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Directory of Volunteer Ministry Opportunities 2009 St. Rose Philippine Duchesne Parish and Good Shepherd Mission

Dear People of St. Rose & Good Shepherd: Thank you so much to all the people of St. Rose and Good Shepherd, who have worked so hard to build God’s Kingdom in our Community. Typically, people tell me they joined a ministry thinking they were going to be giving to others, only to find that they received far more back then they could ever give. This is an exciting time for our Community. We are doing the work and making the decisions that are building the foundation of what will one day be a significant faith community, with a beautiful campus, a school and many active ministries serving the needs of others. We are already seeing the fruits of our work taking form. The more involved a parishioner is with ministries, the more satisfied they tend to be with their faith and their lives. Everyone is busy. If we do not force ourselves to make time to serve others, we can feel , burdened by our busyness. If we make sure to dedicate some of our time to services of others, we may still feel like we are working too hard, but we will also feel that our work has meaning, beyond the paycheck. Please review the opportunities for ministry that the Parish currently offers. If there is a ministry that you would like to see started in our Community, please discuss with us and, if possible,

Parish Pastoral Life Planning for our Future Helping the Parish to Function in the Present Hospitality The mission of this sub-committee is to provide a spirit of hospitality within the parish. We also extend hospitality by reaching out to those who have left the church and people who are unchurched. Time Requirement: As Needed. Frequency of Service: Varies. Training: On the Job

Spirituality The mission of this ministry is to plan for and develop ministries that encourage and enable people to deepen their personal relationship with Jesus, and grow in understanding of their faith. This ministry is tasked to promote life-long learning and spiritual growth within the parish. They include retreat programs, parish missions, bible studies, and other programs of spiritual growth and formation. Time Requirement: Monthly 2 hour meetings. Frequency of Service: Varies. Training: None Required

Marriage and Family Life The mission of this ministry is to plan for and develop ministries that prepare for, promote and help people live the Sacrament of Matrimony and help to develop healthy families. Included here would be ministries that reach out to single-parent families, blended families, two-parent families, and that promote stronger spiritual bonds within the family. Time Requirement: As Needed. Frequency of Service: Varies. Training: On the Job

we will do so. God Bless,



Ministries with Adults—Continued Health and Wellness Minister As a Catholic steward, a Health and Wellness Minister seeks to enhance and maintain the mind, body, and spiritual well-being of our individual parishioners and our faith community as a whole. Parishioners with backgrounds in health and human services, as well as those looking for an exciting new ministry opportunity, are encouraged to join. Time Requirement: 2-4 hours per month Frequency of Service: Monthly meeting plus special events Training: In-service training provided by parish.

Ministry Fair—All Masses September 12 & 13 in Anthem September 13 in New River For more information contact Cindy Howard, Volunteer Coordinator, at 623-465-9740 ext.156

Women of St. Rose Open to all women of Good Shepherd and St. Rose, looking for Spiritual, Service and Social involvement. Spiritually, this group offers prayers of all in need, using a "Book of Petitions" and a "prayer chain". In Service, this group supports and assists all other ministries as needed. Socially, this group provides a safe place to come for support, friendship and community. Time requirement: 2 hours per month Frequency of service: Monthly meeting, 2nd Wednesday Training: None required

Knights of Columbus A Knight of Columbus is a Catholic man who offers his time to a local Council of the Knights to promote spiritual growth, fraternity and service to the parish. An annual membership fee is involved. Knights offer their support to pro-life activities, ministries to the disabled, and parish needs, as well as promoting the continuing spiritual growth of men and their families. Time Requirement: 1 hour meetings plus service time Frequency of Service: Monthly Training: None required

T-N-T Youth Group TNT is sponsored by the local Knights of Columbus council. TNT’s goal is to provide fun activities that are in keeping with our Catholic Christian values for 10 to 17 year olds from the larger community. Recreational events of various types will be held throughout the year and are open to all who want to attend. Please contact the St. Rose Knights of Columbus to help with this ministry.

Prison Minister Prison ministers respond to the Gospel call to visit those in prison. Prison Ministers provide assistance with liturgical worship, faith formation, and support for the imprisoned. Training is provided by the Parish, the Diocese, and the Federal Prison. A background check is required. Prison Ministers serve at either the juvenile detention center, or the federal prison. Prison Ministers meet monthly for peer review, mutual support, and on-going formation. Contact Deacon Bill Clower in the Parish office.

