: Collaborative Learning. Here in, he introduced the four necessary ingredients to engage students in group learning: 1. Proximity, 2. Common Activity, 3. Sharing, 4. Affinity. 13


After the lunch break at 1:45 pm Dr. Paige continued on the rest of the Pillars: Pillar 4: Reading, Vocabulary, Writing, and Checking for learning. In each of the pillars Dr. Paige introduced the teachers Techniques of teaching and choral reading. Triangle model and Word Walls for teaching vocabulary and Thumbs upThumbs down Using Slates for Checking for Learning. After all the pillars were discussed, the teachers were divided into 18 groups irrespective of their schools and were made to frame two questions each on the four DOKs individually. Dr.Paige went around and gave a feed back to each one of the teachers. At 6pm the ďŹ rst training session ended with an action song in which all the teachers took part actively.

also cleared their doubts. After the Lunch break a representative from each group presented their lesson plan. The programme concluded in the presence of Sr. Elizabeth George, Provincial and Sr. Molly the programme coordinator. The teachers took turns to thank Dr.Paige, Sr.Elizabeth George, Provincial, Sr. Molly and the community of St. Mary's Guwahati. The Second batch of teachers gathered in Don Bosco Institute for a two-day training. They were from St. Joseph's School, Tezpur, Auxilium School, Tangla, Auxilium College Udalguri, Auxilium School, Kokrajhar and fromMajbar.

The third batch was conducted in Little Flower Hr. Sec. School, Kohima and the fourth batch was conducted in Little Flower School, Dibrugarh. The participants came On the second day, Dr Paige started the also from Dergaon and Auxilium, Junior session by summarizing what was College, Tinsukia. discussed on the previous day and he At the end of each summit the teachers distributed a Lesson Template to all the expressed their gratitude to Sr. Elizabeth Groups. George, Provincial for organizing such an The teachers were asked to plan a lesson, based on the template with their respective group members. They were also asked to choose their own spokes person. The teachers kept working in their respective groups and in the mean- time they Dr. Paige


enriching programme and Dr. David Page for conducting the sessions in a lively and interesting manner. The participants also promised to try their level best to put into practice all that they had learnt.



he South Asia Salesian Family Congress was held at Don Bosco School, Liluah, Kolkata, September 26-28, 2015 to celebrate the Bicentenary of the birth of DonBosco. Fr. Angel Fernandes Artime, Rector Major of the Salesians of Don Bosco, on his maiden visit to India, was present for the occasion together with over 1900 delegates from 11 Salesian Family groups. Present also were Fr. Joseph Casti SDB, Delegate and Mrs. Neomi Bertola, Coordinator of the Salesian World Cooperators Movement. The presence of Rector Major, delegates, Provincials, heads and representatives of the Salesian Family groups brought joy and enthusiasm keeping Don Bosco's charism alive as they reected on the theme 'One Family, One Mission'.

commitment to their mission as Salesian Cooperators. The Kokrajhar Unit contributed a much appreciated Bodo dance at the Cultural Programme on the concluding day of the Congress.

Don Bosco had a great devotion to the Holy Eucharist and to Mary Help of Christians which was meaningfully expressed during the Congress at Holy Mass, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and Marian moments in an atmosphere of serenity, silence and prayer. Our sincere appreciation and congratulations to the Organizing Committee led by Fr. Nirmal Gomes SDB, Provincial of Kolkata Province, Fr. Mathew James SDB, Vice Provincial, Fr. Biji Mathew SDB, Rector, Don Bosco, Liluah and Mr. K.V.Francis, The Mater Ecclesiae Province of Guwahati World Councillor for the overall success of was represented by ten Sisters including Sr. the Congress. Elizabeth George, Provincial and Sr. Grace We also congratulate Sr.Rose Ezarath Ottalankal, Provincial Delegate of the FMA, Provincial, Kolkata Province and Cooperators Association. Forty-two her Sisters for their initiative and creativity Cooperators from the six Units of the in organizing the exhibition on the history Province - Kokrajhar-22, Guwahati-8, and activities of the FMA Institute on Tezpur-5, Mazbat-3, Dibrugarh-2 and behalf of FMA-PCI. We thank them for Gohpur, Itanagar-2 considered themselves their kind hospitality, the arrangements fortunate to have participated in the Salesian made for our transport and for the family Family Congress and to be part of this great spirit we experienced during our stay at movement. They were truly blessed as they Kolkata. returned renewed and strengthened in their 15




t w o - d a y Wo r k s h o p o n 'Understanding, Implementing and Institutionalizing the Child Protection Policy was conducted by Fr. Joe Xavier SJ, Consultant, FMA - National Development Forum and Sr. Isabella Alphonse FMA, Coordinator, National Development Forum on October 2-3, 2015 at Auxilium Provincial House, Christian Basti for the Animators of communities, the Principals/ Headmistresses of the FMA Schools/ Colleges and the Directresses of Ashalaya, Snehalaya and Sneha Bhawan. The aim of the workshop was to ensure protection for every child from any form of abuse and create in our institutions a childfriendly and safe environment for the children. There were 52 participants.

as educators, genuine care givers, protectors and defenders of children and the young, trustworthy before the public by our quality presence. Child Protection policy is an internal child protection measure (we protect children from being abused because of our institution). She stressed on the importance of creating a child-friendly ambience and said: Let us Ÿ Break the Culture of Silence Ÿ Show Zero Tolerance to Abuse and Exploitation Ÿ Ensure Best Interest of the child

The next session was taken by Fr. Joseph Xavier SJ. He explained the FMA India Child Protection Policy and the legal Prospective of it. On Explaining what is The workshop began with a prayer Child Protection Policy he said: It is the invoking God for his powerful assistance FMA's commitment to protect children from and help and the lighting of the lamp. The abuse, exploitation, organizational first session was conducted by Sr. Isabella negligence and intentional and unintentional Alphonse. She helped the participants to harm by setting professional and ethical become more aware of the Auxilium standards and preparing policies, guidelines, Commitment to Child Protection and systems, mechanisms and procedures to promotion. She enriched the participants realize them. with the case study and helped them to The objectives of the Policy understand better how we become more vulnerable through the violation of the Ÿ To create a child-friendly environment within the institutions Rights. It is our absolute duty to protect children and we are expected to be credible Ÿ To ensure appropriate operational mechanisms in our centres.






To promote the rights to life, protection participation and development of children To protect and safeguard the children from all forms of abuses and reduce the risks of harm To provide guidance on how to respond concretely to the allegations of child abuse and negligence. To work closely with the Government and NGOs to create child safety nets. To set Standard Operating Procedures, putting mechanisms in place and ensure credibility for the Institutions.

Fr. Joseph Xavier also gave a clear cut idea on Preamble, the guiding principles of the Policy, the General guidelines for childfriendly organizational governance, complaint Mechanism, General Procedures to be followed in all cases of complaints, the

role and functions of the designated officers. The participants were divided into groups for the mock cases. Each group had to present a case. After the presentation there was meticulous evaluation and observation to check how much the participants had u n ders to od an d as s imilated. Th e participants also planned out the specific plan for the province. The two-day workshop was a golden opportunity for the participants to learn the importance of the FMA Child Protection Policy. They went back enriched and filled with enthusiasm to implement the policy.



he power of positive thought and the gravity of 'why not' ignited the spirit of the Junior Sisters two days prior to their annual retreat 2015. The day of arrival was greeted with packages of inputs from Sr. Elizabeth George, Provincial. The two days of a dynamic dream generating course were handled by great motivators in the persons of Sr. Elizabeth George and Fr. V.M. Thomas, SDB Provincial of the Guwahati. Sr. Elizabeth George opened the first day with the topic on 'Practical Atheism of Consecrated life' which referred to the situation when religious live for other aims except for the one professed. It was a time of introspection and return to the oasis of life.

