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2010 Welcome!

The Ultimate Day

for Women!

This year we have so much planned and we’re excited to have you here with us! We welcome the men from AlaskaMen Magazine, here on an Oregon Adventure to try and find the love of their lives. We have over 200 exhibitors, fashion shows, wine & food sampling and makeovers for your life and style. There is truly something for every woman to experience and enjoy. We thank you again for taking the time to celebrate our 18th anniversary with us, and hope you have an amazing time at the show! Heather Novak Impact Productions Owners of the Portland Women’s Show


Not Just For Hollywood Starlets Anymore

From Special Event or Power Suit to Hot Date… Betty Jean Couture Keeps Your Look Polished & Stunning!

Ever watched the stars arrive on the red carpet for a special event looking completely amazing, and had that conversation with your girlfriends “Of course she looks great. She doesn’t shop off the rack! Everything she wears is made just for her by a designer.”? High quality, custom tailored fashion isn’t an indulgence reserved for the stars anymore, and it’s surprisingly affordable. We are fortunate to have a locally owned, high-style fashion house of our own, right here in Portland. Betty Jean Couture offers exceptional quality, custom designed clothing & accessories at off-the-rack prices. Since 2003, owners Kenneth & Jerald Doswell have been providing women of every shape and size the ability to look stylish, feel comfortable, and be inspired in their wardrobe. “Fashion inspires” says Kenneth. The brothers’ love of fashion was infused by their mother, Betty Jean, who went to work each day as a school teacher, always impeccably dressed, and their father who worked for years with the design houses in the fashion district in Los Angeles. The Doswells honor their family history through a commitment to providing beautiful fashion with impeccable workmanship at prices that everyone can afford. A long-time client and real estate professional at Hasson Realty, Earline Penson says “I always used to have suits off the rack tailored. It’s all about the fit. If things fit right, you look great. I feel good when I look as good as I know I can.” One of the latest collaborations for Earline was a wardrobe collection of 8 pieces for a professional event she was attending at the Rockefeller Center in New York . “Each day I received lots of compliments about my clothing, and the cocktail dress that Kenneth designed for me really got a lot of attention.” Kenneth pulls a classic Chanel-inspired swing dress in flowing black chiffon from his collection. “It was something like this” he says, as I start envisioning the perfect shoes to pair with that masterpiece of a little black dress. By this point, I was intrigued. Standing at 6 feet tall, pants have never been an easy find for me. I decided, based on what I’d seen in his collection, and the raving testimonials of his past clients, that I, too, should step into the world of couture. In pursuit of the perfect pair of Katherine Hepburn style professional trousers, I was quickly measured by Lubov, the charming Master Seamstress. Osha, fashion illustrator, showed me various samples of fine fabrics to select my colors. “Fabrics are the palette” Kenneth says. And a few short days later, I was in for my fitting, amazed that the color was perfect, the fabric draped beautifully, they were elegant, comfortable, flattering, and for the first time in ages…they were the right length.

It’s fabulous to get Hollywood starlet treatment, and that’s precisely what Betty Jean Couture provides. Needless to say, a second pair of slacks in another color was essential, and suddenly, I feel the need for a little black dress coming on! Kenneth, Jerald, and a collective of several local fashion designers are opening a lovely new retail location in downtown Portland. “Flurry” will open on November 1st . The fashion collaborative will be ideal for those special holiday outfits and for a perfect collection of gifts including sweaters, handbags, jewelry, and more. Located in the heart of downtown near Nordstrom & Banana Republic on Broadway, Flurry will offer private Personalized Style Events, a fun & relaxing opportunity to host a small gathering for the holidays while getting your shopping list attended to at the same time. I can’t think of a better way to holiday shop…with my girlfriends, in a beautiful, stress-free setting, glass of champagne in hand and exceptional service. Aaaaaahhh! I love the Hollywood startlet treatment!