Important Meetings…..

The Diocese of Phoenix requires that all volunteers complete a Volunteer Orientation that includes our “Called to Protect” series. Volunteer Called to Protect Meetings 1. Saturday, September 19 10:00am at Good Shepherd OR 2. Saturday, September 26 10:00am at St. Rose Chapel in Anthem 3. Tuesday, September 29, 6:30pm at St. Rose Chapel in Anthem Within two weeks we will provide training classes for new Ushers, Lectors, Sacristans, Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, and Greeters. Please watch the bulletin for times and places of training.



We are Called to Serve… and Cherish Christ in Every Face… Index of Ministry Opportunities To help with: See Page: • Helping our parish to be Pro-Life………….….…….….5 • Helping our parish Pray…………………….…….…...6-8 • Helping our parish Reach Out in Love……....…....……9 • Helping our Children grow in Faith…….………………10 • Helping our Teens know Christ…………..…………….11 • Helping our Adults grow Spiritually…..….…………12-14 • Helping our parish to grow in Hospitality….………......15 • Helping our Parish plan for the future.………………...15 Opportunities for Couples/Families to Volunteer Together: • Greeter………………………………....………………….6 • Usher……….……………………………………………...7

Ministries with Adults—Continued Special Events Committee These folks know how to have fun. This Committee plans and conducts the major social and fundraising events for the Community. The time demand can be significant, but typically is for short periods of time. Some Committee members are involved with one event per year; others are involved with several events. Members of this committee meet lots of people, make new friends, go home tired after events and have a great time doing so. Time requirement: 4-20 hours during planning, and 4-10 hours during the event Frequency of service: 1-4 events per year Training: On the job, and as identified

Bereavement Ministry Some feelings and events can not be explained. They can only be understood by those who have had the experience. Grief from loss of a spouse or other loved one is such an experience. Grief from a divorce, bankruptcy, addiction, physical injury, and other aspects of life can also best be understood by those who have had the same or similar experience. Our Grief Ministry gathers people with common wounds and provides them with professional support and guidance. Time requirement: 2 hours per month Frequency of service: varies per person Training: None required

Prayer Shawl Makers

Opportunities for Children, age 10 & Up: • Greeter…………………………..…………………...…...6 • Altar Server…………………………...…………………..8 • Children’s Choir Member…………………..……………8 • Or with family in the ministries listed above

When a person is ill, when a mother is blessed with a baby, or when a person for some other reason could use some comfort, the members of the Shawl making ministry provide the sufferer with a gift of care and love. This Committee makes shawls and gives them to people who can use the comfort and warmth provided by these beautiful gifts. At the Committee gatherings, the members help each other develop their skills, enjoy each others company and conversation, while praying for the Shawl recipients. Time requirement: 1-2 hours per week Frequency of service: Weekly Training: Members help each other

Opportunities for Teens in High School • Greeter…………………………………………………….6 • Children’s Liturgy Leader (with an adult)……………....6 • Usher……………………………..………………………..7 • Lector…………………………………..……….………….8 • Religious Ed Class Assistant………………………......10 • A.C.T.S. Core Team Member (with an adult)…....…...11

Do you want to get to know some new people? Join the St. Rose Supper club! Small groups of parishioners gather for dinner, prayer, and faith sharing every other month. After a few dinners the groups are mixed up so you can get to know new people. Interested? Time requirement: Few hours Frequency of service: Every other month Training: None required


Supper Club

Office Receptionist Assist in the parish office as a receptionist, answering phone calls and greeting visitors. This ministry requires a friendly, welcoming attitude and a weekly commitment. Light office duties also required, like making copies, filing and assisting with mailings as necessary. Time Requirement: 4 hours, either morning or afternoon. Frequency of Service: Weekly Training: On the Job


Ministries of Hospitality

Ministries with Adults

Upholding the Sacredness and Dignity of Each Person

Helping people to grow strong spiritually Baptism Team Members of the Baptism Team help provide sacramental preparation for parent s and godparents seeking baptism for their infants and children under six. Team Members also assist with scheduling and arranging baptism related details for families at masses with baptisms. Time requirement: 3-4 hours per month. Frequency of service: Once per month. Training: On the job.

