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St. Paul's Episcopal Church Piney Parish Waldorf, Maryland

August 2011


Qector Dear Friends, One of the greatest books ever written is a short book called 101 Reasons to be Episcopalian by Louie Crew. Many of you are "cradle Episcopalians," Episcopalians from birth who have always been familiar with our liturgy and language; others of you like myself - have become Episcopalians by choice after growing up in another or several other denominations. Either way, we find that this theology and this style of worship, as Goldilocks said, "Is just right!" We have been described as "a merry lot. Not humble ... but almost always merry and self-deprecating." Among God's children, we are the first to laugh at our foibles. Maybe that's a way of dealing with the God's overwhelming holiness in human space. In the larger world it takes humor to explain to others why we are so determined to keep the use of symbols and rituals, icons and arcane lexicon in our worship. As one person said, "It is the poetry of our faith, not its various dogmas, that speaks to Episcopalians. It is the elegance of a doctrine... the music of a holy name the cry of an eagle in the chant of a psalm the holy aesthetic of our worship" that catches us. Weare not like other denominations - nor do we seek to be - we take pride in whom and what we are. And so in the midst of summer - I share with you some things that make路 us so unique and special:

1. When Anglicanism is at its best, its liturgy, its poetry, its music, and its life can create a world of wonder in which it is very easy to fall in love with God. 2. From smells and bells to speaking in tongues - we have it all. 3. We have a faith not afraid to reason and reason not ashamed to adore. 4. The seasons are color coded. 5. At our best, Episcopalians can respectfully disagree about a great many things - and still break bread together. 6. My mind is Protestant and my spirit is liturgical. Where other than to the Book of Common Prayer can my worship go and still have both be happy? 7. Where faith is God's gift to us, not our gift to God. 8. Our eighth Sacrament: Fellowship and Good Food. 9. Where else can you be considered a "young person" until you are 40 years old? 10. This is the only church that is as lovingly loony as your family. 11. We use prayer that is time tested. 12. Tired of hell fire and brimstone? Try incense. 13. Episcopalians believe in moderation in all things, including moderation. 14. One of the perks ofmembersmp in our parish is the exercise. Your heart rate elevates with all the standing, kneeling, processing, bowing, passing the peace, reciting, crossing one's self and

singing. Fortunately there is some time for a pulse check during the sermon and readings. 15. When you count acolytes, Chalice bearers, lay readers, ushers, greeters, nursery people, altar guild, choir, and so on, there are more people involved in an Episcopal service than in any other. And there are more opportunities to be involved. It seems that "ours is the perfect church for people who aren't perfect." Blessings!


'I r.~





Thank you to those who hosted Coffee Hour in July: Linda Lockhart Elaine Miller Jan Spotz Betty and Don Wilson Susan and Mike Fritz Margaret Leman Joan Ritter Jan Waters Margaret and Bill Fraser Wendy and John VanHoozier Paula and Sewell Truitte Harriott and Jimmy Gough Maria and Todd Jameson

The Right Rev. John Bryson Chane The Bishop of Washington Rector:

The Rev. Dr. Joy Rose, TSSF Phone: 301-934-8001 Email:

Parish Office:

LUNCH FOYER GROUP The Lunch Foyer Group will meet at noon on Wednesday, August 3rd at Olive Garden Restaurant, 3620 Crain Highway in Waidorf Piease contact Lois Keech at 301-934-1427 to reserve your spot. We are an open group and welcome all newcomers.


Email: Web Page: Office Hours:

301-645-5000 301-638-5894 wvvw. PinevParish.orQ Tuesday - Friday, 9:30 am - 2:30 pm

Senior Warden: Kristin Sackman, Junior Warden: Don Garner,

301-392-9367 301-934-5275

Cemetery Director: Phil Hamilton, Facilities Coordinator:


Donna Ferguson,


SER.VICE COMMISSION: Rack to school supplies needed! It's that time of year again when we will be collecting school supplies for the Children's Aid Society. St. Paul's, Piney parishioners have been very generous to this ministry in the past, as we hope to continue that generosity this year. Please bring in supplies to the church on August 7th and August 14th. Thank you! Contact Lois Keech, 301-934-1427 if you have any questions.