She was the driving force that motivated the passionate listeners to journey back and forth with optimism. Thus 'positive thinking' was the keynote of the day's session. Fr. V.M Thomas animated us on the second day. With his dynamism he made us reflect on the potentials that are within us and urged us to develop them for the mission. 'Why not?' was the question he used to provoke the young minds laden with potential. He made a twist and turn of our minds to make things happen. We were challenged to be digital natives rather than to be digital immigrants.

Sr. Sheena Bridget D. & Sr. Georgina Leiyami




he eight FMA of the Guwahati Province made their final profession on August 6, 2015 at Mary Help of Christians Cathedral, Kohima. After a month's intense immediate preparation, the perpetual profession was preceded with seven days of retreat. Sr. Teresa Narah, Sr. Elizabeth Chinir, Sr. Dipika Pegu, Sr. Sheena Bridget D., Sr. Regina Ruulavino, Sr. Ethel Mayowung, Sr. Emerencia Topno and Sr. Margaret Panmei made their final commitment, offering themselves to the Lord who called them to serve him in the Institute of the Daughters of Mary help of Christians. The Eucharistic Celebration was presided over by His Grace Most Rev. John Moolachira, Archbishop, Archdiocese of Guwahati and concelebrated by 22 Priests. The Religious Profession began with the entrance procession of the Celebrants followed by the candidates dressed in their traditional dress with burning lamps in their hands accompanied by their parents and relatives. On reaching the altar they placed their lamps and removed their traditional 18

dress as a sign of detachment from the things of this world. One of the parents representing the parents of the candidates renewed the offering of their daughters to the Lord. In his homily, His Grace, Most Rev. John Moolachira explained clearly the meaning of the three Vows and its implications. He stressed on the three vows summing up saying that - Celibacy offers us the opportunity to love without boundaries, Obedience is giving a space for God's glory in one's life and Poverty is having things without attachment. After the pronouncement of the vows, each candidate signed the eternal covenant of love at the altar. As an external sign of solemn rite of Consecration, a pink crown was placed on the head of the candidates. The candidates then sang the Magnificat raising their voices in thanksgiving to the Lord for calling them to be his close followers. The celebrations concluded with a fraternal agape at Little Flower School, Kohima.

Training Programme for Animators of 'Progetto Mornese' A training programme for the animators of 'Progetto Mornese' for the period 20162019 was held from Oct. 7 - 30, 2015 in Italy. 34 FMA from five continents came together to make the journey under the leadership of Sr. Monica Menegusi FMA. Sr.Sania Josephine from the ING, Guwahati participated in it. The monthlong programme centred on the theme "An Encounter that Forms and Transforms."

The animation took place in three stages - ROME, TURIN, MORNESE. "In the heart of the Church and at the source of our Charism - to be like Mary - Disciple, Missionary of Hope and Joy, through Prayer, Listening, Interiorization, Reflection, Sharing etc.' were the key words which helped the participants to enter into "An Encounter that Forms and Transforms".

Inauguration of Auxilium Hr. Sec. School Building Gophur Tinali, Itanagar


he official inauguration and blessing of Auxilium Hr.Sec.School Building, Gophur Tin Ali, Itanagar, took place on September 17, 2015. It was a red= letter day for all the Auxilians. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Shri. Bamang Felix, Hon'ble Parliamentary Secy., Education and the Guest of Honour was Smti. Karya Bagang, Hon'ble Parl.Secy. Health & Family Welfare and Fisheries. The special Guests w e r e S h r i . P a n i Ta r a m , H o n ' b l e P a r l i a m e n t a r y S e c y. A g r i c u l t u r e , Government of Arunachal Pradesh, Rt. Rev. John Thomas Kattrukudiyil,DD, Bishop, diocese of Itanagar, and Sr. Elizabeth George, Provincial, Province of Guwahati.

The reception of all the eminent guests was done in a traditional manner at the school gate by the Auxiliam students. The Chief Guest and other Guests of honour were taken to unveil the plaque in slow march. After the plaque was unveiled by the chief Guest, the School anthem was sung by the students. Rt. Rev. Bishop John Thomas blessed the plaque and seven doves were released inviting God to grant peace and prosperity in and around Arunachal Pradesh. Later, all proceeded to the venue where the lighting of the lamp was done by the Chief Guest and other dignitaries during which God's help and blessings were invoked through a prayer song.


Sisters in his Diocese. He highly appreciated especially Sr. Elizabeth Edatukaran for the seless services that she renders in various ways, contributing signiďŹ cantly for the growth of the Church and the society. Sr. Elizabeth George, Provincial in her message emphasized the work of the FMA in I t a n a g a r a n d t h a n k e d S r. E l i z a b e t h Edatukaran, Animator and the community for their noble work at Itanagar and Sr.Elizabeth Edatukaran, the Animator in encouraged them to do all that is possible to her welcome address thanked the Chief make the lives of the young people Guest, the Guests of honour and the meaningful and fruitful. special invitees for their encouraging presence. She acknowledged the help they Bi-centenary Celebrations render to make education more quality The community of Gophur, Tin Ali, Itanagar based. The lay collaborators were celebrated the closing of the bicentenary on extremely worked hard to make this day a August 16, 2015 in the Parish Church. The m e m o r a b l e o n e . A l l t h e s t u d e n t s Holy Eucharist was celebrated in honour of participated in various items like dances St.John Bosco. Rt. Rev. John Thomas and songs. They captivated the audience Kattrukudiyil, DD, Bishop, diocese of with their lively and professional dances. Itanagar was the main celebrant. Fr.Nestor The school has currently 365 students of Guria, Provincial, IND and other Fathers whom 145 reside in the school hostel. concelebrated the Holy Eucharist. During the The Chief Guest, Shri. Bamang Felix, Holy Mass three Cooperators took the Hon'ble Parliamentary Secy. Education, promise. There are other 13 Cooperators and highly appreciated the presence of the 16 Aspirants actively working in Itanagar. Salesian Sisters and the tremendous hard I m m e d i a t e l y a f t e r H o l y M a s s , t h e work that they do in order to give parishioners put up a short programme in education to the young people as well as honour of Don Bosco. the health care for all, in particular for In the evening at 5 p.m. Holy Eucharist was women and children. He also highlighted celebrated by the Salesian Sisters along with the need of working together for the good the Cooperators. The main celebrant was Fr. of the society and invited all present C.D Mathai, Parish Priest. The Holy especially the parents to have a sense of Eucharist began with an entrance dance. belonging to the school, when he said: After Mass an entertainment was organized "The Sisters will come and go but this in honour of Don Bosco at St. Joseph's ediďŹ ce will remain and it belongs to the Church. This was followed by a family get State and to all of you; therefore take together with a fellowship dinner. care". The Chief Guest then assured the School authorities help to establish the Auxilium College Hostel, Itanagar Science laboratory. Community Day Rt. Rev. John Thomas Kattrukudiyil, DD, Community Day was celebrated on October Bishop, Itanagar, acknowledged and 22, 2015. Preparations commenced a month appreciated the contributions made by the ahead with prayers for one another. After the 20

recitation of the Rosary on Oct 21, the vigil of the long awaited day, a programme was held on the theme "Symphony of love, joy and unity". Sr.Rosaline Xaviour, the Animator was escorted from the main gate with a traditional welcome dance in which all participated. It was indeed very beautiful. The hour-long vigil prayer was animated by Sr. Kerketta Scholastica, the Vicar with help of Sr. Margaret Panmei and Sr. Martina Kamei. It concluded with a short prayer by Sr. Rosaline. After the prayer we wished each other a happy feast.

stunned. The programme ended with a dance party till 11.00 p.m. The celebration bound us together in love and joy as 'one community, one family.' The aim of Community Day was achieved! Millo Chanya Nancy, B.A., 3rd Year (Eng. Dept.)

