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Once Upon A Style...

Having respect for yourself can greatly improve your quality of life. You feel better about life in general. This is why it is important to dress for your body shape and life. The better you look, the better you feel about yourself. It also helps when a career is in the works. An employer will be more likely to hire someone if they are dressed respectfully and professionally. Wearing a business suit and nice heels over a pair of denim jeans to an interview will definitely get you more positive attention! Personally, I dress for beauty and comfort. I love clothes that accentuate my plus sized figure and compliment my skin tone, but I have to be physically comfortable in order to be confident in them.. Growing up, my confidence levels were low because I didn’t feel good about the way I looked. Finally, I realized that changing the way I dressed and wearing clothes that flattered my figure made me a happier person. I had found a new respect for myself and everyone noticed the difference.


Body Shapes


H-Frame: are about the same width.

Shoulders, waist, and hips

Best Features: The arms and legs are the best feature for this body type. Items such as the wrap top and dress, corset tops, drawstring pants, and tops/dresses with princess seams are the best looks for the typical H-Frame body. Worst Features: This body type should avoid low rise pants, wide lapel jackets, loose fitting dresses, and rectangle silouette sleeveless tops because of her undefined waistline.



Smaller on the top and wider on the bottom. Shoulders are narrow, breasts are small to average waist slender and hips, thighs, and bottom are full.

Best Features: The A-Frame’s best features are her upper body. She should keep her closet stocked with items such as A-line skirts, low rise pants, dark colored bottoms, and bright colored tops. Worst Features: The larger lower body is this type’s worst feature. She should avoid tight shirts, side pocket pants, pleated pants, and tapered pants.



Round figure with a fuller bust and midsection, heavier arms and shapely legs. This is the average American woman!

Best Features: The O-Frames best features are her shapely legs and bust line. Her key items are loose and wide-legged pants, tops with long sleeves, tops with tubular or rectangular silhouettes, wrap tops, halter dresses, v-neckline tops with empire waistlines, and loose fitting capri pants. Worst Features: Her worst features are her mid section and sometimes heavire arms. This type should avoid small prints and patterns, pleated and cargo pocket pants, embellishments around the middle section, and tapered pants.



Wide shoulders and large bust with narrow hips. Most of the weight is on the upper half of the body

Best Features: The V-Frame’s best feature is her legs. She should accentuate those legs with bright colored bottoms pleated skirts and pants, full and wide leg pants, and knee length or slightly above the knee skirts. Key tops are V-Neck and scoop neck styles and drop waist dresses. Worst Features: This frame’s worst feature are her broad shoulds and large bust. She should avoid boat neck tops and horizontal stripes, prints and patterns, and shoulder pads.



Curvy figure, full bust, small waist, and full bottom. Most sought after body!

Best Features: The X-Frame’s best features are her curvy body and small waist. Her key items are pencil skirts with a contrasting belt, low rise pants with a fitted bottom, v-neck or scoop necklines, tank or spaghetti strapped tops, long-sleeeved fitted shirts that are tucked in, and wrap dresses and tops. Worst Features: The X-Frame doesn’t typically have a worst feature although she should avoid full or blousy shirts, cropped tops, and tubular and rectangular silhouettes.


Face Shapes


Heart Shaped:

A wide, short forehead being the widest at the temples and then narrowing to a small delicate chin. What Looks Best: Heart shaped faces need a softer curlier style. A chin length look is perfect. Wide slanted bangs draw attention away from the jaw line. The best look is full curly or wavy bouncy.

Round Shaped: chin and hairline. Widest at the cheeks and ears.

A wide, short forehead with a round

What Looks Best: Keeping the side close to the face and promoting height at the crown. A suggested style is keeping the hair up on one side, leaving the ear exposed and style the bangs to one side.


Oval Shaped:

The forehead and jaw are the same width. This is considered the ideal face shape. This shape can wear any design with flair. What Looks Best: Bobbed, layered, close/full/long or short, and just about any style will suit this balanced shape. Bangs can accent the eyes, while hair off the forehead can balance the nose in profile view.

Square Shaped: line. Jaw line and forehead are the same width.

A wide, short forehead and strong jaw

What Looks Best: You can soften the edges of a square shape by directing soft wavy bangs down over your temples. Long hair should fall to or past the shoulders. Asymetrical styles work well.


