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December 2010

A newsletter For Members Of Roton Point


Happy New Year from Roton Point!

Club News

From the General Manager I have just finished clearing my desk and the conference table from all the paperwork related to the budget process. All in all I think we have labored to produce a fair and equitable budget for the entire club. We have completed the dinner honoring our retiring Board members, RPSA has enjoyed the Commodore’s Reception, all the signage around the club has been laid to rest for the winter, boats are all secure on the porch and the club is all wrapped up for the winter season.

Swim Team 2009: 2010:

90 children

145 children

Water Polo 2009: 2010:

16 children 26 children

There were many great things that were accomplished throughout 2010 although the summer already seems like it is in the distant past. To begin, we were pummeled with a big storm in March of this year. Although we managed to escape serious damage, we did get hit hard enough to require some repairs around the property. The seawall that protects our property on the Bayley Beach side experienced enough damage for us to rebuild that seawall. All of the soil off of the west jetty was stripped away and needed to be replaced. The shower stand on the beach was washed away and required replacement. Miraculously, the only trees that we lost were at the front of the property along with about 60 feet of fencing. Overall we were pretty lucky.

Hobie Camp

Some major projects completed in 2010 include the repair of our diving board stand for that very active facility. We also repaired major sections of the bathhouse roof. After listening to many members, we built a new set of stairs to make it easier for all to get to the beach area. In addition, we purchased two additional Pixel sailboats for our Junior Sailing program. Probably one of the most noticed improvements was the installation of the beautiful shade umbrellas in the pool area. The improvements that were made in all areas of the club will go a long way in serving our entire membership for many years to come.

The use of the Club is certainly growing as our parking lot normally tells the tale. Each year there are usually two events that require additional parking assistance - 4th of July and Father’s Day. This year there were four events that required additional parking assistance— 4th of July, Father’s Day, Franks for the Memories and Labor Day. We are very happy to see the increased usage at the club all year; thanks to the efficiency and efforts of our gate and management teams, we were able to handle all members and guests without incident.

Our Youth programs experienced a lot of growth this past year, as our children joined programs in record numbers. Our department heads had their work cut out for them even before they had children to deal with. Our hiring practice for summer staff is usually all completed well in advance of Memorial Day Weekend. This year, with the influx of children being enrolled in Junior Sailing, Hobie Camp and Swim Team, we found ourselves opening up the hiring all over again on Memorial Day Weekend. We needed to find additional counselors, coaches and instructors and needed to find them fast. Our staff did a great job and we hired intelligently, bringing on a great support staff to fulfill our needs. A special thanks to John Cross, my assistant and Junior Sailing coordinator, Monique Leone, who is in charge of Hobie Camp and all Youth programming, Adam Fielding, our pool director and head coach of Lobster Tails swim program, and all the additional support staff whose help we enlisted at the last minute to find the right staff for Roton Point. 2

The enrollment numbers were overwhelming in comparison to last year. Listed below are the increases in all programs:

2009: 2010:

110 children 143 children

Junior Sailing 2009: 2010:

45 children 53 children

Tennis (Hours of Children’s Instruction) 2009: 2010:

1,847 Hours 1,964 Hours

I believe in change. I think that changing our ideas to continue to meet member’s expectations is a healthy alternative to becoming stagnant. Have patience with us as we navigate the unknown and learn to change for the better of all concerned. I would like to send a thank you to my great staff. They surround me and execute all the ideas and changes that you experience everyday at the club. I also wish to thank all of you who have given me the support that is needed to bring to you a terrific experience all year long. I look forward to seeing you all in 2011. Please accept my sincere wishes to you and your families for a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous new year. Sincerely,


Club News 2011 Budget Ratified by Membership

New Board Members Elected

At the General Membership meeting held in the hotel on Sunday December 5th, the proposed capital, operating, and club budgets for the 2011 season were ratified. All of which is to say we can go into the new year with sound budgets in place. Thanks to all the volunteer committees for their hard work in putting the budgets together, and thanks to the membership for their active voting participation, both in person and by mail.

The 2010 RPA Board election results were announced at the Fall Membership Meeting, held at the hotel on Sunday October 3rd. Incumbents re-elected were Cam Hutchins, Charlie Janson, Kari Murray and John Olsen; along with new board member, Dave McCarthy.

