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August 2010

A newsletter For Members Of Roton Point

Summer 2010

Club News History Day

It’s been a long time since kids could say they rode the rides at Roton Point, but that’s exactly what they did on History Day on Sunday, July 11. This year, in addition to the usual array of antique postcards and other ephemera of Roton Point’s earlier days as an amusement park, History Day focused on Roton Point’s fabled carousel. With a small carousel ride in the Grove and “carousel horse crafts” for our younger Roton Pointers, History Day was a fun day for all! Cate Mahoney, of the New England Carousel Museum, gave a presentation about carousels in general and – armed with new photos and information recently discovered and shared by Lisa Grant – about our own Roton Point merry-go-round. Cate shared additional information about the Coney Island style carver Charles Carmel, and Borelli, the gentleman who liked to embellish his carousel horses with jewels (much to the chagrin of the carvers!). Roton Point’s carousel was located on our property’s border with Bayley Beach, where, if you look carefully, you can still see part of the old circular cement pad where we keep the boats today. History Day also featured a carousel horse painting demonstration, and the Roton Point Movie playing on monitors within the Hotel. And, just as in olden days, there was a jazz band playing away in the gazebo! The band loved playing up there, so thank you to all who gave up the prime picnic spot in the Gazebo for the day! If you’d like to join us to share in our rich past, or if you have anything you’d like to donate or share with Roton Point, please contact the Office, or History Committee Chair, Lisa Wilson Grant at lisawgrant@

Take a ride at Roton Point!

Fun facts about carousels


Design your own carousel horse

Club News Fourth of July Beach Games

We had a great turnout this year for our annual Fourth of July Beach Games! There were tons of kids digging for candy in the sand, and after all that digging, we moved on to the tug of war. The younger boys came away with the win during the first two heats, but the older girls were able to take the win in the older group. Next up was the egg toss, where pairs did their best to safely toss their egg across the beach. Let’s just say that some participants left eggier than when they started! We then moved on to the pie eating contest which is always a stomach-churning event… bet most of these participants don’t want to see whip cream again for awhile! With a change of venue, we moved on to the pool where the boys faced the girls in the greased watermelon event. The boys were victorious by getting the watermelon from one end of the pool to the other while the girls tried their best to prevent them. Last up was the totally awesome belly flop contest. Amidst a lot of flat-out splashing, our big winner was 5-year-old Luke Blazovic. His technique and lack of fear showed that he was cut out to be an outstanding flopper. If you missed out on the July 4th events, come see us on Labor Day! The following day we held our annual sandcastle contest. This year we had five families brave the heat to create their masterpieces. This year we introduced a new category, the Best Family Castle. This went to Tatum, Bryn, and Jack Belloli with dad and their TBJ’s Princess Castle. Best Replica went to the Google Replica by Matt Benz, Spencer Gold, Drew Gold, Andrew Benz, and Lucas Giannetti. The Most Creative went to Chateau Neaderlander Rockin’ Rollercoaster by the Neaderlander family. The Best Overall went to Sandshell Castle by Christopher Jessup and Family. The Best Castle went to Temple’s Castle of Mayan Civilization by Tyler Stimpson, Jonathan Richter, Johnathan Stimpson, and Michael Belloli. Can’t wait to see what will be created next year!

Candy Hunt

Egg Toss

Tug of War

American Pie Eating

Greased Watermelon

He really got into it!

Victorious Belly-Flopper Luke Blazovic!

Sand Castles on the Beach


Club News

Hobie Camp

Hobie Camp is off to a great start this session, with a record number of children enrolled. In addition to our regularly scheduled fun, we’ve also enjoyed some special activities. During our first two weeks of camp, we had the opportunity to slide into the summer with our awesome inflatable water slides. The campers paraded around Roton Point showing off their patriotism at our annual 4th of July parade. The students also danced in the Hoe Down wearing their cowboy hats. We have a lot more to look forward to at camp as well. We’ll be having our Halloween party, Hansel and Gretel Marionette show, Campardy, our Disco Rock Party, and the first ever Hobie Camp’s Got Talent Show. We anticipate a great rest of the Hobie Camp session and are already looking forward to next session!

