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We are working on crossing varieties of cannabis for more than ten years, and the last five of them witnessed the birth of new brands. Well-known in Spain, our seeds are available in Russian.If you are set to grow by an adult, then stay tuned for the resultswill not disappoint!



White Widow

WW orinal x Indica Pure Sativa 30%, Indica 70% Size: large Full Cycle: 60-65 days Yield: 40-120 g THC: 12-15%

White Widow - one of the most famous varieties of cannabis, true legend in the market and in non-profit circles because of its strength, ease of cultivation and the incredible productivity . Autoflowering variation of White Widow - just a few of its smaller version . WW Auto blooms for a long time because of the strong influence of Indian genetics, but thanks to the auto-flowering gene begins to bloom after only 3-4 weeks after germination. With the proper composition of the soil or hydroponic solution , the plants may acquire a distinctive purple tide , indicating a high degree of maturity. Yields are plentiful .

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AK-47 auto Dutch Sativa x Indica Sativa 50%, Indica 50% Size: 60-70 cm Full cycle: 70 days Yield: 40 g THC: 14-15%

An autoflowering AK-47 variation. Effect of auto-flowering was achieved by crossing clones AK-47 with the original Lowryder. This is one of the fastest varieties: full cycle takes only 9-10 weeks with the flowering to Harvest. By the end of the cycle plants grow no more than 60-70 cm in height, with a very large buds that cover the stem and branches of the dense layer.      Because of its Mexican-Afghan genetics plants need warmth and dryness. In a suitable climate variety can bring two to four harvests a year.



Blue Queen auto

Bluestorm x CaliBud Sativa 20%, Indica 80% Size: 75 cm Full cycle: 65 days Yield: 55-60 g THC: 15%

Like so many “blue” varieties of cannabis, Blue Queen comes from America, more precisely from Northern California, where he was bred specifically for use in medical applications because of its high content of cannabinoid CBD, one of the main components of medicinal marijuana. Blue Queen Auto - is its Autoflowering variation, obtained by selective hybridization to individual instances Ruderalis-phenotype. Very strong influence of genetics Sativa thus complements the medical effect of interesting psychedelic relaxation, which is especially needed when recovery.

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Sevilla Cheese auto

Сheese x Critical + Sativa 50%, Indica 50% Size: 70-80 cm Full Cycle: 75 days Yield: 60-70 g THC: 15%

Strong auto-flowering cannabis strain from England bred specifically for the fans of Cheese-like strains , without , however, time to grow large and dolgotsvetuschih silnopahnuschih bushes original Cheese. Crossed with autoflowering Critical Strain varieties produced very rapid, very intense avtotsvetenie . Immediately after landing should expect rapid growth with the formation of massive and abundant in number of inflorescences .     Variety is very powerful and pervasive odor , so growing up in an enclosed space will require serious measures to overcome this characteristic cheese flavors: a powerful ventilation and carbon filters .



Strong Lemon auto

White Haze x Citrus Boo Sativa 60%, Indica 40% Size: 65-100 cm Full Cycle: 65-95 days Yield: 60-70 g THC: 10-15%

This strain is a hybrid F1, obtained by crossing varieties of award-winning Hemp Cup 2008 Super Lemon Haze with California Citrus Boo. The result was a very sour, citrus and very unusual in the use of grade Strong Lemon Auto. It grows quite well in a confined space, and an open-air, bringing a bountiful harvest. Strong Lemon Auto, however, occasionally demonstrates an unusual residual dependence on the photoperiod and fertilizers applied to the soil, which explains the large spread of dates the end of the cycle.

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AK-47 Dutch Sativa x Indica Sativa 50%, Indica 50% Size: Medium Full cycle: 50 days Yield: 300-500 g THC: 16-17%

Хит гроу-мира, впервые выведен Serious Seeds и впоследствии тюнингован разными банками семян, включая наш. Заслужил свою популяность благодаря неприхотливости в уходе, сильнейшему психотропному потенциалу и высокому урожаю. Растение среднего роста с коротким периодом цветения, гарантия урожая и хорошего настроения в любой части глобуса. Соцветия достаточно компактные, но весьма плотные с большим количеством смолы. Не самый высокий в отрасли урожай, но неприхотливость в выращивании и позитивный фидбек.