RCIA Team Member The RCIA Team Member is part of a team that journeys with inquirers about the possibility of becoming Catholic. The team prays with inquirers, facilitates discussions on topics regarding Jesus, Scripture and Church teaching, may present a class to the inquirers, and is available to help inquirers feel welcome and feel comfortable with their questions. Time Requirement: 7:00-8:30pm Wednesdays 8:30am Mass on Sundays Frequency of Service: Weekly September through June Training: Continuous with the Team Formation weekend with the Diocese

Adult Sponsor The Adult Sponsor is a confirmed Catholic who journeys with an inquirer through the various stages of the RCIA and who presents them to the Community at various rites. The Sponsor attends sessions with the adult inquirer, and is available to them for discussion of questions they may have. The Sponsor is also asked to attend two mornings of discernment and one retreat day with their inquirer. Time Requirement: 7:00-8:30pm Wednesdays 8:30am Mass on Sundays Frequency of Service: Weekly November through June Training: Continuous with RCIA Team


Welcoming Our mission is to provide a warm welcome and information to new parishioners and those who may be considering joining our parish family. There are a number of different ways you can support this ministry and we will let you know what our tasks are. You then decide how you want to participate and how much time you are able to give. Time Requirement: Frequency: Training:

1-4 hours monthly Varies On the job

Life Issues Committee Member The Life Issues Committee Member serves on a team that plans special activities, including education, bulletin notes, and events to keep the pro-life message before the parish. Time Requirement: 2 hours monthly Frequency: Monthly Training: On the job

Communications & Public Relations Committee A Committee Member helps to keep the parish visible within the larger community of Anthem, Desert Hills, New River, and Tramonto. People with sales, marketing, and public relations backgrounds are desired for this task. Ministry may include press releases, advertising campaigns, and other activities that inform the public of our parish’s work. Time Requirement: 2-3 hours monthly Frequency: As Needed. Training: None.


Ministries of Worship Helping our Community Offer Praise and Thanks to God

Art and Environment Art and environment plays an important role in expressing the meaningfulness of liturgy an a visual level. Ministers serve by dressing the chapels with color, light living environment, and other elements that enhance the worship experience. Aside from creating and maintain a constant environment for all masses through out the year, some of our larger undertakings include: Advent, Christmas, Lent, Triduum and the Easter Masses. Time Requirement: Varies depending on the liturgical season Frequency of Service: Varies depending on the liturgical season Training: On the job

Children’s Liturgy of the Word The Children’s Liturgy of the Word Leader is part of a team of two who prepare and conduct a special Children’s Liturgy of the Word. The Leader proclaims the Gospel and conducts a homily/activity that puts the Gospel into the lives of children. Mature teens may be part of a team, but an adult must always be present. Time Requirement: 20-25 minute sessions Frequency of Service: Weekly Training: Provided by Dir Rel Ed

Greeter A Greeter is part of a team who welcome people as they arrive for Mass and for other special events in the parish. Greeters need to have a friendly spirit and a welcoming smile. Children, teens, and adults are welcome in this ministry. Families are encouraged to serve in this ministry together. The Greeter is present 20 minutes before Mass to take up their Greeting Station, to welcome people as they arrive and offer them a Song Sheet, and after Communion returns to their Station to distribute bulletins and thank people for coming to St. Rose. Couples and families may serve together. Time Requirement: 20 minutes before and 10 minutes after Mass Frequency of Service: Once or twice per month Ministry Training Classes in Parish Training:

Sacristan The Sacristan supervises the set-up for Mass. The Sacristan arrives 60 minutes prior to Mass to ensure that all is ready for the celebration, including: all sacred vessels, liturgical books, and supplies are ready for Mass; all liturgical ministries are covered for the Mass; the number of hosts in the Tabernacle is made known to the Usher. Time Requirement: 2 ½ hours per week Frequency of Service: 3-4 times per month Training: On the job