Hobie Camp Icelandic Slide


2010 Social Calendar AUGUST

1 11 14 22

Sunday Wednesday Saturday Sunday

Music in the Grove Porch Luncheon Small Band/DJ Music in the Grove


2 4 5 6

Thursday Saturday Sunday Monday

Bingo Labor Day Dance Franks for the Memories Beach Games

Dixieland Band Steele Drum Band The Uninvited Steele Drum Band

Important: This calendar may change due to weather, etc. For updates to these and other social events, please check the bulletin boards down at the Club and updates on the Roton Point website,


All new Roton Point Merchandise is available for sale in the Summer Office. Come on down and see our new selections.


Are you a Roton Point artist? The Social Committee is making plans to have an art show at Roton Point on Sunday, August 22nd from 4:00 to 7:00 PM. If you would like to display, please contact Anne in the main hotel office at 203-838-1606


Club News Ask Roton Point: Q: Is there anything we can do about seagulls who want to take my lunch while I’m eating? A: One easy thing that helps a lot: don’t leave food or wrappers out! The more of our trash that makes it into the trashcans, the less attractive our beach area becomes to seagulls on patrol. Obviously, we have a snack bar and people are out eating all day, but the fewer things we give seagulls to pick at and explore in the sand and on empty tables, the better. Plus, no one likes to step on lemons, limes, cigar butts, juice box wrappers, etc. So get in the habit of using the trashcans all the time, and tell your kids to do the same. Seagulls can be quite beautiful when they’re flying past Roton Point and stopping somewhere else! Q: Another member told me I was driving too fast in the parking lot, and I was embarrassed because she was right – maybe I was going a little fast to get the kids to tennis. Perhaps we should post the speed limit so everyone (including me) will know what it is. A: Glad you were able to admit you were going a little too fast. Most Roton Pointers understand there are plenty of good reasons to slow down once you’re in the club – bicycles, small kids, people unloading their cars, boat trailers, cars backing out of spots – and most members do drive slowly in the driveway and parking lot. But for those who may need a reminder, we do have posted speed limit: it’s 5 mph! So slow down and relax – you’re already at Roton Point!

in a very walk-able residential area, local Rowayton residents are understandably concerned about cars speeding along McKinley Street, Roton Avenue, Crockett Street, and Pine Point Road. They’ve posted signs and put up speed bumps over the years to try to slow down the speeding, but to no avail. Since we all have big “Roton Point” stickers on our windshields, we should try to be good ambassadors for the club – and safe drivers as well – by slowing down! Q: We want to invite our neighbors (two couples) to a barbecue dinner at Roton Point, and we wonder if we can reserve a picnic table in the grove? A: Sure, and here’s how you do it. Say you want a table (near a grill, overlooking the Sound, perhaps?) for Saturday night. Just come by on Saturday morning, and stick a note on one table: “Reserved for [your name and unit number], Saturday night, 6:00 PM.” That way, others can use the table (and enjoy our shady grove) during the day, and you can use it when you and your guests arrive later on.

Q: Out on the rocks between the breakwater and the west jetty, my kids pointed out a regular pattern of holes drilled into the rocks. Do you know what those are? A: Yes, those are remnants of the pilings that once held up the Roton Point dance pavilion. You can see this building in old postcards – it’s where all the big bands used to play back in the day. A cool breeze, a moonlit night, the music of Glenn Miller or the Dorsey Brothers, boats pulling up off the point to Q: Speaking about speeding, I heard Roton Point listen – you can see why it was such a popular spot! received a letter from Rowayton about members Although it survived the 1938 hurricane, the dance speeding through town. Is that true? pavilion became unsound and was dismantled in A: Yes, we did receive a reminder letter from the Sixth 1943. But the holes in the rocks still remind us of an exciting time and place in our history. Taxing District, and so did Wee Burn. Since we’re


Club News From the Manager Talk to Ernie

The dance pavilion at Roton Point: a venue with a view!