Freshers' Night 2015 Auxilium campus was bubbling with joy and excitement as we welcomed freshers of the new academic Year 2015. The programme which was organized by the students of the 3rd semester B.A and B.Com. began at 6:00pm on August 13, 2015.

On October 22, the day began with Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. T.P. Sebastian SDB, Administarator, Don Bosco School, Itanagar. In his homily, he reminded us that we have come together not by chance but by God who Every fresher introduced herself and a has put us together for a purpose. task was given to her. They were judged There was common lunch for the Sisters and on the basis of their conďŹ dence, hostellers. At 1.00 p.m. we went to Auxilium smartness, clarity etc. Well, they were S c h o o l H o s t e l g r o u n d s f o r v a r i o u s highly competitive and it was a very tough competitions which were organized and moment for the judges to crown the animated by Sr. Scholastica with the help of deserving contender. Sr. Fatima and Sr. Martina. Prizes were also given for the winners of the different groups. At the end of the programme the results After an enjoyable afternoon we returned to were declared. Miss Jebi Kardu a B.A student was crowned Miss Fresher 2015the College Hostel by 5.00 p.m. 16 by Sr. Rosaline Xaviour, Animator of At 8.00 there was an evening programme the Community and Hostel. Miss. Lily with various items staged by the six groups. Pekman another B.A. Student was the The most important part of the programme 1st Runner up and Miss. Hano Amung a was the inspiring speech given by Sr. student of B.Com was the 2nd Runner up. Rosaline Xaviour who said, "no one is It was a proud moment for the Sisters and brought here by chance but by Mother Mary." the Auxilians. A surprise item by the Sisters left everyone This was followed by a hearty meal prepared for everyone by the 3rd Semester students. After the meal everyone danced to their hearts content. Miss. Moushmi Lollen a 3rd year B.A. student said, "The persons behind this successful programme are our supportive Sisters and the credit goes to them.â€? Miss. Sukyi Bui, B.A. 3rd year Sociology Honours 21


Holy Child Hr. Sec. School, Guwahati Gratitude Day Celebration October15, 2015 was a long awaited day for the Staff and students of Holy Child School as it was a time of celebration and thanksgiving for the gift of the Sisters who have given their entire self for the betterment of the students entrusted to them. It was an enchanting sight to see the children dressed up in their colourful attire with smiling faces entering the school compound. Immediately after the morning assembly all gathered together in the front playground for the programme at 8.30 a.m. The students felicitated the Sisters wth gifts, bouquets and gamochas as an expression of love, gratitude and appreciation. There were ďŹ fteen different wonderful and colourful items starting from the chorus of Class XII to the taste of the South folk by Class X. The weather was also favourable and everybody enjoyed to their hearts content. Sr. Superior, Sr. Bridget C. in her speech exhorted the students to cultivate the spirit of gratitude saying that it is grateful people who are always happy. The whole event was co-ordinated by the Green House. Sr. Annie V., the Principal concluded the entire programme by her words of appreciation and congratulations to the organizers and the participants. Students were given sweets and left for their homes in a cheerful mood at 11.30 a.m. At 22

12.00 noon, the Staff members greeted the Sisters in the refectory. A short address was read by Mrs. Sudeshna Chakraborty on behalf of the teachers followed by songs from the Primary, Middle and High School & Senior Secondary sections. A special number was given by Mrs Aparna Sarma after which a delicious lunch was served to all which was enjoyed by everyone. Sr. Annie once again thanked everyone for their co-operation and wished all many more such wonderful celebrations in the days to come. Miss Banani Das, Class Teacher- VIII B

Annual Retreat A three-day retreat for the Hindi-speaking community of St. Joseph's Parish (CoCathedral) was organized at Holy Child School from October 23- 25, 2015. Some of the domestic staff from our neighbouring communities - St. Mary's, Guwahati, St. Mary's, Maligaon and Auxilium Provincial House also participated in it. Rev. Fr. Simplicius Kerketta SDB from Don Bosco Technical School, Maligaon was the animator. The participants numbered about 100. The theme of the retreat was "The Family". At 5.30 pm. on October 23, the participants gathered in the school hall. After the Blessed Sacrament was exposed

Fr. Simplicius spoke on the importance of the annual retreat and the blessings that will be received by each one. The second day was a day of Reconciliation. Through various talks and power- point presentations, the mercy and love of God for his people was highlighted. In the afternoon three more priests along with the Parish Priest Fr. Francis Cheeramban SDB a d m i n i s t e r e d t h e s a c r a m e n t o f give much importance to family prayers in Reconciliation. the evening and the recitation of the Holy On the last day of the retreat during the 1st Rosary in order to keep the family united. talk, Fr. Simplicius exhorted the parents to During the Eucharistic adoration each be responsible in bringing up their children family was invited to come forward closer as good Catholics. He urged the parents to to the Blessed Sacrament to spend a few take special care of their faith formation, to minutes to pray for their family members. The Retreat concluded with the Holy Eucharist concelebrated by Fr. Francis, the Parish Priest and Fr. Simplicius. After Mass, Fr. Francis thanked the community of Holy child for making all the possible arrangements for the retreat and also for providing meals for all who attended the retreat. Mr. Benedict Tirkey on behalf of the participants thanked the Fathers and Sisters for helping them come closer to God. A delicious lunch was served for all and they left for their homes nourished in body and spirit. Sr. Albina Guria FMA

St.Mary's Hr. Sec. School, Guwahati SALESIAN COOPERATORS MEET Twenty-six members of the Association of the Salesian Cooperators representing the six Units of the FMA Province of Guwahati met at St. Mary's Convent, Guwahati on November 8, 2015 to elect the new Council members at Provincial level. Present for the meeting were Sr. Grace Ottalankal, FMA Provincial Delegate of the Cooperators Association, Mrs. Louise Rebeiro, Provincial Coordinator and Mr. Lukas Basumatary, Provincial Secretary.

The day started off with the Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Januarius Sangma sdb., Vice Provincial and Delegate of the Salesian Family, Province of Guwahati in which the Cooperators participated meaningfully. After Mass and breakfast the meeting commenced at 9 am. with a hymn to Don Bosco. Fr. Januarius then addressed the members speaking on the role of a Cooperator in the family and in society. He shared the Holy Father's concern on certain sensitive family matters. As salesians in the world we can


touch the lives of people in a better way. We should inculcate in us the Christian attitude of never giving up. He exhorted the Cooperators to take care of their families, to collaborate with the local Church and to reach out to the poor and down-trodden. This was followed by a power point presentation by Sr. Grace, Provincial Delegate, indicating a road map for the next three years 2015-2018. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks by Mr. Lukas Basumatary. He thanked Mrs. Louise Rebeiro, the outgoing Coordinator for her selfless service and support during the past years. The venue for the next Annual Meeting was fixed for Tezpur, Mrs. Sonia Gothorp, Provincial Coordinator


NCC CAMP AT SARUSAJAI STADIUM, Guwahati The dawn of September 25, 2015 instilled a spirit of adventure and thrill among the twelve cadets of St. Mary's Hr. Sec. School, Guwahati who were all set to attend the combined NCC Annual Training Camp in the month of September, 2015, at the Sarusajai Stadium, Guwahati. On reaching there at the appointed time at around 11:30 a.m., we were allotted our rooms. There were Cadets from many schools and colleges from the entire North Eastern Region. Along with the NCC Annual Training Camp, a separate Sports camp was going on for athletes from different regions.

