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Volunteer Opportunities at St. Paul's.Episcopal


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Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. We have different gifts, according to the grace given us. (Rom. 12:4)

God has given each of us some ability to serve.

Worship Altar Guild: Responsible for setting the altar according to the seasons and taking care of all the vessels and supplies that are needed for worship during the Sunday services and for special services such as funerals and weddings. All new Altar Guild volunteers are teamed with an experienced partner. Teams of two are generally asked to assist with set up between 2 - 4 times yearly. Contact: Jane Fruh / 301-645-5536/ or Darlene Guy / 301-645-7374/ Lituroical Lav Eucharistic Ministers (LLEMS): Assist the rector with reading scripture, the Prayers of the People and the distribution of Holy Communion at the Sunday services, at weddings, and at funerals. You must be at least 18 years old; a member of St. Paul's; and have been confirmed or received into the Episcopal Church. Training-is provide.d. Contact: Fred Cavanaugh /301-609-0775/ Second Lesson Reader: Comes up from the congregation and reads the New Testament portion of the Sunday Lesson. They do not have to vest. Any adult or teen who is comfortable reading in public can be a Second Lesson reader during the Sunday Service. Usually they are scheduled to read once or twice per three-month quarter and readings are provided in advance. Contact: Fred Cavanaugh / 301-609-0775 I Lav Care Visitors: Visit with our parishioners who are infirm or otherwise homebound. The Lay Care visitors usually visit in pairs, share news of the parish, and bring the homebound bulletins and other materials to help them stay connected to the parish. Contact: Joyce Scofield /301-932-1199/ riscofield~comcast. net

VisitinQ Lay Eucharistic Ministers (VLEMS): Take communion to parishioners who are homebound, in nursing homes, or in hospitals. Contact: Fred Cavanaugh / 301-609-0775/ cavanauQhOO(Q> Charles County NursinQ and Rehabilitation Center (CCNRC): On the second Monday of each month, the parish holds a special Eucharistic service at the CCNRC in LaPlata for residents. Volunteers assist residents with their participation and help with the singing. They also assist the CCNRC staff in bringing residents to the service. Contact: Fred Cavanaugh /301-609-0775/ cavanauQhOO(Q> Acolytes: Assist in the weekly service and at special services held at the church. They lead the procession into the church at the beginning of the services and lead the LEMS and priest out at the end of the service. Both adults and youth can be acolytes. Contact: John Sackman, Jr. / 301-392-9367/ i2klmsacl< ., Choir: Sings during the 10:15 Sunday Service, the 8:00 a.m. Sunday Service on the first Sunday of the month, and at Christmas and Easter special services. There is no prerequisite for joining the choir. You do not need to know how to read music - just have a desire to "make a joyful noise". Choir rehearsal is held weekly on Thursdays from 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. and Sunday mornings before and shortly after Sunday services. Contact: Stephen Hunt, organist and choir director. 301-705-5263/ cenposer(Q> Handchime Group: Performs during special services such as Easter, Christmas and on other occasions. The ability to read music, while helpful, is not necessary to play the handchimes. The group meets on Thursdays from 6-7 pm. Contact: Chip Keech / 301-392-0380 /

Children's Education: The curriculum for Sunday School is called Godly Play and provides an exciting and interactive way for the children to grow in their love of God and one another. No experience is necessary to teach the class because the curriculum is not only fun, but easy to follow. Three teachers are needed for each class. That will allow everyone to have off at least one Sunday a month. Contact: Stephanie Hamilton /301-274-9544/ stephhamiltonta> or Meg Monroe /301-705-8756/ maroa retmon roeta> Ushers: Welcome the parishioners and visitors as they enter the church for Sunday worship. Hand out service bulletins, assist visitors with seating and locating the nursery, children's liturgy and restrooms. They also bring up the wine and bread to the altar for the Eucharist and collect the offerings. Contact: Vicky Mumford /301-645-4201/ vickvmumfordta>.verizon. net -,..."



