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Jan – Feb 2011

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For Members and their Guests

Issue No. 1

The Best Serving The Best

From The Boardroom Jesse Javens, President BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2011 Jesse Javens                              President Mike Logue Vice President & Greens/ Grounds Chairman Steve Riordan Treasurer Lynne Clayton Secretary & Golf Committee Chair Captain Jim Finch Commodore & Flag Chairman Mike Riley B.U.M Committee Chairman Ed Wormold Legal Committee Chairman Jean Dickinson Social Committee Chair John Dunn Risk Committee Chairman Bob Joyner Membership  Committee Chairman Diane Spinelli Tennis Committee Chair

Love Your Club, Pass on Something Positive

Wow, what a great year we have had at Isla; the fun and enjoyment never seems to stop. This is truly paradise! From the New Year’s Eve party, the member -guest tournaments, the elegant 20th anniversary celebration, the summer pool and beach parties, the membership appreciation night, the beautiful Christmas party, and all the functions in between, Isla members showed they know how to have a good time. I am very excited about the possibilities that 2011 hold, and I am honored to be elected to serve as your board president for this upcoming year. I am very confident that with the enthusiasm and talent we have in the 2011 board, we will move the club forward in a very positive direction, and position our club for success now and in the future. Under the guidance of our general manager, Robert Rankin and the rest of the department heads, the entire staff has

come together in a team effort to improve service and enhances the Isla experience. We truly have a lot to be thankful for… our beautiful waterfront clubhouse; our stunning pool, tiki bar, and beach overlooking Boca Ciega bay; our fantastically manicured golf course; our picturesque docks at our yacht club; our incredible tennis program; and most importantly, our warm, fun-loving, enthusiastic and friendly Isla members, make our club the best kept secret in Florida! Let the good times continue! Denise and I feel very fortunate to be part of the Isla family. Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!

Jesse Javens

Presenting our New 2011 Board of Directors

LOG ONTO Isla’s Website, for updated calendar Club events, Club updates and addresses at your fingertips. HAS YOUR ADDRESS CHANGED? Please advise Administration of your current mailing address.

L-R; Jean Dickinson, Bob Joyner, Steve Riordan, Jim Finch, Diane Spinelli, Mike Riley, Ed Wormold, Lynne Clayton, John Dunn, Jesse Javens, Mike Logue

2 | Isla del Sol Yacht & Country Club | Spotlight

From the General Manager Robert Rankin I’d like to wish everyone a happy new year and thank everyone for their support of the Club in 2010. I’d also like to thank you on behalf of the staff for your contributions to the Employee Holiday Fund! This is a very nice gesture on the part of the members and is very well appreciated by the staff which helps their holiday season become much brighter. I am also very excited about working with the new Board of Directors, under the leadership of Jesse Javens. As I mentioned in my last Spotlight article, “the best serving the best”, I truly feel that way about this Club. I feel that we have an exceptional membership that supports our staff and makes us look forward to coming to work everyday. We had a lot accomplished at Isla in 2010, I look forward to the continued progress of growing the membership here at Isla and I’d like to personally thank those who aided Leah in bringing in new members in 2010. I’d also like to take this time to thank our outgoing Board of Directors, Jude Doheny, Joe Kinder, Jim Devenny, and our Club President, Frank Dubisz, for all of their hard work and efforts done to help the success of this Club. 

I especially want to thank Frank Dubisz for the role he played this year as President. He and I worked together as a team on numerous projects that we will reap the benefits of now and years to come. In closing, we are going to acknowledge an employee who goes above and beyond the call of duty, and will be the first recipient in our Servant’s Heart Award. Their name will appear on a plaque located in the administrative office along with a small bonus check to show our Ryan Monaco appreciation of their hard work. On that note, we’d like to congratulate Cart Staff Employee, Ryan Monaco for his hard work and positive attitude this quarter. Congratulations Ryan and keep up the good work!



General Manager Robert Rankin Director of Golf/ PGA Professional Fred Curtis Director of Golf Maintenance Kevin Sunderman Director of Finance Gary Markuson Executive Chef Frederic Reiser Food & Beverage Director Donna Monaco Director of Catering Alan Skipper Director of Tennis Kevin Quay, USPTA P-1 Dockmaster Captain Rich Fowler Maintenance Manager Tim Ansel Membership Director/ Spotlight Editor Leah Brydges

A Fond Farewell, from the Outgoing 2010 Club President: In some respects, it seems like just yesterday I was elected to the board. Other times, it seems like I have been on it for ages. No matter which way I feel, I know it was an honor for me to serve the members of Isla Del Sol. Many projects were completed and much was accomplished during my year as president. There is no way that these projects could have come to fruition without the support, guidance, and help given by the board, staff, and members of our club. From the small enhancements to the large improvements to the upgrades that have been proposed and are now being done in increments, none would have been accomplished without the diligent work of all.

to thank Robert Rankin, all the department heads and staff. Without their assistance, we would not have been able to accomplish the projects we completed. Robert has a unique gift in accommodating everyone and making each person feel special, which makes this club better for both his staff and the members.

golfing experience for our members. Jim Devenny made sure our tennis program received the attention it deserves. And lastly, I would like to give a special commendation to Ed Wormold for all his hard work and dedication to the club. Ed was legal chairman, but his efforts covered many aspects of the club. Ed was instrumental in getting the Bay Way landscaping cleaned up. Ed dealt with governmental agencies; he attended city council meetings and other meetings with city and state officials. The result is a much improved Bay Way landscape. Ed was a close confidant and his counsel was greatly appreciated.