They join fellow board members Michael Bair, Ellen Campbell, Chuck Cunningham, Joe Dixon, Laura Drynan, Kari Murray, Peter Nolin, Chip Romans, Caroline Robinson and Larry Warble. RPA President Caroline Robinson congratulated the new board members, and offered a special thanks to retiring board member Jeff Konspore.

2011 Board of Directors

Caroline Robinson, President

Charlie Janson, Vice President

Cam Hutchins, Secretary

John Olsen, Treasurer

Michael Bair

Ellen Campbell

Chuck Cunningham

Joe Dixon

Laura Drynan

Dave McCarthy

Kari Murray

Peter Nolin

John Pullan

Chip Romans

Larry Warble

Tree Replacement Program It’s no secret that Roton Point’s shady grove with its cool breezes and amazing views is one of our most beloved assets. In order to preserve it, we occasionally need to replace some of the trees and will need to continue doing so in the future. A licensed arborist has worked with the club to provide a plan for the location, number of and types of trees to be planted over the coming years. At the suggestion of

members, the club began a donation program to give members the opportunity to donate trees in recognition of or as a memorial for someone. A donation of $600 per tree may be made by an individual or a group and while there will be no plaques/signs on or near the trees, a perpetual plaque listing donors has been hung inside the Hotel. If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact the General Manager at the club office.


RPSA Sailing News 51st Annual Fall Multihull Regatta, September 18-19, 2010

The summer of 2010 is now over and the weather has turned cold, but we stay warm with memories of sailing on hot summer days. This past summer saw an increase in Flat Top rides and also included a “Come Sailing Day� where boat owners offered rides on their boats to all members. We hope to do more of both in 2011. Due mostly to light winds on racing days, several club races had to be canceled. This was more than made up for by a great 51st Annual Fall Multihull Regatta in September. 27 boats raced for two glorious days with both spinnakers and hulls flying. Combined with the everfabulous Saturday night dinner, the regatta was a big hit. Our Junior Sailing program was busting at the seams this past year, as a record number of kids participated. This was capped by junior sailors Jack Lane and James Maguire winning the Long Island Sound Pixel Championship, a first ever for Roton Point! 4

New RPSA officers elected in December: Commodore: Vice Commodore: Rear Commodore: Fleet Captain:

Chip Romans Alan Keyworth Bud Mc Garry Charlie Janson

Many thanks to John Pullan and Larry Warble for their past two years of service!

Swim Team News

Roton Point Swim Team 2010


Swim Team News

Roton Point Lobster Tails 2010


Swim Team News Congratulations to the Roton Point swim, diving and water polo teams on a terrific 2010 season! The Rock Lobsters finished their 2010 Fairfield County Swimming League Division 2 swim season with sportsmanship and pride; a big thank you to all the Roton Point swim, dive and water polo coaches! Also, special thanks to Noreen Benz for the team DVD and Marty Milewski for the team photo. At the Awards Dinner held this past August, the following team awards were presented:

Swim Team MVP 8/U BOYS Winner: Spencer Erickson Runner up: Christopher Calderwood 8/U GIRLS Winner: Casey Batson Runner up: Molly Connors

COACHES AWARD Girl: Hailey Keelips Boy:  Jake Bowtell JALET AWARD (Winter swimmer-swims all meets/leadership)

Chris Janson RICHARDSON AWARD (embodies RP Spirit—dedication)

Emma Byrne Lexi Devlin Emma Janson Hailey Keelips Samantha Schrenker SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD Meghan Smith - Hudson Pokorny UNSUNG HERO AWARD Delaney Oak - Brynley Close WATER POLO Junior MVP - Sam Merrill

JUNIOR COACHES AWARD Drew Gold 10/U BOYS                                                                                     JUNIOR SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD Winner: Peter Stolpestad Hailey Keelips Runner up: Henri Pfeifle JUNIOR MOST IMPROVED AWARD 10/U GIRLS                                                                                       Byrne Emma Winner: Skyler Keelips Midgets Runner up: Kelsey Vrooman Midget MVP 12/U BOYS Elizabeth Bradley Alexander Milewski MIDGET COACHES AWARD 12/U GIRLS Skyler Keelips Lexi Devlin MIDGET SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD 14/U BOYS Henri Pfeifle Matthew Benz MIDGET MOST IMPROVED AWARD 14/U GIRLS Hudson Pokorny Francesca Milewski DIVING 17/U BOYS Coaches Award:  Chris Janson “Mr. Roton Point” Harrison Hinkley 17/U GIRLS MVP:   Hadley Merrill Tatiana Chermayeff MOST IMPROVED DEDICATION: Madison Reynertson Jenny Schrenker Freddy Hinkley Sydney Schrenker