On the very first day, we were given instructions on the rules and regulations to be followed for the upcoming days. The second day started with the drill practice at around 5 am. after which we were served breakfast at 7:00 am. Then, according to our timetable, our 2nd and 3rd periods started with theory classes conducted by the Army Officers. We were given lectures on Map reading, weapon handling, army tactics, disaster management, hygiene, first aid and others. Our classes got over at 1 pm. after which we were served lunch. The next period was the Games period. The instructors asked the names of the cadets who wished to join the sports camp. All twelve of us gave our names. There was a tough selection and after 5 rounds, four cadets from our school, namely Cdt. Preetha Bose , Cdt. Shahin Afrin, Cdt. Adriana Kashyap and Cdt. Bhavana Brishtee Bora were selected to compete in the Annual Athletic Event. The four of us were taken to the Indira Gandhi Nehru Stadium where we had to compete with national level sports champions. After an intense and tiring 100m race, Cdt. Preetha Bose, Cdt. Adriana Kashyap and Cdt. Bhavana Brishtee Bora were placed in the position of the top ten best runners of Assam. They also participated in the relay race competition and were declared the second runners up.

After tiring days, the 4th day of our camp started on a light pace. We were called at 5 am. to take part in the Swachh Bharat Compaign. We cleaned the untidy areas of the stadium. Then, after breakfast, we had classes as scheduled. On the 5th day, the NDRF group gave us practical demonstrations on Disaster Management. It was an excellent learning experience. The most exciting day was when we were taken to Kahilipara for firing. We were very delighted after our first ever firing experience. We returned to the stadium at around 4pm., only to be surprised by the announcement of the selections for the dance and singing performances for the camp-fire night. Our school was totally unprepared for it. But by the grace of Mother Mary, we prepared our dance in the last fifteen minutes allowed to us for practice. Our school was selected to perform at the Cultural Event. We were extremely proud of our hard work and team spirit. On the Camp Fire night, i.e., on September 2, we performed our dance and singing recitals. Then came the much awaited prize distribution ceremony. We were honoured by the presence of Brigadier J. S. Gulati and Colonel Deepak Kundra as well as other Army officers. Our school

bagged the highest number of prizes. We were awarded the 2nd prize in the Group Singing Competition, 1st prize in the Group Dance Competition and 2nd prize in the Drill Competition. Besides these, Cdt. Himakshi Rekha Goswami got the 2nd prize in the Solo Singing Competition and Cdt. Preetha Bose was awarded a special prize for anchoring the show. The last day of our camp was exciting as well. We started the Clean India Campaign, Sweeping and Cleaning the nooks and corners of the stadium. The NCC Officers were very pleased with the performance of our school and they congratulated us for our achievements. Though the ten days of our camp ended, the best news was that all the twelve cadets of our school were selected for the PreRepublic Camp. Last but not the least we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our Principal Sr. Molly Kaniampadickal for her guidance and support. It would be incomplete without acknowledging the constant guidance and support given to us by our school teachers, Ms.Vibha and Sir. Pradeep. We owe all our laurels to them.

St. Mary's, Maligaon


he Past Pupils Federation of Guwahati comprises ten units. They are: St. Mary's Hr. Sec. School, Guwahati, Holy Child Hr. Sec. School, Guwahati, St. Mary's Hr. Sec. School, Maligaon, Litttle Flower Hr. Sec.School Dibrugarh, Little Flower Hr. Sec. School, Kohima, Little Flower High School, Imphal, St, Joseph's Hr. Secondary School Tezpur, Auxilium Convent High School, Tangla, Auxilium Junior College, Tinsukia and Auxilium College, Udalguri. Activities of the past pupils a. Providing uniforms for poor children b. Helping families in need

c. Giving quality time for training and formation of young people to be leaders in the Church and in society d. Extending monetary support to the needy e. Giving moral support and comfort to the distressed through personal visits f. Participating in School celebrations like Childrens' Day, Annual Day, etc.

Annual meeting of the federation and celebration of the Bicentenary of the birth of Don Bosco On July 8, 2015 the Federation had its Annual meeting and the Celebration of the of the Bi-Centenary of the birth of Don 25

PAST PUPILS’ FEDERATION, FMA PROVINCE OF GUWAHATI Bosco at St. Mary's Hr. Sec. School, Maligaon. Every unit of the Federation was represented by its Local delegate and members. Sr. Elizabeth George, Provincial was the Chief Guest and Sr. Ivy D'Souza, former Provincial, the Guest of Honour.

Sr. Lissy Rose Mathew, Delegate of the Past Pupils' Federation thanked Sr. Elizabeth George, Provincial for her kind presence and support in all the activities of the Past pupils. She also thanked the delegates of the different Units and its members for their presence and for all that they do to keep their Madam Liza Paul, Secretary welcomed the Units alive and active. gathering and felicitated the guests and the local delegates. Every one present was Closing of the Bicentenary year of St. invited to pay homage to Don Bosco by John Bosco offering floral tributes after which Sr. August 31, 2015 marked the closing of the Elizabeth George, Provincial released the Bicentenary celebrations in our News letter of the Past Pupils "Strings". In Community. During the past year, we addressing the Past Pupils both Sr. Elizabeth prepared for this occasion with animated George and Sr. Ivy D'Souza congratulated liturgical moments and the study of the them for being active members and person of Don Bosco and his spirituality. At contributing to society, especially in their the close of this beautiful day, the reach-out programmes to the poor and the candidates presented the life of Don Bosco disadvantaged. The cultural programme in song, dance, choreography and a skit on was followed by a short short break. The the dream of the chestnuts. The Sisters sang seminar on Don Bosco, the Friend of the the FMA anthem and the candidates took a young was meaningfully animated by Sr. pledge of love and fidelity to Don Bosco and Molly Kaniampady, Principal, St. Mary's his mission. Sr. Bridget Kurian, the Hr. Sec. School, Guwahati. animator, lowered the Bicentenary flag and After the lunch break the Federation declared the Bicentenary year closed with a meeting was held. New office bearers were beautiful message, "The Bicentenary year elected. Each unit was then given time to of the birth of Don Bosco does not come to share the activities they conduct in their an end with this celebration, but will respective places. Time was also given to continue to grow and flourish in the world interact with one another. through his sons and daughters who will 26

keep his spirit alive by serving the young, the poor and the marginalized." May St. John Bosco continue to live among us. WE LOVE DON BOSCO! EVIVA DON BOSCO!

Jubilee Celebrations August 29, 2015 golden and silver bells rang once again in the Mater Ecclesiae Province of Guwahati to celebrate the 50 years of committed and dedicated religious life lived by Sr.Rachel Isorari with fidelity and joy in serving the Lord. Along with her, the four silver jubilarians, Sr.Anithottathil Mary, Sr.Iswarary Bernadette, Sr.Ashiho Kaini Maria and Sr.Chinir Penny Rose celebrated their 25 years of constant "yes" to the Lord. The jubilee celebrations were held at St.Mary's Convent, Maligaon, Guwahati. The Eucharistic celebration was presided over by Fr. V.M.Thomas SDB, Provincial, Province of Guwahati and con-celebrated by priests from far and near. The celebrants led the procession to the altar followed by the jubilarians carrying lighted lamps in their hands which symbolized Christ. As each one approached the altar, the commentator read a brief profile of their lives and the mission accomplished in their religious life. Sr.Elizabeth George, Provincial placed golden and silver crowns on the heads of the jubilarians symbolizing Jesus the crown of the virgins. The Holy Eucharist was solemnized with rhythmic movements for the offertory procession, melodious singing and the presence of Sisters and relatives of the jubilarians. During the homily Fr.V.M Thomas highlighted the mottos of the jubilarians "If he or she could become a saint, why can't I?", "You did not choose me, I have chosen you.", "Your grace is sufficient for me.", "With God everything is possible.", "I am the handmaid of the Lord, let it be done as you have said." With their mottos firm in their hearts, the jubilarians renewed their religious commitment to the Lord by

pronouncing their vows. They were convinced that for them it was an opportune moment to look into their past with grateful hearts and to count the numerous blessings and graces they received from God through the Congregation, their Superiors, spiritual Guides, the Communities and the Sisters with whom they lived. It was also a time to renew their religious lives, to face future challenges, to walk in the paths of St. John Bosco and St.Mary Domenica Mazzarello with greater love and fidelity. The jubilarians expressed their gratitude to everyone in word and song. The celebrations ended with felicitations and a festive meal.

