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243 American Planes Downed Over North Viet

By HOBBRT TUCKMAN losses came as the war in Viet this year ran higher than the strengthened and their marksmanship has improved. SAIGON, South Viet Nam Nam slackened considerably first 90 days when bombings in One Air Force officer com. both in the air and on the the north began last year. (AP) — The U.S. Command an-, ground. One reason for the increase is mented: "The North Vietnam nouMed today that 243 Ameii While the official spokesman that the United States is putting ese are probably the best ancan planes have been shot down gave no breakdown of the more planes over the north. An- tiaircraft gunners around jus now because of all tBe expeiiover North Viet Nam sine* figures, military observer said other is that the Communist an- ence they are getting." t j a i r c r a f t defenses have the losses for the first 90 days bombings north of the 17th Par allel began months ago. An official spokesman also reported that 104 U.S. planes have" been hut to enemy action in Sovth Viet Nan since January OIL TheT total for losses over North Viet'.Warn was almost entirely front-enemy ground fire. Only two V.S. planes have been shot dowirby Communist MIGs. The A_ :iNGTON (AP)-The "Federal standards are out," Powell's stand demonstrated spokesman said the figure cov- notion that Congress is a "rub- he said in disclosing that his that a determined chairman can ered; losses since Feb. 7, 1965, ber stamp" for President John- committee had cut the heart out even override the speaker of the when the United States began son has been chal'.nged by one of the administration's unem- House. Speaker John W. McCor air attacks on North Viet Nam, of the real rulers of Capitol ployment insurance bill and mack, D-Mass., !s reported to UP to last Wednesday. Hill — Rep. Wilbur D. Mills. would write a new one following be strongly committed to pas The" announcement of plane Mills, Arkansas Democrat suggestions made by the states. sage of the bill. But unless Pow who is chairman of the House White House press secretary ell changes his mind, there wffl Ways and Means Committee, Bill D. Moyers. asked Friday be no situs picketing bill this shel.'ed two administration pro- for Johnson's reaction to Mills' year. posals last week, illustrating a decision not to introduce the Chairman get their broad fact that the public sometimes trade bill, said the President powers from the House rules still hopes Congress will act as but must be wielded bold forgets. In Congress, the chairmen of soon as possible on the meas- ly to be effective. And they have While their fellow sit-In demonstrators at the University day and eatch up on their slMp. Th«y ar> protMtlni M* of to have the support of a major the committees call the shots, ure. Sheriff Charles E. Price to- not the President. class •»•"*«•« standings I" In draft deferment*. deferments, An unidentified man In Another illustration of i ity of their committee mem of Chlciio carry on their sit-in. Him students sprawl -'— day Issued a plea for the dona (AP Wlrophota) background holds a small child. Mills put aside administration chairman's power was fur bers. office furniture in the school's administration building yerttrtion of clothing for the Earl bills that would have liberalized nished recently by Rep. Adam Mills commands support In Crodell family, of Mercersburg trade with Communist nations Clayton Powell, D-N.Y., when the Ways and Means Committee Rout* 1, note trailer was deEastern Europe and re- he refused to call up an admin- through a brilliant combination stroyed by fin Wednesday even- in vamped state unemployment istration-backed bill already ap- of political skill, legislative acu ing. p.-ved by his Education and men and knowledge of his subThe plea for help was passed insurance systems. Labor Committee that would ject. on to Sheriff Price by Mrs. Hel- "I am not for it," he said, inpermit onsite picketing by con Powell plays rough. "Remem en Hose, of Hagerstown, a- rela- announcing he would not even struction unions. ber, I have to sign your travel introduce the trade bill. tive of the Crodell family. vouchers," he tells members canvas sack through » aid* The Crodell children. Sheriff repeat, 'ly to forestall any at- By LAWRENCE L. KNUTSON services at the request of the at 9:30 a.m. Friday and didn't door. "It's all over the piae»," Price said, are in need of size student," Beadle break up until shortly after 7 CHICAGO (AP) - A loud particular tempts to override him. was the answer. 