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January 2010

For this New Year, we have started our project with a new school!

The school is called Ton Han Luang Prasit Wittaya School- or just Ton Han Luang School for short.

This school is ten minutes away from Baan Hua Kuang School and it faces the same problem as Baan Hua Kuang School. This school is trying to raise 15,000 Baht.

Despite its long name, it is a cute little 50 years old school with only 40 students from pre-school to six grade.

This is the school’s history in short.

First, we had meetings.

Then, we had FUN!

And as a result‌..

We got a smiley devil.

A loving ghost.

And a cat who lives in a mushroom hut!

Those are just a few of my favourite ones!

Thank you for reading! Talk to you again at the end of March! Samsuda,

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