Ministries with Youth Helping our Teens to Know Christ and His Church A.C.T.S. Core Team Member The A.C.T.S. Core Team Member assists in providing a program of catechesis for youth in grades 6 though 8. The Core Team member facilitates a small group in discussion and other activities related to the topic of the evening. The Team Member may offer their personal witness on topics under discussion, and may from time to time offer a teaching on a particular subject. The A.C.T.S. Core Team member arrives 45 minutes prior to the scheduled class to help set-up and to participate in a Team meeting. Time Requirement: Two hours per week on Mondays Frequency of Service: 2-3 Times monthly Sept through May Training: On the job

A.C.T.S. Bible Study A.C.T.S. Middle School youth are invited to come and break open the Word with the readings for the following weekend. Time requirement: 1 1/2 hours weekly on Wed Frequency of service: weekly Sept-May Training: On the job

BEHOLD! Core Member A BEHOLD! Core member assists the Dir. Rel Ed in providing a quality program for High School teens. The purpose of BEHOLD is to lead teens into a relationship with Jesus and His Church. Core Members attend the sessions providing a model of active, participation. Core members help to present a BEHOLD session on Sunday evenings. Core members arrive 60 minutes before BEHOLD to set-up the session. In addition to the weekly commitment, there will be one or two teen retreats during the year. Time Requirement: 2-4 hours weekly Frequency of Service: Weekly, from Mid Sept to late May Training: Continuous CORE training

BEHOLD! Chaperone A BEHOLD! Chaperone provides supervision during events for high school students. Chaperones may also be asked to drive a group of teens to an event destination. All members must attend Called to Protect workshop and provide appropriate proof of insurance. Time requirement: 2-4 hours a semester Frequency of service: 1-2 times a semester Training: On the job BOY SCOUTS 432 Serving the young men of our community ages 10-17 of all faiths and denominations. Many activities and service projects to the community. Focus is in teaching boys how to be good citizens, develop leadership and outdoor skills, serving the community, while having fun. We are in need of volunteers for merit badge counselors and assistance with Eagle Projects. Please contact Scoutmaster Kevin Hartigan for information


Ministries with Children

Ministries of Worship—Continued Musicians Instrumentalists…Vocalists….Sound Engineer

Helping Children Grow in Faith

A Music Minister is a vocalist, instrumentalist, or a sound engineer who helps to provide quality music to lead the congregation in prayer. Music Ministers need to be proficient in their skill:

Lead Teacher – Religious Education The Lead Teacher prepares and conducts lessons for children based on their grade level with the teacher’s manual, and other resources provided. The Lead Teacher is a person of faith who loves children and has a desire to help them grow in their relationship with God and in their appreciation of their Catholic heritage. Time Requirement: 11/2 hr class + preparation Frequency of Service: Every other week, Sept-April Training: In-parish Formation

Class Assistant – Religious Education The Class Assistant works under the supervision of the Lead Teacher and helps to conduct the lessons, helps with attendance and other paperwork, and works with the children on activities designed to help them understand the content of the lesson. Class Assistants may be adults or mature teens. Time Requirement: 11/2 hour class + preparation Frequency: Every other week, Sept-April Training: In-parish Formation Substitute Teacher – Religious Education The Substitute fills in for Lead Teachers or Class Assistants who cannot be present for a particular class day. Pre-planned lesson materials are provided. Sometimes in emergencies, substitutes may be needed in less than 24 hours notice, although generally Substitutes are given the materials well in advance. Time Requirement: Sundays, 9:15-10:45am Frequency of Service: “On-Call” Training: In-parish Formation

• • •

Vocalists need to have a good sense of pitch and rhythm. Vocalists are needed in all voice ranges. Instrumentalists are required to read chord charts as well as having a good sense of rhythm and pitch. Instrumentalists are needed who can play keyboards, wind instruments, brass instruments, string instruments and percussion. Sound people are needed to set-up and maintain sound equipment and monitor the quality of sound in the assembly so that the music surrounds and supports the singing of the assembly.