3 dresses, size 5Vi shoes, and p.m. Some chairmen make al- knocking on the door of Univer- said. dispatched cleanup Earlier, 40 graduate students size 5 sox. iances to command a majority. ity of Chicago President The demonstrators argue that They set up a picket line before the The father. Price added. Is in But others fail to use the pow- eorge W. Beadle's home a student who refuses to ask squads throughout the six-sto'ry building, carrying signs which need of size 32-29 trousers, size er and become captives of more marked the formal end of a that the information be sent to building to clear away mounds read: "Take baths, not our t Shoes, and size 15V4 shirts. aggressive junior members who ass student demonstration Selective Service jeopardizes of paper, coffee cups and ciga- rights," "Democracy, not anarMrs. Crodell is in need of rette butts. gainst the school's policy of himself with his draft board. do. maternity clothing. Price said. ipplying information to draft The students made their deci- "Hey, where's the garbage?" chy," "Free discussion, not Price added that donations sion after a meeting that began someone yelled as he dragged a coercion." snatched her from a dirt road wards. maK be left either it the Wash- SHADE GAP, Pa. (AP)-Hun- a quarter-of-a-mile from her But President Beadle was not ington County Jail, or at the dreds of volunteers swarmed to home Wednesday shortly after home Friday night to receive home of Mrs. Hose, Route 40, the picnic grounds here today she and her younger sisters and the message, so a declaration to resume the massive search wett of Hagerstown. brother left a school bus. A outlining the students' stand John L. Smith Kersons wishing to arrange for for Peggy Ann Bradnick, a 17- teen-age boy was picked up for ws slipped under his front * djnation, Price said, may tele year-old girl feared kidnaped by questioning but released. John Leonard Smith, 79, 29 phone Mrs. Hose at RE-3-1054. a mysterious sniper known to State police continued to ad South Locust Street, died _ oor. Moments earlier, most of the residents of this rural area vance the theory that the girl's Washington County Hospital on 350 students who had occupied as the "mountain man." Saturday morning. He was born abductor was the mysterious nd controlled the administraMeanwhile, the state police distributed an artist's sketch of "mountain man," who for two and reared at Boonsboro and on building since Wednesday About 12 minutes later, the was the son of the late Martin years has terrorized this tiny led across the darkened cam- CAMP SPRINGS, Md. (AP)— and one burned in Lafayette Allentown Road Volunteer Fire the suspected kidnaper based on L. and Susan Emmert Smith. us, blending freedom songs Seven robed Ku Klux Klan mem- Park across from the White Department arrived, hosed down information supplied by area community (pop. 140). House within the next two weeks. :sidents who said they had The artist's sketch was com- He had been a resident of Ha •rth the chimes of the universi- bers held a meeting in a lot near There are KKK members in the crosses, and everyone left for the past 50 years / carillon. piled from information obtained gerstown ^. Xt2-C Albert Resh, son of Mr. :en him. here last night. Be was employed at Howard's They left behind a token force The meeting, including cross- every city of Maryland. Klansand; Mrs. David L. Resh, Hag- The search, police said, has from townspeople, m a n y of He ersjown. Route I, who is serv- failed to uncover a trace of the whom reported being shot at by Feed Store for over 50 years [ 25 protestors to maintain a burnings, Attracted fewer than men said, and to show their and retired in 1960. 