Roton Point Lobster Tails 6/U MVP Will Coale and Kyle Haas Olivia Golden COACHES AWARD Josephine Williams SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD Connor Sini MOST IMPROVED Gianni Vivenzio  Evelyn Hidy 8/U MVP Emma Mansourian Christopher Calderwood COACHES AWARD Jasper Burke SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD Katherine Stidolph MOST IMPROVED Katie Stevens  Sean Bradley On behalf of Roton Point swimming & diving chairs Stacy Devlin, Noreen Benz and Kathy Finnegan, thank you—and see you on the pool deck! Keep swimming all year—swim in the winter, win in the summer! The success of our aquatics program is driven by volunteers; if you’re interested in volunteering for the swim/dive and water polo teams, please contact Roton Point’s 2011 Swim Chair Karen Schrenker at or Ernie LaRocca at: or call him at 203.838.1606.

The Season Ahead The 2011 Swim & Dive Dual Meet Schedule for Division 2 is now posted on the Fairfield County Swimming League web site: 7

Tennis New s The 2010 Roton Point Tennis season was one of great weather and good fun! Our Tennis Director and his very skilled Assistant Pro staff are to be congratulated for successfully planning and directing a full plate of league, junior, tournament, social, and open play—introducing a few new fun clinics and lesson drills along the way. We hope our entire RPA Tennis community was able to enjoy the season, learn some new skills, and make some new friendships! Thank you to all those who chose to participate in our slate of club tournaments, and congratulations to our finalists and winners listed below: Mens Singles: Sean Durkin (Finalist) Roy Skinner (Winner) Children’s Carousel as a reminder of days gone by

Roton Point’s History Committee

Mens Senior Singles:

Simon Little (Finalist) Luciano Nicasio (Winner)

History Day: Fun Like A Carousel

Coming Next Year: The Roton Point Book

In previous years, “Roton Point History Day” did not seem to attract the very youngest of our membership, so with this year’s focus on “The Roton Point Merry-Go-Round,” we had a perfect opportunity to solve that problem— and we did! On July 11th, not only did we have the usual postcards, photos, and ephemera displayed, we also had a children’s crafts table and even an actual carousel in the grove! The turnout was fantastic and we achieved our goal of also reaching our youngest generation in the sharing of the history of this fabulous place.

The History Committee is currently in the midst of writing a picture postcard history book of Roton Point back in its amusement park days (roughly 1875 to 1942), and this book (part of a series) should be available next year through Arcadia Press.

Mike Frost & Luciano Nicasio (Finalists) Sean Durkin & Shannon Bass (Winners)

It Is No Mystery, We’re Making History

Mixed Doubles: Val Frost & Mike Frost (Finalists) Mallory Close & Sean Durkin (Winners)

Great Gift:

The Roton Point Movie David Hogoboom’s documentary DVD (aka the Roton Point movie) makes a great gift for friends and family—copies are available for purchase through the Roton Point office. 8

Womens Singles: Janne Allam (Finalist) Grace Hansford (Winner)

Any Roton Point member interested in joining the History Committee should contact the office, or committee chair Lisa Wilson Grant at We meet on the 1st Wednesday of each month in the hotel board room, and would love to have more people join us who are interested in Roton Point’s unique history!