Celebrate the Gift of 'CREATION' LAUDATO SI In the evening of September 20,2015 the day of the Lord, the Sisters, candidates and the co-workers of St.Mary's, Maligaon Guwahati celebrated the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation with an hour's adoration praising and recognizing with gratitude the precious gift of creation and God's immense love and care through hymns, prayers, reflection and gestures. Our worship commenced with the solemn entrance procession carrying symbolically all created things at our disposal (the world, water, mud, plants, fruits and creatures of the earth and in the water etc,) before the exposition of the Bl. Sacrament. The readings were taken from the Bible, the story of creation and from the gospel of Mathew (Ch:6: 25-34) on God's care and protection which urge us to be concerned about God's creation and what it requires. The Bible tells us that God created us because He loves us, He provides for our needs, and He loves all that he created. After the readings from the Bible, the Blessed Sacrament was exposed followed by the Arati with candle light, flowers and incense and a hymn of praise for the creation. We also had readings and reflections from the encyclical letter of Pope



Francis LAUDATO SI. (No.8-9) which highlighted the words spoken by the Patriarch Bartholomew, (No 234) the teachings of Saint John of the Cross on the creation and (No.241) honoring our Blessed Mother Mary, the Queen of all creation, the Mother who cared for Jesus' pains for this wounded world. The intimate moments with the Lord concluded with "A Christian prayer in union with creation" The entrance procession was very meaningful as the postulants carried from the Laudato Si. symbols of lambs which they placed in a 2015 Bicentenary Postulants symbolic pasture at the foot of the altar. Sr. “The Lord is my Shepherd there is nothing E l i z a b e t h G e o rg e a d d r e s s e d u s a s I shall want” Bicentenary Postulants inviting us to become another Don Bosco for today's After the enriching experience of the young people . She further encouraged us to Retreat animated by Fr. Zachary V. sdb. go ahead in holiness and continue to grow in October 3-6, 2015, seventeen aspirants received the Postulant's medal on October friendship with Christ as we take this 7, 2015 a day dedicated to Our Lady of the important step in religious life. After the Rosary, a memorable day in the annals of reception of the medal the Sisters, Aspirants St. Mary's Convent, Maligaon. The day was and well-wishers broke into a loud specially blessed by the presence of Sr. applause, congratulating us for taking a step Elizabeth George, Provincial and the higher courageously. We are grateful to Sr. Animators and Sisters of the communities Elizabeth George, the Animators and Sisters of Guwahati and other communities who for supporting us to go ahead in our participated in the Mass and the Prayer vocational journey. Service for the reception of the Postulants. Catherine Kikruseno & Priyanka Topno, Postulants

Auxilium, Provincial House PROVINCIAL COMMUNITY DAY


“Keep growing, Keep going in consecrated life" was the theme that inspired and sustained the month-long preparation for Provincial Community Day of Mater Ecclesiae Province of Guwahati. The day was solemnized on Nov 1, 2015, Feast of All Saints, which fittingly reminded us of our call to holiness. It was preceded by twoday animation cum meeting of the community animators. The Holy Eucharist was celebrated by Fr. VM. Thomas SDB, Provincial, Guwahati. In his homily, he pointed out the double significance of the day, viz Provincial Community Day and Feast of All Saints. He stressed on the need to create a sense of community, a sense of

belonging to each other, of acknowledging the needs, opinions and values of the other. Quoting Pope John II and Pope Francis he called on the Sisters to be experts in the experience of God. "Salesian Spirituality,"

he said, "is one that is able to make a synthesis of work and prayer, a spirituality rooted in work and prayer." The moments of togetherness was highlighted by the presence of the Sisters and youth from the formation houses and the nearby communities. May this oneness of heart expressed through gestures of communion keep FMA-ING growing and going towards greater holiness and effectiveness in the mission.

Auxilium Reach Out NCP Minister’s Meet To create well groomed leaders for the society, Auxilium Reach Out (ARO) organized a program for ‘Neighbourhood Childrens’ Parliament’ Ministers for the five centres of the FMA Guwahati Province from July 13-15, 2015. The participants numbering 109 were accompanied by the Sisters in charge of the respective NCP (Neighbourhood Children’s Parliament). The programme was inaugurated by Sr. Inchenat Annie, Director, Auxilium Reach Out. In her introductory speech she welcomed the young participants with joy and explained to them the purpose of their coming together for the program as they are responsible for guiding other members with their example in studies as well as in other activities. The resource persons were Sr. Asosii Sania Rosemary, Coordinator of Youth Pastoral, ING, and Sr. Topno Jacinta, Coordinator for Mission and Evangelization, ING. The young leaders

were enriched and enlightened by various input sessions and group activities conducted by the resource persons. Sr. Sania dealt with topics on the qualities of a leader highlighting some of the most essential qualities that are required namely loving, caring, understanding, sincerity, positive attitudes, forgiving, having a vision and dreams, respect, cheerfulness etc. Sr. Jacinta Topno briefed them on the “Functions and Duties of the NCP.” She exhorted the Ministers to work hard and make all effort possible in carrying out their responsibilities by coordinating the various functions of the other Ministers. She said that as one hand cannot clap by itself, so also the Prime Minister can do nothing if the other Ministers do not collaborate with him/her. She made them understand that they have to be the first and the best in giving good example to the others. Various Games were organized for the participants and prizes were given to the winners. An exposure trip was organized for the participants to the Planetarium and Regional Science Centre, Guwahati. It was an enriching experience for them as some of them were coming for the first time to Guwahati . Before concluding the session they had an evaluation on the three-day program. On the concluding day a cultural evening was organized by the participants who performed cultural dances and songs which enriched everyone present. They returned to their respective centres with a new vision and enthusiasm to work ever more, ever better. Sr. Athisa Agatha



Ashalaya Extension of Auxilium Ashalaya Building

Success Story Ms. Junu Ayar is the eldest of three children. Her father died of Tuberculosis in the MC Sisters home. Her mother, sick, homeless and helpless brought two of her daughters to Ashalaya in the year 2003. They were l o v i n g l y w e l c o m e d b y S r. C l a r a Pampadayil. Junu was admitted into a neighbouring Assamese medium school. She passed her Matriculation in the year 2015 with a second division from T.C. Govt. The children of Auxilium Ashalaya had no Girls High School, Guwahati. At present she proper Dining hall. But now the children is studying in St. Xavier's College at have a beautiful dining hall with a lovely Solabasti. She is happy and is doing well. terrace over it, a small but compact dressing room, five more toilets and a small but cute PINKATHON kitchen with a smokeless choola. It was September 27 was a memorable day for the inaugurated by Sr. Elizabeth George, children of Auxilium Ashalaya. At 5.30 am. Provincial in the presence of Sr. Mabel at the Sonoram High School playground Sr. Gothorp, Vice Provincial, a few Provincial Teresa Rhakho, a staff member and the Councilors, Sisters of St. Mary's , Holy c h i l d r e n o f A s h a l a y a t o o k p a r t i n Child School and Auxilium Reach Out. 'PINKATHON' India's biggest Women's The children were extremely happy and run. It is an initiative to raise awareness excited to welcome and entertain the about the importance of healthy lifestyle for Guests. The inmates of Ashalaya extend women and issues like breast cancer and our heartfelt thanks to Manos Unidas who bone health. sponsored the entire work. Sr. Teresa Rhakho

St. Joseph's Convent Hr. Sec. School, Tezpur Exhibition cum Conclusion of the Bicentenary of Don Bosco's birth


he School Exhibition was held on August 20-21, 2015 with the theme "ART MEETS SCIENCE". There were different zones with different subjects such as 'Science', 'Maths', 'Social Science', 'Culture', 'Literature', 'Art and Craft' and 30

'Moral Science and Catechism'. At the Inauguration on August 20, a programme was held to mark the conclusion of the bicentenary of the birth of St. John Bosco, our Father and Founder.