Much has been accomplished by our Boards and Committees over the last three years. This is a result of very active and dedicated members. The golf and country club industry is continually evolving. This evolution will require focused leaders who I would like to give a special thank you to Ron Clayton, will be diligent and creative in establishing policies necessary for our club to continue to 2009 President and the nominating committee for their As all the presidents before me, I leave with mixed efforts in selecting the new board members. Congratulations be successful in the future. emotions, sort of like sending a child off to college. to our new 2011 Board Members and our new president, There is sort of a relief in letting go; but it is difficult Each of the Board Members that I had the Jesse Javens These members come with a wide variety of to step back and realize that your time spent is pleasure of serving with had special qualities skills which will greatly benefit our club. As they pursue about to change drastically. My role at the club that added to the whole. Vice-President Joe their duties to our club, they will need and appreciate our will change from direct, hands on help to being a Kinder gave me the support and pep-talks that support. In addition, our club needs leaders; and therefore, cheerleader and big supporter. kept me moving when the going got tough. For this special I encourage all of you to utilize your talents and expertise by In my year as president, I have had the pleasure of working quality, I’ll be forever grateful. My hat is off to Jude Doheny serving on their committees. for her endless hours in social planning and the decorating closely with many different personalities; and therefore, accomplishing much that only a diverse group can achieve. of the grill room and bar area. With regard to Commodore I have had the pleasure of serving on numerous boards I have found each experience challenging as well as It is difficult to point to specific people and/or achievements Mike Logue, it has been overheard by some yachting club members that they have never had a Commodore quite like rewarding. I have always come away with new knowledge for fear of leaving out a name that was instrumental in bringing about the positive changes that have taken place. him. Steve Riordan brought his expertise in business to our and a deeper understanding of the importance of friendships which are priceless as life moves onward. club. Jim Finch worked with Leah Brydges acquiring new Keeping in mind that I am thankful and have a members. Jesse Javens added his expertise in the renovation In closing, thank you again for the honor of serving of you. deep gratitude for all that have helped to make Isla what of the fitness center. Mike Riley performed a through review Happy New Year to all and see you around the club. it is today, there are some highlights that I would like to of our facilities and has identified the various areas which touch upon. require attention. Mike has been fun to work with and brings First, I would like to thank my wife, Alex for her support. Frank fresh ideas to the operation of our club. Lynne Clayton Without her understanding, I would not have been able to works diligently to discover opportunities for improving the spend the long hours away from home. Next, I would like January/February 2011 | 3

From the Membership Office Leah Brydges, Membership Sales and Marketing Director

Hidden Numbers! Inside this Spotlight, Two Member Numbers are hidden. Seek and find! We are sure you will not mind if one is yours! A complimentary Dinner for Two Please note: Certificates for your complimentary dinners to be collected from Leah in the membership office.

Don’t forget to become a ‘fan’ of Isla Del Sol Yacht & Country Club on Facebook!

Wow, it’s hard to believe 2011 is upon us! As you can see below the Membership Office has been quite busy! I’d like to welcome all of the new members who’ve joined the Isla family this year; you’re truly in store for a wonderful season… Please keep your calendar open for the upcoming ‘Save the Dates’, you don’t want to miss out on any of these wonderful Club sponsored parties or events. All of our ‘Save the Dates’ are listed in our weekly club “Island Mail” that is emailed out every mid-week. If you are not receiving these timely emails please email me at and I will add you to the list promptly. We’re also trying to complete our virtual online membership roster on our website by adding the finishing touch of your profile photos. Please help us with this process by emailing over a photo of you and your significant other to my email address listed above. Again, please help me in welcoming all of our new members to the Club. If you see an unfamiliar face at the Club why not introduce yourself and say hello? You’d be amazed at how many “six degrees of separation” stories there are! See you around the Club soon,


New Members: Bill & Denise Biggane – Equity Golf Indv. Jim & Susan Frazier – “Welcome Back” Equity Golf Full James Lee – “Welcome Back” Equity Tennis Indv. Jean Overmyer – “Welcome Back” House Pamela Miller – SportsLite Brenda Shawley – SportsLite John & Kelly Dewar – SportsLite Dan & Ann Evans – Yacht Lois Copperman – House Mary Ellen Kuehn – House Jay & Carol Johnson – House Art & Elaine Schuler – House