Greeters: Greet and welcome visitors to the 'church after the Service. Provide them with a gift bag which contains items of interest to visitors. Ask them to fill out a visitor's card and invite them to coffee hour. Escort visitors to coffee hour and introduce them to other church members. Contact: Lorraine Berry /240-776-4021/ ilorberryta> Prayer Chain: Open to all parishioners who are willing to pray daily for those persons who are on the prayer list. Contact: Margaret Leman /301-645-1158/milemanta> or Darlene Guy /301-645-7374/ ifouvta>

Service to the Community Peace Lutheran Food Pantry: Bring non-perishables to church on Sundays for donation to the food pantry which serves approximately 235 residents of Charles County each month. Contact: Kristin Sackman /301-392-9367/ j2klmsackta>

Prayer Shawl Ministrv: Join the weekly group of volunteers as they knit and crochet shawls for shut-ins and patients at the local treatment centers, as well as blankets and bookmarks for our newly baptized members. No experience needed - training and supplies are provided. The group meets on the first and third Thursdays of the month in the Parish Hall at 9:30 a.m. Contact: Kay Laughton / 301-274-0043 Anael's Watch Women's Shelter: Donate small containers of soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, hand sanitizer, mouthwash, etc. Place items in a bag and label Angel's Watch Shelter and place in the narthex or give items to the Ushers at church. Also, volunteer to assist with the preparation and delivery of dinner to the residents of the shelter four times a year. Contact: Margaret Leman / 301-645-1158/ Campbell's labels and Box Tops: Bring your labels and box tops to church and drop them in the pocket folder located on the Service Ministry bulletin board located in the hallway of the Ritter Hall. The items are donated to local schools in Charles County. Contact: Kristin Sackman /301-392-9367 / Robert Fuller Men's Shelter: Volunteers assist with the collection and delivery of needed items for the shelter. Products needed for residents are paper products such as paper towels, toilet paper, Kleenex tissues. Clothing items for the residents to wear to work are collected at different times of the year. Contact: Darlene Guy /301-645-7374/ ifguv~verizon. net Christmas in April: Each year, volunteers from S1. Paul's assemble a team to serve the community by helping a neighbor in Charles County. No special skill needed - just a spirit of joy and kindness. Contact: Kristin Sackman / 301-392-9367/

lifeStyles of Marvland. Inc.: This local organization addresses the needs of the community through the empowerment of families and individuals. Volunteer your time to be part of a group of walkers from St. Paul for the annual "Walk to End Homelessness in Charles County" held in November each year. Also, support special requests for donations of supplies and clothing items when requested. Contact: Lorraine Berry /240-776-4021/ Children's Aid Society: Parishioners donate school supplies during the annual drive in August to be given to local children in need. We also support the annual Christmas Connection charity effort by donating filled Christmas stockings, hats, mittens, gloves, scarves to ensure that needy children living in Charles County will not go without receiving a gift for Christmas. Contact: Lois Keech /301-934-1427 St. Paul's Emergency Food Pantry: Volunteers are needed to support our food pantry which prqviq~~ a bag containing 2-3 days worth of food for households in Waldorl;-White Plains, or Bryantown. The pantry provides food four times a month and many volunteers are needed to help run the pantry, purchase food, and to prepare and pass out the emergency bags of food. Also, needed is the donation of food and money, which is essential to the success of this outreach program. Contact: Barry Gebler /301-274-9620/

Fellowship Hospitality Committee: Volunteer your time and talents to make our guests at all parish functions feel welcome by providing them with an enjoyable meal served in pleasant surroundings. Parish functions include events such as the "Fabulous 50+ Luncheons" and other church social events. Contact: Joyce Scofield /301-932-1199/ riscofield~comcast. net

