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around her middle. He carries her to the centre of the room and digs his knee into the back of hers, making her fall to the floor. In an instant, he swings her onto her back and sits astride her delicate frame. The girl’s face screws up and she pushes her hands on his chest, but the man sits firm. The girl scratches her nails down the man’s cheek. He wraps his hands round each of her dainty wrists, and pins them to the floor. The girl kicks her legs in the air behind the man’s back, the skirt of her dress flying up and down. She thrashes her body from side to side – her mouth opening and closing, without a word. The man lets one wrist go and holds a hand to his ear, listening, then shakes his head. With a smile of satisfaction, he forces his hand down onto her throat, slamming her head back against the floor. She stills. A trickle of black blood slips down her chin, from her lower lip. The man leans back, still astride her, unbuttoning his pants. The girl begins to press on the floor, slowly raising her upper body. Her arms give way and she drops back. Dark lines of makeup streak from the corners of her eyes down her cheeks. Her mouth opens and she screams silently.


Structo issue nine  

This issue features 13 short stories, 21 poems, two interviews (writer Stella Duffy and Bodley's Librarian Sarah Thomas) and an essay promot...

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