Summer Conversions: Richard & Rena Rein – Equity Golf Full Charles & Judy Willis – Equity Golf Full Jerry & Carolyn Stadt – Equity Golf Full William & Sue Loving – Equity Golf Full Brian & Nance Young – Equity Golf Full John & Linda Nyitray – Equity Golf Indv. Catherine Fluet & David Mixner –Young Executive Vincent Shum & Danna Smith –Young Executive Tom & Ann Marie Mesley – SportsLite Drew & Candace Blum – SportsLite Steve & Isabella Lowson – SportsLite Tom & Barbara Rodgers – Tennis Indv. Rock & Norma Turner –Yacht Mitch & Peggy Weinstein –Yacht Michael & Leslie Dowdy –Yacht Antonio Uccello – Yacht Lawrence & Patsy MacLean – House Howard & Judy Brown – House Julia Lewis – House


Employee Appreciation Party, a special thank you to all of the Board Members who volunteered to serve and wait on the staff!

4 | Isla del Sol Yacht & Country Club | Spotlight

Fred & Jean Bartell – From Equity Golf Indv. to Equity Full Tony & Patricia Sacco – From SportsLite to Equity Golf Full Tom & Lynn Lenihan – From SportsLite to Equity Golf Indv. Roy & Ann Swindale – From SportsLite to Equity Golf Indv. Bruce & Jan Wilson – From SportsLite to Equity Golf Indv. Max & Joan Pickfield – From Social Equity to Equity Golf Full Michael & Alice Moore – From Tennis Indv. to SportsLite Larry Reynal & Rebecca Wolfe – From Tennis Indv. to Tennis Full

GirlFriends News Gena Schlander, President Hello GirlFriends! Here I am again reporting to you all the fun that we have been having! GirlFriends hosted a Caribbean BBQ at the Pool Bar the middle of August. The “Caribbean Cowboys” played and sang for us.  It was well attended and the food was excellent, especially Lonnie’s macaroni and cheese!

Our Christmas luncheon was hosted by your board and it was very festive with beautiful holiday decorations up and carols being played on the piano by our GF Dixie Rogers.  Barbara Haining, another GF led us in singing Christmas carols and we also had a solo by John Lashley of the Blessed Trinity choir.

Our fall luncheons have been enjoyable. Our speaker from Casa was Tuesdi Dyer who September was interesting with our speaker gave a powerful speech on abused women being an acupuncturist doctor and our hostess that touched all of us.  She was presented a was Mary Pat Howley.  Our new Executive $1,000 check to Casa from GF’s which was Chef, Frederic Reiser was introduced to GF’s very much appreciated.  Chef Frederic and his and promises us great luncheons.  Charlotte staff prepared an excellent holiday lunch for us Pileggi was our hostess for October and the and was introduced to GF’s.  Thanks to Donna speaker was Sgt. Nestor from the Pinellas County and everyone involved in making the luncheon Sheriffs Department who gave us good tips on very special.  safety for women.  Our Club President Frank Upcoming events that GF’s are planning are a Dubisz, also spoke to us and complimented us Casino Night to be held March 19.  We will be on our accomplishments and what we mean hosting a High Tea on March 25th for the MGA’s to the Club. Jude Doheny held an Oktoberfest wives.  Rita Wormold will be heading this so on October 16 and invited GF’s to host a wine mark your calendars. tasting.  Rhonda Butler, our GF wine connoisseur picked three great wines from different regions Happy Holidays and a Blessed and Happy New of Germany - I liked all three! The November Year to all my GirlFriends… luncheon was hosted by Ruth Huss and Nancy Hugs from, Dunn.  Our speaker was our very own GF Denise Javens, who spoke about Stem Cell which was very educational and the Y chromosome.  Sorry guys but we had many good laughs about you!                        President

Gena Schlander

GirlFriends Board of Directors President: Vice President:

Gena Schlander Vickie Smith


Shirley Scarborough


Joyce Dollar

Membership Coordinator: Barbara Leone

GirlFriends Interest Groups Trudy Murray Sue Werner Judy Dyer Grace Koch Betty Baldwin Barbara Diehl Crafts: Melba Gustke Rita Wormold Computer Class: Vickie Smith Gourmet Gals: Carol Abate Linda Cecil Kayaking: Jeane Ruthardt Marathon Bridge: Darlene Hanson Mah Jongg: Beginner & Advanced Rita Wormold Claire Queen Photo Album: Photographers: Teresa Lessak Libby Salamone Pilates: Chris Greenwalt Poker: Jeanne LaDuke Restaurant Review: Carol Forcier Denise Neri Denise Javens Tap Dancing: Barb Haining Theatre Group: Mimi Lima Pat Polonus Water Aerobics: Lina Kunz Vickie Smith Therapeutic Stretch: Lina Kunz Knitting: Paula Becker Line Dancing: Barbara Haining Dee Hoffman Alice Moore Beginning Bridge: Book Club: Bowling: Bunco:

Special Chairs Cheers and Tears: Shirley Scarborough Email Coordinator: Debbie Allen Hot Flashes: Signs and Documents: Rhonda Butler GirlFriends Computer: Rita Wormold Website Admin: Libby Salamone

Low Down Ho Down Party, November 6th

January/February 2011 | 5

Tee Up for Golf News Isla Golf Shop Staff Fred Curtis Director of Golf/PGA Professional

Trish Ziegel PGA Teaching Professional

Don Willis Assistant to the Golf Professional

Dan LaSada Assistant to the Golf Professional

John Quinn Assistant to the Golf Professional

Always remember, appropriate Golf Attire is required. Please be aware of Golf Rules and Pace of Play. Please do not replace divots on the Tees.