Music Ministers are expected to attend a weekly rehearsal, arrive at the church a half hour before mass begins and to participate, at the direction of the music director, in leading the sung prayer of the mass. In addition to Sunday worship, there are Holy Days at which Music Ministers are expected to participate, and rehearsals leading up to these Holy Days. Time Requirement: 1½ hr. weekly rehearsal, arrive ½ hr. before Mass 1 hr. Mass and 15 minutes after for clean-up Frequency of Service: Weekly plus Holy Days Training: At rehearsals

Sacrament Preparation Programs First Reconciliation, Confirmation and 1st Eucharist Responsible for helping prepare children and youth to receive the sacraments of the church. Time Requirement: Seasonal, 4 sessions and retreat Frequency of Service: Two times monthly for 4 sessions Training: Class provided

Sunday Preschool Provide a program for 3 and 4 year olds at the Sunday masses, 8am and 11am. Time Requirement: Sundays, 11/2 hours Frequency of Service: Rotation basis Training: Provided


Usher An usher is a man or woman who helps to facilitate seating at Mass, takes up the collection, and ensures an orderly flow during Communion. Husbands and wives are encouraged to serve in this ministry together. Singles are welcome in this ministry. Ushers are seated with their families when not performing their specific responsibilities. Ushers remain alert for emergencies that may occur, may call 911 if needed, and report emergency incidents to the Pastor. Ushers remain behind to help spruce up the worship space to ready it for the next Mass. Time Requirement: 20 min before and 10 min after Mass Frequency of Service: Twice per month Training: Ministry Formation Classes in parish


Ministries of Worship—Continued Altar Server

An altar server is a boy or girl, age 10 and older, who has celebrated their 1st Communion and who serves the Community by assisting at the altar during Mass. The altar server arrives 15 minutes before Mass and signs-in, puts on a white alb, and assists at the altar. . Time Requirement: 15 minutes before Mass Frequency of Service: Once or twice per month Training: Saturdays/Sundays after Mass

Lector The Lector proclaims the Word of God to the worshipping community. The Lector signs-in 15 minutes prior to Mass and is seated in the worshipping assembly with his or her family. In the absence of a Deacon, the Lector may carry the Gospel Book in the Entrance Procession. In addition to proclaiming the Word, the Lector may be asked to lead the General Intercessions if no deacon is present. The Lector is expected to read the Scriptures and pray over them in the week before. A Lector should be able to speak comfortably in public and read aloud well. Time Requirement: 15 minutes before Mass Frequency of Service: Once or twice per month Training: Ministry Formation Classes in Parish

Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist The Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist (EM) offers the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus to the community at Mass. EM’s sign-in to a specific communion station 15 minutes before Mass, and then go to be seated with their family. At the Sign of Peace the EM’s proceed to the altar where they receive Communion, and then proceed to offer Communion to the people. Time Requirement:: 15 minutes before Mass occasionally 10 minutes after Frequency of Service: Once or twice per month Training: Ministry Formation Classes in parish

Junior Choir Member

Ministries of Outreach Extending the Love of Christ to Others

St. Vincent de Paul Member A St. Vincent de Paul member ministers to the poor, and those struggling to make ends meet , in the name of St. Rose parish. Members may perform a variety of functions, including making home visits (in teams of two) to determine a family’s need and how St. Vincent de Paul can help; providing food, assistance with utilities or rent; helping others budget; maintaining a food pantry, etc. Members meet twice a month for on-going spiritual enrichment and formation as ministers. Time Requirement: Flexible, 1-2 hours per week on average Other times as emergencies occur Frequency of Service: Twice per month for meetings “On Call” for emergencies Training: Training provided by St. Vincent de Paul

Ministers of Care A Minister of Care visits those who are sick, elderly, homebound, or in the hospital and brings them the support, care, concern, and prayers of St. Rose parish. The Minister of Care is an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist who brings the Eucharist to those who cannot be present in Church. A car is necessary in this ministry. Time Requirement: Flexible, 1-2 hours per week on average Frequency of Service: Weekly Training: Ministry Formation Classes in parish

Tree of Life Ministers A memorial celebrating the lost lives of any children, including those who died prior to birth. Ministers help maintain the memorial and assist those wishing to add recognition of an infant. Time Requirement: Flexible, 1-2 hours per month Frequency of Service: Periodic Training: Ministry Formation Classes in parish

The Children’s Choir Member is a boy or girl age 10 or older who enjoys praising the Lord in music. The Choir sings at special children’s liturgies throughout the year. Rehearsals are required. Time Requirement: Rehearsals & Masses Frequency of Service: Monthly Training: At rehearsals



Ministry Directory 2009  
Ministry Directory 2009  

A brochure of Parish Ministries and volunteer opportunities