3537 NE Williams Ave Portland, OR 97227 503.284.6711

Photography by: Naim Hasan Photography 503.421.7493 Makeup by: Brandy Nicole Graise 253.353.6188 Hair Styling by: Tara McAdoo 678.524.0106


Beau Monde College of Hair Design prides itself on providing students with a top of the line education. Our students are trained in the Pivot Point education system, which we believe offers them a more thorough education than some of our competitors present. We know that salon owners are constantly looking for graduates who were taught using the Pivot Point methodology. This is what gives our school the stellar job placement numbers we proudly embrace. Beau Monde was selected by Pivot Point Educational Systems to take part in the early adopters program for online teaching. With this new technology, students will soon be allowed to access their books online in class, at home or on the go. We believe this will make it easier for students to study their material, thus making them more successful students. Along with providing our students with a superb education we enjoy giving our students opportunities to rub elbows with industry professionals. Some of the professionals/companies we have brought into our school include Wella, Sebastian, and top Olympic team trainer, Manuel Rodriguez. Also, we recently hosted the Portland model call for America’s Next Top Model. This gave our students the chance to meet TV producers from NW 32, along with perspective models whom they could potentially do future work with. Beau Monde also provides its students with international opportunities. We have hosted various international organizations that help our students learn about education from abroad while at the same time we give them education to take back to their respected countries. Beau Monde students also have the opportunity to travel abroad through the Pivot Point International Study Abroad program. This is just a small sample size of the opportunities we like to provide our students with. We here at Beau Monde believe in giving back to the community that has done so much for us. Our staff and students participate in numerous benefit walks such as the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and the Portland Aids Walk. Also, we loved having students from the Washington School for the Blind in; where our students provided them with a multitude of services. We have also done work with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Being in the position to give back to the community is a privilege we take very seriously.

With the education and countless opportunities we provide for our students we are confident that we are molding exceptional professionals for the cosmetology industry. Beau Monde takes serious interest in its students, which may be the reason we have had the honor of having three alumni win the coveted NAHA award. We work hard for our students and in return they work hard for us; this has been fundamental to our successes.

Helpful Tips from Beau Monde With summer coming to a close it is time to start preparing for winter. The winter months are when skin needs our attention the most. Dry and itchy skin becomes the norm for many people. Here are some tips to break away from this norm: • EXFOLIATE- Nothing prevents the true texture of soft skin more than dull, dead skin cells that have built up overtime. They need to be scrubbed off. • MOISTURE- Using the right moisturizer for your skin will help seal in the desirable all day moisture. • SUNSCREEN- The number one cause of skin aging is UV rays from the sun. Daily usage of sun screen can counteract the damage caused. Remember, UV rays still come through on cloudy days! • WATER- Drinking water or low calorie, water-based beverages can help keep your skin hydrated, soft and supple.

Providing Your Pet the Gift of

QUALITY LIFE Preventing Common Pet Health Issues

As thanks for the loyalty, unconditional love, laughs, and good times our pets provide us, we owe it to our pets to provide the absolute best quality of life possible. The only person ultimately responsible for an animal’s health is us, the pet owners. If you sense that something is off with your pet’s well being, advice given to you by a professional doesn’t make sense or sound quite right, seek a second opinion. Don’t be afraid to shop around for vets, pet foods, or pet stores. You know your animal better than anyone else, and as their keepers, it’s up to us to advocate for their best health options. I am providing some basic advice below, but if you would like more details, or to explore options specific to your pet, please come in and talk to us! We are committed to your pet’s health and providing education & guidance to pet owners in support of that mission. Stomach/intestinal upset – 70% of a pets immunity is generated from a healthy digestive system. Quality food & Probiotics play a big factor in ensuring digestive health. Another factor is quantity of food. So many people say that the higher grade pet food is too “rich” for their pet. If your pet is eating a food that has no fillers, the food gets completely broken down and nutrients more efficiently absorbed. Avoiding high-carbohydrate fillers also helps prevent other serious conditions like Diabetes. It is important to accurately measure with a graduated measuring cup (one with lines), provide two meals per day, and pay attention to amounts. If your pet is having stomach upset, try changing to a higher quality food with no fillers, cut a third or half out of their diet for a few days, feed twice daily. You’ll be amazed at the improvement. Adding a couple of tablespoons of pumpkin to their meal is a good way to add fiber & enzymes to their diet as well. And the best part is…your pet will love it! Arthritis – As our pets age, we sometimes notice stiffness as they get up from a nap, hesitancy to climb stairs, etc. There are supplements to both prevent arthritis from taking hold as well as counteract the inflammation & pain associated with the condition. Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Hyaluronic Acid (HA) help maintain the joints and keep them moving freely. MSM is most effective in pets with existing issues; the effects are more temporary, but also faster-acting. Often, foods add these ingredients, but direct supplementation is much more effective and produces more rapid results. A liquid supplement poured over your pet’s food every day starting at latest in “middle-age” will assist in preventing this issue. Allergies - If your pet has red itchy spots, or if they keep licking their paws, chances are they are having an allergic