Angel's Watch Women's ShelterWe will be providing dinner for the residents at the women's shelter on Tuesday, August 9th• Please contact Margaret Leman, 301-645-1158 or if you would like to help with this meal by providing food or to make a donation to defray the cost. Relay for Life - The Piney Patriots team for the Relay for Life-Charles County raised $3,294 for the American Cancer Society and cancer research! In June, our team of 21 members raised funds and walked to raise awareness, in honor of or in memory of loved ones, or because they themselves are survivors. Ask a Piney Patriot team member how you can join next year! Team members for 2011 are: Deanna, Alyssa, Laura and Susan Gerhart, Peggy Goldsmith, Don Dalzell, Barbara Ferguson, Joyce Clements, Diana and Caroline Richards, Joe Pinkney, Darlene Guy, Mike Corlnolly, Melanie Hamilton, Jack Ferguson, Linda Cavanaugh, Laurie Jaffe, Cathy Lavender, Lorraine Berry, Donna and Greg Ferguson. Thanks Team!

LifeStyles, Inc. - WANTED:

Boys' clothing - infant to teen. Please bring in items to church marked for "LifeStyles" and we will make sure they get delivered to the main office in La Plata. **********************************





MINISTRY: The Prayer Shawl Group continues to knit and crochet at an amazing pace. In fact, we are accumulating quite a stock of finished items. Since we last reported on our efforts, Marion Lanham has joined our group and between Marion and Harriott Gough, we do not have to worry about ever running low. These two women are speed demons when it comes to crocheting. We continue to make baby blankets for the Center for Children to use in their Healthy Families program and restock their supply when the need arises. Perhaps you have seen an article in the Malyland Independent about this very important program that connects with at-risk families. We also continue to supply blankets to all babies who are baptized at St. Paul's. We recently started a new prayer shawl ministry at Collington Episcopal Center for those in their dementia and skilled care unit. Kay Laughton reports that they have been received with joy. And just a reminder to all parishioners, if you know of anyone (this does not have to be a parishioner) who is ill or in need of comfort, you are invited to take a prayer

shawl for them. You can contact any of the following members of our group to get one: Harriott Gough, Marion Lanham, Jan Waters, Jan Spotz, Sallie Lyons, Kay Laughton and Janet Sargent. We were sorry to say good-bye this month to Elsie Mintz who has moved to Virginia. We will miss her. **********************************

REFLEXOLOGY 101 "Lunch and Learn" Bring a bag lunch (drinks and dessert will be provided) and join the Active Adult Ministry's "Lunch and Learn" on Tuesday, August 16th at 12:30pm for an introduction to the benefits of reflexology. Certified instructor, Cathy Smith, will be present with her charts and reflexology chair. Reflexology is a practice where an educated pressure is applied to points on the feet or hands to help increase the body's own ability to heal. It is both a relaxing and holistic treatment. For further information, contact Val Carter at 301-934-2883. **********************************

LADIES' NIGHT OUT - August 17th The next Ladies' Night Out will be at 6 pm on Wednesday, August 17th at the Prime Street Grille, 4680 Crain Highway in White Plains. Please join us for an enjoyable evening of delicious food and delightful conversation. **********************************



The "Active Adult Ministry" will sponsor an AARP Safe Driving Course at St. Paul's on Saturday, August 20th from 9:30am - 3pm, including an hour for lunch. Bring a bag lunch. Drinks and desserts will be provided. The course is open to all ages, but a certificate of completion can only be awarded to those over 50 years old. Attendees should contact their respective insurance carrier to determine if a discount is offered for completion of the course. The cost is $12 for AARP members and $14 for non-members. During August, licensed teachers may take the course without charge. Payment by check, payable to AARP, is preferred. An AARP membership card or teaching license is required for applicable discounts. Please indicate your interest on the sign-up sheet in the hallway. For further information, contact Val Carter at 301934-2883. **********************************

ALZHEIMER'S "Lunch and Learn" Bring a bag lunch (drinks and dessert will be provided) and join the Active Adult Ministry's "Lunch and Learn" about Alzheimer's on Thursday, August 25th at 12:30 pm. Linda Gottfried, Regional Director for the Southern Maryland Alzheimer's Association, will present a comprehensive explanation of this disease. Please contact Val Carter at 301-9342883 for further details.