During the programme floral tributes were paid to our Saint. The students performed songs and a choreography in his honour besides reading his life sketch. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Dr. B.K. Danta, Professor, Department of English and Foreign Languages, Tezpur University. Bishop Michael Akasius Toppo, Bishop of Tezpur was the Guest of Honour. In their speeches, both the Chief Guest and the Guest of honour highlighted the qualities of Don Bosco as an Educator of youth. They urged the students to look up to this great saint as their model of sincere hard work and determination in their pursuit of knowledge. They also stressed on the fact that Don Bosco became a universal figure because of his contribution to the world in

the field of education of young people which is still being carried out by his sons and daughters all over the world. Among the many exhibits, a room was set aside for Don Bosco in which pictures with the thoughts and sayings of Don Bosco were displayed while the movie on Don Bosco "Mission to love" was being screened continuously. Students from Class I to Class XII took part in large numbers as there was a variety of subjects for their choice. The exhibition was an occasion for the students to showcase their creativity and talent. It was above all a fitting tribute to St.Johm Bosco, our Father and Founder, on the occasion of the Bi-centenary of his birth.

Little Flower Hr. Sec. School, Kohima Little Flower Training Centre, Kohima ANNUAL RETREAT The Annual Spiritual Retreat for Novices and Postulants was held from July 28 August 3,2015. It was animated by Fr. Kochuparambil Jerish Abraham, SDB. who helped us to understand more deeply our call to religious life and strengthened our desire and zeal to follow him more closely. He stressed on the importance of personal prayer, the sacraments and the need of spiritual guidance. Indeed these seven days were days of grace and blessings for each one of us. Everyone participated in the retreat with fervor and enthusiasm. We felt renewed in mind and heart to move forward with determination in our spiritual journey. We thank Sr. Elizabeth George, Provincial for arranging such a wonderful opportunity for our spiritual growth. Sr.Borgoyari Alpana

Relief to Landslide victims at Phesama August 31, 2015 Sr. Lucy Gangmei, Principal with a team of teachers, students and various club leaders of Little Flower Hr. Secondary School, Kohima visited Phesama, a village about 6 Km. south of Kohima which was affected by one of the worst landslides in Nagaland. They expressed their concern and solidarity with the 46 families who had lost their houses, fields and property by donating a sum of Rs. 60,000/- and food supplies of rice, dhal, sugar, salt, biscuits, soap, surf etc. They spent about two hours interacting with the people and leaders of the village. The Students were moved to see the youth group involved in helping out the villagers and the stranded people who were travelling on the National Highway to Manipur. Fr. Anand S.J , Principal, St. Paul's School, Phesama helped in handing over our help in cash and kind to the Chairman of the village. The students then visited the area affected by the landslide. The villagers briefed us about the landslide and the inconveniences faced by them and the travellers. The visit concluded with a prayer led by Sr. Lucy Gangme. Media Club Members , Little Flower Hr. Sec. School, Kohima



First Professions August 5, 2015, the long awaited day finally dawned for the second year novices as they decided to follow Christ more closely and to share in his mission among the young people with the motto 'Making Jesus the centre of our lives.' The Eucharistic celebration was presided over by Fr. Nestor Guria, SDB, Provincial, Dimapur Province and concelebrated by twenty Priests. Present for the celebrations were a large number of FMA from the Province of Guwahati, parents, friends and well wishers. Fr. Nestor, in his homily, stressed on the compassion of Jesus and exhorted everyone to follow this great virtue of compassion which spurs us into action.

With joy and gratitude, the newly professed Sisters expressed their sentiments of gratitude to God for calling them to be his close followers, to Fr.Nestor Guria, Sr.Elizabeth George, Provincial, Sr.Mabel Gothorp, Novice Mistress. and all the others who were instrumental in preparing them for this great event.

Little Flower Hr.Sec.School, Dibrugarh DON BOSCO’S BIRTH BICENTENARY CELEBRATED Youth urged to make a difference August 17, 2015, the Salesian Sisters, Staff and students of Little Flower School, Dibrugarh along with some of the most active members of the Cooperators and Past Pupils' Associations celebrated the closing ceremony of the birth bicentennial of Don Bosco, the Father and Friend of the young people. The campus adorned with vivid decorations proved a spectacular sight for an auspicious celebration to be held on this blessed day. The ceremony began with the welcome address by the school captain, Miss Abhipsha Bharadwaj. It was followed by the sacred lighting of the lamp by Alphonsa Kurisinkal, Sr. Superior Sr. Tessy Davis, Principal and a few dignitaries. A graceful Sattriya dance invoking God's blessing, an action song dedicated to the Saint, an inspiring speech on Don Bosco by Ms. Prayashi Goswami, a Class X student, a mesmerizing thematic dance, a skit 32

portraying a glimpse of the Saint, a solo song presentation by Ms, Gitashree Choudhury, a past pupil, a breath-taking choreography 'San Juan Bosco, Bienvenido' by the Boarders, an Assamese chorus by class X girls etc. were some of the highlights of the day. Sr. Alphonsa Kurisinkal made quite an impact in the minds of the young students by her thought-proving speech. She concluded her speech saying, “We Salesian Sisters are proud to have Don Bosco as our Father and

Fo u n d e r a n d a s w e c e l e b r a t e t h e bicentenary of his birth we pledge to continue his mission among the poor and marginalized youth. We pray for his inspiration and guidance so that we can be creative interpreters of his charism.” Mrs Kalpana Khound, an alumnus of our School also addressed the august gathering with her powerful speech and exhorted everyone to make a difference in our society. She cited the example of the great St. John Bosco who made an enormous impact in the lives of the young people. “One candle wipes out darkness; one man can make a difference. This is proven true in the person of Don Bosco,” she said. The entire school then gathered in the field for the bicentenary flag de-hoisting ceremony. The flag was respectfully lowered by Sr. Tessy Davis, Principal in the presence of the dignitaries. The NCC and Guide representatives with great respect folded the flag and handed it over to the Principal soon after which Sr. Superior declared the bicentenary celebrations closed. However the story does not end here. The legacy of Don Bosco will live on for all time to come. Indeed Don Bosco was, as Cardinal Nina had rightly remarked, “not just a man, but a giant with long arms who succeeded in embracing the whole world”. Long Live Don Bosco! Devangana Sharma & Shravani Baruah, Class IX ON THE FIFTEENTH BIRTHDAY OF MATER ECCLESIAE