Color Characteristics


Deep: Hair: Black, dark to mid-brown Eyes: Dark brown, deep hazel, olive green Skin Tone: Medium to dark Suggested Accent Colors: Purple, Forest Green, Burgundy, and Royal Blue Suggested Neutral Colors: Dark Grey and Black

Light: Hair: Golden blonde, ash blonde, very light brown Eyes: Blue, green, grey, blue-grey, green blue Skin Tone: Medium to light, often does not tan easily Suggested Accent Colors: Pale Pink, Denim Blue, Mint Green, Lavender Suggested Neutral Colors: Light Brown, Beige


Muted: Hair: Blonde, Light brown Eyes: Brown, hazel, olive green, green/grey Skin: Medium to Deep, may burn or tan Suggested Accent Colors: Dusty Rose, Sage Green, Blue, Baby Blue Suggested Neutral Colors: Grey,Camel

Bright: Hair: Black, medium to dark brown, chestnut brown Eyes: Bright blue, turquoise, bright hazel, violet Skin Tone: Light to medium, may tan or burn Suggested Accent Colors: Bright pink, Emeral green, Red, Peacock Blue Suggested Neutral Colors: Dark Grey, Light Brown


Warm: Hair: Red, Auburn, Copper, Sandy Strawberry Eyes: Brown, Hazel,Bright Blue/Turquoise, Green Skin: Golden or very pale, often burns easily and may have freckles Suggested Accent Colors: Deep Red, Apple Green, Peach, Deep Blues Suggested Neutral Colors: Camel, Terracotta


Fashion Personalities



Traditional, conservative, chic, sophisticated, poised, tailored clothing. Mix-Match Theory of dressing

Wardrobe Consists Of: sheath dresses, coat dresses, straight styled suits, matcing suits, flat front pants, and vaery small motifs or details. Gold jewelry and pearls are prevelant.



Creative, theatrical, entrance maker who prefers contemporize styling. High fashion, bold striking designs

Wardrobe Consists Of: Black, white, and bright colors. Abstract and trendy animal prints, polka dots, and bold stipes. Much of the clothing is oversizedm handcraftyed, freeflowing, loose, and asymetrical silhouettes.



Soft, fresh, dainty, youthful, and refined. Prefers delicate colors, shapes, textures, and patterns: ribbons, lace, bows, and floral.

Wardrobe Consists Of: Flowing skirts, ruffles, peasant blouses, and puffed sleeves. Romantic styles often feature angora and cashmere fabrics and soft pastel colors. Cameo, charms, and pearls are common accessories.



Casual, informal, warm, friendly, and outdoorsy. Most comfortable dressed down in loosely tailored or layered clothing natural fabrics with minimum care required.

Wardrobe Consists Of: Shirtdresses, solid t-shirts, polo shirts, pleated trousers, safari looks, pleated skirts, and blazers. Sporty colors are normally the primary blues and yellows and neutral colors. Common accessories are natural colored leather, sports watches, small earrings and beads.



Bibliography Farr, Kendall. The Pocket Stylist. New York, NY: Penguin Group (USA) Inc, 2004. Fashion stylist Kendall Farr explores body shapes, fashion looks, and shopping techniques in this style guide. She gives very detailed descriptions of how a woman should dress herself for various occasions. Menges, Jeff A. Rackham’s Fairy Tale Illustrations in Full Color. Mineola, NY: Dover Publications, 2002. Editor Jeff A. Menges selected artist Arthur Rackham’s illustrations of some commonly known (and not so commonly known) fairy tales. Many of his illustrations depict scenes from the popular Grimms’ Tales and are filled with depictions of fairies, ghosts, elves, and witches. Saboura, Sam. Real Style. New York, NY: Clarkson Potter/Publishers, 2005. Host of ABC’s Extreme Makeover Sam Saboura gives fashion tips for the average sized woman with various body types. He explores face shapes, body shapes, accessorizing, and ideas on how to dress in the workplace.


Once Upon a Time...A Style Guide  

This guide provides insight into dressing for your body type, face shape, and color characteristics. It also gives examples of the 4 typical...

Once Upon a Time...A Style Guide  

This guide provides insight into dressing for your body type, face shape, and color characteristics. It also gives examples of the 4 typical...