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Mega Project for Megalift

THP/SL Axles supported with a Self Propelled Modul from Goldhofer Transport Seven Reactor Boilers to Singapore A huge operation for the tire industry: several heavy-load modular systems of the THP/SL type from the Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft of Memmingen, Germany have now substantially participated in what is currently the most important project for producing butyl rubber, the raw material for rubber production. The German specialty chemical group Lanxess is building a new plant for the production of butyl rubber, a hightech material that is used above all in manufacturing tires. The plant will be located in Singapore on Jurong Island with an area of around 200,000 square meters (around 2.2 million square feet) with an investment of more than 400 million euros. For the construction of the new production facility, seven gigantic reactor boilers with a length of up to 80 meters (262 feet) and a total weight of around 850 tons had to be transported from the manufacturer KNM in Malaysia to the construction site on Jurong Island. A mammoth task for Goldhofer’s customer Megalift headquartered in Selangor, Malaysia, since the boilers had a volume of up to 2,428.8 cubic meters (85,772.3 cubic feet).

The KNM project was divided into a total of three transports. First of all, the heavy load experts Megalift brought three boilers with lengths of 52.05 meters, 44.65 meters, and 32.95 meters to the construction site on Jurong Island. Then in the second dispatch, the two longest boilers (80 meters and 69.65 meters) were taken to the destination. Finally, transport number three was just a mere formality, since the loads of 23.1 meters and 17.06 meters no longer posed any excessively great challenges to Megalift. For the transport of the largest boiler, Megalift required several days. Just the twenty kilometer (twelve mile) journey alone from the KNM plant in Melaka to the city's port took twelve hours. Then the mega-cargo was loaded with the help of the THP/SL modules from Goldhofer onto a so-called “RoRo� (roll on, roll off) cargo ship, in order to then cover the 250 kilometer (155 mile) voyage to Singapore by sea. From the port in Singapore, the reactor boiler traveled on the Goldhofer module to the Lanxess construction site. RoRo ships are large vessels that transport loads using the roll-on, roll off process.

Mega-challenge for Megalift: the 80 meter-long reactor boiler had to execute ninety degree curves in a narrow space on THP/SL axle lines from Goldhofer

Throughout the entire process, the greatest challenge for the specialists from Megalift was the first stage of the transport – the twenty kilometer distance over land from the KNM factory premises to the city’s port. Because to do so, the 80 meter long reactor columns weighing 271.41 tons had to be maneuvered through villages and on secondary roads. Especially tricky was the trip through the small town of Sungai Udang, in which there are only two-lane roads. For all of the transports, Megalift made use of the especially highly efficient THP/SL modular systems from Goldhofer which, with 45 tons of axle load, an axle compensation of 600 mm., and a steering angle of 55°, are enormously agile and flexible. For the eighty meter-long colossus, a total of thirty-six axle lines were put to use. In the front, the boiler lay on two times twelve THP/SL axles that were coupled in parallel combination, and in the rear, it was carried by another twelve axles lines. The system at the rear was supported by a hydrostatically driven modular transporter of the PST/ SL type with a 360 kW power pack, in order to achieve the greatest possible maneuverability and agility as well as hill-climbing ability. Just for the transport of the first five reactor boilers, Megalift needed a total of more than one month with immense expenditures of time and effort involved. Permits had to be obtained, and then for the transport itself, highways, secondary roads, and local thoroughfares had to be closed to other traffic, while on top of that, road barriers and other obstacles had to be taken down so that the mega-freight could be transported on land.

Up to the last stage: the THP/SL axle lines from Goldhofer with the unloading of the 80 meter boiler from the RoRo cargo ship in the port of Singapore. And always present were the THP/SL axle lines from Goldhofer’s high-end heavy load series. The THP/SL systems were used above all for the transport of heavy loads in the off-road area. As a result of their robust construction and their high bending moment, they guarantee the highest safety and functionality even with poor ground conditions. Thanks to the transports running smoothly and the installation of the plant components, Lanxess is right on schedule and can adhere to its planned start of production in the first quarter of 2013.

Up to the last stage: the THP/SL axle lines from Goldhofer with the unloading of the 80 meter boiler from the RoRo cargo ship in the port of Singapore. “Thanks to the innovative technology from Goldhofer, everything worked smoothly,” said Adrian Tan, senior general manager of Megalift. “We can rely upon our Goldhofer equipment 100% at any time. And only if all of the parameters are correct can such mega-projects be successfully implemented.”

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Mega Project  

Mega Project for Megalift

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