English Medium school. Thus one evening Sr. Helen Murum went to some of our neighbour's houses and invited the parents to send their children for tuitions. As the Higher Secondary students were still having their exams, we could not involve the Boarders right away. Just the same, Sr. Guria Albina, Sr. Khangchian Monica and Sr. Catherine Kethozeno engaged themselves in this apostolate on February 25 starting with just eight of them from 4-5 pm. At the beginning the Sisters mostly took classes in common helping them to read and write in English. Within a matter of days, the numbers increased. Hence, the need for involving the boarders who were more than happy to be part of this mission. At present we have more than fifty children coming for this evening tuition. Besides tuition, they love to spend their time here in our house playing games. Though the tuition timing is from 4-5 pm. they are here by 2:30 and feel sad whenever we announce holidays. Sr. Monica Khangchian

A MEMORABLE TEACHERS' DAY AT ATTABARI When most of the schools in Dibrugarh were closed due to the unprecedented floods (they say the worst in the last forty years), our St. Mary Mazzarello School at Attabari had a peaceful celebration of Teachers' day on September 5, 2015 with Sr. Kurisinkal Alphonsa, the Animator of Little Flower Dibrugarh as the Chief Guest. By then even

“I am fifteen, going on sixteen…” this was what our Province would have sung after February 24, 2015 when it completed the fifteenth year of its birth. To do something memorable on this important occasion, the Community of Little Flower, Dibrugarh decided to start evening tuition classes for our poor children in the neighborhood who do not have the privilege of going to an 33


the waters in our LFS campus had receded MUCH ADO ABOUT SOMETHING and thankfully Attabari was not badly Heeding the call of Sr. Elizabeth George, affected unlike the other areas of Provincial, ING, Sr. Alphonsa, the Animator Dibrugarh. took the initiative of beginning a new venture The grand celebrations began at 9.30 am. in favour of the young people at Little Flower with a melodious welcome song sung by Hr. Sec. School, Dibrugarh. all the students of the school i.e.Classes I to Sr. Alphonsa proposed the idea of beginning

V. The highlights of the day's programme included a Bihu Dance, a Nepali Dance, Action songs etc. To show their love and gratitude to the teachers, each student brought a pen and a flower. The Chief Guest Sr. Alphonsa briefed them about the significance of Teachers' Day. Greeting all the teachers, she said, “You are like beacons of light guiding the students in the formative years of their life. You mould them and shape their future. What the students learn from our lives remains throughout their life.� Addressing the students, Sr. Alphonsa encouraged them to do their studies well and to give their best in all the opportunities offered to them. She also took the opportunity to thank Sr. Murum Helen, in-charge of the school for her dedication and hard work. They concluded the programme with a beautiful Assamese chorus which captivated everyone. Sweets were then distributed to all the students and refreshment for all the teachers. Sr. Khangchian Monica 34

a new apostolate among the young as we are surrounded by many private hostels and paying guest houses (PG). So, on October 8, 2015 after the school hours, Sr. Angelina Terangpih and Sr. Monica Khangchian in the name of the Community along with two of our boarders, Phahe Margaret and Elisa Tigga went for a friendly visit to Sujata Girls' hostel and Neha-Namrata PG. Though it was the maiden visit of these Sisters, they had a good experience interacting with the respective wardens and the hostellers. They then told them about the purpose of their visit and invited them to come to the school complex the following Sunday at 2.30 pm. On October 11 morning yet on another friendly visit, Sr. Angelina Terangpih and Sr. Namrata Kandulna went to Kanoi College girls' hostel close to our Convent. As the warden of this college hostel got admission for her daughter to the KG in our school for the year 2016, they were received with extra attention and warmth.

Long before the clock could struck two on October 11, Sr. Monica and Sr. Dipika Pegu along with some generous volunteers among the boarders got ready the 'Mission Possible.' It could be termed so because though not one soul turned up till three, the spirit of these two Sisters and the good girls were undaunted. So many times they took a trip to the gate and even had recreation on the branches of a big tree in front of our house, spending the time creatively (and may be because they didn't know how to waste time…) Then at 3:30 p.m. three girls arrived and giving them a warm welcome, without much ado, they were taken to the school auditorium and began with simple songs. No sooner had they begun to put action into the songs than many other girls also arrived. And surprisingly, they were 37 in all hailing from various parts of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam who turned up on the very first day. Most of them are pursuing their Bachelor's degree course. They loved the ice-breaking session and actions songs. Notwithstanding her ill health, Sr. Alphonsa Kurisingal, the animator, addressed them and the girls listened to her with rapt attention. Being the first day, each girl was made to introduce herself at the mike for everyone to hear. Some of the smart ones them on being asked

b y S r. A l p h o n s a e x p r e s s e d t h e i r expectations from this weekly meet - that they wanted to meet one another and build relationships. After having asked their opinion, on consensus, the timing of this Sunday Meet was fixed from 2.30 to 3.30 pm. every Sunday. Then we had a group photo session in the basket ball court. Sr. Alphonsa, the two Sisters and the volunteers saw the girls off at the gate. It was encouraging to hear them say, “Thank you Sisters. We will come again and bring our friends too.” It is our desire to do as much good as possible to these young girls who are the very portion of our mission and charism. Sr. Monica Khangchian RETREAT – A REAL SPIRITUAL PREPARATION A Retreat is one of the most beautiful and wonderful times when one can come closer to God. When made well, a spiritual retreat can bring about a positive effect in one's life. No one can predict the future but we can be prepared for most eventualities. That is why we make a retreat to review our past life and to see how close or how far we are from God, our loving Father who takes good care of all His children and to forge ahead. The Catholic boarders, VTC girls and three of our domestic staff attended a three-day retreat from October 17 evening to October 19. It was animated by Fr. Nazarius Lakra SDB, Rector and Principal of Don Bosco, Tinsukia who opened an avenue to help us come closer to God and to maintain strong relationship with Him. Making a retreat helped us discover love for life and that life can be more meaningful and fulfilling with God in our lives. It takes no strength but only 'faith' which can renew our life and help us to make it holy and keep us always near to God. The retreat also made us understand the greatest power known to man i.e. 35


'LOVE' which God never fails to give. It is not God who leaves us but it is we who turn away from Him. The only way we can be separated from God is by our own choice. The annual retreat also helped us understand that trials and difficulties in life come not to discourage us but they are opportunities to come closer to God and to hold fast to Him. We consider ourselves fortunate to have been born in Catholic families who offer us the basic knowledge about our faith and Jesus, the ultimate way to salvation. During these days of retreat our love and faith for Christ increased even more.

During the sessions, Fr. Nazarius also inculcated in us the importance of cooperating with one another and living in unity with values like patience, compassion, love, forgiveness, gentleness, generosity, selfcontrol, humility etc. All these he did with meaningful and interesting video clips and power point presentations. We really enjoyed our retreat and the three days passed so swiftly. The experience of the retreat was like marching towards our Father's Home in heaven where we will be one day with all the saints and angels. Our heartfelt thanks to Fr. Nazarius and Sr. Kurisinkal Alphonsa, Sr. Superior and the Sisters for their prayers and creating a prayerful ambience throughout. Angelina Tirkey, Class XII ARTS

Evening Tuition - Dibrugarh


AUXILIUM JUNIOR COLLEGE, TINSUKIA WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY June 5 is celebrated as WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY. In response to the alarm raised by the Environmentalists and Scientists with regard to the fate of the survival of the planet and the dangers posed to it, World Environment Day is celebrated every year in various disciplines across the globe. In tune with this global effort, Auxilium Junior College, Bordoloi Nagar, Tinsukia, also celebrated this event on June 5, 2015. A meaningful function was organized for the occasion by Sr. Teresa Jojo, Principal. In his speech, Mr. Kailash Kumbang, Staff member highlighted the need of awareness of the threats posed to the planet and how to address them. A drawing competition on the t o p i c “ O U R N AT U R E A N D ENVIRONMENT� was organized by Mrs. Sampa Dey and Mr. Manuj Boruah. Sr. Teresa Jojo collected some tree saplings from the Forest Range Office, Tinsukia on the previous day. About 40 saplings of Nahor and Boqul were planted on the occasion of World Environment Day by the

Staff and the students. Some were planted inside the college campus and some outside the campus on either side of the road leading to the entrance of the college. The Staff and the students were very enthusiastic and were actively involved in planting the saplings. They were also made aware of the importance of tree plantation and how it can save the planet. The threehour program concluded with a pledge to save our planet.