ST. PAUL'S, PINEY BOOK CLUB The PBC has chosen for our next book, The Lost Summer of Louisa Mav Alcott by Kelly O'Connor McNees. Mike and Susan Fritz will be hosting the next scheduled meeting at 7 pm on August 29th their home in La Plata If you are interested in joining us to discuss this book, we would love for you to mark your calendar and come! For more details, contact Jan Miller at ianmill02comcast. net or 240-607-9100. Janice .Jvli{{er **********************************

PARISH LIFE IS EXCITING The Parish Life Vestry boat captain and crew are responsible for planning, and organizing activities focused on raising money for the Parish, to support operations and programs. Of course the other benefit of fund raising events is the tremendous opportunity for fellowship and community interaction. Existing Parish Life activities include the Silent Auction, Yard Sale, Blue Crabs events, Labor Day supper, Roland Keech, Sr. Memorial Golf Tournament and Christmas Wreath sale. The Silent Auction and Yard Sale have been very successful this year, thanks to the many contributions of time

value on your attic treasures, collectibles, jewelry and heirlooms. Funds will be raised by charging $5.00 per each item appraised for the first 3 and $10.00 for each additional item. Refreshments/Lunch will be available for purchase while you wait for your turn with the appraisers. We hope to get the community to bring their collectibles for appraisal. Closer to the date, each St. Paul's member with email, will be asked to help us advertise the event by forwarding an email to everyone on their email list. Mark your calendar now and start planning which valuables you want evaluated. There is some interest in having a St. Paul's Dance in October or November. Weare looking for persons interested in helping to facilitate a dance at St. Paul's in the fall. It could be a square dance or a regular dance with a dj or live band. If you could serve on this committee, let me knOw.

and talent by St. Paul's parishioners.

Another effort currently planned is to provide parishioners with blue "St. Paul's" tee shirts or golf shirts with the St. Paul's logo. Tee shirts will sell for $10 ($12 for 2XL and 3XL) and golf shirts for $15 ($18 for 2XL and 3XL). Before placing an order, we need to know if there is an interest in purchasing shirts. Please contact Lorraine Berry, or 240-776-4021 of your interest and the sizes you will purchase as soon as possible.

Several new events are being planned. On September 24th, we will host an "Appraiser Fair" from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Local appraisers will be on hand to place a

August 30th, a "Blue Crabs Tailgate and Game Night" is being planned. The event will begin in the parking lot of Blue Crabs Stadium with tailgate fare (fried

chicken. sides, desserts and beverages) followed by watching the game from an exclusive air conditioned suite. Tickets will be limited and can be purchased from Fred Ritter and Lynn Lyons. The cost for this evening of fun will be $35.00 per person. The following week, the annual Labor Day Supper will take place on September 5th. Many hands contribute to the success of this very important opportunity for fellowship and fund raising. There is a sign-up sheet in the parish hall; please volunteer your time. Much of the preparation takes place before Labor Day, so if you are not available on that day, maybe you can lend a hand earlier in the week. The annual Roland Keech, Sr. Memorial Golf Tournament is being planned. Details will be available soon. Line up your foursome and invite friends and family to participate, on Friday, September 30th. The life of the parish is truly in your hands and mine. I invite your participation in any way that you can. Together we will make a difference by supporting our church programs. Please call or email to share your ideas and suggestions, to order tee shirts and to volunteer for an activity.

Jane :rrufi

To my Pineyfanlily andfriendy, 1 am recovering pom my illness and getting stronger each day. Sincere thanks for your prayers, cards, phone calls, thoughts and all acts of kindness and remembrance. Peace and Love,

Irene Sa1/oy **********************************

To my Piney family, I would like to thank all of you for your prayers, lovely cards, phone calls and those who took the time to stop by during my illness with the shingles. This was greatly appreciated during my recovery. Many Blessings,

Pete Sfianklin **********************************

To all our Piney family andfriends, We would like to thank you for all the cards and offers of help in response to my father's recent death. Your prayers and support were very helpful during this difficult time. A special thanks to Vicky and Peggy for their help with the reception following the funeral. We are so blessed to have such a caring and loving church .{; '1 Jamzy. Thank you.

.NOrman and :Barbara :Myers

301-645-5536 **********************************


o o

o o o

SUNDAY SCHOOL NEWS: Exciting activities are taken shape for Sunday School this coming year. A group of people have been meeting over the summer to make plans for the coming Sunday School year and would like to share them at this time. Sunday School will start with a Gathering Time with snack, music, and prayer from 9:15-9:30. The classes will start at 9:30 - 10. We will have mini-sessions through the year with different topics including: • • •

Treasure Seekers Three Persons of God Instructional Eucharist

• •

a Study of Paul the Twelve Apostles the Easter Vigil stories the Sower Parables


Another new activity will be Interage sessions through the year. These sessions will be an opportunity for members of the congregation of all ages to join together to participate in a Christian Education activity from 9:30 - 10. Themes for those sessions include:

o o

Introduction to Sunday School (Aug.) Treasure Seekers Scavenger Hunt (Oct.) All Saints "Wax Museum" (Oct.) Getting Ready for Advent (Nov.) Celebration ofS1. Paul(Jan.) Lenten Discipline Introduction (Feb.) Kid's Passion Re-enactment (Mar.) Spring Planting Experience (May)