If you ever have any questions or you find something wrong with the Club, please let me know. I have the means to correct the problem. If I can’t correct it, I will research the solution for you. I can be reached at the Main Hotel Office at 203-838-1606 ext. 20 or through my email address which is manager@ I hope you’re already enjoying a great Roton Point summer!

Ernie Ernest La Rocca Jr., CCM General Manager

Board of Directors Seeks Nominations We want you! As always, this fall, we’ll elect five members to the Roton Point Board of Directors. The Board consists of 15 members who meet monthly to set direction for the Club. Unit owners who are interested in serving on the Board, please contact President Caroline Robinson. The melody lingers on…


RPSA Sailing News 2010 Commissioning

This past Memorial Day, we opened our season with the annual Commissioning Ceremony with Vice Commodore Larry Warble leading the ceremony at the flagpole with a large crowd in attendance. Larry introduced the RPSA flag officers and Club President Caroline Robinson introduced

Sailing Highlights

the members of the Board of Directors and the 2010 staff. We fired the cannon, raised the flag, and then lowered it to half-staff to honor the men and women of the Armed Forces who have given their lives in service to our country. Finally, we raised the club burgee, signaling the official opening of the club for the 2010 season. A delicious reception for all Roton Pointers followed on the hotel porch. Welcome to summer 2010!

RPSA is now in full swing… all we need is a little wind! The wind gods have not been favorable so far this year, but we’ve still managed to have a lot of fun.

Father’s Day: Flat Air leads to Flat Top Rides

Father’s Day was marked to give club members catamaran rides, but with no wind, we opted for the “steel sail” of the Flat Top instead. Over 40 people were treated to rides on the Sound by Captain Mike Smith and crewed by Alan Keyworth and Chip Romans who shared interesting facts about the lighthouses and nearby Norwalk Islands.

The Hambone Race!

Keeping another totally insane Roton Point tradition alive and kicking, the annual Hambone Race was held on July 3rd! Twenty crafts entered, including kayaks, Sunfish, Lasers and catamarans. Flying water balloons and pumped-up super soakers kept the race friendly and wet, and once everyone was back ashore, every boat was awarded a prize. The loser (or winner in this case) and last place finisher was awarded the coveted Hambone. This year’s winners were sailing a Pixel, manned by Michael Belloli, Teddy Ruppenstein and Drew Evanchick. Congratulations, guys, you’ll go down in Hambone history!


Haynes and Pat Farmer, Pat and George Rowan on Opening Day 2010

RPSA Sailing News

Cookout and Cat Rides Well Attended

Crash & Byrne Challenge

The second Challenge Series race of the summer took place on July 4th, in conjunction with Norwalk Yacht Club’s Firecracker Race. Mike Smith ran the race On Sunday, July 11th, RPSA cordially invited Roton Pointers down to the sailing area to enjoy a cookout from the Norwalk committee boat Edgar Raymond. Sadly, only two Roton Point boats competed. Once of burgers and dogs, and to go out on catamaran rides. Over 70 people (adults and kids) responded to again, the Byrnes Buoys showed the Brothers Oliver the invitation, John Cross organized the food, while how to sail a catamaran. Nell was first, followed by Burn Notice and Charlie’s Angel. Chris and David Chip Romans and Charlie Janson did the cooking. Oliver have a challenge planned but also lots of other Five disparate felines lined up to offer rides, the obligations; they invite anyone else who cares to issue sailors who volunteered being: the next challenge! Kevin Simmons, sailing the majestic lioness PL3 Charlie Janson, sailing the sleek Miracle 20 cougar Charlie’s Angel Flat Top and catamaran rides continue to be offered John Byrne, sailing the tough Hobie catamount Nell on the weekends – just stroll down by the winch to see what’s available. John Burnap, sailing the sly Prindle 19 cougar Chip Romans, sailing the majestic Hobie Tiger Wishful One thing we learned from the recent Membership Survey is that a lot of Roton Point adults would like to learn how to sail. Here’s your chance! Our Head Once again, we’re offering Friday night Sunfish races! Instructor, Campbell Woods, is available for adult The four club Sunfish are available to members who sailing lessons if you’re interested. Please see John do not have boats. This is a relaxed race and little skill Cross for details. is needed. Starts are approximately at 6:15 PM. RPSA encourages all to enjoy the Sound. Please ask any sailor to give any help that may be needed. As for rides – well, we can all be bribed with a proper liquid Two challenges have been sailed so far: refreshment!