Blue Queen

Bluestorm x CaliBud Sativa 20%, Indica 80% Size: above average Full Cycle: 70-90 days Yield: 800-900 g THC: 15-18%

This variety was first launched Serious Seeds and subsequently tuned by different seed banks, including ours. Popular photos deserved his thanks undemanding in care, psychotropic strongest potential and high yield. The plant is of medium height with short flowering period, the guarantee of harvest and good humor in any part of the globe. Inflorescence is quite compact but very dense with lots of resin. Not the highest yield in the industry, but the simplicity of growing and positive feedback.

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Diesel Strong

Sour x New York Diesel Sativa 40%, Indica 60% Size: above average Full cycle: 80 days Yield: up to 800 g THC: 13-17%

One of the best selling and most popular strains. Strong, very undemanding plant that is resistant to mold and temperature extremes. Ideal for open areas. A good choice for the northern latitudes. Bushy crown with lots of large resinous buds. Has the famous “solyarochnym” flavor and a strong relaxing effect. Especially recommended medical patients and those with a distinct hyperactivity.

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Puta Madre Kush

LA Kush x Moby Dick Sativa 25%, Indica 75% Size: Medium Full Cycle: 55-60 days Yield: 200-400 g THC: 14-17%

Spanish version of the powerful Kush Strain, who came from California. Crossed in our solar latitudes Kush gave wonderful genetic results: a powerful bush, huge and thick buds, slightly sweet flavor and excellent effect. Complete satisfaction with the results grovinga guaranteed by several hundred percent. One of the only cannabis strains having an extremely positive evaluation rating of the world grovinga. Resinous buds of Kush became a legend and rap songs of many talents.

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Sevilla Cheese

Big Bud x BuddaCheese Sativa 50%, Indica 50% Size: above medium Full Cycle: 50-60 days Yield: 200-400 gTHC: 15-18%

The fashion for cheese made of pure milk came from the Dutch city of Gouda and Cheese strain was born in England in the early 90s of the last century. Our hybrid of English Strain the best preserved of all the bunch: dense flowers, a small but stable yield, aesthetically beautiful plant. The merit of Strong Seeds breeders that cross the original genetics Cheese in no way did not worsen, but only emphasized the flavor varieties. Amazing flavor when smoked cheese is guaranteed!

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Skunk Super Skunk x Short Stuff Sativa 50%, Indica 50% Size: Medium Full Cycle: 50-60 days Yield: 200-700 g THC: 15-18%

Variety of breeders created the first bank of hemp seeds Sensi Seeds since 1978, and today it is the most stable hybrid on the planet.      Inflorescence large, elongated shape, can vary in color from light green to golden. The plant is a very good yielder. A very short flowering period - only 7-8 weeks, but the rate of occurrence of trichomes is simply amazing. Mild flavor with a sweet aftertaste. Well suited for growing in hydroponic systems with periodic flooding.

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Strong Lemon

White Haze x Citrus Boo Sativa 60%, Indica 40% Size: above medium Full Cycle: 45-65 days Yield: 350-500 g THC: 13-17%

This strain is a fruit of many years of cross-breeding of several species of Haze with varieties-oxidants to achieve the taste of lemon. Demanding enough when growing, the plant is able to reward the grower stratelnogo unusual composition and flavor buds. It has a high content of THC and a long, cerebral effect.

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White Widow

WW orinal x Indica Pure Sativa 30%, Indica 70% Size: Medium Full cycle: 55 days Yield: 200-500 g THC: 15-18%

The legendary Indica hybrid with a predominance. Medium sized stocky plant with lots of side branches, making this an ideal variety for growing indoor. Green in color with a characteristic bleskom.Obladaet strong sweetsour smell, according to this growing ndoor need to use a lot of coal filtr. Imeet dense flower clusters that are abundantly sprinkled with crystals. The plant is undemanding, but high humidity may be affected by mold.

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Strongseeds eng  

Our new catalog - IN ENGLISH!