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Author: Kara Trivunovic Transactional Email Improves Email Marketing Results Transactional email can be more than a simple email that confirms a purchase or provides a status update. It can be a highly branded, personalized message that drives incremental revenue with cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. How does a high-level transactional email solution improve email marketing results? Personalization. Customers don’t want emails that allow them to order irrelevant products. They want emails about the products they like, and they’re more likely to order when they can envision the products fitting into their life. Would You Like Fries with That? Cereal and milk, toothpaste and a toothbrush, a truck and a trailer hitch: when people buy one, they often buy the other. Transactional emails should leverage logic within your e-commerce system to include offers that complement a customer’s order. They should also follow up orders with timely promotions that complement those offered through other media channels. Timely Delivery. Shipping details, warranty info, product recalls and other types of time-sensitive emails are no good if they are delivered too late for the buyer to act or gain benefit. The ability to expedite and prioritize transactional emails can help to maintain consumer confidence and encourage future buying behavior. Real-time Visibility. If you don't have access to results data for your transactional email, you are putting your programs at risk. Detailed data on open, click and bounce rates is essential to ensuring delivery and making campaign edits designed to ultimately increase performance. A now-famous study by Jupiter Research states that transactional emails have the highest click-through rates of any email marketing vehicle and that their volume will most likely double by 2012. If that’s the case, it makes sense to be exploring the types of transactional email offerings available today. Improve your email marketing, read more about transactional email solutions, call us at (650) 421-4255, or allow us to contact you by completing our web form. Be sure to indicate that you are interested in email marketing.

Transactional Email Improves Email Marketing Results  

Email marketing tips: how to use transactional email to improve revenue. Transactional email can be more than a simple email that confirms a...

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