Food Committee: Volunteer to prepare and deliver a specific food item for funeral receptions. Contact: Joyce Scofield / 301-932-1199 / Coffee Hour Hostin~r Volunteer to provide light snacks for fellowship time following the 8:00 or 10: 15 service. Coffee and supplies provided. Contact: Vicky Mumford / 301-645-4201/ Fund Raisina Activities Labor Dav Supper: This is one of St. Paul's major fund raising events of the year. Preparations begin in August and the dinner is held on Labor Day. Many hands are needed to support this effort. Contact: Mary Fugate I 240-349-2641/ or Paula Truitte / 301-203-4289/ Roland Keech Memorial'Golf Tournament: This annual event takes place the first Friday in October. Volunteers are needed to prepare and serve lunch and refreshments for the golf outing. If you're a golfer or just enjoy getting out and hitting the ball- sign up to play .. Contact: Phil Hamilton / 301-645-5327/ or Chip Keech / 301-392-0380/ Silent Auction: This annual event takes place in January each year and is a major fund raiser. The donation of items such as antiques, collectibles, time shares, vacation homes and furniture in good shape is needed. Also, volunteers are needed to help with the pricing, auction set-up and the auction event. Contact: Linda Lockhart /301-870-1418/ Yard Sale: This annual event takes place the first weekend in June. Many volunteers are needed for the set-up, pricing and selling of items. Also, the donation of items is needed. Contact: Fern Brown /301-932-6842/ or Barbara Myers /301-862-1979/'

Join a Fun Activity Fover Groups: If you're interested in meeting new people and sharing table fellowship with them join a Foyer Group. Foyer Groups consist of 8 - 12 people (singles and couples) who meet monthly to eat and socialize. There are different group categories: Luncheon Group, Eat-Out dinner Group, Eat-inthe-homes-of-members Group and a Family Group which includes children. Contact: Linda Hurd /443-550-3663 / Piney Men's Group: Meets informally at Panera Bread in Waldorf during the 2nd Saturday of each month. Contact: Cliff Carey /301-934-0993 / carey Coffee Hour: You're invited to gather in the Parish Hall after the 8:00 and 10:15 church services for light refreshments and fellowship. This is a great opportunity to meet people and learn more about th~ activities of Jhe,phurch. Contact: Vicky Mumford /301-645-4201 / . Bible Study with Mother Jov: Meets each Tuesday from 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. for most of the year. Special Bible study programs will be offered during Advent and Lent. If you are interested in leading a Bible study, prayer group, or spirituality study - please speak with Mother Joy. She would enjoy having others participate in leadership. Book Club: Members of the church are invited to participate in a book discussion group which meets once a month at a member's home. Contact: Janice Miller /240-607-9100/ Ladies Niaht Out: Join the ladies of the church as they gather for an evening of dining-out each 3rd Wednesday of the month. Place and times are announced in the Epistle. Contact: Lorraine Berry / 240-776-4021 /

EvanQelism Committee: Join the team that plans and organizes fellowship activities such as the Foyer Groups, Welcome Back Sunday Spaghetti dinner, Lenten supper program, Annual Parish Picnic and other gatherings. In addition, the team develops ideas and programs to invite people to the church, welcome newcomers, share the Word of God with seekers, and incorporate all into the church body. Contact: Linda Hurd /443-550-3663 / Publicity Committee: Join the committee that is responsible for ensuring that the activities of the church are made known to the wider community. They create newspaper ads, signs, web pages, and other displays. Contact: Michael Fritz / 301-934-5736/ Parish Life Committee: Join the team that develops and plans the fund-raising activities for the church. We are always looking for new and inventive ideas to help bring in additional funding for church programs. Contact: Jane Fruh /301-645-5536/ Service/Outreach Committee: Join the team that develops ideas on how church members can be meaningfully involved in service and outreach to the wider community. All are welcomed. Contact: Kristin Sackman / 301-392-9367/ Older Active Adult Committee: Join the team that develops and plans activities for the enjoyment of our active and older parish members (the young at heart!). We also incorporate outreach programs to benefit the older community at large. As a new ministry, we welcome ideas, suggestions, and additional members. Contact: Val Carter / 301-934-2883 /

Maintenance of Buildinas and Grounds There are many opportunities available to join the team and assist with the upkeep of St. Paul's facilities. The buildings are in constant need of repair and upkeep. Tasks range from painting of walls, repairing door hinges and locks to planting flowers. If you have a special skill or just time to help out, your assistance is welcome. Also, several times a year, the cemetery grounds are spruced up. Contact: Duke Burroughs /301-643-3104/ dburroughs(Q> or Donnie Garner 1301-934-5275/ dgarner(Q>


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Find your place in the work of the church. What do you enjoy doing - what are your gifts?

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