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Anthropology 103 Review Material For Final Exam #2 Northwest Coast Handout 1.) Tseyka: Winter for Kwakiutl 2.) Northwest coast physical environment: in the entire world, there is no environment that provided as much as the Northwest coast (had a very rich environment) 3.) Rite of the first catch: purpose to recreate the animal they kill for another season (replenishing the environment) 4.) Kwakiutl inheritance through father’s line: inherit all practical aspects of life ex. Where you live & hunting 5.) Kwakiutl inheritance through mother’s line: inherit all spiritual aspects 6.) Four aspects of cedar: Longevity, olfactory (smells good), malleability (bendable), toxicity (bugs), carvability (yields nicely), carpentry, lightness (weight), integrity (strong wood) 7.) Transformation mask:

evidence of animism (objects containing souls) 8.) Briefly recount the myth of the hamatsa: After a young man (13/14 yrs old) pleads to his parents to let him go on his first hunting excursion on his own into the woods, he is captured by the 3 monsters: Quaxquaxwalinusiwae, Hoxhox, & Galawuduwis because he went to deep, which his parents told him not to. The boy is brought to Baxbakulainsiwae. Later a shaman goes into the woods to save him by the request of his parents, in which the shaman wins and brings back the boy. 9.) Baxbakualinusiwae: the enchanted house (big evil sorcerers) 10.) Raven: chief trickster figure of the world

Anthropology 103 Review Material For Final Exam #2 Â 11.) Kerfed box by the master of the black field cedar box heated and bent puzzle boxes 12.) Three basic elements of the northwest coast art symmetry softness vs angles anthropic element: animals having human characteristics

Anthropolgy 103 Final Reivew (2/2)  

Anthropolgy 103 - Intro to Cultural Anthro San Diego Mesa Community College Prof: C. Wallace Spring 2011