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Structured Settlements The purchasing of structured settlements is a common procedure done by financial institutions and personal investors with the intent of making a profit. The key factor of purchasing these settlements is that the purchase price is typically far less than the settlement value, allowing forprofits to be gained in the long run. Legal restrictions do apply, however, with the most important being that not all states allow the purchase of structured settlements.

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Structured settlements are a commonly used payment plan in the instances of large cash awards, such as the winning of a lawsuit or lottery. These amount to taking the total value of the award and dividing it into a set number of payments over a length of time. Lottery winnings are a good example of this, as payments are usually stretched over 20 years. The purchase of a structured settlement is simply the trading a lump sum for the remainder of the settlement payments, and for recipients who would prefer the immediate cash, there are a large number of financial institutions and personal investors who are willing to buy. However, the amount of the lump sum will always be less than the settlement value.

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Accepting a lower value for a structured settlement is the key point when it comes to selling a settlement payment, as offering an equal value will offer no financial benefit to the buyer. Without the financial benefit, there would be no reason to purchase a structured settlement. Competition among buyers can work in favor of the seller, although this can be a disadvantage for the buyer, as it often amounts to a higher purchasing price being required. There are also legal restrictions that apply to both sides of the transaction.

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Those interested in selling or purchasing a structured settlement need to first be aware that not all states allow settlements to be purchased. In fact, approximately two-thirds of the states do not. Additionally, in the states that do allow this to happen, court approval may be required before the transaction can take place. This is primarily to ensure that neither the seller nor the buyer has an ulterior motive, but also to ensure that both sides are aware of the financial details of the sale. This means that the seller must understand that they are accepting a lower value for the settlement, and buyer must be willing to accept long-term payments to obtain the benefit of the purchase.

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Purchasing structured settlements is a common practice for financial institutions and personal investors who intend to gain financially, and it works by offering a lump sum lower than the value of the settlement. While competition among buyers may benefit the seller, it can be a disadvantage for buyers, as a larger sum will often be needed for purchase. Legal restrictions apply, and court approval may be required before the transaction can take place. Purchasing a structured settlement will amount to a long-term profit for the buyer, however, which makes it a financially beneficial transaction.

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Structured Settlements  

The purchasing of structured settlements is a common procedure done by financial institutions and personal investors with the intent of maki...

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