100 persons, most of them police- strength members will hold ralinp>ith the Air Force in Bien girl or the masked man who the sniper 4-hour-a-day sit-in. lies frequently and civil rights He was a member of St Hoa, Viet Nam, surprised his and reporters. Their declaration said the de- men Paul's EUB Church. The meeting was near An- demonstrators will be picketed. Evangelist James Wilson, of parents with a phone call via sion to withdraw most of the Police made no move to stop Baltimore, will preach at 7:30 He is survived by his widow Tel-Star recently. He reported marked the drews Air Force base. Mrs Emma Wilkenson Smith] emonstrators himself in food health. He is a "This was supposed to have the meeting because it was held tonight at 742 Spruce St., Kginning of the second phase of with permission on private prop- launching a series of revival daughter, Mrs. Irene Cunning graduate of South Hagerstown been a private ceremony," comservices which will continue all bam, Hagerstown; one grand ieir protest. erty. High School in the das* of 1963. mented Exalted Cyclops Xavicr daughter; two sisters, Mrs They said they would contact Edwards, 25, of Wheaton, when About 9 p.m. the Klansmcn week. He,4rould like to hear tram his ach faculty member to outline Grace Itnyre, Boonsboro; Mrs frietds at this address: A2-C asked about the small turnout carried lighted torches to a 30- Music and singers will be proBessie Dagenhart, Boonsboro; the student's position, then rally "We're here to burn these two ofot cross, performed a brief vided by different churches. Alfcrt Resh 138-190-82; Box 2844, rednesday to reassess their 8nf-F.M.S.; APO San FrancisClear weather was spotty a number of nieces and neph- osition. Sr THB MSOCIATID Will crosses in honor of Klansman dance around it, then stood back The Rev. J. A. Wilson is h o s t ews also survive. co,;*:- man. pastor. Spring's persistent brand of throughout the nation, with New The body was removed to the "We shall permit free access Ernest Beale, who died in the as a member set it afire. Camp Springs area recently," wet and cloudy weather contin Mexico and Arizona the only funeral home of A.K. Coffman and operation of the building MATINEES ued today across the major part two states with cloudless skies where services will be held on y the administration, as long Edwards said. of the nation and cool air ling- in early morning. Today and Sunday Tuesday at 2 p.m. with the Rev s they act in good faith," the Edwards wore a satin-tailored | Early morning temperatures ered in the Midwest and Northbedsheet with a matching point At J:0» P.M. ranged from 30 at several com- Dr. Lester Kauffman officiating tatement said. with burial in Rest Haven Ceme 'At the same time,".it contin ed hood. Evenings at 1:15 fM. -..„ _. _. Weather Bureau munities in New Hampshire, tery. ed, "we intend to continue to The ceremony started with said that rain fell during the Vermont and upper New York The family will meet friends use it as a forum for communi klansman putting a torch to night and early morning in SO of State to 80 at Blythe, Calif. at the funeral home on Mondaj ation and information about gasoline-soaked five-foot wooc the 41 contiguous states, with evening from 7 to 9. cross. ur aims." heaviest amounts in the middle BIG HITS The statement said a universi Then, using a portable publi Gulf Coast region. More than Mrs. Marie Plante announcement that the stu address system,. Klan leader 5 one inch splashed the PensacoMrs. Marie Plante, 57, 100 In ents would be regarded as par launched a 30 minute verbal at la-Valparaiso area of the Floridian Cottage Road, wife of Re cipants in resolving the draft tack on Negroes. da Panhandle and nearly one mick N. Plante, died at Wash inch fell alone the Alabama Hagerstown City police inves ington County Hospital Satur nformation policy would be re- In other remarks they indicat arded as an act of good faith. ed support for U.S. interventioi coastline. ttgated two burglaries early to- day morning after a lengthy ill Earlier, Beadle had said in a in Viet Nam, advocated bomb Rain ended in southeastern day, but only three boxes of cup!SS. tatement that seizure, of the ing Hanoi, and said the recen Texas after dumping more than cakes are know to be missing. She was born In Russia am 6 inches in the Orange-Port Ar The cupckaes, valued at $1.44, had resided in Hagerstown for uilding was a "coercive tac- Glen Echo amusement park rio near Washington was well plan I) thur-Beaumont area Friday. were missing from Atlantic Ser- the past four years. She was tic." The university's policy with ned by Washington Negroes I) Cloudbursts hit Galveston and ice Station, 444 N. Jonathan St., formerly of Plainfield, N.J. espect to student deferment Klan spokesmen told the audi .part of the Conroe area north of which was entered through a She was a member of St eniains as it was. We will only ence there will be "a cross Houston with a foot of rain. Be window between 3 a.m. and 7 John's Lutheran Church. "Stthwa Itween 40 to 50 bouses were a.m. today. The station was ran- Besides her husband she Is rovide grades and class stand- burned in the Washington ares •KISS-BUTTON... ing information to selective every weekend from now on . II flooded in the Conroe district. sacked, and an attempt w a s survived by son, George Carney j!