reaction to something. To be sure it is an allergy, use an antihistamine for a few days. These can be found at pet stores or you can also get this from your vet. If the symptoms start to fade, you know for sure it is an allergy. Now all you have to do is find out what is causing the reaction. It may be environmental, like mold or grass. But often times, it is a food allergy. The way you find out is the Elimination Diet. Pick a new meat or meat/carb combo (one that your pet has never had before) and feed nothing else for 3 months. For instance, switch to feeding venison & rice, feed only venison and/or rice treats. No table scraps, no stolen cat food. After 1 month, you should see improvement. After 3 months, the problems should be mostly, if not entirely gone. Now, you can go back through that old ingredient list, and try to figure out which one caused the problem. Slowly reintroduce foods until you find the problem-causer, and ban that food forever. Keep in mind, allergies can only form once the body has been exposed to something, and each meat or plant is specific. If your pet can’t have turkey, there is still a possibility it can have chicken, even though the meats are so similar. Oral health – Pets often tend to have plaque & tartar buildup on their teeth over time. This causes tooth decay, foul breath, and usually results in the need for professional teeth cleaning at the vet’s office. In order to reduce & prevent this condition, Enzymes are the best way to go here. You’ve probably seen CET/DET rawhide treats from the vet. These are treats coated in enzymes. The same company that makes those also makes enzyme-based toothpaste that you can buy in any pet shop. Even better, powders like PlaqOff and Dentatreat can be added to the top of meals. We have seen amazing results with Dentatreat, and it smells like cheese, which helps with picky eaters. Urinary Issues & Kidney (renal) failure – One of the biggest causes of death for older cats, this is another one that is easy to avoid. First, feed some (if not all) wet or raw food. Cats are from the Middle Eastern desert, and they are designed to get their water from their food. If there is food in their stomach, their body assumes there is water in the food, and they don’t get as thirsty as they should, and therefore don’t drink. Ultimately this causes them to become dehydrated. Investing in a cat fountain, which range from $20 to $100+, depending on how fancy you get, will encourage more water intake. In a desert, flowing water is always fresher than a stagnant pool, and our feline friends instincts remind them of that fact. Finally, stick to lowphosphorous meats, like poultry, and look for foods that say “deboned” on the label, as this helps prevent crystallization in the urinary tract. Probiotics and cranberry help prevent urinary tract infections.

2762 NE Broadway Portland, Oregon 503.282.5824

Traditional Chinese Medicine A holistic preventative resource to daily stress Danielle Melanson LAc. Dipl OM Elixia Wellness Group

How many of you have had a stressful week? The amount of stress that surrounds us in daily life is insidious and seemingly constant. We are bombarded by emails, voicemails, our boss, our family, our kids, traffic, bills, and of course the endless social networking, just to name a few. We cannot escape it, and actually we cannot nor would we want to completely do away with it. A certain level of of stress increases our performance and level of efficiency. Every day we greet the morning with stress. I tell my clients we begin the day at a 5 out of 10 on a scale of 10 (10 being that level of stress that includes incredible irritability and leads to current day episodes of road rage). However, it is not the amount of daily stressors that propel us to road rage. It is how we interpret and then deal with life’s stressors. How can we better roll with the flow of our busy lives. Did you know: • Two thirds of Americans say they are likely to seek help for stress • 43% of all adults suffer adverse health effects from stress • 70-90% of all physician office visits are for stressrelated ailments and complaints • 1 out of 4 workers have taken a mental health day from work to cope with stress • 62% of Americans say work has a significant impact on stress levels If you show up in your physicians office with a handful of the symptoms just described, you may leave her office with one of the following diagnoses: acute stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks, adjustment disorder, depression or a gastrointestinal disorder. You will then be given a prescription for anti-depressant. The attending physician may have spent a total of 10-15 minutes with you. Often times continued... page 10