Important Reminder The Golf Pro Shop opens at 7:00 am. All Members should check-in at the Golf Shop prior to accessing the Golf Course/ Driving Range. Just a reminder to everyone, please use the following procedure to receive your tee time: 1. Dial (727) 864-1291 2. Press 1 to get your tee time 3. Enter your member number followed by a 0 for men, 1 for women, or 2 or 3 for children 4. When finished please dial 0 to transfer to the Pro Shop, or 9 to hang up You can now make online tee times on the Isla web-site. Log in under your member name and follow the prompts. Assistant Pro, Don Willis also offers instructional sessions on this process.

Fred Curtis, Director of Golf I hope everyone had a great holiday season. We have a very active and fun spring season ahead. The season starts with the WGA President’s cup which will be held on Tuesday January 11 and 18. The next event is the Men’s MemberMember which will be played Wednesday, January 26th and Thursday the 27th. Wednesday will be an 8:00 a.m. shotgun followed by lunch. Thursday will be a 12:30 p.m. shotgun with dinner that evening. The committee is planning another great event this year. They have a special drawing scheduled in the evening. The following event is the Sweetheart tournament. The Wine and Cheese party will start at 4:00 p.m. Friday, February 11th. We hope everyone can attend. This is the night we draw for the Horse Race, which is the following day. The Horse race will begin at 1:30 p.m. The Sweetheart Tournament will be on Sunday the 13th. We will have tee times for the tournament. The format for the tournament is a better ball net of couples. Our following scheduled events are the Guys vs. Gals on Tuesday, February 15th. The tournament will be a 12:30 shotgun start with the award presentation following in the main dining room. The Play for Hunger tournament will be played the following week on Monday the 21st. There will be an 8:00 and 1:00 shotgun start for the event. If you have any questions regarding the tournaments, please call the golf shop at 864-2417.


6 | Isla del Sol Yacht & Country Club | Spotlight

Isla’s Slow Many Isla members are already familiar with the slow play policy the Golf Committee adopted two years ago. The intent of this article is to familiarize new Isla members with the policy as well as review it for all golfers. This system was selected by the Golf Committee after careful review of slow play policies in use at other golf clubs. Many of these other systems although effective could not be utilized because of our crossover play. Other solutions were felt to be too difficult to implement or in one case too punitive. In review, slow play is defined as any foursome that is not keeping up with the foursome ahead of them. This is regardless of whether the group behind them is waiting. This is an important point to keep in mind! It is understood that a foursome will not usually be able to keep up with a twosome or threesome playing ahead of them however in this case the foursome following them should not be waiting. Maintaining a good pace of play is critical to everyone’s enjoyment of the game and has long been a sticky issue for the PGA. Many area clubs have recently instituted new policies to address this problem. On a very practical financial note, any club with a reputation for tolerating slow play might find it difficult to attract new members and will certainly have complaints about long rounds from its current membership. In order to keep an appropriate pace of play, the following policy was put into practice two years ago for all ISLA golfers. If a foursome is a hole and a half behind (this allows a group who has had a problem hole time to catch up) this group will separate into twosomes and play ready golf until they catch

up with the group in front of them. At that point, they may resume playing as a foursome. Much to their surprise, groups that have split up almost always catch up and can resume playing as a foursome. Groups who have fallen behind should split up into twosomes voluntarily without being asked to do this by Player Assistants. However, all Player Assistants have been apprised of this policy and will be enforcing it as necessary. This system has been used very successfully by the twelve area courses that make up the Pinellas County SLAPS League for many years. No one fully understands how it works but it has proven itself many times over the years. One of the benefits of this slow play remedy is that it allows the slow group to play out all the holes instead of picking up their balls and skipping a hole. Isla members who have had to split up because they had fallen behind can attest to how well the system works. Foursomes who were playing behind a slow group have also spoken to its’ success. This system can be used in any golf tournament except a scramble. In the event of a 4 person team event, scoring should be done at the end of the round.

From The Rough Kevin Sunderman, Director of Grounds Maintenance

w Play Policy This policy should not be viewed as punitive but instead as a way to ensure every golfer’s enjoyment of the game. No one enjoys four and a half to five hour rounds of golf. The Golf Committee understands that there are many levels of ability in most golf clubs, from very low handicappers to beginners, but we all know that even high handicappers are able to maintain a good pace of play. Isla’s diverse membership was an important factor in the Golf Committee decision to implement this particular policy for slow play.