-«nd a MtSltlffGale warnings were posted made to break into a pinball Europe; step - children, Mrs along the coast of northern Cali- machine. Mabel E. Bickar, Manville, N.J fornia from Point Reyes north- Nothing has yet been found Mrs. Ruth E. Drake, Middlesex ward to Point St George. missing at the Montgomery N.J four step - grandchildrei Ward auto service department, and a number of nieces am 24 W. Antietam St., which was nephews also survive. entered between 9 a.m. Friday Friends may call at Norment Funeral CHU waawas L uuc*«u 44W"*!- Home «•»••• —from and (7 «.iu. a.m.wu**> today.EIUU.J Entry r .— 2 p.m. Sun made through a door after the day until 9 p.m. Monday, : Funeral' services will hbe "~- """ ° held BALTIMORE (AP) - Vice glass was broken out by rocks. at"St. John's Lutheran Church Present! President Hubert H. Humphrey on Tuesday at 11 a.m. with the will address the 70th annual conRev. George Whetstone official v<- ;on of the National Congress ing with burial in Rest Haven of Parents and Teachers Tuesday night, Mrs. Jenelle Moor... . .. . ,. Mrs. Plante will lie In state head, president, announced to- A demonstration of Antie- gt the church one hour prio fey S**ci<l ArnntwnMiH «f of the the Antie DnnuHih Pl«r Mrvlct, Inc. tarn Equipment CorporaUon's to the tilne of the service. day. The four-day convention for "PurpIe-K r UL pic-n. foray luia/ chemical t.uciui\.ai exCAMay 14, 16, 17, 18, 19 LAST DAY Mrs. Bertha Bitner tinguisher, previously scheduled CONT. SHOWS for Thursday of last week, has Mrs. Bertha Effie Goss Bit 1:15 P.M. DOOM Open 1 P.M been rescheduled tor for 7:30 oeen rescneauiea <:w p.m., 5g wife of Roy j. Bitnei All performances held at tht Women's Club Auditorium, Monday, at the Hagerstown f ^ Fairground Ave., died a 31 South Pratptct St. Single Admission SI J* and Me. Test Grounds on Frederick St. Wasnmgton County Hospital Fri Fire, ponce, cm] defense pub- dav a{ttrnoon. he service, school, and industrial jorn and real.e(] ,t Berwick officials have been urged to at- Columbia county. Pa., she was | tend the demonstration. the daughter of Mrs. Aaron Been tel and the late Mr. Bechtel. She had lived in Hagerstown 16 years |TKWW. Besides her husband and nioth •U.Ml.«Hitn». —l*;"i' Dear Lord, anger is no friend, er, she is survived by daughter lit softens my brain but not my Mrs. Charmaine Boggs, Hagers Phom RE 9-7171 Phone RE MMI heart. It wearies my patience town; sons, John L. Goss, Balti hows 1 A 3 — 7 & » First Show at Dusk till my cry must be, Lord, help more, Roy Goss Jr., Hagers Sat. t Sun. Shows at Henry's 1 p.m. to 11 p.m. me in my foolish wrath. Father, town; step - daughters, M r s I give me the privilege of peace Catherine Snyder, Mrs. Heler from my practice of patience. Glaze and Mrs. Mary M a r i e May I keep looking up for how- Carter, all of Hagerstown ever long it takes to simmer stepsons, Charles. Edward, Har SUNDAY-MONDAY-TUESDAY down, then be able to afford old and Lynn Bitner, all o< anger because I have learned its Hagerstown; 15 grandchildren control; in Jesus' name. Amen, sisters, Mrs. Edith Whitmire —Neil Wyrick, Jr., Miami, Fla., and Mrs. Anna Lanning, both TECHNICOLOR* minister. Palmetto Presbyterian of Berwick, Pa.; brothers, old Scott "--•—' Bechtel, 'both of Church. " and' "—' Berwick, Arthur Bechtel, Mich STARTS WEDNESDAY STARTS WEDNESDAY igan, and a number of nieces AT HIWAY AT HENRY'S La* Graham, 17, and nephews. Reaches Tonga Islands ^ was removed to the JEANSEBERG ii-v The body HONOLULU (AP) - Leelfune'ral home of A.K. Coffman HONOR BUOaiAN iGraham, a 17-year-old Califor- where services will be Monday SEAN GARRISON* nian,, who hopes to hecome the at 2 p.m. with the Rev. G i¥uuiiKt;» youngest s.iiw sailor to 10 lumpinc complete a Bartow Harris officiating.. Bur solo round-the-world voyasr by lal will be In Cedar Hill Cemesea. has reached the Tonc» Is-|tfry. Grecncastle. Pa. lands. J.OOO miles southwest of The family will receive Honolulu where word was re- friends at the funeral h o m e ceived of his arrival. 'Sunday from 7 to 9 p.m.

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