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Traditional Chinese Medicine continued ... these drugs have unwanted side-effects and sometimes these side-effects can aggravate or worsen current symptoms. Seeing the limitations of pharmaceuticals, physicians are becoming more open to other treatment options and may also recommend cognitive-behavioral therapy, exercise, dietary therapy with a Naturopathic doctor, massage, meditation or Acupuncture. Holistic care is becoming more in vogue and for good reason. Holistic health is a medical practice where all aspects of a person’s needs, psychological, physical and social, should be taken into account and seen as a whole. As integrative practitioners we see the patient as a whole system, not just bits and pieces. I like to use the analogy of the mechanic’s approach versus the gardener’s theory. A mechanic looks under the car’s hood and sees what is wrong and then either takes it out or tops off the fluids. The gardener looks at her patient and wonders what does this system need to thrive? We as holistic practitioners like the gardener look for the deficiencies, such as lack of sleep, nutritional status, chronic pain. We also take into consideration the excesses; too much stress, high blood pressure, or acute migraines. The holistic doctor knows all life is connected and will look to bring what is out of balance back into dynamic balance. Holistic health focuses on all facets of human functioning, including the patient taking responsibility for maintaining all aspects of their well-being. While stress is a normal response, chronic stress can lead to an unhealthy and unbalanced response to life, specifically when the body loses its ability to bring itself back after exposure to stressors over longs periods of time. Acupuncture looks at the body in terms of this dynamic balance and relationship; it works on both a physical and an energetic level. Because of this, Chinese medicine is an ideal modality to treat stress. As I have said and I believe, stress is an integral part of life. It is neither wholly good nor bad, but spans a range of experiences. Stress is helpful when it motivates us and encourages us to meet our goals. When we are under stress our metabolism increases, our heart beats faster, muscles tense, breathing becomes shallow, we perspire, there is decreased blood flow to internal organs and extremities. However to live in this fight or flight model for too long creates dis-ease. No ease with life, ourselves, our work, or our families. From this imbalance disease occurs.

How can we be nourished and thrive if our body is constantly trying to function in this stress reaction mode? Research and common experience tell us that this is not possible. Our body’s reaction to stress serves a purpose, but beyond that it causes illness. Traditional Chinese medicine works very well as preventative medicine, and Acupuncture can even treat the unwanted side-effects of over prescribed Western pharmaceuticals. Chinese medicine has few to no side-effects, and is not limited in what it can treat. Research shows that it is an effective treatment for stress and anxiety, and that blood pressure and heart rate are often lowered after a treatment session. I repeatedly tell my patients who come to me for stress relief that I cannot remove stress in their life. I can, however, change how their bodies react to stress. Research has shown that Acupuncture can stimulate the release of endorphins; hormones that are responsible for relieving pain. It also has been clinically proven to lower stress-related cortisol levels. The theory behind this is that it modifies the autonomic nervous system to lower the release of cortisol levels during prolonged stress. The general sense of well-being may also be attributed to increased levels of mood altering neuropeptides including melatonin, serotonin, and dopamine. From a Chinese Medicine perspective we do two things: Calm the mind and treat the underlying organ system that may be affected. This results in both an immediate feeling of relaxation or calm as well as increasing the patient’s resilience to future episodes. The principle here is to clear the blocked energy in the muscles and nerve channels then facilitate the flow of fresh energy /Qi into them. This ensures relaxation of muscle and mind, and relief from stress and tensions. The goal of natural healing is to achieve a healthy state and maintain it; to determine the ideal diet and lifestyle for an individual, according to physical and mental state, thus to achieve optimal health. We will never be rid of daily stressors, but we do have tools to manage it in your life toolbox, including Acupuncture, Naturopathic, Chiropractic and Massage.

Elixia Wellness Group

Danielle Melanson LAc. Dipl OM 8113 se 13th avenue, Portland, Oregon 97202

503 232-5653

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