SOME HELPFUL TIPS ON SPEEDING UP PLAY INCLUDE: play ready golf limit practice swings do scoring at the next tee don’t clean golf clubs after every shot if a player is looking for a lost ball, hit your ball and then assist them in the search drop off your cart partner at their ball, drive to your ball then return to pick them up after you have hit your ball do not spend an inordinate amount of time searching for a ball in the water line up putts while awaiting your turn if unsure of club selection, take several with you keep conversation on the tee boxes to a minimum IMPLEMENTATION: Dissemination of Information to all golfers Distribution of laminated copies of policy Spotlight Article Announcements at all shotguns Pro Shop reminders to golfers ENFORCEMENT OF POLICY: Self enforcement of slow foursomes

Now that we are entering our busiest season it is important to assist in taking care of your golf course. Two areas where you can help are ball marks and divots. Ball marks are one of the most prevalent issues we face on our golf course. When properly attended to they can be immediately unnoticeable. When left not repaired a ball mark can be a nuisance for weeks. The preferred tool for repairing a ball mark is a two-pronged repair tool. Using the designed tool in a “twisting motions” is far superior to using a tee on our paspalum greens. Please always make an effort to fix three ball marks on every green even if you didn’t make one or can’t find yours. Repairing ball marks helps to keep our greens smooth and putting true. Please take the time to fill divots encountered on the golf course whether they are yours or someone else’s. Avoid overfilling a divot. This is a waste of sand and can dull the mower blades. The correct amount of sand to use is the quantity required to replace the soil portion of the divot. For the month of January the grounds maintenance crew will be trimming palm trees. We do this in the winter because there is more available time due to slower growth of grass and plants. While we instruct our employees to be courteous to golfers, please understand that we like our tree-trimmers to keep moving in order to complete the project in a month’s time. Your Golf Course Superintendent,

Kevin Sunderman

Empower rangers (copy of policy) Incident Reports for noncompliant players

January/February 2011 | 7

Ninette News Shirley Johnson

Mark your calendar for the Mid-Year Luncheon and Meeting on January 18 immediately following the 4-man (woman) step-aside scramble. It is important to input your score each time you golf so that your handicap is accurate for the upcoming major tournaments scheduled in January and February. January 11th we compete for the Low Gross in Flight. February 8th and 15th are the first and second rounds of Quotas. Jack “n” Jill and Stroke Play tournaments will be played in March. Isla Goes Green and so did The Ninettes with the theme for our Member/Guest. Just incredible weather and great prizes. Mary Lou Boyd is handy with that knee plunger and also her 5 iron. Congratulations to Mary Lou for her unbelievable hole in one. Elsie Kimble treats us on the golf course with her famous snack pretzels and has finally given up that recipe. Thanks Elsie! 1 lb bag of Rold Gold Tiny Pretzel Twists ½ cup Orville Redenbacher Butter Flavor Popcorn Oil 1 Tbsp Lemon Pepper seasoning 1 Tbsp Dry Ranch Salad Dressing/Seasoning Mix Pour pretzels into large bowl. (Save the Bag) In a separate bowl, blend oil and both seasonings then pour over pretzels, stir thoroughly. Stir every 20 minutes for 2 hours. Place back in bag and seal tightly with elastic band. Put in freezer immediately so they will keep for 2 months. Be sure to check the Ninettes bulletin board for Invitational Postings and signup sheets. Let’s get to playing!


A season of smiles, laughs and birdies!

8 | Isla del Sol Yacht & Country Club | Spotlight

WGA 18 Holers Betsy Soma

Happy New Year! Hopefully this will be a healthy, happy, fun-filled year for all! There sure are some wonderful events to look forward to. Kay Nugent, our Tournament Chair, has given us some new weekly games that have been very successful. Thank you Kay from all of us… Your job is not an easy one. Talking about jobs, all our Board members have given of their time and talents and we sure do appreciate their efforts. A good example was the very successful Invitational that was held in November – thanks to the hard work of our President, Simone Calhoun, and her Committee. Sixty players had a great day. November was also the month we held our 2-week Eclectic Tournament, and the winners were:

Women’s Golf Association Elected Officers President: Simone Calhoun 1st Vice President Christine Greenwalt 2nd Vice President Kay Nugent Secretary Joan Tellefsen Treasurer Carol Kinder Members at Large Kate DeCoursey Claire Queen Committee /Chairs Birdies Ringers Golf Committee Greens Committee Hospitality Illness/Cheer Library Photos Rally for a Cure Rules Yearbook New Member Mentors

1st Flight: Kay Nugent

SLAPS Representatives

2nd Flight: Chris Greenwalt


3rd Flight: Reggie Krystek 4th Flight: Donna Spendio Overall Winner: Chris Greenwalt To top off the year, we can all be proud of our group involvement in helping 16 children have a Merry Christmas. Your dues help to provide these gifts. A Special thanks to all those who shopped and gift-wrapped. Well, back to the New Year! Sure hope everyone is “Thinking Pink” for our Member-Guest Invitational Tournament which will take place on March 10th (practice round on March 9th). Oh so many things to look forward to. So get your game tuned up – and if it needs some fine tuning, go see Trish or Fred. They can help you. Most important of all, have a great time doing whatever you do. And remember…it’s a Plum Pleasing Pleasure bringing you the news!