The Media Club of LFS, Imphal


he Media Club of LFS, Imphal became alive and active with a Seminar conducted by Sr. Sania Josephine , Media Coordinator of the Province on September 12,2015 The theme was 'Media and Today's Society. The session began with a Media Quiz to test how well we are aware of certain terms as members of Media Club. It was followed by the presentation of facts concerning Media and its inuence and fast development. A short video clip served as an evaluation of how youngsters of today use Social Media. The session concluded with an informative presentation on DOs and DONTs and precautions to be taken while using Social 38

Media. We were told the different ways in which Media is being misused and the sideeffects it has on our lives. Sr. Sania Josephine briefed us on the proper use of Social Media and as members of the Media Club we should be alert and not let our minds sleep. We were made aware of how media adopts different creative ways to attract our attention and lure us by giving into it. Sister strongly exhorted us to question ourselves when we make use of media and watch movies so that we are not inuenced by them. The seminar was instructive, inspiring and formative. Maibram Vasundhara & Thiyam Sneha, Class X C

Holy Child School Annual Day Celebrations 2015


he 4th and 5th of December 2015 morning brought the first feel of winter chills to Guwahati. The much awaited winter was here, finally. More than the warm snuggle of the sweaters the Holy child family awaited the annual day celebrations since the past one month. The hustle and chirping of all day long practices within the school premises echoed around the Krishna Nagar hills. Every individual, from the administrative head to the tiny tots of kindergarten seemed busy in the mayhem of the celebrations with excitement at its pinnacle. Light that shines like some aura from a fairy's magic wand, light that shines like sparkling sunlight through the fresh waters of a wild fountain, enchanting, soothing, yet mesmerizing, the children shone with their talents through their individual class performances. The colorful shinning attires, appeared like colors splashed on the performing area with every performance. The program was meticulously planned by the selected members from management and staff forming an organized body. The annual day function was planned for two days keeping in mind the huge gathering of audience that would likely come to see the

function. To glorify the occasion on both the days two distinguished individuals were invited as chief guests. On the 4th of December Shri Jagdish Barman, Assistant secretary of Central board of education, Guwahati region, was invited as the chief guest and on the 5th of December, His Grace, John Moolachira, The Archbishop of Guwahati came as chief guest to add grandeur to the celebrations. The programs were in variety and depicted the theme of the show, “LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE”, which kept the audience glued to their seats. Each item, be it action dances, or the chorus, the orchestra, the play, '' THE TURNING POINT”, based on the burning topic of strayed adolescents and family strength or theme based dance showing The Don Bosco Way or the tribute to Dr. APJ Kalam, all were so well conceptualized by teachers and adapted by students that it left a deep impression in the hearts of the audience. The chief guests spoke of the quality and holistic approach of education children are receiving in this prestigious educational institution which walks on the path paved by St. Don Bosco. The Archibishop, John Moolachira highlighted the selfless contribution of the sisters in dedicating their lives to serve humanity,


gaining strength from prayers and God Almighty. Parents through their speech reflected the forty years of proud heritage of education that the school has been carrying with dignity on its shoulders. They expressed their sense of security knowing

that their children are safe in the hands of sisters. They articulated their pride in parenting a girl child and also expressed their gratitude towards teachers who takes this profession by choice and not chance, dedicating their entire life in forming the future of a society. The Sisters and the teachers accompanied with the student volunteers performed in an excellent network of assigned duties which kept the entire event disciplined and well organized. The program concluded with the vote of thanks followed by the National anthem. The entire celebration went off extremely well and it would not have been possible without God's graces, who have been smiling always as he blesses his beloved children.

Pre- Christmas celebration at St. Mary's Maligaon


n December 6 , 2015, the VIDES members under the guidance of S r. E m i l i a C h o p f o h r a , Coordinator organised the pre-Christmas get together with the CFG and Evening School children of St. Mary's Maligaon. Sr. Bridget Kurian, Animator was the Chief Guest of the day. After welcoming the Chief Guest and other Sisters, the VIDES members displayed a meaningful prayer dance and sang Christmas carol. The Chief Guest, delivered the message to the children and congratulated the VIDES members for their good initiatives and encouraged them to continue doing good especially for the poor and under privilege ones. An interesting competition was organized for the children and prizes were awarded for the winners. Long live VIDES members of St. Mary's Maligaon! 40

Phonics Assessment and Instruction: Workshop


phonics workshop for all the teachers of Nursery to Class three was held at St. Mary's Hr. Secondary, School, Guwahati on December 14,2015. The participants were from all the FMA ING schools of North East India. Dr. David Paige from USA was the resource person for the day. The day began with a short prayer imploring God his blessings upon all the teachers while the lamp was lit. In the opening session he highlighted on “why must the students know how to decode words and how the teachers should know students are learning to decode. He also dealt with various other topics like scope and sequence of phonic instructions, development of spelling assessment etc. were explained in details. The five hour workshop enabled the teachers to learn many new things and before concluding the programme they expressed their gratitude to Dr.Paige for the meaningful and enriching programme.



‘How lovely were those nine months' The loveliest months of His life was then In the womb of His loving Mother A life of frailty, a life of dependence A life of enclosed, helplessness but… How lovely were those nine months. A little babe lay in the womb Chosen by God His loving Father For His immense love for us Was made visible in the womb of the Virgin Mother How lovely were those nine months. Inside the womb of His loving Mother Breathing together the breath of life Pulsating their hearts in harmony Thinking together in unison To accomplish the will of God. Like the seed that has been planted Sprouting forth life at every moment Flowering gradually in silence to life To give oneself totally for love How lovely were those nine months.

When the angel sang Emmanuel Eternal love blossomed forth Offering his first gift to all Gift of peace to Men of good will.

Growing secretly in divine love Blossoming forth to give himself Sharing the life of humanity To form a great family How lovely were those nine months.

Let the life of Christ in us grow Growing in love day by day Announcing the good news to people around That Jesus is Christ “Emmanuel”. Let us walk ahead with Mary Who carried Him in hurry On the very first day Walking miles to announce the good news That Jesus is born for you and me. Sr. Molly Kaniampadical FMA


FMA India Youth Ministry

2016 - 2017

“Let us walk with Jesus and encounter him among the young people”

Year of Mercy 2016 Find inspiration in the prayer of Saint Faustina, a humble apostle of Divine Mercy in our times: “Help me, O Lord, …that my eyes may be merciful, so that I will never be suspicious or judge by appearances, but always look for what is beautiful in my neighbours' souls and be of help to them; … that my ears may be merciful, so that I will be attentive to my neighbours' needs, and not indifferent to their pains and complaints; … that my tongue may be merciful, so that I will never speak badly of others, but have a word of comfort and forgiveness for all; … that my hands may be merciful and full of good deeds; … that my feet may be merciful, so that I will hasten to help my neighbour, despite my own fatigue and weariness; … that my heart may be merciful, so that I myself will share in all the sufferings of my neighbour” (Diary, 163).


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