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Information About Our Company. 

Strukk World Entertainment Group L.LC is an umbrella organization that develops, markets, and release's Entertainment in all forms of creative platforms from our Strukk World Music Group dealing with many genres of music from Hip-Hop, Pop & Rock

just to name a few and we also have a film and tv company through our Lighting Strukk TV and Films brand to our Strukk

Empower Corp which helps plan and organize small business men and women.

We also manage the careers of many in the music and sports industry with our very high qualified group of agents and

managers of our Team Strukk Global Management Group.

We are the leaders of the next wave of online record labels and that has made us number 1 in digital entertainment. The structure of our business was created at a time when the music industry was no longer developing good music.

For new artist who are on the grind but need that extra push to the majors or just want to have a successful independent career we offer non-exclusive singles, albums and mix tape deals were we give the artist percentage's that varies from each project from a 60/40 split to a 70/30 split with online marketing and promotion (magazines, forums, and social networks plus radio.

For establish talent that has been through the music industry we offer you structure deals for your business and career.

We are a artist driven company geared to help labels and artist succeed and have long careers .

Our Music And Film Distribution Partners. 

We are a company geared to music , film and tv and for the years 5 years we have

Maintained distribution partners for our artist roster and film and tv projects through

Many distribution company's worldwide and we also have for our music department

A indie and major hubs for our artist in music and film.

For our music department indie label or development levels we distribute our music

Through many of our partners from Awal to Selectho Hits and Music one Worldwide

For Itunes, Amazon, Napster, Pandora, Jango And more.

For our major side with music and film with have partnership with Img Recordings/Universal

Music Distribution Emi and Deco films.

Greetings From The A&R Team 

Hello management, artist or group we at Strukk World always keep all eyes

And ears to the world looking for new talent and veteran artist to partner with

And add to our growing company . We are reaching out to you because we

Would like to put together a proposal and meeting (call, office, online,)

To discuss in more detail of us doing business together with your artist, group

Or company for the purpose of releasing a project through Strukk World.

Strukk World also has a very in depth online marketing team that promotes to

All the social networks, blogs, and magazines, plus we test and market our

Artist , group, or company projects through online, college and commercial radio.

Thank you for your time. 



OR CALL 215-760-5630


215-760-5630 Howard Smith