Christmas Gift a Child ‘The Ninettes’ Officers President 1st Vice President 2nd Vice President Secretary Treasurer Members at Large

Beverly Smith Kirk Senske Simone Calhoun Betsy Soma Betsy Soma Lise Meagher Pat Polonus Sharon Marciniak Merle Kew Sharon Marciniak Janet Ruta Dee Friske Lynne Clayton Kay Nugent Tammy Allen Sarah Mulligan Christine Greenwalt Gen Joyner Debbie Harlow Claire Queen Debbie Harlow Jackie Kouri Helene Logue Sue Werner Linda Cecil Linda Bennett Barbara Leone Elsie Kimball Mary Lou Gallucci

Committee Chairpersons Advisor Barbara Diehl Birdies Vici Brown Birthdays Alice McNamee Bulletin Board Alice McNamee Christmas Project Melba Gustke Sandy Gelmini Denise Javens Hit and Hug Betsy Sullivan Jean Bletzer Outside Invitationals Doris Kraft Jack and Jill Mary Lou Boyd Mary Lou Gallucci Member/Guest Linda Cecil Publicity Shirley Johnson Remembrances Barbara Johnson Socials Jeannette Schuessler Paula Ulreich Cheryl Danielson Tournaments Peggy Konoby Alex Dubisz Yearbook Alice Lombardi E-Mail Coordinator Sandy Gelmini

January/February 2011 | 9

MGA Update Carl Hanson Isla Del Sol Men’s Golf Association 2010 BOARD of DIRECTORS President Carl Hanson Exec.Vice President Bill Calhoun Vice President Rick Lombardi Secretary Mike Riley Treasurer Tom Lucca Tournaments Ed Mitchell Bill Calhoun Social/Awards Jack Haining Committees Tournament Committee Ed Mitchell Bill Calhoun Michael McParlane Joe Kinder Larry Nugent Social Chairman Jack Haining Tom Soma Bob Dow Nominating Committee Rick Lombardi Bill Calhoun Carl Hanson By-Laws Advisor Steve Schneider

The MGA 2010/2011 season is off to a great start. We have almost 250 members, many of whom participated in our first three events in November and December. The annual Ryder Cup was very popular again this year. The Red Team, captained by Fred Curtis and Carl Hanson, defeated the Blue Team, captained by Trish Ziegel, John Quinn, and Bill Calhoun. Red won 54-51 for their third win in a row despite a late charge by the Blue team on the second day. Over 80 MGA members participated. The popular Pick-Your -Partner events are scheduled once a month from November, 2010, through April, 2011. Members can choose a different partner each month and accumulate points towards end of the year pro shop credits. If you can’t play in all six events, you still have a chance to win, as only your best five scores will count toward end of year points. In our first event last November the team of Dick Ruthardt and Angelo Carlucci won low gross. Other team flight winners were Tom Danielson/Bob Joyner, Jim Greenwalt/Ron Kouri, and Harry Long/ Jim Lawler. All MGA members should have their new 2011 handbook by now, which contains a directory of members and dates for all events this season. If you do not have a copy, please contact Carl Hanson. This year we have scheduled more events as 12:30 shotguns in January and February to possibly avoid chilly morning weather. Below is a list of the MGA’s major events for January through April. Please note that the events identified with an asterisk (*) include lunch or dinner following golf.

Rules & Handicaps Jim Hayward Bob Jameson Information Support Bob Marchese Historian Steve Schneider


12 Wed 15 Sat 19 Wed 26 Wed 27 Thu


9 Wed 15 Tues

Individual Eclectic 12:30 shotgun *Individual Eclectic 7:45 shotgun *Pick-Your Partner 12:30 shotgun (Dinner to include spouses) *Member-Member 7:45 shotgun *Member-Member 12:30 shotgun *Pick-Your-Partner 7:45 shotgun *Guys vs. Gals 12:30 shotgun w/ Hors D’ouevres

23, 24, & 26 Wed/Thu/Sat Club Championships MARCH

9 Wed

23 – 26 Wed-Sat APRIL

13 Wed

*Pick-Your-Partner 7:45 shotgun Annual Meeting *Men’s Member/Guest *Final Pick-Your-Partner 7:45 shotgun Season ending MGA Banquet 6 pm

Please refer to your MGA handbooks for more details on these key events. If you haven’t signed up yet for the Men’s Member-Guest in March, registration forms are in the pro shop with the sign-up list posted in Fred Curtis’ office. It’s important that we have your guest information as soon as possible. As usual we welcome all new MGA members and encourage you to participate in our weekly golf events. It’s a great way to meet other members and feel a part of this special group of guys. Our prayers and sympathy go to the families of Don Briceland and Walt McVety. Both men passed away in the past few months. They had been long time members of Isla and the MGA and will surely be missed.