The Sunday School year has been revised in this way to be able to include a multitude of opportunities for everyone in the parish to be involved in the Christian Education of our children. We all have different gifts and we can find a way to use each of your gifts in our plans for Sunday School this year. We will need two teachers each for our preschool and elementary classes. However you will not have to make a year-long commitment; you can sign up for any of the 7 minisessions. We will have our 8 Interage sessions and will need additional assistance with those. We also need some folks to assist with the. snack time for 3 - 2 month periods. We already have some volunteers, so in order to get your first choice of session topic or time of year, we would encourage you to speak to Kathy Wesley (301-3728841) or Stephanie Hamilton (301-2749544) and let us knO\v how you can support the children of this parish in their life in Christ. We can make your time commitment work around travel plans and other church responsibilities. Just let us know your interest and we'll find a place

for you to help. We will also have a signup sheet with us on Sundays. As you consider our requests for assistance, please remember that the disciples sat at Jesus' feet and learned life's most important lessons that one day they would pick up the torch of his teachings and carry light into a dark world. Please be a disciple and help share Jesus' teachings with the children of the parish at your feet and pass on the light of Christ to the next generation. **********************************

of the Gospels is not a detached figure but a person whose meaning cannot be separated from his impact on his contemporaries and on those who believed in him later. Our study of the Jesus as found in the four gospels is designed to stimulate thoughtful reflection so that you can come to your own conclusions about what your following Jesus calls for. By studying the four gospels simultaneously we will see that the New Testament is not the result of a solo voice but instead has the richness of a quartet as each Gospel tells the story of Jesus to a different audience with a different intent. This in-depth Bible study is open to everyone - and will meet three out of four Tuesday evenings a month at 7pm. It does not require anything but a willingness to have read the designated passages fr~m the Bible ahead of the meeting and to have paid attention to the suggestions of things to look for while reading. Join us and bring your questions, convictions, doubts and curiosity.

CONTINUING BIBLE STUDY: Jesus in the Gospels - 2011-12 Beginning in September, the ongoing adult Bible Study Group will continue its study of the four Gospels using material from the Disciple series by Leander Keck. The subject matter of the Gospels is Jesus, not just about the man himself but also about the meaning of a whole event whose center is Jesus. That event induded Jesus' relation to the Jewish religion he inherited, to the circle of disciples around him and to the early Christians who believed in him after his death and resurrection. The Jesus

Scripture was meant to be read publicly, in the faith community assembled for worship and for instruction. We will continue to follow that tradition at our weekly gatherings. If you are interested in learning more about the Bible and more about the event of the person of Jesus - and doing it among friends in a comfortable and sharing environment please join us. Starting date and location will be announced in the next Epistle and in the Sunday bulletins in September. **********************************

Irs 'fliME TO


St. Paul's, Piney Parish's annual Roland L. Keech, Sf. Memorial Golf Tournament is approaching fast. This year's tournament will take place at White Plains Regional Golf Course on Friday, September 30, 2011. Registration begins at 8:00 a.m. and the tournament commences at 9:00 a.m. The format of the tournament is a "Captain's Choice" with 4-player teams. Any level golfer, from beginner to advanced, will enjoy this fun format. The committee's goal again this year is to increase the number of players and sponsors. We are asking all parishioners to ask their friends, neighbors and colleagues to participate in this year's tournament. Tee signs will be sold for $50 each and can be purchased by local businesses, and individuals. Some parishioners have in the past purchased sponsorships "in memory or' and "in thanksgiving for" loved ones. Remember, tee signs help underwrite the expenses associated with the tournament. Each sponsor will be listed in the tournament guide (a listing of the rules, etc.) for each golfer to take with them. Prizes will be awarded during the tournament for the longest drive (for both men and women) and closest to the pin. Door prizes and a 50/50 will be awarded during the luncheon following the tournament.

Refreshments will be provided before, during and after the tournament. The delicious barbeque luncheon we have enj oyed over the past 19 years will once again be catered by Judy Hamilton & Co. The tournament entry fee will be $75.00 per player and sponsorships will be $50.00 each. Proceeds are to be applied to the general fund. A sign-up sheet will be included in this Epistle and additional sign-up sheets are available on the bulletin board in Ritter Hall. We hope you and your friends will join us for this fun-filled event! Roland L. Keech, Sr. Memorial Golf Tournament Committee **********************************

God Doesn't Take a Vacation ... ... and neither do we. We ask that when you go on vacation during the summer you remember that our church and church offices, programs and services, are still open and running full time. We do not cut back on our Sunday services. While you are away we continue to offer prayers in your name and on your behalf as members of St. Paul's parish family. Weare available 24/7 should an emergency anse. Unfortunately our expenses are the same in August as they are in December therefore we ask that you remember to send your pledge payments by mail before leaving on vacation (P.o. Box 272, Waldorf, MD 20604-02272) or to make a double payment before you go away. Have a wonderful vacation!