Mens Doubles:

Womens Doubles:

Grace Hansford & Mallory Close (Finalists) Mary Cunningham & Cindy Holland (Winners)

Mens Senior Doubles:

Joe Dixon & James Hansford (Finalists) Bob Eydt & Mike Frost (Winners) 

Century Doubles:

Val Frost & Wiks Moffat (Finalists) Mike Frost & Mary Cunningham (Winners)

Junior Sailing

Jack Lane and James Maguire with their Pixel  Championship Awards

Roton Point Junior Sailing had another memorable year. Over 23 first-year sailors set sail for the very first time this summer, battling the sun, the heat, the waves, and even the jelly fish as they developed their sailing skills. The highlight of their summer occurred during our annual Green Fleet Regatta on August 4th when over 40 sailors from neighboring clubs joined our fleet. Unfortunately, the wind was light and we were only able to complete one race. The Optimist Race Team had another good summer. Over 10 sailors participated in regattas throughout the season on a regular basis. Jonathan Richter and Meghan Halloran qualified for the Optimist Champs at Larchmont Yacht Club early in the summer and Keenan Warble waited to the last qualifying regatta of the summer at Cedar Point to make his presence known. Jonathan finished 44th and Keenan 49th in their fleet. Their best race of the day came during the very last race of the regatta, Keenan finished 27th and Jonathan 34th. Hopefully, more of our Opti racers will join our sailors at Champs next summer. Our summer belonged to our Pixel sailors this summer. For the very first time, our Pixel Fleet competed in JSA races. James Maguire, Jack Lane, Will and Kyle Halloran, Emma Janson and Sam Schrenker qualified for the JSA Pixel Championships in Cold Spring Harbor. James and Jack stole the show, as they did throughout the entire summer—they won four of the eight races during the regatta! Emma and Sam impressed us as well because this was the first year they’ve sailed competitively. Like Keenan and Jonathan, they also saved their best for last as they finished 6th in the final race of the regatta. James Maguire and Jack Lane had a remarkable summer. They had first place finishes at Manhasset Bay, Black Rock and at the Championships in Cold Spring Harbor. Their only setback was during the first regatta of the year when they finished 2nd at the Eastern Districts. During these regattas, they had fourteen first place finishes, an amazing feat! A special thanks goes to our instructors, Campbell Woods, Kevin McGehee, Tally Thoren, Sarah Smith, James Kammert and Sean Spinney for teaching our young sailors. We are very proud of the accomplishments of all of our sailors. Hopefully we will continue our success next year when we defend the Long Island Sound Junior Sailing Pixel Championship at Roton Point. 9

Hobie Camp This was a record breaking year for Hobie Camp, with over 140 campers enjoying their time at Roton Point. We were very lucky to bring in a lot of new wonderful energetic staff to keep our campers safe and entertained. In addition to some of our old favorites, we introduced many new exciting elements to camp. This year we debuted The National Marionette Theater with their production of Hansel and Gretel. This left the children memorized by the life like marionettes and wonderful soundtrack. In addition, we incorporated an inflatable waterslide several times throughout the summer as a wonderful alternative to the sweltering heat. The grand finale was our first annual Hobie Camp’s Got Talent Show! This was a huge success. Each camper and counselor was able to show their skills by performing during this spectacular presentation. We are already looking forward to next summer. We are in the process of planning new and exciting activities as well as inviting back old favorites. Start planning ahead for the summer season and hand your paperwork in early to ensure your child(ren)’s spot. We look forward to seeing old friends and welcoming new ones to Hobie Camp!


Youth Social As always Roton Point offered wonderful fun for members of all sizes. We started and ended our season with our exciting beach games. Children of all ages were scrounging for candy, tugging rope with all their might, tossing eggs with wishful precision, devouring whipped cream pies, using slippery strength, and braving the wrath of the belly flop with great enthusiasm. Look for new and improved beach games in the coming season. The 4th of July Sandcastle Contest left us impressed with the great imagination of all those diehard builders. We had wonderful family participation. The sea of tents this summer showed that our Annual Family Campout was a huge success with families enjoying the cookout, s’mores, and campfire story teller. And don’t forget our most exciting event, family BINGO. This year, with outstanding prizes, we really brought in a huge crowd. If you have any ideas about events for our children, just let us know. We are already arranging other exciting opportunities for our youngsters next season.