Take a Ride!

Adult Sailing Lessons

Friday Night Races

Sunday Racing Blackjack Challenge

Chip Romans

After two weather-induced postponements, Mike Past Commodore Smith’s “Blackjack Challenge” finally took place on Saturday June 19. Eight boats entered the race, which was shortened from its original course by eliminating the need to round mark 28C (Cable & Anchor) as the wind did not seem to be strong enough. As it happened, the wind picked up shortly after the start, and boats enjoyed fine reaches from Greens Ledge to mark 28 and back. It was great to see Pat Harris back again after all these years, and to welcome Chris & David Oliver from Norwalk YC. Thanks to Wes & Lynn Oliver for providing the start and support boat, and for towing Laszlo Papp back in after his mast came down. Kudos to Team Byrne for the win.


The Junior Sailing Program is off to a legendary start! In their maiden race, our Pixel sailors had amazing results – James Maguire and Jack Lane had three first place finishes in four races, while Kyle and Will Halloran finished directly behind them in 2nd place. In the last race, Roton Point finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd with the team of Emma Janson and Sam Schrenker completing the sweep, their best race of the day.

Jack Lane and James Maguire

During the summer, over 43 Optimist sailors will push off from the beaches of Roton Point, including 24 first-time sailors, the largest group we’ve had in years. Our boys on the race team this year consist of Jonathan Richter, Johnathan Stimpson, Keenan Warble and first year race team member, Teddy Ruppenstein. The race team girls are led by Meghan Halloran, Brynley Close and Natalie Wittstock.

Will and Kyle Halloran

On July 11thand 12th the girl racers were joined by Christina Halloran and Charlotte Wittstock at a Girls’ Optimist Clinic and Regatta at Noroton Yacht Club. On History Day, RPSA had a barbeque for the junior sailors and their families. Over 70 people enjoyed the food and then rode on the RPSA members’ catamarans during the afternoon. Thanks to all for this fun event!


Emma Janson and Sam Schrenker

Tennis New s Hope everyone is having a great summer! With the warm and relatively dry weather, the Roton Point Tennis Program has been able to run its events on schedule, with only a few league matches delayed due to rain. Our tournaments and clinics have been well attended and the Junior Program is in full swing. As some head out of town for their late-summer vacation geta-ways, we anticipate lots of open court time, so the RPA Tennis Committee again encourages all Roton Pointers to take advantage and work on your strokes! Please stop in the Pro Shop to ask about any clinics, lessons, tournaments, or events for which you might want to enroll yourself or a family member or to just sign up a court for casual play. Don’t miss the fun!

Pilot Pen Tennis An early round of the 2010 Pilot Pen Tennis Family Classic was held at Roton Point on Sunday, July 11th. The winners of each division advance to a regional playoff at Yale, and the finalists from that will play during the professional Pilot Pen Tournament and will be honored in a special center court ceremony. Advancing to the Yale playoffs are (child’s name 1st): Bennett & George Close Father/Child 12 & Under Andrew & Don Rossbach Father/Child 14 & Under Jay & Eliot Jacobs Mother/Child 14 & Under Miller & Fred Schweizer Father/Child 18 & Under Owen and Shannon Bass won the 12 & Under division, however since they are unable to attend the playoff, the runner-up is taking their place. All participants received commemorative t-shirts. The big winners were Bennett & George Close who also won $140 box seats to the Pilot Pen Tournament in the raffle! The remaining events for the 2010 Tennis Calendar are listed to the right. A second Davis Cup has been scheduled this year and we encourage players of all levels to join in the fun – this is one tournament which proves to be a good time for all involved! Also, please remember to signup for our Friday evening Tennis Mixers, which look to kick off your weekend with some fun mixed doubles in a very relaxed and social atmosphere.