ST. PAUL'S COOKBOOK Our new cookbook has been completed and sent to the publisher. The cookbooks are expected to arrive in approximately 45 days. We would like to thank everyone who contributed recipes and made this our largest cookbook ever. We were so fortunate to have received 380 recipes from over 70 different contributors. The cookbook contains a wide variety of recipes which have been family favorites of each contributor. The cost of the cookbook will be just $10 and we will be taking orders ahead of time so please plan to reserve your copy early! It's also never too early to think about Christmas gifts for friends!

Casey :J{unf, Susan 'ParOdy, Jane :frufi, Linda :J{urd **********************************

2 6 7 -

Connor Keech Dee Lewis Marci Mouer Jim Waters

11 14 -

Jerry Worsham Trevor Bryant Deanna Gerhart/Catherine Sokol

19 22 -

Gracie Lyon Elaine Miller

25 28 -

Barbara Ferguson Steve and Mary Fugate Fred Ritter Louise Edwards

29 31 -

Donna Ferguson Mike Hurd Matthew Leman Ryan Leman

If you have a birthday or anniversary in August and are not listed above, please notify the office so that you can be included next time. Thank you! **********************************





. '---August 2~

Jane Fruh Fern Brown Maria Bill Fraser Jameson Lois Keech Sam Truitt Justin Paula Truitt Truitte 0 Jaffe Joan Sewell Paula Deborah Mike Charlie Truitte Truitte Fritz Gaumond Brown Don Fred Melinda Ron Don Dana Don Wilson Ritter Wilson Crittenden Wilson Crittenden Brown Alvaro Paz Hich Ken & Valerie Carter Sewell Mike Fritz Truitte Joshua Eric Paula Sokol Hamilton & Sewell Truitte Georqj Val Melinda Joan & Walsh Ken & Fred Brown Carter Ritter Jeannie Jane Paz Fruh Hic Ron Crittenden Crittenden Ken Sewell Carter Truitte Lynn Sallie Lyons John Sackman, Jr. Joseph Flynn Lorraine & Sallie Berry Lyons Dora Bunting LaurieLeman Doug White David Lynn Lyons & Shelley <Culhane Phil Dora & Judy Bunting Hamilton Susan Parody Dora Bunting Sean Kathy Heyl Fornadley Gregory Reeves Linda Cavanaugh Wendy Katelyn & VanHoozier Emily VanHoozier Peggy Joe Goldsmitt Guy Lorraine Berry Christine Wesley Wesley Hamilton Guy Smith Greg & Donna Ferguson Margaret 14 S~ip Roland AIUlglllst1 AUJ~U1$i 21 August Fred & Linda Cavanaugh Wesloy Hamilton COFFEE HOUR: ECTORS

Fred Cavanaugh




am 1am 11 "Lunch am DEADUNEf .-...... 11 & Learn" Ipm Vacation Bible AARP Safe Driver School am Labor Day Supper Preparation 5:30-7:30 pm 9:30 am-3 pm 9:30 am 11 am Eucharist Vacation Bible School H.E. H.E . 1112:30 Vacation Bible Food Pantry Open memorial service Yoga labor labor Labor Day Day Day Supper Supper Supper Preparation Preparation Preparation School Preparation Prayer Shawl Ministry -Labor 5:30-7:30 pm Day Supper Blue Crabs Tailgate Food Pantry 17 16 1 11 20 13 0 1 5 &Ttu.u'sdJay 9 Game Open Night Vacation 5:30-7:30 Bible pm 22 29 24 23 25 26 School 2 Labor Day Supper Prime Street Grille 31 30 27 Preparation SUlI1lday Preparation celebrate funeral/ 6pm 5:30-7:30 pm 12:30 pmam Labor Day Supper Ladies' Night Out Rector on vacation 10-12 Saturday FlJ"udal.1f Wednesday Rector away to MOll1ldlay TlUlesday until September 10 Food Pantry Open Garden Restaurant lub Olive 1 Food Pantry Open White Plains Lunch Foyer Group 10-12 am

893418 15 61l 2

out of state 10-12 am



The Epistle August 2011  

The Epistle August 2011

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