Structo issue nine

Page 82

A Question for the Candidate michael martin


have a question. No time? But I was under the impression there would be questions after the talk. I think there are a number of points delegates would like to have answered. It doesn’t seem right they should curtail question time just because the candidate arrived late. And he’s going now so there’ll be no chance to talk to him over tea. I’ve come from Leicester. Have you come far? We might as well enjoy the refreshments ourselves. Would you keep an eye on my coat? I just want to use the facilities. He didn’t have to speak so long. With his late arrival he could have left all that flannel out. They just tell you what they want you to hear. I wouldn’t be surprised if he came late on purpose. They expect our votes but they’re terrified someone will ask a question that actually means something. Of course they haven’t got an answer for the real questions. At least not an answer that’s been cleared by head office. Tea. Milk, one sugar and one of those cakes. Thank you, I’ll be back in a moment. Thank you for getting that. Oh dear, the tea’s hardly warm. No, don’t trouble yourself, it was probably stewing while he was talking. At least they left the clingfilm on the cakes, they’re still quite fresh. You would think if they were so keen to get our votes they would pay us more respect and listen to what we have to say. I don’t think I’m going to vote for him after this. But who else is there? That’s the thing, and if you say you’re not voting at all then they say you can’t complain when things go wrong. What nonsense. My father always said that not voting was as much a statement as voting. The last time they were on the hustings, I went to a meeting in the local library. There were no refreshments at all but at least the candidate that time spoke briefly and listened to us. Said he would see what he could do. Nothing happened, of course, but at least he listened. Do I sound terribly naïve? Well, perhaps I am. It’s upbringing, I imagine. Should we say something about the tea? I came here straight from work, so I was looking forward to something hot. Work in Leicester, live in Stamford. A bit of a drive but I enjoy driving. I leave before the rush hour. I know, when isn’t it the rush hour these days? I’m going to get caught in all the traffic on the A47 and what for? Lukewarm tea and a