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Digital  Humani,es     and  the  Digital  Studio   Stephen  J  McElroy   Florida  State  University  

What  is  the  Digital  Humani,es?   •  h?p://digitalhumani,­‐ is-­‐digital-­‐humani,es   •  Kathleen  Fitzpatrick:  “a  nexus  of  fields  within   which  scholars  use  compu,ng  technologies  to   inves,gate  the  kinds  of  ques,ons  that  are   tradi,onal  to  the  humani,es,  or,  as  is  more  true   of  my  own  work,  who  ask  tradi,onal  kinds  of   humani,es-­‐oriented  ques,ons  about  compu,ng   technologies”  

What  is  the  Digital  Studio?   •  h?p://­‐is-­‐the-­‐ digital-­‐studio/   •  “a  learning  facility  where  both  students  and   faculty  can  work  on  and  receive  tutoring   assistance  in  composing  digital  and   mul,media  assignments  and/or  projects”  

Four  Ways  to  Get  Digital  (Studio’d)   •  •  •  • 

Composing   Research/Learning   Pedagogy   Building/Networking  

Composing   •  Mul,modal  accompaniment/support   –  Charts/tables/figures/etc.  

•  Remedia,ng  (print/screen/web)   –  Publishing  for  different  audiences  in  different   spaces  

•  Blogging/ePor\olios/Social  Networking   –  Hub  of  professionalism  

Research/Learning   •  U,lize  electronic/digital  resources   –  E.g.  Library  Databases,  electronic  archives  

•  Discover  new  tools/pla\orms   –  Following  latest  trends  

•  Learn  to  use  new  tools/pla\orms   –  In  support  of  current  work   –  To  do  new  work    

•  Pay  a?en,on  

Pedagogy   •  Use  the  DS  tutors  

–  Traveling  Tutor  program   –  Talk  about  new  approaches  

•  Use  the  Studio  space  

–  Bring  your  class  to  the  Studio  

•  Re-­‐imagine  assignments   –  Genres   –  Pla\orms   –  Open-­‐endedness  

•  Re-­‐imagine  courses   •  Become  a  DS  tutor  

Building/Networking   •  Work  collabora,vely   –  With  fellow  grad  students   –  With  faculty   –  With  department  staff   –  Have  collabora,ve  space  

•  Connect  with  scholars  in  the  field*   –  Social  networking,  online  journals,  etc.  

•  Put  tools/skills  to  work  in  crea,ve  ways   –  For  yourself  and  for  your  team  

h?p://­‐Studio/About-­‐ Us  

Ways to Get Digital  

getting into the digital humanities at the FSU Digital Studio

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