Season’s Greetings 2010! Forget the blazing, roaring yule Forget the snows and breezes cool Forget the cover’s on the pool– Let’s visit Roton Point, the school! Yes, it may seem quite a schlepp But what a place, our Roton Prep! Let’s look upon the past year, then say “well done” to the Class of ’10! School bells ring, are you listening? In the grove, snow is glistening So gather close to keep us warm, Who else is in our Roton dorm? Here’s the answer to your askin’, Welcome Rich and Wendy Baskin Welcome Burnaps, John and Joan, Here’s Maryann and Bardwell Jones And now a friendly “where ya been?” To Chris and Janet Karabin! Should auld acquaintance be forgot? Welcome Jane and David Ott! And Melanie and Peder Scott! Just in from the isle of Chimmons Hello to Kevin and Claire Simmons! Welcome to our snow hotel, Jayne and Robert—the Bowtells! And now let’s raise our old school trophy, welcome Chris and Mimi Brophy! Come and make yourselves at home, Welcome, welcome, Mary Cohn! Come on in and join the fun, Cynthia, Chip, and Helen Dunn! Our school’s old song is sung tonight Led by Bob and Ann—the Eydts! Time to don the cap and gown with Pat and George (that’s the Rowans) And here’s the name to top them all— The man, the dorm—it’s Windsor Hall! So let’s flip through our yearbook now and check the year out, aft to bow because looking back on all that fracas we sure made good the call to “HAKAS!” Back in March, around Spring Break, Stormy weather took the cake --and took the seawall, fence and trees And even took the shower, please! But by May, it all was fixed The sailors sailed, the mixers mixed We hit the beach and grove as well And found the Cosmos dance was swell! [Our school band learned some hot new tracks From Crispin Cioe on alto sax!]

Other schools may race crew shells But we like Flat Top just as well And thank you, sailors, for fun rides on multihulls among the tides, Riding o’er the waves with glee Lucky kids on PL3 And others who could get a turn Sailing Nell with Captain Byrne! So now it’s on to history class, Remember that this too shall pass But History Day was super swell Complete with mini-carousel By next year, we can take a look at Roton Point, the postcard book! We celebrate July the Fourth A school tradition, here, of courth— Tag your table, have a seat Watch a show that can’t be beat As fireworks turn night to day Happy birthday, U.S.A.— Do it up the Roton way! The school bell rings, the next class starts, Hey, we’re in luck, it’s time for Art Let’s take our class out on the strand, making sculptures out of sand

All cheer the Roton Point Art Show with RP artists all aglow with paintings here and paintings there (some of them done en plein air!) And homemade jewelry everywhere [Let’s give a shout-out to Britt Bair!] And thanks to all who got us there! The all-school Campout was a blast [Say those who went to sleep at last!] Our Junior sailors were the most, winning up and down the coast; Pixel champs, it’s now quite plain are James Maguire and Jack Lane! And deck the halls, let’s hear what jingles-Cheer results from tennis singles Grace Hansford was our women’s winner And for our guys, all hail Roy Skinner! The Roton Tennis Team’s all right,

Let’s thank Professor Thomas Wright! Our swim team swam Division 2 (that’s out of 5, in case you’re new) They won some meets and lost a few Rock Lobsters, we are proud of you! And cheer what’s coming down the rails With lots of kids as Lobster Tails! Come end of summer, it’s not odd to see us party on the quad ‘cause we like Labor Day a lot The beers were cold, the dogs were hot The swimmers swam, the divers dove We swayed to music in the grove And now a pop math quiz for you, just to see how you would do If 600 franks got served that day in about two hours, so let’s say, With one for every girl and boy how many franks did YOU enjoy? [Express in terms of gastric joy!] And now—aha—let’s say ahoy… What’s wild and windy, fast and fun? Fall Regatta Fifty-One! With sailors coming in to race and pitching tents around the place Twenty seven boats in all And dinner in our dining hall Thanks, volunteers, we had a ball! Elections? Dave McCarthy scored— Welcome, freshman, to the board Just one request, it’s kind of teeny, You have to wear your freshman beanie! But now comes our commencement speech So gather on our favorite beach Watch the Green’s Ledge light turn white And know that everything’s all right As Kurt Vonnegut never said, we’ve seen, “Be sure you all put on sunscreen!” And pass the yearbook, let us jot “RP’s 2 good 2 be 4 got!” Here’s wishing joyous holidays Until we reunite in May Welcome, winter While we stand Heart to heart and Hand to hand! Happy New Year! -- Cam Hutchins

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Roton Point Winter 2010-2011 Edition  
Roton Point Winter 2010-2011 Edition  

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