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The Tele PX Super Wing Carrier was developed because the windmills are getting bigger all the time. The rotating blades that capture energy from the wind used to be 25 metres long, then 50 metres, and now they can measure almost 70 metres in length. In that case the existing flatbed extendible semi-trailers are no longer a practical option.

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Nooteboom Quatro Tele-PX Super Wing Carrier of the German haulier Hofmann. Revolutionary It was not just a matter of increasing the vehicle length; the construction had to be modified too. The location of the centre of gravity of these long blades could cause the trailer to overturn. Because the blades are longer they are also wider and even have a slightly different shape. These blades are often manufactured to be used in areas with low wind speeds where the aerodynamics work differently. During transport the blade’s centre of gravity is not located right above the central main beam in the middle of the trailer. This fact, plus the fact that these blades have been designed to catch the wind, means that the trailers carrying these blades have to be constructed in a way that makes them extremely torsion-stiff. And they even need to have a certain dead weight to ensure that they don’t overturn when they catch a cross wind during transport.

Nooteboom Quatro TELE-PX SWC of the Polish specialist Trans The Super Wing Carrier, fitted with pendle axles, offers a much wider steering angle (60 degrees) and significantly more axle travel for extra ground clearance. The pendle axles also ensure the platform remains extremely stable, even at maximum steering angles. Another important fact is that the gooseneck, which is hydraulically adjustable (80 cm height compensation), can be fully loaded and driven at any ride height. This Super Wing Carrier is internationally a very popular transport solution for rotor blades that are longer than 50 metres. Latest development The latest development at Nooteboom is the Quatro TELE-PX Super Wing Carrier. The Quatro Tele-PX is an important addition to the range of Super Wing Carriers that are specially designed for the transport of wind turbine rotor blades. This business is booming, especially in Germany, the European market leader in the wind industry. During the past year the capacity of wind turbines in Germany has increased by 26%, according to the BWE (German Wind Energy Association).

A major advantage of the Quatro Super Wing Carrier, which is based on the successful MCO-PX semi low-loader, is the extremely low load floor. This means that transport operators won’t have any worries about the transport height when passing under viaducts. In countries like Germany and the Netherlands the Quatro Tele-PX can travel on the motorways and there is usually no need to map out alternative routes.

Quatro Tele-PX Super Wing Carrier

Quadruple extendible

Fixed axle assembly with pendle axles

Load floor height 1090mm

Retracted length 18.7 m

Various heights load floor to gooseneck

Ground clearance highest position approx. 1.5m

The load floor is extendible in 4 steps from 17 m to just over 63 metres. In comparison: the Triple Tele-PX is extendible in 3 steps from 18.7 to approx. 60 metres. In certain European countries the shorter retracted length of the Quatro Super Wing Carrier offers important advantages as regards exemptions.

The choice of Quatro Multi-PX versus Triple Tele-PX is mainly determined by the transport height the transport operator wishes c.q. needs to have at his disposal. With the arrival of bigger and bigger wind turbines, the rotor blades too are getting longer and wider. The load floor of the Quatro-PX can be coupled to the gooseneck at various heights. Positioning the flange of the rotor blade behind the gooseneck creates significantly more loading height. In the lowest position the transport height immediately behind the gooseneck is just 760mm, which easily stays below the statutory maximum height limit in Europe.

The hydraulically in height adjustable gooseneck has a height compensation of 80 cm.

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