Carl Hanson

This year’s Ryder Cup winners… The Red Team!

10 | Isla del Sol Yacht & Country Club | Spotlight

From The Tennis Courts Kevin Quay, Director of Tennis

Tennis Direct Line 727-864-2819 Tennis Extension: 2118

Tennis ‘Snack and Chat’ The last Friday of every month.

Café on the Green

Winners of the Holiday Tennis Tournament held on 12/10/10: Men’s winner: Ed Petronio, Men’s Second Place Tie: Mike Spinelli & John Gibbs, Women’s First Place Tie: Karen Hessel & Patricia Arnett


phies with their individual tro Team Jordan members , Larry Reynal, Glenn Phillips, hop included Stanley Bis y (she wouldn’t give up the BIG Captain Marion Harve Tammy Allen, Alice Lohss and trophy), Joan Wulfson, Jim Glover


Located adjacent to the Tennis Courts.You do not have to play Golf or Tennis to sample the Hot Dogs, Sandwiches or a variety of snacks OR just have a refreshing cool drink or ice cream! All purchases go towards your minimum. Opens daily at 9:00 am

January/February 2011 | 11


Winners as follow in the Halloween place am s: Bob Mall, left, aTourney at the te place, an ong the men ; Dia nd Cliff Allen, rignnis courts were among thd Marion Harvey ne Spinelli, left ce ht, tied for first , right cen n e women ter, won seter, won first cond pla ce

Steve Way Tennis Professional


Anyone interested in signing up for a Fitness Room orientation can call the Tennis Pro Shop for information.

Kevin Quay USPTA-P1 Director of Tennis


September, October and November were active months. Labor Day winners were Lina Kunz, Bob Entwistle and Roger Wehling. The Halloween Tourney saw Diane Spinelli as a winner and Marion Harvey as the runner up on the women’s side. There was a 2 way tie amongst the men, with Cliff Allen and Bob Mall finishing even. The Davis Cup was won by

The Women’s South Pinellas League Team, captained by Michelle Entwistle, finished first during the regular season. A four team round robin determined the overall winner and Michelle’s girls just missed out… Bravo to them.

Tennis Staff


St Patrick’s Day Round Robin on Saturday, March 12 begins an eventful March. The Men’s Championships beginning Tuesday, March 15 and the Women’s Championships, beginning on Wednesday, March 23, round out Isla’s version of March Madness. Make sure your calendars are around because April begins with the Mixed Doubles Championships on Friday, the 1st of April. The season ends with The Grand Mess and Awards Luncheon on Saturday, April 16. The awarding of the George Klette Trophy happens that day as well.

country of Jordan. The winning Captain was Marion Harvey and her team included Tammy Allen, Alice Lohss, Joan Wulfson, Stan Bishop, Glenn Phillips, Larry Reynal and Jim Glover.


The busy season is upon us at Isla Del Sol and there is no busier place than the Tennis Center. Our famous Calcutta Tournament begins with a Dinner on Thursday, January 20 at 6:30 where we check out pairings and decide who we think is going to win. Play will be both Friday and Saturday mornings, January 21 and 22. February brings us both the Sweetheart Tourney on Saturday, February 12 and ‘The Play for Hunger’ Tennis Round Robin on Saturday, February 19. These events begin at 9:00 am.

Womens Tennis Association Pat Gousha

GEM Society Committee Jesse Javens President Paul Margarone Chairman Judith Cline Wayne Cline Richard Lindquist Edward Smith Walker Watkins Ron Clayton Robert Rankin General Manager 10529

The WTA has had a busy Fall, both on and off the courts. Our October meeting was a big “hit” with Chef Frederic preparing and “serving” our lunch table side.  It was a great way for us to meet Chef up close and personal. The Round Robin winners for the October meeting were Marguerite Elkins and Sarah Mulligan with a tie for first place, followed by Shirley Beakes in second place.  Way to play ladies!  Remember WTA luncheons and Round Robin are the 2nd Wednesday of the month. The WTA Pinellas League certainly stepped up their play in the Fall to finish the regular Season tied for first place with St. Pete Tennis Center..  We didn’t fare as well in the end of season tourney, although we were paired in the top flight.  The team is anxious and ready to compete in the 2010 Winter season!

Marion Harvey and Cathy Groeschel getting into the holiday spirit by decorating the Tennis Pro-shop

Coming events in the new year include our Member Guest Tournament on Wednesday March 16th.. We hope this year’s premiere event will be as successful as last year’s, where we had a quite a competition, and all courts filled..  Please mark you calendars and start thinking about who you will invite to join us as your guest.  Great tennis and great prizes served up!  See you on the courts!