Some final notes:

Kelly Frankenfield has decided to step down from the Tennis Committee, but we thank her for all her contributions these past several years. Though newsletters and emails will be sent throughout the season, a good source of information about the Tennis Programs and Events, continues to be the Tennis link on the Roton Point website,

Important End-of-Season Dates: August 6th Mixer August 14th Davis Cup Tournament 2 August 27th Mixer August 28th Junior/Senior Tournament & Junior Awards September 4th, 5th & 6th Tournament Finals and Awards September 11th Mixed Member Guest Tournament September 12th Mixed Member Guest Tournament – Rain Date September 12th Tennis Office closes for the season


Swim Team News

Water Polo We’ve made it past the halfway mark of the season! Our record so far this season is 0-1-1 for the Midget team and 0-2 for the Junior team. Although we don’t yet have a win on our record, coaches Ricky, Sean and I are all extremely proud of the level of performance and teamwork that we’ve witnessed at these tough games. The goal going into this season was to reenergize and rebuild the water polo program here at Roton Point; already I can say that I believe that we have achieved success. The improvement and progress that I’ve seen in the players astounds me and encourages me each day. We’re looking forward to two more exciting games and a fun rest of the season!

Catherine Treesh Head Water Polo Coach

Water Polo Midget Team Front Row: Skyler Keelips, Emery Smith, Elizabeth Bradley, Spencer Erickson, Hudson Pokorny. Middle Row: Bennett Close, Libby Branca, Sydney Schrenker, Henri Pfeifle, Cole Branca, Max Gasvoda. Back Row Coaches: Assistant Coach Ricky Terhune, Head Coach Catherine Treesh, Assistant Coach Sean Spinney

Water Polo Junior Team Front Row: Hailey Keelips, Spencer Gold, Andrew Benz, Emma Janson, Alex Milewski, Sam Merrill. Middle Row: Drew Gold, Sam Schrenker, Lexi Devlin, Emma Byrne, Jay Jacobs, Matthew Benz, Emma Hagey. Back Row Coaches: Head Coach Catherine Treesh, Assistant Coaches Ricky Terhune and Sean Spinney.


Swim Team News

Diving The Rock Lobster Diving Team has reached the midpoint of the competition season. The children’s dedication to the sport summer after summer has led to a 2-1 record in the 2010 Summer so far. The Rock Lobster divers are great competitors and have been able to remain a strong force as a team due to the quality of their performances. I am excited for the rest of the season, and know they are as well.

Gregory Simoneau Head Diving Coach

Lobster Tails In its first year the Lobster Tails swim team has been steadily improving as the summer goes on. The swimmers have been working hard to learn and perfect all of the strokes to get ready for their upcoming competitions. The swimmers looked great in the mock swim meet and we can’t wait to see how they do against other teams. It’s great to see that Roton Point will have a strong swim team for years to come.

Adam Fielding Coach

Rock Lobsters We have braved the heat wave and the near boiling water, and still aren’t cooked! We got off to a slow start but we have really picked it up with a win against our neighbors Wee Burn and a very close loss to Woodway. The swimmers are still working hard at practice and we are looking forward to the rest of our regular season and championships. We are very proud of how the team has come together and really made a group effort to keep up the great legacy of the Roton Point Rock Lobsters! Keep up the great work and go Rock Lobsters!

Dennis, Brendan, and Katie Swim Team Coaches


Coming in the Next Issue The next issue of the Roton Point Reporter will be published in September 2010. Please send any submissions by August 15th to: Cam Hutchins E-mail: • Phone: 203-966-7314

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