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Graphic Design 2 James Strudwick - s2806114

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Branding - White

Black Yellow Blue #000000 #fdec03 #134a97 Orange Green Pink #e96623 #35a848 #e40583 Blue Gold Grey #28a3dc #c1d02f #afafaf

Font: Helvetica World Style: Normal Colour: Black Referred to be the main logo. Will be used on white background or light colours.

Branding - Black

White Yellow Blue #000000 #fdec03 #134a97 Orange Green Pink #e96623 #35a848 #e40583 Blue Gold Grey #28a3dc #c1d02f #afafaf

Font: Helvetica World Style: Normal Colour: White Will be used on black background or darker colours. NOT TO BE USED ON WHITE

Colour Scheme Website Aid

Business Essentials - Old Front


This is a copy of the old myrabelle studios business card. Client would like to update this simple design to a new and improved look.

Business Essentials - New Front


The new myrabelle studio business card will have all the updated information. The aim is to still have the same style logo from the old but to improve the overall look, So it is more appealing for this time of era.

Business Essentials • Myrabelle Studios have asked for polo shirt designs. • Both in black and white with the corresponding, matching colour logos. • Uniforms are to be professional looking but at the same time be comfortable for installation purposes etc.

• Uniforms can be purchased through BOCINI. • They are CHEAP and COMFORTABLE • Embroidered names at an extra cost.


• Transportation vehicle compatible for both work and family errands. (VW preferred or ute) • Print stickers for logo and mobile public contact • Needs to protect prints while transporting. • Needs to carry necessary tools for installations.

Business Stickers

Client would like a master sticker template. (AI) Printed stickers can be used for the transportation tubes, fundraising envelopes, poster name tags, CD / DVD labels, equipment labels etc. Artwork will be printed on vinyl. ($90/sqaure metre) Easy to use, is cheap and lasts a long time.

Printing Tube - Packaging Idea

• Transporting prints is essential for all personal and business customers. • Instead of buying the same plastic carrying container every time, myrabelle studios will be using recycled tubes from AMCOR RECYCLING to help reduce waste.

Website - Old

Client would like to upgrade the company website. Still has main splash page as being under construction. Show basic prices, company specials or current deals, previous work (slideshow pictures), contact page. (TBC)

Website - New

Website - New

Graphic Design 2 James Strudwick – 2806114 Plastic Bags

Brief Two: Advertising Drop One Product

Logo Creation • Gold - ffcd05 • Red - ed2024 • Green - 78a340 The design of the logo was created so the basket is created by the letters of the word Basket. and the shoppa is made to look like a trolley.

Both are means of grocery transport therefore DROPPING the use of plastic bags.

Information Regarding Plastic Bags

Plastic Bags

Shoppa Basket

Cost to produce

2 cents

$10 $30 (wheels)

AUS spends in a YEAR (2009)

$ 850 Million

$ 200+ Million


Pollutes the earth

Can recycle into other plastic items

Plastic bags are made with Polyethylene and s very hard to break down. Although they are cheap, light and flexible there is another cheaper alternative which is cleaner for the environment . By passing a law to ban plastic bags users can use the new Shoppa Baskets. This phase allows all 10million Australian residents to have 2 baskets per house hold. This costs approximately 200 million which is far less than the 850 million spent on plastic bags in Australia alone. Not only does the Shoppa Baskets last longer but they are cheaper and can be recycled when damaged.

Aim to produce an easy to read billboard. Most people have a quick glance at the message, and our message is to promote the use of plastic baskets rather than plastic bags. Rather than lots of answers we have tried to incorporate of what is bad and what is good using images.

A vertical poster is easy to read from the top down. Our message to promote shoppa baskets is to include that by using the plastic baskets, users will be saving money and at the same time saving our earth and the environment.

This can be placed in small areas such as bus stop windows, column in a newspaper ad or super-market checkout aisles.

Large areas such as shopping centres and businesses, windows are usually quite large and therefore need crisp easy to read messages. A large window sticker can help remind customers about the message on plastic bags. With many windows available, different images can be used to show other types of plastic bag pollution.

Advertisements in a newspaper column or in this case a city council newsletter, a small amount of space is given so this space is detrimental to convey the correct message to the different audience and users. This is an instructional image to show the users of the new information of what a shoppa basket might consist of during the first ROLLOUT phase.

This new essentials package can be a pre-packed basket, so users can pickup, pay, and conveniently go fast.

A Facebook page is a must have for organisations and community messages. It allows all users to browse latest information and other online material. Incorporating QR Codes and online content, Facebook allows to send your message to thousands of people all through an online message. It is free and very important throughout an advertising phase.

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