Pat Gousha

L-R Judy, Ann-Marie, Carolyn and Pam line up for a shot after a WTA match

The GEM Society of Isla del Sol Yacht & Country Club

Dr. Paul Margarone It was 2006, but it seems like yesterday that the dedication of Acqua Terra took place. This beautiful sculpture represents the connection of Isla Del Sol Yacht & Country Club to the arts of the community. This serves as a reminder of the contributions of its members for the enhancement of the Club.  Bob Curtis the founding chairman of the Gem Society was committed to its success. Projects funded by member donations include Acqua Terra, the landscaping of the driving range, the removable dance floor, the permanent dance floor, the construction of the beautiful 1st tee, the fountain at the first tee, the flag at the yacht club, and designs for the entrance road to the club. A joint effort of the Gem Society, the Club Board of Directors and staff produced the entrance waterfall, the waste bunker (on the first tee) and added numerous bushes around the property. Thank you for your efforts. Your support and ideas are always appreciated.  

Paul Margarone 12 | Isla del Sol Yacht & Country Club | Spotlight

Play for Hunger Charity Event

Play for Hunger

21st Annual Play for Hunger

to the gold level and higher to participate in all the Play for Can We Top 157 in 2011? Hunger activities. WOW! $157,000 in 2010! Seems Trucks will be in our parking impossible to top but with Isla lots on Saturday February 19th people you never know. Our goal and Sunday February 20th for this year is $121,000 for our 21st donations of year. We went food, clothing, into 2010 looking toiletries, for $120,000 electronics, etc. and look what We would like happened. It to include in proves Isla our booklet members and this year others are a section unpredictable for family when it comes members who to helping the would like to needy. We have contribute raised over 1 and have million dollars their names since we began appear in our Can you top this? the only major program. It charity event at our club. has been asked in the past if they The Daystar Life Center and the could do what Mom and Dad St. Petersburg Free Clinic support do and the answer is yes. Just those people who only live not far indicate on the donation form who from our beautiful island. With the family member is. our continued support we can give them just a little taste of a fruitful Play for Hunger 2011 Dates life. Tennis Most of our members know what Saturday, February 19 Play for Hunger represents but if you are a new or old contributor Cruise we would be happy to have you Sunday, February 20 visit either the Daystar or Free Golf Clinic operation. Just call Jack Monday, February 21 or Barbara at 867-8406 and we’ll Dinner arrange a trip. Tuesday, February 22 Corporate donations will be down this year but hopefully our Credit Card system will encourage more and higher donations. You are encouraged to donate

Chairpersons Jack & Barbara Haining Treasurer Joe Werner & Linda and Lee Bennett Cruise Vicki Smith & Mark Bridges Golf Ed Smith, Bill Calhoun, Carl Hanson Tennis Paul Margarone, Pat Gousha, Cliff Beaks Dinner Jean Dickinson Computer Assistance Tony Salvaggio Advertisement Dick McManus Signs, Banners & Trucks Ed Wormold Consultants Bob & Dixie Rogers

Jack & Barbara Haining

January/February 2011 | 13

From The Yacht Basin Captain Tom D’Angelo, Dockmaster traveling, fishing and other hobbies but I am sad to be leaving. I love Isla, the people and my job. I will miss being here. I hope to continue to work (as needed) as the “Special Projects Man”.

It’s hard to believe another year has sailed by. Last year was great but next year promises to even better. It starts with the “Change of Watch” on the 20th of January, on this night we say good bye to the Commodore and other board members and welcome in the new officers. This is always a great time, with just enough “pomp and circumstance” to be interesting but not boring, than dining and dancing into the night. The “Cruise for Hunger” comes in February and is not only a lot of fun but helps the Free Clinic and the Daystar Life Center. Last year Isla Del Sol Yacht and Country Club donated approx $170,000.00 to the cause. Several Yacht Club members donated their vessels, expertise, time and great personalities to entertain club members and their guests who donated money. They were treated to hors d’oeuvres, beverages and an extensive cruise around the beautiful waters of our area. The Blessing of the fleet, Memorial Day ceremony, Friday night “fire side chat” on the beach and many, many more parties, functions and events surrounding the Yacht Basin happen throughout the year. Check the event calendar often for dates and times as new fun events are added as time goes by.

My replacement is Captain Richey Fowler; Richey has a great history on the water and around boats. For the last 13 years he has worked around marinas, docks and boats. Richey has worked at the Pinellas Marine Institute, teaching troubled kids fishing, boating and life skills. Working at a dock and lift repair company is a plus and he has run a parasail boat for the past six years. He has a great attitude and giving personality, I am sure he will be a great asset to the Yacht Club. Fair Winds,

Captain Tom

I am sure you know by now that I am retiring. It is bitter sweet for me as I look forward to

Introducing our new Dockmaster, Captain Rich Fowler 14 | Isla del Sol Yacht & Country Club | Spotlight

Save the Dates New Years Day (Clubhouse closed)

January 1st

Presidential Dinner and Change of Watch

January 15th

Play for Hunger Charity Events

February 19th - 23rd

Ladies Member/Guest 11404

March 10th & 11th

Men’s Member/Guest

March 24th – 26th

GirlFriends High Tea/Fashion Show

March 25th

Girl Friends Luncheons Over the Fall

January/February 2011 | 15


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Come Play at Isla! Island of the Sun… Love Your Club, Pass on Something Positive

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